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tv   Headline News  RT  September 27, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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nothing. remains of russia's most wanted terrorist model have been found by the federal security agency he was killed four years ago and was behind the moscow metro bombings also the. streets to oil fields in kurdistan off the region invoked overwhelmingly for independence and the you proposes a new migrants relocation plan to take in fifty thousand more silencing the previous two year long scheme fails.
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hello good evening welcome it's just turned eight o'clock here in moscow you're watching international our top story this hour the grave of terrorist leader who has been uncovered by russia's federal security service it was found in the caucuses region i know hawkins tells us more now about the man who was once russia's most wanted. moros death was speculated on by media more than a dozen times since the year two thousand it was back in twenty thirteen he was eliminated in an f.s.b. operation but nobody was ever found that's all changed today a militant returning from syria gave the information pertaining to the location of his grave of was why do labeled as russia's bin laden he was an associate of. the taliban and terrorist leaders he himself was the leader of. a known terror organization and he personally claimed responsibility for some of
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russia's most horrific terror attacks in its modern history. talk or more of was a militant commander in the first and second chechen wars many of his most prominent allies and associates were considered freedom fighters by some western governments in a battle of david and goliath against the russian state but after repeatedly targeting civilians his status changed he was put on terror lists early in russia but also with interpol with the united nations al qaida and taliban sanctions committee even the united states offered a multimillion dollar reward for information leading to his killing or capture and today's discovery will bring closure to his many hundreds of victims and
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a final chapter in a biography of russia's most wanted terrorist in modern history with a very very difficult to track down. in many ways the most of the relief when they reported that he had been eliminated but because he had other commanders under him and so on and they continued if you look at it if you look at the islamic state there may be and. several thousand from the caucuses many of them much a chance so therefore it's in the interest of both russia and america to come together and agreed to cooperate so that their main enemy because i'm a native is it let me state especially the church and fighters who are formidable fighters they're going to be difficult to defeat but they have to be defeated in the end so russia and america have to collaborate they have to seek ways of collaborating to ensure this happens. the syrian government forces have driven out eisel from the western side of euphrates river needed is all seen as a hugely important gain in the conflict after
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a series of losses islamic state seem to be on the brink of defeat in the country with the syrian army and kurdish forces advancing on the terrorists on two fronts well these are exclusive pictures from the area several days ago the syrian army did manage to get across some parts of the river allowing for a new advance on i saw the russian military has now established a bridge that enables armored cars to cross but again reports from the west bank of the euphrates four out palace once there is sort of most exclusive resort now a modern day fortress out of necessity. for three years the garrison here has warded isis attempts to cross the river at times it was a close run thing if you don't have sort of an animal from the onset coming up to the roof was very dangerous because of the snipers it was really bad but when the army broke the siege they fell back
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a month ago it would have been suicide to film up here not anymore. these five star hotel seem better days but thanks to its grandiose design and height it's acted as something of a fortress here indeed as sort and just to show you how close we are if you have a look through this hole at that cardio hospital well everything behind that is isis is part of the city of the resort across the river they also hold sway this is all their territory that's the euphrates river and across it is isis it's from there that they shelled the city at will and from there that they launched the occasional raid across the river taking the other. bank is key to liberating the city entirely isis still sends fighters and back and forth across the river at
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night it may take weeks but it is inevitable isis in syria is on its last legs its collapse has been as spectacular as its rise since the beginning of the year the so-called caliph it has lost thousands of square kilometers losing precious oilfields and strategic towns to the advancing syrian army and the u.s. backed rebels that is not to say it's hoover who will that it will be. isis has nothing left to lose according to the syrian military and the families of isis fighters and diehard supporters have allegedly retreated to the town of my idea and they have nowhere else to go in the shrinking caliph at the pass is quite a good indication for what they might do in the future everywhere they were whatever these areas were liberated the people who suffered the presence of isis
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have told us. about how they use people as human shields so it's not surprising at all if they would and there was no way for anyone to predict to what extent they were doing that but. would they be hampered by any norms of any reason or any more i live the past doesn't indicate that this is the final act the dream of an islamic state has been shattered but even in its death throes it will inevitably claim more lives more at guys do you have see from that as sort of syria while in a separate development in the conflict five pounds for a commander is behind last week's attack on a russian military police unit. have been killed in a targeted missile strike in syria the information comes from russia's defense ministry which released this video it does apparently show the building where the
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commanders were meeting the strike also killed thirty two of the terrorists and destroyed a weapon store as well as several vehicles but also russian strategic bombers have carried out strikes on iceland l. ners for positions of the syrian province of deities or and it lip the defense ministry said that all targets were located away from residential areas. or. are. interested.
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in. now the european commission is proposing to take in another fifty thousand asylum seekers from north africa and the middle east in its new relocation scheme after the previous plan failed to meet its goals shall dubinsky as the story. you know the european commission has outlined that it set aside five hundred million euros for this new resettlement plan for asylum seekers and it comes as the current to your plan comes to a close on wednesday now this new plan will be regimented in take place over the next few years and it will look to extend that to asylum seekers from the horn of africa and in the middle east now what we do know is that this two year plan that's just come to a close here on wednesday has not been a success at all and if we look at the figures you can see how poorly that's been implemented from resettling people from countries that have applied for asylum in
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places like greece and in italy and you look at those figures less than a fifth of the hundred and sixty thousand people that were supposed to be helped under the previous plan would only a fifth of them helped now some countries completely failed to set out and for phil their quotas including countries like germany world other countries in the european union point blank refused to take in a single asylum seeker including countries like hungry and poland which actually mounted a legal fight against those obligations now this new plan will see that eight thousand refugees or silent seekers from the previous panel also be included in that but it has been an abysmal failure and that's the description by many charities and organizations all of the european union's plan including international two years after the scheme was a greet most e.u.
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member states have fundamentally failed refugees and asylum seekers shirking their responsibilities and leaving thousands abandoned in italy and greece where questions are being raised about this new plan when the previous two year plan was such an abysmal failure and there is still friction within the european union its member states over this thorny issue of my. gratian and asylum seekers in what is over this issue at disunited european union. the iraqi parliament has authorized sending troops to the kurdish held region of could cook to take control of oil fields there does come after the results of kurdistan's independence referendum were announced with over ninety percent of voters supporting it with the details his our middle east correspondent paula slate. the iraqi parliament has asked the iraqi prime minister bedi to send troops to the kurdish region of cook to take control of the oil fields there in response to the security forces belonging
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to the kurdistan regional government have said that they will not allow iraqi soldiers into the area this follows monday's controversial referendum in which an overwhelming majority of kurds at least ninety one percent voted in favor of independence from iraq of course oil is a hugely important issue both in the referendum and in this part of the world and bad diet is trying hard to get oil fields that are currently in kurdish held territories back under its control we're also hearing from the iraqi parliament that they will prosecute those who were behind monday's referendum including the leader of the kurds now presented himself has asked iraq to engage in what he calls serious dialogue and not to threaten sanctions but baghdad has responded saying that there is no way it will engage in talks sec look at some kind of independent kurdistan being established its course this referendum to quote illegal and
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unconstitutional it wants the results canceled and it is threatening that the kurds need to hand over control of international airports otherwise it will bear rights. where it is official and has been called in the storage moment by the russian president the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons as declared russia free from chemical agents will earlier today russia confirmed it has destroyed the last of its stockpile three years ahead of shared your. sure. it wouldn't regional and russia inherited a huge chemical weapons stockpile from the soviet union experts claim this arsenal could annihilate everyone on a number of times over today's an historical event the last agent from russia's chemical weapons arsenal will be destroyed this video does show the last unit of russia's chemical ammunition being wiped out an obligation in moscow signed up to
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back in one thousand nine hundred ninety three the document was signed by almost two hundred countries but president putin complained it seems only russia is meeting its deadline stating that the us failed on its promise on three occasions due to what was said to be financial reasons. historically russia was one of the largest holders of chemical weapons and the us remains one unfortunately the u.s. is not observing the deadline for disposing of its chemical weapons they have pushed the date back three times citing a lack of funding this frankly sounds strange russia launched its disposal program in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight before the us ratified their obligations to remove chemical weapons washington agreed to do that in its entirety by april twenty twelve however they didn't and only managed to dispose of ninety percent of their stockpile now five years later they still haven't filled their commitments.
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he would though if he still had fewer one dead off from attack. the pentagon the head and the nato chief will have a look at that in detail after the break. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. corporations run washington washington. voters elected to businessman to run this country business. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. seemed wrong. all. to
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shape out. comes to educate and engage with equals betrayal. find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. nice several mortar rounds have struck international airport just hours after the u.s. defense secretary and they say secretary general arrived in the afghan capital both the taliban and i still say they were behind the attack at least one civilian was killed and four others were wounded the taliban reportedly said it was targeting the u.s. defense secretary james mattis well he's the first from the trumpet ministration to
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visit the country since president trump announced a new strategy for afghanistan in which thousands more troops were pledged to fight against the taliban here's how the defense secretary reacted to what occurred today . the new tack on an international airport anywhere in the world is a criminal act by terrorists designed to go after generally innocent people to make some sort of statement and it's the classic definition of what the taliban are up to right now it is what it is but it's also the reason why we band together and we don't we don't question what we're doing your. local media do you say that more explosions have been heard in the city reports suggest they were caused by a military airstrike on the position from where the airport or started a former member of the afghan parliament told us that the terrorist attack could be used by the u.s. and nato forces to justify their continued presence in the country. the taleban
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their allies may be intending to send a signal to the united states and nato but the irony is that while that is their intention it all sort at least to the americans and nato justifies their presence in this lingering war even the afghan people with their patience there have to see some tangible results that will change their lives for the better and that is not in the battlefield i think mr trump did not hide his intention he said there are interested in afghan rare earth material material and other mining projects so i think we will see a new page in afghanistan and i hope the afghan government the international community should change this patient with vigilance so our country is not polluted our country doesn't become a second africa where blood diamonds and other minerals and worth would be looted and the country will stay in poverty i hope that doesn't happen. meanwhile the war
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words continues to escalate between america and north korea the only trump is now said the u.s. is fully prepared to explore military options against pyongyang if washington feels it is needed at the same time the state department spokesperson has described the us president as being an effective communicator on the korea crisis. we are totally prepared for the second option not a preferred option but if we take that option it will be devastating i can tell you that devastating for north korea that's called the military option if we have to take it we will the president certainly. is a very effective communicator and the president speaks very clearly in terms of his position coming out of the white house well apparently donald trump is an effective communicator he doesn't want to attack north korea while at the same time he does he's been threatening north korea with military options for quite
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a while and we've heard kim jong on and the leaders of north korea responding there was the recent statement saying little rocket man won't stay much longer we've seen angry responses from north korea heather nauert was asked at the state department about whether she thought it was helpful for donald trump to speak this way on social media i feel that the tweets of the name calling and the statements made over twitter on north korea you feel like that is effective communication i think to put the president is an effective communicator i think people know exactly where he stands we have had a good deal of success in pushing forward with our diplomacy campaign that hasn't changed that certainly hasn't changed in the president has helped rally the world together rally the world together in the peaceful pressure campaign against kim jong un's regime so apparently she considers threatening a country that has nuclear capabilities with destruction to be
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a great diplomatic success and this doesn't sit well with p.r. they fired back with their own responses we've been having this warmongering rhetoric back and forth between the leaders of north korea and the leaders of the united states for months now the escalation of terms has increased the question is when will this rhetoric transform into something more serious. year of strategic patience. with the north korean regime has failed states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies our respected leader kim jong un said that the u.s. will be unhappy to see d p r k strategic power on its independence day and called her stands in big ass small gift packages. best not make it work threats to the
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united states. they will be met with fire fury. like the world has never seen north korea has finished preparation for a guam strike and will launch it in the u.s. does not act sensibly and a threat to the united states george territories will be met with a massive military response the u.s. neglects the international community's will to stop this b.s. on the korean peninsula. retaliate against the times for sanctions and pressure from washington with old powerful countermeasures the forthcoming measures to be taken by the d.p. arche will cost the us the greatest pain and suffering it has ever gone through in its entire history if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea because. since the united states declared war on our country we will have every right to take countermeasures
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including the right to shoot down u.s. strategic bombers even when they are not inside our country's airspace. and while trying the north korea thrashing that the u.s. state of california is already working at the cost of a nuclear strike an official report has just come to light that predicts the potential effects of a strike on the state doesn't. estimated you would expect a huge loss of life also exposure to radiation and destruction of infrastructure and damage running up to a trillion dollars and california is not the only place where there is a fear of a nuclear strike because officials in hawaii have been planning on how to prepare for a possible attack also details leaked from a secret meeting reveal that residents will be advised prepare as they would do for a tsunami or hurricane a twelve minute warning will be given for people to find shelter and survivors would be advised to stay indoors too for up to seventy two hours to avoid exposure
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to radiation really carry all of their political analyst and author and he explains why the u.s. north korea confrontation is so disturbing. for years and years and years every one of donald trump's predecessors has faced an unpredictable bellicose and sometimes weird north korea how's it being dealt with. predictability diplomatic actions surgeons' if need be but no one has ever reacted like this we are in the most warring times since the second world war why i'm not sure it's north korea or i think for the first time ever it's america some predictable and will there be any sort of conflagration in any sort of military engagement we are still hoping no but it's getting less and less stable. now more than two thousand british football fans have arrived in the russian capital this week for you
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a champions league football prior to the games in moscow media in the u.k. had plenty of warnings on what travelling fans could expect to many showed videos of hooligans and repeated that it's dangerous and unsafe to go to russia nevertheless liverpool supporters did receive a warm welcome on change they were placed to say before and during the one all draw with spartak moscow what is becoming somewhat of a tradition in russia away fans were given stephenie's and blankets to his temperatures dropped to a chilly six degrees it is all part of a campaign currently running called gentle fan a russian warm welcome that's what it's called which began last year were manchester united fans visited ross stuff we are some of the travelling supporters about their experience so far. the russian people are very very nice very good warm welcome luke was aboard this little.
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brief of very gold glory let it go joy a ball and you're really nice people. it's a little. i feel very very safe one found very good all the way on this make sure we keep pushing yeah yeah. yeah yeah yeah. we're gonna get emotional. love and want to think about it people didn't cheat on the hotel has been absolutely amazing i can't tell you how lovely and special it is a show can feel that we. need to just might help. and they were so impressed that they were very very. united fans will enjoy themselves to tonight they take on a bit later this evening so i things look so far today i'm back with more.
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there was a time when hollywood in the entertainment business used to do exactly that entertain us today there is a very different artists in reality now they soon their mission is to educate us
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and demand political conformity with the country evenly split is this a losing proposition. we're in today. seen over thanks. to. the man with the mighty us moments it's almost time yes. i could introduce you eat it is home to do most drugs seem to get while you groom are one tomatoes with. a good deal of the full grown people at the motley. fool nobody wants. to eat them.
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the government knows what they do and they do nothing. time when the francis is broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight the chairman and c.e.o. the echo fact is out now he says it's a retirement but after that giant hack over the summer some are just shaking their heads also puerto rico is buckling under a record setting bankruptcy and the ravaging up hurricane maria an expert weighs in and also like asked former u.s. trading commission barge health and bring us the latest from capitol hill health care shenanigans down by starts right now.


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