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tv   Headline News  RT  September 25, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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this is. considered the winners in this election. celebrates victory it's the first time they've been elected to the. protesters rallied across the country against the. american military. positions in syria the russian defense ministry has aerial photos to prove.
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independence referendum. rejected the poll saying any result will be constitutional . that's where we're going to stop this historic vote of course that changed the face of the country's parliament. for. chancellor as expected christine democrats most vote much less than expected the social democrats suffered what's being described as a crushing election defeat only twenty percent. since the second world. but for the
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right wing euro skeptic alternative for germany party this election was a major breakthrough for the first time they gained enough votes to enter the national parliament. thank you. the us obviously the c.t.v. would have hoped for a better result but we mustn't forget that we achieved all strategic objectives we have a mandate to form a new government and no government can be formed against all without us. thousand extra days of difficulty for social democracy we missed out on our electorate go after losing our central region and we lost the federal election of. i know you are different this is a big day in history of our party i made it prevented the star and i would change this country to achieve what happened today at six o'clock easier for lucia. while
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merkel's win was widely predicted the upset of the election was the right wing alternative for germany party voters have given them very first seats in the book it's a victory this left many of us made people have been rallying across germany against the right wing party protest to shouted anti nationalist slogans outside the building where its leaders were celebrating the result i only boy has been following the demonstrations. but this is the policy of doing a pretty good job of grading on it. with thousand yes with was. this write a story very much. with anyone else well yeah i'm not happy with immigration. the meticulous mind to much decision to lesson for
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million refugees things on a d.v.d. to having scared about being provocative it was about still. i. i. i. i. i i i i. was i was.
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this old b.c. that's just going to send a signal with a key chain movies protest is that i found out tonight i was going to bring i can show you some of the fact that they still here are some pretty varied ones actually they have been calling the people upset not only. the one thing that springs to mind when you see these very angry people is that it must be quite frightening experience for a newly elected now national politician from the. democracy you just have to know the game he was it from a senior citizen to say yes forgotten a little bit in this democracy and there's always somebody watching it was a momentous night that still we just face you know all we still keep chasing this migration responding to see your against see the little bit to see you know you can always. only had one on syria sending it to what we were going to do to reach the
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arabs he knew but then you just will accept that there are other was that the one that. says one of the scenes a celebration was of old son jesus no less which said that first they ignore you then they lost you then they might see you sad. well the alternative for germany party might be just four years old but it's made huge gains in the country.
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to see how he can teach them to accept. blue to be. so cool next time out may help dad use. a while for some the i have these results came as a surprise others blame the chancellor for the right itself the right wing political analyst stephen meissner explained why they've been successful but has destroyed the s.p.d. by basing crush on the left but has opened up the last of. the right which is been filled by the they're going to see the new is going to have to face up that they
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need a new candidate that's a real weakness of this in the new year that there is nobody there she's basically eliminated all their opponents within the party all these years so she's weak and she has moved the party from right to center party to left center party like significantly to the left and moved it so far to the left that a big part of the population sees no representation of what they've. even what they what's important to them and that has left basically a massive gap on the right side of the. legitimate political spectrum which has now been filled by a new party so it's her fault that the f.t. even exists it would never have existed never of a risen under say. he would never have allowed this he never would have moved the party the way. it stands here's how the official provisional results have the make up of the punters tog's seven hundred ninety six the c.d.u. were in line to take the biggest chunk two hundred forty six but that's almost
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seventeen less than it previously had the social democrats are on course for one hundred fifty three seats or ninety four will be taken by the newly elected alternative for germany party. and now the election's over the focus is shifting to which coalition partners will make up the next government down holkins next reports from the c.d.u. party headquarters on the potential new alliances in the. bin laden would call a pyrrhic victory for angle of michael's polls got it right mostly she's won her fourth term as charles some of the c.d.u. are the biggest party the polls failed to predict the losses the c.d.u. when serious you could take something because in germany along with the worst results of all the social democrats meaning parties like the probably if d.f. into parliament for the first time and will have to be contended with in opposition merkel is self-knowledge that this could have been a fencer night overall is that there is a big new challenge ahead of us the a.v.
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party will be joining german parliament who want to win back those who voted for the mt to find out their concerns and worries. now what comes next of course is the question merkel has the unenviable task of forming a coalition the social democrats have rule themselves also merkel in response has said we're going to get it let's wait and see and talk again tomorrow very angular michael thing to say things out see how they go and. try to negotiate a compromise as a late date she also has policy differences with the greens and the freedom democratic party who all the other contenders indeed should make coalition to greensburg samples of the shutting down of coal fired power plants the f.t. he said a line in the sand for them is the sixty billion a year of european funding going to countries like france and italy. merkel as a model for europe here and that will be something to go shit over all over this result can be seen as at least a pause in what's been widely seen as
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a test the litmus test of michael's popularity among voters as well as the public's confidence in her policies although as we've said it has been far from perfect. to many i'm going to merkel is the embodiment of stability in the face of crisis mixing diplomacy with a firm hand and sound decision making well as for that skill this term has been marred by a series of setbacks firstly she decided to open the doors to asylum seekers at the height of the refugee crisis almost a million flooded into germany in twenty fifteen alone while some more welcoming others started to worry the country just wouldn't be able to cope. a year after mark a lot to open door policy germany saw
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a rise in modern crimes one of the most shocking hundreds of women alleging they were sexually assaulted in cologne new year's celebrations by men of north africa and the power of appearance. the events in cologne took their toll on merkel's popularity. the chancellor's controversial refugee. policy is also blamed at least partly for something much more sinister and dangerous. is the most terrorism. poorly vetted or later radicalized migrants cross the border germany saw multiple terror attacks take place merkel faced the biggest leadership crisis.
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going home. finally the g twenty summit presented an international p.r. for chancellor merkel but while she advertised hamburg as a gateway to the world protest groups had other ideas welcome to hell and the authorities failed to prevent the chaos. the city descended into riots torched cars and pitched street battles with the police much of the media held accountable for this even choosing that venue to start with she may still be queen of the polls but merkel may need a fourth term just the right some of the mess she created in the third. see effects
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of this election is going to ripple across germany's borders and europe's now waking up to the kind of germany it now has to do business with a special coverage here on our t.v. continues in the coming hours we're going to have more results reaction and analysis from across europe.
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again the russian defense ministry says it spotted american military equipment in i still position is just outside the city of deraa door in syria it provided aerial
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photos as evidence one of them appears to show an armored vehicle northeast of the city and in that same area a similar vehicle is seen near a terrorist stronghold two other infantry mobility vehicles i've also been spotted close to the area of the russian military says there's no evidence of clashes between u.s. backed forces and deisel in these locations. so we've also comment from the u.s. led coalition we have to get a reply when we do we'll let you know of course meantime military analyst points out that american equipment ended up in terrorists' hands before. the last few years not just isis but also the al qaeda in syria which are linked to the syrian opposition they're consistently out u.s. equipment and a lot of the high tech or whether it's. the town it sounds to me sounds somehow all u.s. workers end up in terrorist hands so obviously these pictures could be quite damning and correct as mentioned the russian military and the syrians have been really good
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terrorists here vs the fighting in an area which is very crowded and it seems to be that. from what we can verify from the pictures these positions are those devices who are standing side by side with b.s.t. at which are allies of the u.s. and using their equipment and while the battle for serious dearest or is not yet over humanitarian convoys are now regularly delivering aid locals can finally get the basic food that they haven't seen since i saw the city children there are seeing some kinds of fruit for the first time in their lives but the details when i gusti of. what these people have been through is indescribable. and saw. how to. take. we couldn't hear about it we can read about it watch it but we won't truly understand what it ought to be
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a need to handle the money may think you are one last minute as always it was the young and the elderly hardest that died first ok none of them are ok unless you do know it. was noted i do what you mention is to me so now. if it wasn't hunger it was shelling if not that i lack of. but the city survived life even did as order is still far from normal but at least they will be starving to death and the more gone are the times when people would fight to the death with scraps of food now convoys are coming in day and night with food with medicine as well as things like vegetables fruits candies these are
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things that the people of that has or haven't seen for three long years and i demanded to look at the my a bill of one ninety. four ninety. one and i designed a microphone was what i for syrians all know what dead is or has been through and the nations hot goes out to its citizens even the older kids contra members eating anything that wasn't grown locally. or. maybe she. was. of course news that someone was giving out free but not as quickly spread at first it was a dozen children. then it was dozens and dozens. i . fortunately we brought
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a lot of bananas unfortunately the more enthusiastic children ate the skins before realizing that something wasn't quite right well it was worth it just to see the smiles and the. cam and. there are still plenty of challenges isis still holds a small part of the city is also reconstruction providing clean water and fuel but despite all that lease lease is. born again. from syria. polling is underway and the capital of the kurdish populated region in iraq is awash with flags and pro independence you can see now is a polling station in the capital of back populated region they've been voting for about
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an hour and twenty now slow but steady trickle going in but make no mistake millions of people are going to be voting or expected to vote in this referendum the kurds of course being one of the largest ethnic groups without a state some forty million people spread across four countries and while they decide whether part of the homeland break away or stay with iraq baghdad says the result will be unconstitutional and. iraq's oil rich north east might now become a separate country curtis stone with a robust energy sector and strong military forces its citizens are holding an independence referendum. we have been asked to delay the referendum many times we are still under pressure. as for the referendum that is not in my hands or in the. of the political parties anymore it is in your hands. the for many years has been an ongoing diplomatic tug
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of war between baghdad and the kurds which accuse the iraqi government of aggression and mistreatment of the region first called a referendum in two thousand and fourteen amid political turmoil then came i still propelled the country even further into chaos. the kurds have been keen to repel ing the terrorists and while the government sometimes chose to step back kurdish peshmerga just soldiers who are liberating village after village reclaiming one stretch of territory after another. was that god it's all about seizing control of new lands in iraq that's what's helped the movement gain impetus and then bold and it's to call for independence vote do the kurds have any supporters in the political fights well not really iraq obviously opposes the vote and its closest neighbors iran and turkey has spoken out strongly against it as well but an important issue about kurdistan is the atmosphere they want to destroy
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and create another israel in the region we should stand up against them. right now the kurdish regional government is taking steps towards the division of iraq as have the u.s. and france the united states strongly opposes the iraqi kurdistan regional governments referendum on independence splendiferous september twenty fifth germany meanwhile suggest the referendum be postponed until the defeat of eisel we can only warn against one sided steps on this issue the unity of iraq is on the line redrawing the lines of the state is not the right way and could exacerbate an already difficult and unstable situation looks like the only foreign support here is israel while israel rejects terror in any form it supports the legitimate effort . of the kurdish people to attain a state of it so the kurds are very likely to vote yes nearly ninety nine percent did back in two thousand and five during an unofficial vote the buddhist change
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anything for them iraq says it one recognized results turkey and iran are threatening sanctions in case of independence and even the kurdish leadership admits there might be war. phase bored of problems in the near future and i definitely think that there will be another war and soon. while the outcome of the vote is pretty clear the consequences might be unpredictable. as the way the world looks at south thanks for choosing r.t. for your update on calling bright i'll be back in thirty with the next world news.
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show seemed wrong but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to shape out just because etiquette and in j h m n equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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no. because the was. there was a. kind of. syrup . he won't get a good area for immigrants. ever really know for sure but. you know what.
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i'm after times are we going underground is today you. all addresses europe's largest socialist party at the labor party autumn dawn french coming up with a show called and takes on the playwrights of britain. so many of their civil servants feet in jobs in big business we investigate westminster and whitehall revolving doors with spin watches david miller and from winston churchill to frank sinatra we speak british photographer terry o'neill about sixty years of being the . the men's award winning cinema groundbreaking music and earth shattering politics goes the more coming up in today's going underground but first today marks the start of britain's labor party conference in brighton in the south of england but what has the u.k. labor party stood for until jeremy corbyn was elected twice to lead what is now
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europe's biggest political party well internationally labor is known for the rhetoric of this but get the party no more buses buses work because we are on the same side the same team britain united will we but to many some layoffs because labor not always on the side of the bosses except maybe for a bit after nine hundred forty five when this man was trying to turn the tide of neo liberalism in the party can i ask you how you think would you describe. rather it's not about that and you're correct if you make it about that what we're talking about today is the rebirth of hope people if this country wants to change no power on earth will stop it until it wants to change whoever's leader account to much about it so it's absolutely irrelevant what we've got to give people in britain is hope and it comes down from the top could have been down and move ahead by matches by people actually to get into but ben and his wing would be all but
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destroyed by the u.k.'s military media industrial complex is it to remind us a b.b.c. journalist who would be reprimanded by the u.k. broke us regulate of a bias against germany corbin interviewed former labor chancellor dead his healey before he died to remind us of the evils of the left was he talks sick to the labor party. but what was most damaging was that the real core. because most people knew nothing about the issues. but they do share your. argumentation hearing people in the same party being rude to one another and with his phone. but jeremy corbyn is leading labor today watch out there for traces of labor's neo liberal past and their character assassination he's a good and decent man so was it hard he's a good and decent man.


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