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tv   Headline News  RT  September 25, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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i'm glad merkel wins a fourth term german chancellor though it's not her party who are considered the winners in the election. the euro skeptic alternative for germany celebrates victory it's the first time they've been elected to the. protesters rallied the country against the right wing parties games. the other news this hour a human rights watch accuses the u.s. led coalition of killing scores of civilians including thirty children strikes near
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syria's. ally from moscow welcome to r.t. international my names you know know your company. first to germany where it's likely to be fairly muted celebrations for the german chancellor whose parliamentary power is not diminished following the twenty seven federal election the nationalist party on the other hand are marking a historic day with more of the results and reaction it's live to new harvey. in berlin.
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she did and a very good afternoon to all of us just shooting in the weather you know or not the results of the german election you find the next section interesting i think she's down but she certainly not out anglo-american has secured a fourth term as the chancellor of germany as expected a christian democrat party gained the most folks but is a lot less in terms of percentage than they'd expected a social democrat suffered what's been described as a crushing you know is that too often but it was the case the election defeat twenty percent good for some terrible for the speed a that was result since the second world war look at who finished in third place the rightwing euro skeptics will turn to for germany party for them this election has been a major breakthrough for the very first time they've gained enough votes to win seats in the national parliament. thanks wolf eastley the cd he would have hoped for
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a better result but we mustn't forget that we achieved all strategic objectives we have a mandate to form a new government and no government can be formed against without us. through today is a difficult day for social democracy we missed out on our electoral go after losing our central region and we lost the federal election. either you damn friends this is a big day in history of our party we've made it event. to start and we will change this country to achieve what happened today at six o'clock easier for lucia. so we saw the senior figures there celebrating you can understand why but there's an opposite to every action isn't there and this was the dismay coming from their
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opponents. i i i i i i i i. these are the scenes yesterday evening after the results were made public people rallying across the country against the right wing party protesters shouted nationally slogans right outside the very same building but if the leaders were celebrating success correspondent ali boyd was following the post-election demonstration. with the idea of the it why god. guide these noisy story very much like the mine was not me me me me elsewhere as well yeah and i'm not happy with the immigration policy i'm rooting for less bank of america
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decision for less in a very needy and refugee and that you think i may be seen becoming scared about being provocative in the international i. i. i was was. was was. was i was. i i was . i. was.
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this oh geez that's just kind of been saying or what he meant to say these days as does that sound out tonight. really i can show you some of the fact that they still have some pretty varied ones actually they have been calling the people that know only. one thing that springs to mind when you see these very angry people is that it might be quite frightening experience for a newly elected now national politician from the f.t. that i'm up to see you just have to do that and he does it for nothing you say i disagree yes forgotten it it is democracy additional ways out of the moment has nothing at least that the states you know about you still keep chasing this migration of the spawning we'll see your eldest son see this is it was to see you know you can do all those topics such as only had one on surreal to me it was that
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you get to see what we are going to do to read that our own opinion but then just will accept that there are other ways to get the finger of what any of that leads is one of the seat being acceleration was the one g.'s no less which said that first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they might see you that way they can talk to all building correspondents people that joins me now peter still coalitions because it's a reality in politics isn't it that you have to be friends with people you don't like don't even agree with in fact you get completely would struggle because politically but it's a necessity well when you talk about you almost. simplify something that's so complicated this time around because it's not just doing a deal with the party she may well end up having to do a deal with essentially three parties the christian democratic union that represents its sister party the christian social union so they're already in
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a coalition of sorts and there are differences between the two of them talking about going into what's called a coalition it's the only option it's on the table at the moment if. a majority government now that you make a coalition is called so because of the particles that are involved in it makes it the jamaican flag. but it includes the free democrats and the greens now those two disagree on. issues so they may well say yes we're all fighting to get into power into joy and then with we'll take our seats in the bundesliga we'll be on the government but when it comes to major issues particular trait the greens own going to get on side with trade major trade deals that angela merkel wants to put in place when it comes to greece the free democrats are going to agree to any kind of of the bailout so that is where the. the. real nitty gritty of talks is going on at the moment to try and find
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a solution to that now we heard from christie in just a few moments ago who is the leader all the free democrats know he hasn't ruled out that his party may be the opposition but he has said that these two make a coalition talks. so the talks are under way i would expect it's going to be more a case of weeks as opposed to days that we're going to see before this and it may even run into months yes and it's kind of get on with people you don't necessarily like for a lot of people understand if they just think about perhaps christmas with the but . nobody wants to do business with a political level it seems party wise is built into germany what is it about them it's made them almost a political pariah all the way to parties and to the merkel said. would not go into coalition with one with the left party the other one was alternative for germany now they've had big news as well on monday just hours after they entered the bundestag for the first time great results for them their own thirteen percent their chairperson petrie announced that she wouldn't be taking
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a seat in the bundestag. the spanish it would want to create real policy and that's a long consideration i decided not to be a member of the parliamentary group in the bundestag i would like to ask you for your understanding i will not answer any questions on this. question about who are they that would be great oh ok so this just sort of wrap up in a nutshell people who don't know they have to what are they about they've got a kind of a threat but thirteen percent of the voters love them yes we're talking about millions of voters here that have gone for alternative forward to many they to the right they are very much in opposition to angela merkel they've opposed her immigration policies they've opposed to just about anything she's put forward but we can have a little look we've got a short video that we have a look at that explains just who all alternative for germany what we can expect them to bring to this bill to start parliament.
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as to how he can deep and complex a. clue to the. movies but he believes it. will lead to so cool that time how many how gadgets.
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many thanks peter let's just say goodbye to you for now see you next hour let's just let the viewers at home hear the conversation that you and i had with the chairman of the billion bucks that's george bush that's good he was talking about frankly petty in that decision. certainly it was a surprise that this happened today and she didn't step out and party leader she says she will not join the parliamentary group in the bundestag there's something totally different we have mr price certainly on the other hand it's her decision it's also a pity for the party because she's a very talented woman and she's very intelligent so it's really a pity for the party but i think it will not hamper the formation of the coalition of our friends our parliamentary group this will take place tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and i will be part of it just to to to look and to see what what is going to happen let's just say i'm
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a protester last night i call your party far right i say that you're a racist what is your stance exactly on for example muslims coming into the country will you let some people come in and stay if they behave in a certain manner or not you say no to all i would tell you that nonsense we are not nationalist party we are patriotic party and we have a clear view on the migration crisis because certainly we want to support refugees and certainly we want to crown asylum for people who need asylum for instance because of religious reasons because of ethnic reasons because of other reasons but what we what we cannot afford he in germany is to have all these immigrants coming because of economic reasons and since two thousand and fourteen we have two one point seven million people coming to germany and most of them almost ninety percent they have only there they they they joined germany because of economic reasons. so if you haven't already seen the official provisional results here it is for you to
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make fascinating reading seven hundred nine seats this time in the bundestag more than the the minimum five hundred ninety eight very complicated elections this time out c.d.u. taking the biggest share two hundred forty six a bad result for them let's be honest seventy less than they had last time social democrats also way down only going to get one hundred fifty three seats but well up ninety. for positions for the newly elected alternative for germany party. and the upshot of all of those numbers what it means is there's going to have to be a coalition is going to be a coalition that we haven't seen recently it's going to be a tough job for anglo-american to negotiate this one party's correspondent daniel hawkins takes a look at what exactly the hurdles are that make us going to have to jump in the next four years to many i'm going to merkel is the embodiment of stability in the face of crisis in diplomacy with a firm hand and sound decision making well as for that skill this term has been marred by a series of setbacks firstly she decided to open the doors to asylum seekers at the
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height of the refugee crisis almost a million flooded into germany in twenty fifteen alone while some more welcoming others started to worry the country just wouldn't be able to cope. a year after mark a lot to open door policy germany saw a rise in modern crimes one of the most shocking hundreds of women alleging they were sexually assaulted in cologne new year's celebrations by men of north africa an hour of appearance. the events in cologne took their toll on merkel's popularity. the chancellor's controversial refugee policy is also blamed at least partly for something much more
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sinister and dangerous a rise in is the most terrorism. poorly vetted or later radicalized migrants cross the border. germany saw multiple terror attacks take place markel faced biggest leadership crisis. for the first. burgers and for america it will be very. long it's going to hold me when they come to. finally the g. twenty summit presents an international p.r. for chancellor merkel but walsh advertised as a gateway to the world protest groups had other ideas welcome to hell and the authorities failed to prevent the chaos.
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the city descended into riots torched cars and pitched street battles with the police much of the media held accountable for this even choosing that venue to start with she may still be queen of the polls but merkel may need a fourth term just the right some of the mess she created in the. it's below when your wife gets a haircut germany is still the same germany but today it looks slightly different be more guessed an analysis next out.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted and i was actually just pull along i was the only show i go out of my way to find you know it was just really packed a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america's doing this and we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love jack tonight
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president of the world bank so they. sent us an e-mail. we're back in moscow it is nineteen minutes into the program welcome back a new human rights watch report take you says the u.s. led coalition of killing at least eighty four civilians in the syrian city of including thirty children iraq as the of has been reading through the report. in the unlikelihood more than eighty four people civilians were killed in two u.s.'s strikes even and near the syrian city of braca and those eighty four people well that's just the bodies cool enough to identify their strikes alleged he targeted a school my kids and the bakery putting to human rights watch which carried out an
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investigation and published a forty two page trip or previously the us led coalition that said that for doing that internal review they found the claims of alleged civilian casualties tax credit bill it's well human rights watch visited these locations they spoke to the people man they looked at the evidence and they found that the u.s. led coalition given visited these locations they never spoke to the people they never looked at the evidence coalition forces have said that there is insufficient evidence to conclude that civilians were killed in the attack on the school but as far as we know they did not visit the school they did not talk to any witnesses if they had they would have found plenty of evidence that civilians were killed in these cakes the question they're asking is whether the u.s. led coalition somehow missed the dozens and dozens of civilians present in peace ok control whether they chose to ignore them whether they didn't care about the fields
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or said that they were isis fighters had these locations but so what dozens and dozens of other civilians the u.s. led coalition is smooth so what the pressure on another front here in the province of datasource the russian ministry of defense has released a number of satellite images taken two weeks ago showing us special forces as well as that camp inside the fool bomb isis stronghold the strange thing is that there's no signs of fighting any way of isis resistance to be is that these areas would take it without a fight which is high heat and. characteristic i suggest. and do these areas the russians also saying it's strange that the u.s. led coalition. forces have screening vehicles no patrols out to warn them in case of an isis counterattack which is very suspicious broad as the whole we contacted the u.s. led coalition forces for
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a response they deny the accusations and reiterated the russian syrian american forces share a common enemy a nice old let's discuss this further now with security analyst charles shu bridge charles always good to have you on the show you're welcome. while the coalition say that russian military allegations are false just one of the aspects we've been hearing right speak about there how to do american vehicles turn up positions. well a number of ways this could happen but of course this is revelation true and even though the u.s. from what you say has recently denied these allegations it hasn't provided any substantiating detail as to how this situation could have risen not just a satellite photography showing the static positions of these vehicles but crucially as indeed the russian defense ministry has explained that there doesn't seem to be military activity in the area by the americans or their allies the
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so-called syrian democratic forces member widely seen as a u.s. proxy army in the region there doesn't seem to be any activity that would suggest that they even fear an attack from isis which again would suggest that there is some kind of agreement has been made now if these allegations are true and again. there's not so far been a detail out. of the allegations that of course that is going to increase the long held suspicions of many far from being an implacable enemy of isis in syria that the u.s. is actually prepared to cooperate with a terrorist group as and when it suits its interests and one would assume in this case or presume that the interests of that ground should be captured by the american backed group the s.d.f. rather than this ground which is strategically important as well as oil rich rather
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than just be recaptured by the syrian army who are themselves already advancing it just go into the human rights watch report it was recently released charles. one of the things it is saying that you know the coalition actually deny the report on civilian deaths from our strikes considering we must reiterate this that it hasn't even visited the scene unlike the rights group itself right. this report is consistent with many we've seen since the u.s. led offensive not just in syria but also iraq began. the incessant coverage in the west media and condemnation by western governments and human rights groups when it was being claimed by activists and others on the ground in aleppo for example that syria and russia were killing civilians while now those very same activists in many cases alleging that american led coalition and its s.
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trucks in places such as rock i need mosul in iraq have killed very many more civilians that for example it's the assessment of the british based on highly respected monitoring group was for example that the deaths from american strikes or led strikes in syria and in iraq have easily surpass those of civilian deaths caused by russia and syria and we must remember that some civilian deaths as the human rights watch report itself and which is inevitable but what's of concern here is that these reports these consistent reports of very large numbers of civilian casualties remember for every death there's probably three or five people be maimed as well and what seems to be if not the deliberate but some of the reckless targeting of. situations or stations such as schools bakeries marketplaces and so on whereas this attracted widespread condemnation when it was carried out allegedly by syria it's attracting almost no media attention here in the west now it's america and its allies security analyst charles should be always great to have your
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take on the program thank you. president of turkey has that independence referendum that's currently underway in the kurdish populated region in iraq he says the turkish army is at the iraqi border ready to take quote necessary steps the army has been conducting drills there for almost a week nevertheless polling is underway in the capital all of the region is awash with flags on pro independence bombers the kurds are one of the largest ethnic groups without a state some forty million people spread across four countries davis side whether to break away or stay with iraq say as the result will be unconstitutional and. iraq's oil rich east might now become a separate country stone with a robust energy sector and strong military forces its citizens holding an independence referendum. we have been asked to delay the referendum many times we
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are still under pressure. as for the referendum that is not in my hands or in the hands of the political parties anymore it is in your hands. for many years has been an ongoing diplomatic tug of war between baghdad and the kurds which accuse the iraqi government of aggression and mistreatment of the region first called a referendum in two thousand and fourteen amid political turmoil then came i still propelled the country even further into chaos. because i have been repairing the terrorists and while the government sometimes chose to step back kurdish peshmerga just soldiers who are liberating village after village reclaiming one stretch of territory after another. it's all about seizing control of new lands in iraq that's what's helped the movement impetus and
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then bolted it to call for independence. do the kurds have any supporters in the political fights well not really iraq obviously opposes the vote and its close neighbors iran and turkey has spoken out strongly against it as well an important issue about kurdistan is the atmosphere they want to destroy and create another israel in the region we should stand up against them. right now the kurdish regional government is taking steps towards the division of iraq as have the u.s. and france the united states strongly opposes the iraqi kurdistan regional government referendum on independence planned for september twenty fifth germany meanwhile suggests the referendum be postponed until the defeat of eisel we can only warn against one sided steps on this issue the unity of iraq is on the line redrawing the lines of the state is not the right way and could exacerbate an already difficult unstable situation looks like the only foreign supporter here is
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israel while israel rejects terror in any form it supports the legitimate efforts of the kurdish people to attain a state of its all the kurds are very likely to vote yes nearly ninety nine percent back in two thousand and five during an unofficial vote but will this change anything for them iraq says it won't recognize the results turkey and iran are threatening sanctions in case of independence and even the kurdish leadership admits there might be war. border problems in the near future and i definitely think that there will be another war and soon. while the outcome of the vote is pretty clear the consequences might be unpredictable. the very latest news views on reaction to the twenty seven day german federal election again the top of the hour .


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