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tv   Headline News  RT  September 25, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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tough talks begin in germany as uncle a merkel's party which limped home to election victory with its worst results in history looks for a coalition partners to govern with the so-called jamaica alliance appears the most likely so for also. the euro skeptic i'll turn to the for germany party ruffles the establishment with on the mark breakthrough into the bundestag there are elections success triggers protests across the country. and other world news we're following this hour
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russia's defense ministry rejects claims its are a force has targeted us by rebels in syria is a resort province. just after six pm here in moscow this is r.t. international always good to have your company my names you know me first to germany where marco is digesting what's been a bittersweet federal election for her on the c.d.u. party which despite coming out on top saw a plunge in voter support the right wing e.f.t. on the other hand has been celebrating an historic past twenty four hours with more of the results reaction is live now to kevin on. the rest of the r t team in berlin .
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yeah the hi all just past five in the evening here in berlin and welcome back to our us special coverage of the german election will bring over the last couple of days kevin i would go with nick here and of course yes hello welcome to r.t. studio here in the heart of germany the capital of course that bell and so chancellor merkel's christian democratic party registered its worst results since nineteen forty nine last night winning a projected total of two hundred forty six seats in the bundesliga overall shoulder almost seventy fewer than it previously held but not for merkel but might too for the social democrats or the s.t.p. mean time that they're on course for one hundred fifty three seats while ninety four will be taken by the alternative for germany party that's the first time it has entered the national parliament and that was the other big headline of the
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night and that's right so what's next well i'm going to call now nice to team up with other parties to create a viable government in the bundestag she said though that she's not willing to form a coalition with the a.f.p. and the controversial party will not have any impact on shaping migration policy. i believe that the party should can go into coalition find solutions search for them there are some differences of opinion between the union and the greens the c.d.c. is you and the f.t.p. and in part also the s.p.d. and of course we will find that then and the coalition agreements depending on how the end that will be reflected in there. will not have an impact on that so i'm glad merkel making the best of it as for the deal terms of germany party this. actually last night marked a major breakthrough as it was the first time though it's going seats in the parliament which
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a lot of people's horrors well it has to be said here in germany and the wider europe just hours after the results came out there co-chair for petra made the shock announcement that she'd come to go independent she won't be taking a seat in the blunders diet for the day she says then not moderate enough. we want to create real policy and that's a long consideration i decided not to be a member of the parliamentary group in the going to start i would like to ask you three understanding i will not answer any questions on this. america's major rival still fills us at that forming a coalition with merkel is also not an option and that his party will now go into opposition. here therefore knows this these are the get the we used to have politics without debate without discussion it was like sleepwalking and it's important to put an end to this is the role of the opposition in german parliament is an important one it's
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a responsible role that we are shooting for the next term so that means that perhaps the most likely option is the so-called jamaica coalition as has been talked about an alliance with the pro-business free democratic party of the green party but the problem is they don't get on too well in some key issues let's bring in our guests know fleckenstein from the german social democratic party they know it thanks for being with us live on r.t. international hopefully you can hear a sense kevin and nicky with your modern shields's said he's not going to be a minister in the there's no guess we haven't got the moment we will get back some little bit later hopefully so say that was a bad night for angela merkel let me give you those those results again just really briefly they came in was about three o'clock four o'clock in the morning. show pictures of the protests outside the f.t. . the dismay of some with alternative and. many in the capital was showed most brought a loss like up to two thousand people out and about even here berlin but also in
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frankfurt as well and across a lot of the big towns and cities in germany this was just one example and indeed one of the biggest anti fascist rallies gathered outside the a.f.p. his headquarters with protesters shouting at the party's leaders as they celebrated the election results the a.f.p. spokesperson says the protests were so violent they couldn't leave the building. thanks. parties because it's not the end for a loss for the partner and her daughters finally it's not just the muslim in st louis mostly that we are not seeing that is horrific management this is what it is ninety four people believe we are furious about this dear party that stands behind the enterprise our lives much we are going to learn and move on to pretty explicitly discussed in good book correspondents wrote about polly boy who was at the f.t. h.q. for us following the protests about not last my first time this is what to she in the crew coal. of the yes
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of the. these rights the story very much was i was thinking mine was established he would have been elsewhere as well so yeah they're not happy with the immigration policy mistake let me thank you so much as a decision to last in a very million refugees that you think i may indeed be having got about being provocative it was about.
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i. was was. this whole lease that's just going to send a signal with a chain of these protesters that i found out tonight i was angry raving i can show you some of the fact that they still here are some pretty varied ones actually they have been calling the people. known to see. one thing that springs to mind when you see all these very angry people is that it might be quite frightening experience for any elected now national politician from
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me see what i'm up to say you just have to look at him he was good for nothing you say i disagree yes forgotten a little bit of this democracy but there's always a lot of it was a new moment has knowing that stuff we just face you know about we still keep chasing this migration responding to see your against the see this is the little advocacy you know you can all was actually we had one on syria to be able to send you to the warnings to read the bill roache when you but then you just go except that there was that finger you want to be on that. says one of the scenes thanks and appreciation was over lowndes no less which said that first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they might see you that way but want to point to so they didn't do too well. last night below expectations the s.t.p. let's talk to one of the members now fleckenstein from the german social democratic
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party try to make contact with iran glad you can hear and see it's no hi there thanks for your time been like this so martin said he's not going to be a minister of the new bundestag ilsa said that there needs to be a strong opposition none the less who's going to lead the opposition now than as far as i mean at the moment your party said last night you want to keep him as chairman is going to be around very long. well he will be the chairman of the social democratic party and we will have a strong leader as well. but for the time being it looks like the so-called jamaica coalition will take over and this is. the liberals and the greens. and this is nothing stan is making here in the studio with kevin could you tell us how challenging you think it's going to be found glenn murcutt to form this coalition. where this new coalition is really
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challenging for her because two new partners one she's used to she was used to in history was not too successful in the second one the green months used to be more hours than coalition partner to the social democrats and they have now to discuss. their program their common broker and will be and we really curious to see what the outcome is. but it was surprising in the a.f.d. camp last night wasn't there that the co-chair for alternative for germany said that she will now take a seat in the bundestag for the party looks like she's going to go away go independent she wants to soften this stance what does that mean at this very early stage for the a.f.p. was not a blow behind the scenes. well there was a lot of finding behind the scenes anyway since oh why oh before between the more moderate opposition politicians in the a of d.
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and the more now see ones and today it was obvious that one of the leading persons muslim paid three will not be part of that group which is really a. special mixture of conservatives and and nazi. there's been now an a lot of outrage over the result for the air deep but what do you think the fix there. all the a.f.d. party says about the current mood of german vote is. where the success of this group is i think first of all that people are afraid of. the future of frayed what we will what we're going on with migration policy they see a lot of problems in their communities and of course we have to deal with that and
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maybe not in pushing the foreigners out but integrate them where ever possible this is the big difference between the democratic parties in germany and there. at the f.t. been painted as you've just pointed. to the various allegations of the whole race is called nazis by some how much is the media been stirring this up though because the no fun of the media and media in germany is not much of a fan of hers at the moment. sorry i didn't get you could you repeat please here how much how much of the whole persona around the f.t. has been created by the media often the f.t. of called nazis they called racists eccentric cetera some of this been stirred up by the media because the media seem to be no fans of the f.t. and vice versa if you look at it. well first of all not all members of the
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parliament not especially not all voters of. this but it's a very unpleasant mixture of several groups and some of them what i would call nazis no doubt about that. it is also. yes because to discuss said publicly again and again every little sentence might be one of the success. part of the success story of these group but anyway i think now in the parliament they can show what they really want what they really hold they want to create see we have these experiences in some of our land but now everybody can see it in the book and it's weighed how this will work. yeah interesting times ahead not
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a great note for your party last night but we thank you for taking the time to love an r.t. international but focused on their member of the a social democratic party thank you. well. european some european leaders have welcomed also this germany's success. rightly don't get veiled as for example he posted a photo of himself with the f.t. chief for the election campaign for petrie who as we just saw has decided to leave the party saying they will fight together for they country's their vote was also called a symbol of european awakening by the french national frankly to marine le pen. as we've been talking about forming a coalition with the remaining parties is going to be a tough job i'm going to love merkel is not the only challenge ahead for the now for her a chance for the ship with more on where it's going to go what she's got ahead of. too many angela merkel is the embodiment of stability in the face of crisis
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diplomacy with a firm hand and sound decision making well for that skill this term has been marred by a series of setbacks. firstly she decided to open the doors to asylum seekers at the height of the refugee crisis almost a million flooded into germany in twenty fifteen alone while some more welcoming others started to worry the country just wouldn't be able to cope. a year off to mark a lot open door policy germany saw a rise in modern crimes one of the most shocking hundreds of women alleging they were sexually assaulted in cologne new year's celebrations by men of north africa and of appearance.
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events in cologne took their toll on locals popularity. the chancellor's controversial refugee policy is also blamed at least partly for something much more sinister and dangerous a rise in is the most terrorism. poorly vetted or later radicalized migrants cross the border germany saw multiple terror attacks take place markel faced the biggest leadership crisis. or. the three of. them hold the gun to. finally the g twenty summit presents an international p.r. for chancellor merkel but walsh advertised hamburg as a gateway to the world protest groups had other ideas welcome to hell and the
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authorities failed to prevent the chaos. the city descended into riots torched cause and pitched street battles with the police much of the media held accountable for this even choosing that venue to start with she may still be queen of the polls but merkel may need a fourth term just the right some of the mess she created in the. next hour we're back here live as we pick apart what's been an eventful two thousand and seventeen at padua lex yeah thanks for watching stay with us two more world news are viewed in just less than two minutes so now it's international leave you a little shot from central berlin this twenty plus five in the afternoon here now thankfully not raining seen all sorts of weather this weekend and we nicaean all
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sorts of political storms brewing too thanks for watching. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us exactly just pull on awesome the only show i go out of my way to find you know it was just really packed a punch to sleep yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blues. and see people you never heard of love redacted tonight the president of the world bank very. seriously he sent us an e-mail. seems wrong but.
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just don't call. me. to shape out. active. engagement equals betrayal. when some find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. with me you know i mean for more global news a new human rights watch report tells accuse the u.s. led coalition of killing at least eighty four civilians near the syrian city of
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iraq out that includes thirty children back in march morocco's the of reports they are from syria. in the unlikelihood more than eighty four people civilians were killed in two u.s.s. strikes even and near the syrian city of braca and c.t. four people well that's just the bodies cool enough to identify their strikes alleged he targeted a school markets and the bakery putting to human rights watch which carried out an investigation and published a forty two page report previously the u.s. led coalition had said that for doing an internal review they found the claims of alleged civilian casualties tax credit bill it's well human rights watch visited these locations they spoke to the people when they looked at the evidence and they found that the u.s. led coalition give a visit to these locations they never spoke to the people they never looked at the evidence coalition forces have said that there is insufficient evidence to conclude
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that civilians were killed in the attack on the school but as far as we know they did not visit the school they did not talk to any witnesses if they had they were found plenty of evidence that civilians were killed in this case the question they're asking is whether the u.s. led coalition somehow missed the dozens and dozens of civilians present in the snow kitchens or whether they chose to ignore them whether they didn't care about the fields or said that they were isis fighters had these locations but so would dozens and dozens of other c.b.d. we can't rely on the americans or the american military to. also investigates. atrocities on the ground in syria that would be ridiculous will be like you know. providing the evidence to be held against them later points. no i think we we have to accept organizations like human rights watch and all those will do the
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investigations will interview the witnesses later stages of the doubt. really the beginning holes of the legal structure this taking form now i mean i'm quite confident this is going to happen in the future i've seen it before of just an addition to this the u.s. led coalition has responded to our request for comment it sees the accusations made by the russian defense ministry our faults but they cannot comment on current coalition operations. russia's defense ministry has this miss claims it's her forces targeted u.s. backed rebels in syria is duras or province with the details just going to be joined me earlier in the studio. well first of all it's important to know that the situation in eastern syria is extraordinarily complicated at this point in time we have both russia and the u.s. backing separate forces against eisel and all of them are currently advancing on darrow's or which many consider to be i sold the last foothold in syria now russia
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is of course backing the syrian arab army and they were and fired into the country by the government and then we have washington who was of course never invited in working with the so-called moderate opposition the syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. and what we have today is on early on monday we have we're publishing an article claiming that russian airstrikes actually hit those u.s. backed rebels in there as our province the s.c.f. allege that one of its fighters were killed and two were injured in the strikes adding that they will not stand by idly and reserve the right to hit back i would assume russia has responded to these accusations of course russia has refuted the report saying that all of their strikes took place on locations that were current confirmed to be terrorist locations as part of the syrian army's operation to destroy foothold in the russian air force has been carrying out high precision
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strikes against terrorist infrastructure the strikes are based on verified intelligence our drones are breeding and there's or haven't spotted any fighting between the militants and eisel russia has also been monitoring the area around areas or around the clock and they think they have not registered any fighting between eisel and the s.d.f. which would be a rather suspicious absence of fighting the russian ministry of defense has also published a number of thought alike images showing us special forces and their allies camped out in former i saw strongholds. here we have the seventh of september and you can see these dark gray areas we're all eisel strongholds and then just a few days later we have these pictures coming out and that's showing in these former strongholds we have construction equipment and armored cars along with also on september the twelfth we have armored hummer and a defensive a barrier being put up all in these former eisel strongholds and these are all u.s.
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led coalition equipment that's what we're seeing in these pictures and the problem with this is no fighting is there's no evidence of fighting having taken place around these locations indicating that there could have been some sort of handover that there was just see an agreement come to between eisel and the u.s. led forces there's also a very worrying lack of patrols being conducted in these areas theoretically you would assume that if you take in these locations i still militants may try and recapture them but no patrols are being conducted now the russian defense ministry has of course demanded an explanation for these anomalies but has been met with silence up to this point and in the same vein we have russia's deputy foreign minister calling for the u.s. to prove their commitment to fighting terrorism in syria not with words but with deeds as russia will join me here in moscow and also the are to you election team from berlin next star for all the latest updates in the meantime more r t program starts in just
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a moment. the reason why those careers trying to develop the capability to. prevent japan and united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies. and the missile capability is capable of attacking japan and the united states north korea can say the americans and japanese if you assist. you with nuclear weapons. this which will make. the most get
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a little. bit cooler than. you but i. know both of you wasn't it but i guess what kind of sign of this yes. she refused. to. wear the blue he will get a good area for immigrants it's. never really know for sure but this is been. so i. know. when i sort of know i have.
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a low and welcome to cross talk for all things considered i'm peter. trumpet morphs into a neo con well that didn't take long also. the world disorder after the united nations general assembly speeches and why does morgan freeman hate russia so much. talking real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have victor all of which he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert.


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