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tv   Headline News  RT  September 25, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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sort of noise. coming up on r t a war of words the white house pushes back on a claim that the u.s. has declared war on north korea. and another version of a travel ban for the trump administration this one includes travelers from chad and north korea will explain why. then it chancellor angela merkel wins a fourth term in this weekend's german election but another party is gaining seats in parliament the results later in the show. it's monday september twenty fifth four pm in washington d.c.
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i'm natasha sweet and you're watching r.t. america we begin today with the war of words between the u.s. and north korea today that country's foreign minister accused the you once of declaring war on north korea the white house just announced that calling it absurd war amounts to tough talk is here's our tease killam oppa. now it's important to know that the foreign minister who made the comments regarding u.s. aircraft was responding to an earlier statement from u.s. president donald trump on twitter in twit in his twitter statement donald trump had said that north korea's leader quote is not going to be around much longer and so we now have this response from north korea's foreign minister now in response to the statement from the north korean foreign minister about the shooting down of airplanes we now have a response from the pentagon the pentagon is saying if north korea does not stop their provocative actions we will provide the president with options now there has
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not yet been an official response from the white house the white house spokesperson said there was not an official response but that's not going to stop donald trump from getting on twitter and the whole world is probably expecting donald trump to continue this war of words on social media let's take a listen to what's already gone on between the north koreans and the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself words. we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket. is going to suicide mission for him so and for his regime. kind of measure will be taken decided by a chairman of the state affairs commission. but i think that the strongest ever hundreds might be tested in the pacific. where this month north korea tested its first hydrogen bomb on a new level of nuclear weapon and now they are threatening to test another one but
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this time to test the hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean so the question remains what will the united states do if north korea indeed does carry out their test of a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean now from the beginning of this crisis russia and china have proposed a double freeze to deescalate the situation on the peninsula they've proposed that north korea freeze its nuclear proliferation as well as its provocative missile tests in exchange for south korea and freezing their provocative military drills and getting rid of the fat missile system which is a the terminal high altitude defense system which is a strike enabling missile system the united states has erected in south korea so questions are being raised as to why this this proposal for a double freeze and a deescalation in the resumption of negotiations is not being taken seriously meanwhile we see this war of words escalating and many people are wondering could this end up with a very very dangerous situation resulting in what's now
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a very heated exchange of comments from the leaders of two countries and for more on the latest unfolding with the u.s. and north korea we turn now to john the ford editor. wants quarterly so now in the eyes of north korea's foreign minister president trump has declared war on his country which he has and the white house called that absurd and today in new york the foreign minister told reporters that kim jong un's military would consider shooting down american bombers let's take a listen. the u.s. has made a war we'll have. right to make countermeasures including the right to shoot down the united states strategic bombers even if they do not come into our airspace all the question of who won't be around much longer will be answered then is how he ended the news conference do you see this as inflammatory when official war indeed has not been declared oh yes of course it's inflammatory but it's on the part of north korea
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a little bit like the most roaring up at the line and. the north koreans are incapable of attacking the united states in any way except perhaps defensively when the u.s. bombers and fighter jets it's buzz the coastline or the demilitarized zone between the north and the south north koreans do have a lot of bluster they like to talk big it's the united states however that simultaneously now bombing seven sovereign states in the middle east it's the united states that it's that has invaded nike pide iraq and if you can a stand in in the eyes of the north koreans they have to consider iraq iraq was deconstructed and then destroyed afterwards after it was completely denuclearized by the united states and the u.n. sanctions libya likewise was denuclearized voluntarily and then it was attacked by
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the united states north korea itself was burned to the ground in between one nine hundred fifty one and one nine hundred fifty three u.s. air force general curtis lemay himself said in one thousand nine hundred fifty three in an interview i'm sorry in testimony before the congress that we burned down every town in north korea so it's quite easy to understand how paranoid the north koreans are with the us in the south koreans doing joint military exercises off the coast twice a year. and he said now beginning in august twenty first these are basically rehearsal for in the north and as you mentioned you know him and his officials are no stranger to fiery warlike rhetoric in the past they've threatened to reduce quote the whole of the u.s. mainland to ruins so you think kim is having a hard time swallowing the words from someone like president trump in office when someone like his predecessor was quite opposite of confrontational he was almost
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apologetic as you may remember well. all right folks i think we're having a tough connection there thanks so much to john the ford editor at new kwacha quarterly and with the infamous and temporary travel ban set to expire the white house sunday announced an updated version that seemingly infinite and it includes some newcomers notably two governments with which president trump has been publicly feuding seimone dollars ario has the latest information on who can and who can't come into the u.s. . president donald trump's travel ban was comprised of six countries iran it yemen somalia syria sudan and libya now the version allowed by the supreme court temporarily blocked all travel from these countries with exception to dual nationals and those with immediate family or a work or study program in the united states now this new presidential proclamation imposes indefinite restrictions and features many of the same original countries
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and some new faces sudan has been dropped on the list while north korea venezuela and chad have been added now let's take a look at some of the newcomers starting with north korea and its leader kim jong un who many could argue has become trump's biggest adversary in the presidential proclamation trump says north korea does not cooperate with the united states government in any respect and fails to satisfy all information sharing requirements for proper betting therefore all entry into the united states by north korea nationals is suspended of course this ban is largely symbolic north koreans are not typically allowed to travel outside the country and according to reports the u.s. issued just one hundred visas to north koreans last year house of which were for diplomats the next country's government has also been at odds with the trumpet ministration according to the latest order from the white house venezuela's government is uncooperative in verifying whether its citizens pose national security or public safety threats trump says it also fails to adequately share
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terrorism related information but because there are alternative sources to verify citizenship and the identity of venezuela nationals the visa restrictions the us has imposed focus on government officials of venezuela who trump says are responsible for these security inadequacies he's talking about so that prevents officials and immediate family members from getting business and tourist visas now the third edition is chad an african country just south of libya which is also on the list trump says chad is an important and valuable counterterrorism partner of the united states but that it does not. adequately shared public safety and terrorism related information there for entry into the united states of nationals of chad on business and tourist visas is here by suspended until that can be resolved last we have sudan which was dropped from the list of extreme vetting this time around without any explicit reason why now the thought is that the country has met the security standards in its latest review on the new rules which will take
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effect october eighteenth trump tweeted that making america safe is my number one priority we will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet trump's original travel ban was met with outrage and lawsuits that have taken the case all the way to the supreme court the highest court in the land was said to hear oral arguments from both sides early next month but the supreme court cancelled those arguments after this new proclamation is asking both sides to write short legal briefs addressing whether this new presidential order renders the old cases moot in washington simo dollars are you. and to discuss more about the recent developments in the president's travel ban let's bring in steve malzberg little commentator and radio t.v. host so as the former travel ban is set to expire the president has rolled out a new one this time having a total of eight countries and it so now just last week after a terrorist attack in london the president tweeted the travel ban into the united states should be far larger tougher and more specific but stupidly that would not
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be politically correct now while we know his base applaud him for not being politically correct what are your thoughts with north korea and venezuela been added to the list when those countries are the first that come to mind only maybe think about terrorism do you think it's more about them not complying when asked for travel information or the fact that we don't have very good relations with either country at the moment well i put confidence in the department of homeland security and the state department who this time around vetted over two hundred countries in compiling this list you know the first time. one of the criticisms from the court was it seemed arbitrary and they were all muslim countries well now they've worked on this they've started two hundred countries they have a very specific reason for each one of the nations on the list and while you may be right in there maybe you know maybe some of us laymen might say well what about this country or that country but putting north korea and venezuela and i'm not saying it was political because the reasons are spelled out but one of the things
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that it does is that all of a sudden it's not just a list of most majority muslim countries you have north korea which is basically you know atheist country are some buddhists and they are certainly not a muslim country and venezuela is eighty percent eighty five percent christian so it puts a hole in the argument of the detractors and of the court in fact and now there's been a lot of controversy in the iraqi community as many iraqi christians voted for the president yet they were being subject to ban but now this new travel ban isn't holding them to the same restrictions but the bill says that they will still be quote subject to additional scrutiny so what do you think changed here. well i again i think it's the research every country involved every country that's suffering repercussions here there's an explanation that goes with that even for chad as was alluded to in the report who has been very cooperative on the in the war on terror but basically speaking it's just that they don't know enough
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basically to satisfy us that they could tell us who's getting on those planes and that's that's that goes for every country if you can't tell us who's getting on the planes and convince us that you know enough and you have a system in place to to prevent the bad guys from coming here you're going to find yourself on that list now iraq you're right there's different restrictions in place now that it's softened a bit and absolutely when the president talked about in the past allowing christians in and what about iraqi christians what about christians from other countries that he was accused of favoring christians so he can't win on that note so i think i think this is a permanent ban it's not temporary it's been done with great thought and care and study and vetting of each country there's an explanation for each one i think the courts are going to have a tough time acquiescing to the radical left in this country who is going to want to see it overturned immediately and steve you know you alluded to this that many
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have called the president's travel ban a muslim ban but i mean now he traveled throughout the middle east very early on in his presidency to show that he supports allies whether they're muslim or not do you think people still see this as a so-called muslim banner oh yeah the a.c.l.u. and other groups and i don't i don't know it was the a.c.l.u. press release i read but they're saying this is still a muslim band it's just the skies by throwing north korea in venezuela it's to muddy the waters which is absolutely ridiculous now of course the courts we have many states attorneys generals that are also speaking out against this along with the a.c.l.u. it's only a matter of time before they claim it's a my. islam bad claim it's unconstitutional and send it right back to the court so this is not over yet unfortunately and you know you mentioned about chan chad being on the list when they have in fact cooperated in the fight against boko herat so even somebody like that do you think this travel ban is going to make people feel
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safer when they are getting on the plane or just arriving at the airport. i think yes because of all the work that went into it and you take a country like chad which on the surface as the president alluded to in his statement which was read in the previous report here they've cooperated with terror against boko haram they've staged military exercises with they do in conjunction with u.s. allies against terror so they're there they're doing their job they're just not sophisticated enough according to the state department or the d h s and their guidelines and their requirements to to not be on the list and let me let me give you one warning also as far as if we look ahead to court challenges here you're probably going to have a lot of the same judges who ruled against the travel ban number one and number two in various parts looking at this one as well and don't forget they went to trump's campaign speeches they went to what he said what he was thinking so i don't put it
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past the same judges and courts to once again throw a monkey wrench into this whole scenario interesting and we really appreciate your perspective steve malzberg political commentator and radio t.v. host thanks so much thank you and coming up on our aid is pouring into puerto rico after hurricane rehab proud of the island is there now we'll be right back. i think the average viewer just have to want to come up with something that's understands that we're telling stories in our critics can't you don't whine because their advertisers won't let. you know order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american
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what's happening when it's what peroration makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business. up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. i'm john harshman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't the big picture. spend. and when question more time you're looking for a seat. to go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. would you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those up. like
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to put your biggest fear. in the on the table right so let's talk a little bit bored you say if you ever met. one of the. it's part of the topic so simple. i did to do due to a. question. well it was only five days ago that hurricane maria made landfall completely destroying the island of puerto rico hitting as a category four storm with winds of up to one hundred fifty five miles per hour the island is completely without power which could linger on for months federal aid began making its way into puerto rico saturday the island's main port opened up enabling eleven ships to bring in one point six million gallons of water twenty three thousand cots dozens of generators and food while dozens of more shipments
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are expected in the coming days many are wondering why more isn't being done faster to bring relief to those left completely devastated. now to germany were angola merkel has won a fourth term as chancellor but despite the win merkel's christian democratic party had its worst results since nineteen forty nine when a total of two hundred forty six seats almost seventy fewer than it previously held the social democrats meanwhile one hundred fifty three seats ninety four will be taken by the newly elected alternative for germany party and this is the first time it's entered the national parliament merkel and now needs to team up with other parties to create a viable government in the us to og and one possible option would be the so-called jamaica coalition that would mean an alliance with the pro-business free democratic party and the green party artie's peter oliver reports on this shift in politics and what it means for germany. it's been clear that germany angela merkel is
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chancellor however it's a bit of both really when you put it like that there's certainly been people who change their vote to previously would have voted for angle of merkel to change there's also those that would have wanted more from the party to challenge those decisions made by the chancellor who changed that as well that they've lost around a million votes. many of those going to be the alternative to any party but she when she was asked a bold blows about the future because she's going to be chancellor we still don't know what kind of government she is going to be chancellor at the moment though. she was asked about alternative for germany she was asked would they have any influence in making the migration policy she had this to say very very to the point . no i don't believe that i believe that the parties who can go into coalition find solutions search for them there are some differences of opinion
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between the union and the greens the c.d.c. is you and the f.t.p. and in part also the s.p.d. and of course we will find that then and the coalition agreements depending on how the end that will be reflected in there will not have an impact on the stock coalitions because it's a reality in politics isn't it that you have to be friends with people you don't like don't even agree with in fact you get completely without strength of the times politically but it's a necessity well when you talk about that you almost simplify something that's so complicated this time around because it's not just doing a deal with one of the party she may well end up having to do a deal with essentially three parties the christian democratic union that i'm a liberal represents has its sister party the christian social union so they're already in a coalition of sorts and there are differences between the two of them but they're talking about going into what's called a coalition if the only option it's on the table at the moment if i'm going to lead
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a majority government now that you make a coalition it's called so because of the party colors that are involved in it it makes it because of the jamaican flag but it includes the free democrats and the greens now those two disagree on many issues so they may well say yes we're all fighting to get into power into to joy and then with this in will we'll take our seats in the bundesliga will be in the government but when it comes to major issues particularly trade the greens going to get on side with trade major trade deals that was to put in place when it comes to greece the free democrats are going to agree to any kind of of the bailout so that is where the for nesting there the navy glowingly the ins and how the real nitty gritty of talks is going on at the moment to try and find a solution to that now we've heard from. christie and linda just a few moments ago who is the leader all the free democrats know he hasn't ruled out that his party may be the opposition but he has said that these two make
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a coalition talks have been good so the talks are under way i would expect it's going to be more a case of weeks as opposed to days that we're going to see before this and it may even run into months yes the necessity isn't it to sort of kind of get on with people you don't necessarily like for a lot of people the understand if they just think about perhaps christmas with the indoors but but someone that nobody wants to do business with the political level it seems party wise is alternative for germany party what is it about them that's made them almost a political pariah although with two parties and do the merkel said she would not go into coalition with one with the left party the other one was alternative for germany now they've had big news as well on monday just hours after they entered the bundestag for the first time great results for them their own thirteen percent their chairperson petry announced that she wouldn't be taking a seat in the bundestag. for we want to create real policy and that's a long consideration i decided not to be
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a member of the parliamentary group in the bundestag i would like to ask you for your understanding i will not answer any questions on this. well boom bust is coming up next right here on our team america lindsey france joins us for a preview of what's ahead like hey there as you were just talking about german chancellor angela merkel wins another term in office we take a look at the business side of that and my guest former u.s. trading commissioner bart chilton lets us in on the fall out of north korea sanctions also that the new c.e.o. apologizes to london that's coming up all right should be interesting thanks so much lindsay but as it for now for more on the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash our to america also check out our web site r t dot com ports last america and you can follow me on twitter at natasha's tweets question more. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big bloody. nose throw down a lot of boards that's how we use them in the culture in this country now that's
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where i come in. i bet. on our to you america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk and the straight. people are spreading fake news like crazy these days not even realizing it not just evil trolls with bad intentions but people who believe they're trying to do good even people like chelsea clinton according to the washington free beacon she recently tweeted absolutely appalling michigan house passed a bill allowing e.m.t. easy to refuse treatment to gay people which sounds awful right to tweet included
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a link from a story from new now next dot com a website for the new now next to war and guess what that was some fake news. the link itself was actually from two thousand and fourteen three years ago and what the michigan house had passed back then was not a bill designed to allow e.m.t. to refuse treatment to gay people it was a basic just freedom restoration act or a which includes a clause that would allow this day to infringe on religious beliefs when there's a compelling government interest like say when a human life is that steak back in two thousand and fourteen when you now next wrote their very polarized piece that chelsea late to c.b.s. ran a story about the whole thing saying that it means a christian doctor would not have to treat a gay person and because of that c.b.s. story then new now next decided to turn the bill into a gay rights thing even though at this famed time a lot of legal professionals that c.b.s. was just flat out wrong and that such an interpretation would never hold up in
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a court of law so chelsea tweeted a link to some fake old news but the real news is the best part of the story the real do is that many states have had this a law on their books for over twenty years and it has never been used like chelsea's that it would but the best part is that the law also exists on the federal level under the religious freedom restoration act of one thousand nine hundred three which means that the law was signed by chelsea's own father president bill clinton so chelsea was essentially bashing a law that her own father had implemented on the federal level you can't make. thing is i don't think she was trying to be evil she just saw the headline. people die and shared it because she thought it sounded awful because that does sound awful but once people started pointing out her mistake to her she deleted the tweet and it just goes to show you we are all susceptible to the urge to share fake news these days so we should all think for
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a few moments before jumping on the outrage wagon no matter how smart you think the source is no matter how smart or good you think you are no matter in fact if you're even one clinton. it's. people have got to know whether or not fair present or supply american people deserve to know what real difference at this point does it may be mr guard against the military industrial war we shall never on the golden gate. or should know that the old imagination yes we do what we. want
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to our. future because of. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somehow wanted. to go right to be prosperous like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in my house. or should be more. of. that if.


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