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thank you so i. am. well when i started i. begin in germany's angela merkel's party which limped home to election victory with its worst results in post-war history looks for coalition partners to govern with the so-called jamaica alliance appears to be the most likely so far. gated grief rallies in the city of dresden following germany's lurch to the right and in other news this hour human rights q says the u.s. led coalition of killing scores of civilians including thirty children in ash strikes near the syrian city of rock back in march.
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but i welcome it's just turn ten o'clock in the evening here in moscow you're watching r.t. international will start this hour in germany too because angela merkel has been digesting what's been a bittersweet federal election for her and her cd party which despite coming out on top did see a plunge in voters' support the right wing nationalist a.f.d. on the other hand has been celebrating the story twenty four hours kevin owen and here and have been following events from our studio. welcome again to our special coverage of the german election here from the banks of the overspray and. larry very warm welcome i'm ricky arryn i think of you know every area so the chancellor merkel's christian democratic party registered its
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worst result in the post-war period winning a projected total of only two hundred forty six seats look at the other way that's seventy fewer than the previously held the us was bad news for them but these two for the social democrats or the s.p.d. they were big their own course four hundred fifty three seats in the next parliament while ninety four will be taken by the alternative for germany party and that was the other big news the first time it has entered the national parliament to put this dog over our shoulder here so what happens next well anglo-american now needs to team up with other parties to create a viable government in the bundestag she has said that she is not willing to form a coalition with the a.f.p. and that the controversial party will not have any impact on say take migration policy i believe that the partition can go into a coalition will find solutions search for them there are some differences of opinion between the union and the greens the c.d.c. is you and the f.t.p.
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party also the s.p.d. and of course we will find that them and the coalition agreements depending on how the end that will be reflected in the will not have an impact on that merkel's major rival martin so also said that forming a coalition with merkel is not an option and that his s.p.d. party will go into opposition. you also have political but we used to have politics without debate without discussion on that so it was my. politics and it's important to put into it the role of the opposition in german parliament is an important one dystrophy it's a responsible role so we issue for the next plenty of debate an opposition now means that perhaps the most likely option is the so-called jamaica coalition as it goes forward in alliance with the pro-business free democratic party and the green party where they got their differences to development are playing away from the council they went to m.m.a.
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where hundreds of protesters have gathered in the city of dresden for an anti is. there for us. this is widely regarded as a right wing. organization and these events have become a regular thing here in dresden every monday at their height these rallies if you just pan out across the square attracted thousands of people joining them today as you can see the numbers have dwindled somewhat this square i would say isn't even full but what has changed of course is what's behind the camera right now if we pan was this line of police there is an anti far protest going on here as well as say about one hundred fifty two hundred people of turned up. approaches this is an a case judging by the red and black flags and heard some of them are carrying they're saying they're chanting no he's going home and to nazi propaganda now as we say the numbers of course of piggy to supporters have dwindled but the numbers of i d votes is how very much interest here in eastern germany that i have seen now is
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the second largest party in east germany and in saxony well we are now it is on par with the c.d.u. among young men for example is actually the most popular party of course peta and the a.f.p. a separate organization is the f.t.c. political party the peta would call itself a civil movement but the people here that we've spoken to today make their political allegiances very much clear to us for work. the people have voted they are against america will work. what has she done for the nation where she did nothing we haven't advanced in economic terms we financed other states and merkel is involved in was audible d.a.s.d. touch the mood of the nation. mrs merkel set out on a course to increase the number of foreigners in germany there is a slow but systematic islam is asian of our country this is connected with a change in culture more mass migration is just not possible. this is
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america who has developed into a dictator she's broken democratic rules open the borders in two thousand and fifteen and didn't ask the german people or parliament and now she has been dethroned. has shocked us i did not expect this and it makes for trouble this is not the germany i would like to represent there's been no violence is that a dress the police out things well under control but really what we're seeing here today the big meeting on the wall side of the square with teeth are gathering on the other side charging notes and lots of propaganda this is very symbolic of what's going on in many parts of germany some european leaders of welcomed alternative to germany's success meantime not surprisingly the dutch far right leader get veiled as posted a photo of himself with the chief for the election campaign but she made headlines to as you so she's decided to leave the party altogether earlier on she walked out
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of a meeting with the other members the top flight of the told to go away she says they will fight together now for their countries the vote was also called a symbol of the european awakening by the french national front leader marine le pen of course looking on very closely as well over the in france of what was going to happen because there are a lot of hours and then the french election of course nicky and i covered however sanibel and are horrified that a master of policy has entered parliament. do you mean that the f.t. answers the bundestag with approximately thirteen percent is a catastrophe for us i hope we won't have a big coalition but rather that the c.s.u. the s.d.p. and the greens will come together reasonably and that the s.p.d. will come up with good arguments to the f.t. as opposition so that we were and let them become stronger here in germany clog avoidant it was clear that he would get into going to start but it's the
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realisation that such a radical force is in parliament and it's terrifying to know that these people who sits alongside other politicians and we were completely horrified at the end up to such a high percentage think it's actually shameful germany has gone down this path. polly boy has got more next on the party's election success has left many reeling. following message sess at the elections this is the building that dozens of a.f.p. politicians are going to be entering for the first time as m.p.'s in the national parliament the shock result has left many here in germany scratching their heads wondering how this could happen it's been a country of political stability for a number of years now that thirteen percent share of the vote left many people in extremely angry when they came out hundreds of protesters outside the f.t. party's election night headquarters they were chanting they were calling the f.d.a.
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a party of fascists and the entire experience left one of the a.f.p. leaders and his family while the right so we couldn't leave the party headquarters in fear for our lives my partner and her daughter were violently attacked by these demonstrators those who say that we are nazis that is horrific this is what these naive people believe apparently we are furious about this we're a party that stands completely by the rule of law and freedom and we want to protect political discourse perhaps some of the. a.f.d. politicians were hoping that once they got into here is national m.p.'s then them and their concerns would have a greater legitimacy but in fact if the protests yesterday were anything to go by the level of anger towards them and the so-called other ring of the german society has only grown if anything following the vote it is really quiet outside the bundestag today and there is
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a sense that the country is collectively scratching its head trying to figure out what happened at these elections and while the political analysts try to pore over the demographics and figure out who it was and where the voted for what they say is a right wing party some people call them fascists the f.d.a. is going through some trouble of its own take a look at one of its leaders did. we want to create real policy and that's a long consideration i've decided not to be a member of the parliamentary group in the going to start i would like to ask you for your understanding i will not answer any questions on this trade was known as a more moderate voice in the party she said she wanted to make it less politically isolated more palatable to other voters and more palatable to other parties who could cope with it but the co-leaders said they didn't want that they wanted the
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party to remain a strong opposition force to give them policies there is. a key there is following their election success there's a big protest planned against the f.t. for hair to morrow but for now these guys are getting a head start. well it's been a vengeful two thousand and seventeen federal election thanks for staying with our special coverage from our studio. here in central asia very much. go for last time tonight with a look over the lovely little river spirit right by the side of. a competitor's t.v. it was over that but more importantly. ok
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let's have a look now at some other news tonight because a new human rights watch report has accused the u.s. led coalition of killing at least eighty four civilians including thirty children near the syrian city of rock back in march but it gassed the census report from the country. in the likelihood more than eighty four people civilians were killed in two u.s.'s strikes in and near the syrian city of braca and those eighty four people well that's just the bodies cool enough to my identify. strikes allegedly targeted a school markets and the bakery putting to human rights watch which carried out an investigation and published a forty two page trip or previously the u.s. led coalition had said that following an internal review they found the claims of alleged civilian casualties back to praed ability well human rights watch visited these locations state spoke to the people and they looked at the evidence and they
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found that the u.s. led coalition given visited these locations they never spoke to the people they never looked at the evidence coalition forces have said that there is insufficient evidence to conclude that civilians were killed in the attack on the school but as far as we know they did not visit the school they did not talk to any witnesses if they had they were found plenty of evidence that civilians were killed in this case the question they're asking is whether the u.s. led coalition somehow miss. dozens and dozens of civilians present to locations or whether they chose to ignore them whether they did care about them he also said that there were isis fighters at these locations but so what dozens and dozens of other cities were gassed they have in syria there we have requested comment from u.s. central command on the report and will let you know what it is it seems we get a response from them in the meantime we have discussed it with the team heard from
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human rights watch. it's clear only if you do it to stride so we investigated as well as some of the other strikes who were on in this or who are. not appear in coalition authority so you actually believe that the actual number of court about a portion under-reports it. now to keep question is why didn't this happen and has been an ongoing subject of conversation ischinger letters and requests between us and the whole it. i mean we believe that investigations that they are conducting are not using all of. it's not enough to rely on satellite imagery or grow the term and if there were civilians yes or no it's been going time and time again that. these high tech me miss key information and by
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going to come to survivors that my company was no one can get a much more accurate picture. well when we asked them to all people about how to conduct their investigation in at least. you know there were some secrets not share with us clearly the emotion was not sufficiently spoke you know this is something that we human rights watch has been watching now in syria from to me asking all or who more transparency better reporting to its million protection at the heart of operations meanwhile russia's defense ministry has dismissed claims its air force as it u.s. backed rebels in syria is deir ez-zor province in september with the details spoke with me. well first of all it's important to know that the situation in eastern syria is extraordinarily complicated at this point in time we have both russia and
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the u.s. backing separate forces against eisel and all of them are currently advancing on darrow's or which many consider to be i sold the last foothold in syria now russia is of course backing the syrian arab army and they were invited into the country by the government and then we have washington who was of course never invited in working with the so-called moderate opposition the syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. and what we have today is on early on monday we have we're publishing an article claiming that russian airstrikes actually hit those u.s. backed rebels in dare is our province the s.c.f. allege that one of its fighters were killed and two were injured in these strikes adding that they will not stand by idly and reserve the right to hit back i would assume russia has responded to these accusations of course russia has refuted the report saying that all of their strikes took place on locations that were current confirmed to be terrorist locations as part of the syrian army's operation to
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destroy foothold in the russian air force has been carrying out high precision strikes against terrorist infrastructure the strikes are based on verified intelligence our dreams of breeding and there's or haven't spotted any fighting between the militants and russia has also been monitoring the area around areas or around the clock and they say they have not registered any fighting between eisel and the s.d.f. which would be a rather suspicious absence of fighting the russian ministry of defense has also published a number of satellite images showing us special forces and their allies camped out in former i still struggle holds here we have the seventh of september and you can see these dark gray areas were all eisel strongholds and then just a few days later we have these pictures coming out and that's showing in these former stronghold. we have construction equipment and armored cars along with also on september the twelfth we have armored harmer and defensive
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a barrier being put up all in these former eisel strongholds and these are all u.s. led coalition equipment that's what we're seeing in these pictures and the problem with this is no fighting is there's no evidence of fighting having taken place around these locations indicating that there could have been some sort of handover that there was just see an agreement come to between i still and the u.s. led forces there's also a very worrying lack of patrols being conducted in these areas theoretically you would assume that if you take in these locations i still militants may try and recapture them but no patrols are being conducted now the russian defense ministry has of course demanded an explanation for these anomalies but has been met with silence up to this point and in the same vein we have russia's deputy foreign minister calling for the u.s. to prove their commitment to fighting terrorism in syria not with words but with deeds as russia as well the u.s. led coalition does say the accusations made by the russian defense ministry which
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suggest a deal may have been struck with i still. refuse to comment any further. north korea's foreign minister says that donald trump has declared war in pyongyang after making inflammatory comments on twitter re young who claimed his country has the right to shoot down u.s. strategic bombers even if they are not it's a space before more on this we're joined now by a killer morgan he's covering events for us over there in the u.s. kind of just bring us up to date then more stern words from north korea but what's been the response from america. well it's an ongoing war of words it's important to point out that north korea's foreign minister was responding to comments by donald trump on social media specifically on twitter donald trump said the north korea's leader might not be around much longer and so we have this response from north korea's foreign minister now we've heard from the
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pentagon they have responded to the comment from the foreign minister saying if north korea does not stop their provocative actions we will provide options to the president and now we have a response from the u.s. state department adams a spokeswoman for the state department says the united states has not declared war on north korea we continue to seek peaceful denuclearization of the korean peninsula no nation has the right to fire on other nations aircrafts or ships in international waters or airspace now she is technically correct the us constitution does lay out a specific procedure for the declaration of war against a country that no point has the united states ever followed that procedure with congress formally declaring war against the democratic people's republic of korea however it's important to note that at the end of the korean war there was an armistice that was agreed upon between the united states and the d.p. r. k. and it was expected to be followed by a peace treaty and that peace treaty was never signed the usa does not recognize or
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have any diplomatic relations with many koreans do consider the united states to still technically be at war with the democratic people's republic of korea now the white house has said that they don't have an official response to the statement from the foreign minister however many are expecting that donald trump will give an official response on twitter there's been quite a back and forth between donald trump and the leaders of the d.p. r. k. let's take a listen to that. the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man. is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime through the kind of measure would be taken decided by our chairman of the state affairs commission. but i think that
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the strongest ever hundreds we might be tested in the pacific. now it's important to note that at the beginning of september north korea tested its first hydrogen bomb a much more advanced nuclear weapon than they previously have tested and proliferated and furthermore they are announcing at this point they intend to carry out another test of a hydrogen bomb but this time it will not take place within north korea itself but rather in the pacific ocean so many are wondering what will happen if north korea does indeed test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean what response will we see from the united states now at this point many people are looking on and noticing that the double freeze proposed by china and russia at the beginning of this crisis has never really been taken seriously russia and china proposed that north korea freeze its nuclear proliferation and its provocative missile and weapons testing in exchange
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for south korea and then there provoke a day of military exercises a century rehearsing war an attack on north korea as well as get rid of the fat missile system the strike enabling missile system of the united states has erected in south korea now this proposal from russia and china of a double three is deescalating the crisis and restoring negotiations it hasn't really gone any place that hasn't really been taken seriously but we continue to hear this very heated war of words between the leaders of the united states and the leaders of north korea as of yet it's just a war of words but people are concerned many people around the world are no doubt concerned that this could lead to a catastrophic conclusion. thanks to kind of what was a kind of. well the united nations has said meanwhile that provocations on both sides are increasing the chances of fatal misunderstandings we heard from senior market analyst craig them about how he sees the crisis playing out. we hope that
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engines are starting to deescalate but then inevitably we just keep getting these fresh comments either from north korea or from donald trump himself we can see from the market's reaction today that we're still far from immune to these this commentary because of what it could potentially lead to alternately though it doesn't thankfully it hasn't yet gone any further so far we have had missile tests we have had military drills from the u.s. and south korea for example but fortunately so far it hasn't asked escalate any further i guess the concern that there is this use of the declared war is is warning people a little bit and hopefully that will start to get the fuse but the problem is when you look at both sides who's going to back down first in this war words and i don't see either side showing any willingness to do so. now elsewhere this evening the president of turkey has the nansen independence referendum currently underway in the kurdish region of iraq we're looking at some live pictures from there president third one also said the turkish army at the iraqi border is ready to take what he
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called necessary steps troops there have already been conducting trails for almost a week where despite the obvious concerns the polls have now closed and people eagerly waiting for the results the capital of iraqi kurdistan was filled with pro independence banners and flags lining the streets the kurds are one of the largest ethnic groups without their own state making up some forty million people across four countries iraq however says the referendum result will be unconstitutional and also illegal. iraq's oil rich east might now become a separate country kurdistan with a robust energy sector and strong military forces its citizens are holding an independence referendum. we have been asked to delay the referendum many times we are still under pressure. as for the referendum that is not in my hands or in the hands of the political parties anymore. it is in your hands.
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for many years has been an ongoing diplomatic tug of war between baghdad and the kurds which accuse the iraqi government of aggression and mistreatment the region first told a referendum in two thousand and fourteen amid political turmoil then came and propelled the country even further into chaos. because i have been repairing the terrorists and while the government sometimes chose to step back kurdish peshmerga just soldiers liberating village after village reclaiming one stretch of territory after another was. it's all about seizing control of new lands in iraq that's what's helped the movement gain impetus and then bolted it to call for independence vote do the kurds have any supporters in the political fights well not really iraq obviously opposes the vote and its closest neighbors
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iran and turkey has spoken out strongly against it as well an important issue about the atmosphere. and create another israel in the region we should stand up against . right now the kurdish regional government is taking steps towards the division of iraq as have the u.s. and france the united states strongly opposes the iraqi kurdistan regional governments referendum on independence planned for september twenty fifth germany meanwhile suggests the referendum be postponed until the defeat of eisel we can only warn against one sided steps on this issue the unity of iraq is on the line redrawing the lines of the state is not the right way and could exacerbate an already difficult and unstable situation looks like the only foreign supporter here is israel while israel rejects terror in any form it supports the legitimate efforts of the kurdish people to attain
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a state of its all the kurds are very likely to vote yes nearly ninety nine percent did back in two thousand and five during an unofficial vote but will this change anything for them iraq says it won't recognize the results turkey and iran are threatening sanctions in case of independence and even the kurdish leadership admits there might be war. phase border problems in the near future and i definitely think that there will be another war and soon. while the outcome of the vote is pretty clear the consequences might be unpredictable. so that brings up don't miss out on back with more in just about. anyone else seemed wrong. just don't hold. me if you get to shape out these days become educated and gain from it because
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability to japan is to prevent japan and the united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because with. the missile capabilities capable of attacking japan and the united states north korea can say oh the americans and japanese if you assist south korea we would do with nuclear weapons.


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