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tv   Headline News  RT  September 28, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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society. sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the u.s. . exclusive video from syria's correspondent takes you to the heart of the decisive battle for the country's future amid claims that some forces are exploiting the gains plus. in catalonia protests as pressure mounts on the government for trying to quash sunday's independence referendum while the region's president. u.s. officials complains the russian hackers targeted voting systems in the state of wisconsin admitting that there's no evidence. on the korea crisis the japanese
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prime minister moves for a snap election as his handling of the situation sees his ratings take a look at the stakes. low for me in the team here at r.t. h.q. in moscow. news update at nine am here first to syria the country's ambassador to the un's accusing the u.s. of trying to take credit for the operation to retake the city of. the u.s. coalition and rebel militias they support halted their operation in iraq which was a stronghold of eisel and through their forces behind trying to push the syrian army out of the areas or as if the americans were competing with the syrian government over control of the areas or instead of fighting ice and rock. the
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remaining terrorists in there and so right now surrounded by both the syrian army and u.s. backed kurdish forces our correspondent reports from the heart of the decisive battle. this may have been lifted but it's not over yet isis holds out in parts of that as sort of not for a long. day and night as rage around the city that you harvests of throwing everything they have into the fight now every day there is combat they'll use heavy weapons from range although trying to infiltrate in the middle of the night three attack with suicide vests and car bombs the battle goes on every day but the tables have turned it is isis now that is surrounded and slowly being squeezed out. we're it's a syrian artillery position overlooking the industrial city the industrial corridor
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of their resort for supporting troops that are staging the offensive down there an offensive that began earlier this morning with. airstrikes but the battle is said to be fierce with isis giving no quarter from here syrian spotters watch for isis fighters from above this is why height is so important in war better vantage. and this range you can't really miss not with hillary. it's a verified and confirmed in real time it was at this exact spot as nest that a russian lieutenant general advised syrian offices fifteen minutes before his death he was killed several days ago by an isis shell just a few hundred meters from here.
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isis fired back as we filmed shells began falling all around. we ran but the syrian batteries kept firing. will be liberated in a week at the most and will free some of the suburbs to. the cost will undoubtedly be high it's a challenging battleground from dense urban areas to lush river banks and even trenches. the euphrates is both a blessing and because isis still uses the waterways to move men. and even launch surprise attacks. this bunker is manned during the nights because the tower across the river belongs to eisele for three long years captain he bring in the squad has bled and died in the trenches along the euphrates their sacrifice is
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not enough to break the long stalemate that's now everything's changed now. with more. from the resort of syria. but after three years of terrorist siege many people in. desperate need of medical help. this is the only hospital in the city that's working and as you can see it's riddled with bullet holes and for now it's got only seven doctors and they're overwhelmed by patients at the moment medical supplies are also in short supply mohammed is one of the patients there he was wounded in terrorist shelling his father was killed in the same attack. we're just days to go before catalonia has planned independence referendum hundreds of students gathered in the regional capital barcelona against attempts by the spanish government to block the vote.
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i. they were there again to vent their frustration at leaders in madrid who have ruled sunday's vote illegal but it's not stopped activists putting up posters and banners in support of the referendum. this is a fight for both the right of two to vote on the referendum of self-determination but also it's a fight over. being able to say that they would like. the spanish authorities have already arrested fourteen regional officials and seized up to ten million ballot papers as well as banners advertising the referendum the official campaign website also been blocked and madrid is increasing its presence in catalonia by sending extra police and planning to take over polling stations but not all in favor of breaking away from spain some think madrid's in the right. if you're just a little bit people who will support your subject eventually you see it gave up
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believe it but that didn't get me killed your case is see and feel that if you spike continuously into a spike in the chemical you that if. you never get the elderly or none of the stuff in that little bit little bit responsible how much they might be a little short little. on the latest polls suggest the forty one percent of catalans are in favor of breaking away from spain forty nine percent against now despite all the diversity of opinions catalan still believe that we should be able to voice their position on sunday. you know legally every day i see new people here ready for action and i don't see anything i see people worrying about whether their votes will happen or not what will happen is i haven't met anyone who would say they're going to stay at home because they're scared to go outside i see now how the movement has been evolving for the last four years right here i've never seen anything like this before. we know that there are disparities police. here bad
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day being down the side the lives of the french people that i really believe with him. in the street and we are ready to move through the years there and. be led. by. the cattle and presidents accusing the european commission of turning its back on his region's right to vote. because i was going other i think we will have earned the right to be heard this is something that has not happened up to now this is something the european commission has been deaf to they will not be able to continue ignoring this issue. this week european commission news briefing journalists to their push to get a comment on the e.u. stance. i. i i now or you have a double standard in freedom of expression whilst found that four thousand key and gatti and in other stand out for their own there are judges issuing orders to shut
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down media. you condemn it when they shut down cambodia daily but you stay silent when a member states starts playing with freedom of expression stay shut private websites if they start arresting jewelries how can you say this is a constitutional that we don't have anything to say i mean this is freedom of expression anything else that we're going to help you with today one of the journalists at that briefing told us he believes the question of catalonia is freedom isn't just a problem for the spanish authorities but for the holy. it's an internal constitutional problem according to the e.u. and the house to be sold into frame or called internal over there for you go over there of spain. the problem is that this is true until on t.v. when certain issues arise like this in the last few days the
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issue of freedom of expression which is not only an internal whole situation i mean she is speaking it's clearly in europe you know why do you choose if you want to. go to chanel or not all the stylish schools you can orbit that's. nato has admitted that and a strike in afghanistan has resulted in civilian casualties the u.s. strike was called to suppress a terrorist attack on kabul airport on wednesday a u.s. airstrike in afghanistan has left civilians dead the airstrike was launched in response to a taliban attack that happened just hours after u.s. defense secretary james mattis arrived in the capital of the insurgent said that they were targeting the defense secretary's aircraft but his plane however was not hit in a statement he made to lead a resolute support mission and said that the us conducted the air strike to suppress the attack but one of the missiles had a tragically malfunction causing several casualties and not explaining any further
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the afghan crisis response unit responded quickly to confront the attackers and the assault u.s. forces acting in support conducted an airstrike tragically one of the michel's malfunctioned causing several casualties officials express regrets for the civilian casualties and said that investigation into the malfunction was underway but this isn't the first time that nato has had to admit civilian casualties in afghanistan their actions seemed justified when nato led forces were just trying to foil want to tap. on the pentagon and u.s. defense but the irony is that these same military officials are now accusing the militants of putting billions at risk blaming the islamist group for operating in populated areas to attack. a civilian airport is a criminal law. designed to go after generally innocent people to make some
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sort of statement and it's just a classic definition of what the taliban are up to right now it is what it is but it's also the reason why we've been together and we don't we don't question what we're doing here robin i mean from the american campaign group just foreign policy told us washington should not shift the blame when it strikes killed civilians well i think the first key thing here is that under international law the responsibility to protect civilians from the use of u.s. military force belongs to the u.s. military and the u.s. government and no one else it's not the responsibility of the taliban to protect civilians from us use of military force it's the responsibility united states so i think it's shameful that the u.s. military is trying to deflect responsibility to some of their party for the u.s. military action and sadly this is a pattern for the u.s. and its allies at the same thing we're seeing with saudi arabia and yemen and saudi
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arabia blames everybody else for civilian casualties caused by saudi arabia. in a surprise move the japanese prime minister has dissolved parliament paving the way for a snap election next month they want to capitalize on his high approval ratings to get a mandate for tougher defense policies towards north korea don't know holkins looks at the power play and whether bill will pay off. a rise in popularity and opposition in disarray and a sinister forward threat looming on the horizon a perfect recipe for calling an early election which is exactly what prime minister shinzo has announced. you're going up on your debt by calling an election i am seeking a public mandate for the government's handling of north korean issues. the korean crisis could be a blessing in disguise for accusations of corruption and cronyism as well as unpopular policies knocked his ratings over the summer fall into lows of around thirty percent according to some polls but with rising regional tensions his
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popularity is already back at fifty percent now if he's reelected are we would become japan's longest serving prime minister and this could allow him to make a historic change the country's pacifist constitution discarding article nine which completely without says all military action supporters say this would simply legitimize japan's army and right to self-defense but critics would open the floodgates to participating in full blown foreign conflicts and i'm a diplomatic strains with china and military tensions with pyongyang japan has already stepped up shows of military force holding joint drills with the united states and south korea as well as the new was shipped the most significant deployments in seventy years. or so is even more cooperation with the united states . and america because it's very willing to take risks in confronting korea and japan. doing that would be
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a move just to. the interest to reach but public resistance to the increased militarization has been strong. was. the protesters are the only opposition faces to go. judical has already formed a new party of hope to challenge the government in a personal standoff with. that just enjoys it while we are facing a crisis with north korea is it ok to create a vacuum in politics of course not however prime minister abbott has already decided to use the premier's exclusive right to distort the lower house and call elections. she is right wing in his right wing so the two of the. papers there is they have to propose to each other no we can think of these
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majority for no obvious seem certain he will win the election and strengthen his mind that so confident in fact he's promised to resign if he doesn't the last time a leader took such a gamble just to strengthen their majority well we all know how that ended the big gamble. as election results show a hung parliament parliamentary majority is hong parliament that is no majority at all bold move could be a historic moment for japan or a spectacular fail for the prime minister. well is it pre-election promises all the actual candidates themselves that when voters hearts and minds is a lesson for all but in politicians off the break.
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in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around corporate corporations from washington to washington. voters elected to businessman to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. the local wal-mart selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles with. the new socks for the tell you the celebrity gossip and by files of the most important news. off of advertising telling you are not cool enough to buy their product. it's all the hawks that we along with all the walking.
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hello again officials in the u.s. are backtracking on accusations that russian hackers infiltrated the election system in the state of wisconsin in the run up to last year's presidential election they now say there's no evidence to support those claims here's miguel francis santiago on the contradictory messages blaming russia the state of wisconsin has been hit and it's the russian hackers there back. to the city. that breaking news russian hackers tried to hack wisconsin's election system now that looks serious always ready been retracted back tracked and reinstated at least three times it all started last friday with homeland security informing the electoral commission that twenty one states have been targeted by the russian computer wizards one of those states was wisconsin where donald trump won by
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a very tight margin but just thirty days later on tuesday comes a stunning reversal homeland security tells wisconsin officials that the russian government did not scan the state's voter registration system based on our external analysis the wisconsin ip address affected belongs to the wisconsin department of workforce development not the elections commission wait a minute so not the election system in wisconsin but workforce department why. who knows the press of course went back to home and security for clarification and they were told that homeland stands firm by its assessment that the twenty one states including wisconsin did get scanned the department stands by its assessment that internet connected networks in twenty one states were the target of russian government cyber actors seeking vulnerabilities and access to u.s. election infrastructure now wisconsin state's chief information officer has stated
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the complete opposite i quote our systems were protected and we had no incidents we have to bring up every now and wisconsin football coach for clarification now. i was you might be confused but so is the total commission of wisconsin it spokesperson read magni said that there is still trying to understand what happened . miguel francis and go r t russian hackers are just part of the u.s. election conversation to resurface recently and now seems the trumps campaign promises have received more support from voters than the president himself and elections in the southern state of alabama the president kind of the last wild one who adopted the trump slogan to make america great again one column open takes a look at how the regional vote reflects on trump and his ideology the republican primary in alabama might seem like a local issue but here's why it should have been bigger in the candidates so first
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you got luther strange she is the establishment republican a former lobbyist for big business on capitol hill he's got the support of his party including funding but he lost to fringe candidate more more echo donald trump's stance on immigration as well as his montra america first and he believes that u.s. president barack obama was not a legal u.s. citizen sounds an awful lot like trump did during the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign well twenty seventeen trump sitting in the oval office put his backing behind the establishment candidate instead of luther strange knows the jews sure. of america's strength its god its family and its country. and trump's decision didn't sit well with some of his more outspoken supporters support judge roy moore judge moore is going to defend our interests with the same still spied that he defended those ten commandments so now that ray moore has won
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donald trump is backtracking and getting rid of his tweets in support of luther strange and he's doing something that's even more rare for the commander in chief it missing that he might have been wrong and i'll be honest i might have made a mistake the people who supported trump are still looking for the going to be carried out and i think when they alerted roy moore they just rode away. dramatically rejected the establishment candidate even though he was endorsed by by donald trump it's quite clear that roy moore he's a kind of guy who will stand up will stand up to this corrupted stablish movement in the u.s. senate and. hopefully bring about some good training but i think for ordinary americans this the results of this election were uplifting and they they just suggested. the american people are beginning to exert
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genuine influence over their government which they did not do before from took office ready to put america first again it any cost and now he's softening his stance in order to appease the establishment but the real question is are his supporters ready to do the same thing hey look mop and art see new york. next well people in corporations right so is it time for nature to follow suit environmental groups in the u.s. assuming the authorities on behalf of the colorado river demanding that it be granted personhood so that it can be better protected in the colorado flows from the rocky mountains in colorado and down to the gulf of california but it's considered endangered by the american rivers conservation group it provides drinking water to one in ten americans and demand outstrips supply and that's raising fears that it could run dry now the environmentalist group deep green
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resistance of fighting for the rivers rights they say it's not able to defend itself to insure its own existence so they filed a lawsuit to hold the state of colorado accountable for violating these rights were the case has sparked a bizarre debate about whether the river should be recognized as a person or a corporation the river itself is given right so you could actually go into court on behalf of the river like we as a guardian of the river. fiduciary of the river currently you can't go into court in argue that until it's too late giving rights to nature and to the colorado river would elevate that status and make it possible to go into court and actually do things that would help preserve and restore and allow the river to exist in florida let me think absurd can i go now we've done. i mean it's ridiculous i believe in protecting the environment i'm a huge protector of the environment but but in order to put you know put people and
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rivers and mountains on the same moral level to me is so lacking of decency it's unbelievable so i think the whole idea the whole notion is totally absurd corporations have rights in this country and they have more rights than human communities do nature has just as many rights as corporations colorado river you know should have a right to exist florists naturally evolve regenerate and be restored and currently as that is it does not colorado river is in serious trouble what is a corporation a corporation is basically a bunch of people who come together to form a corporation to protect their interests so the government had to find a way to give them certain protections that those people who hold a corporation would otherwise not have the same cannot be said for a river for a mountain for a tree and it's a misunderstanding of why a corporation is given personhood is because protecting the rights of the people who own that company but you didn't see any of that coming that's the news for now
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from our international be back in thirty five minutes to update you again thanks for watching. the kurdish language has many proverbs one of them has been cited frequently better accounts of ones own then i jointly own come. closer to the iraqi kurds to being their own shepherds. through.
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this then with the with me a minute i can on the most get a little bit of the muslims plus animals i knew but i. know both of it was a problem but i get some kind of sign of this yes. i see a dumb thought and just no sooner be told it is. where they at blue he won't get up to six good area to hunt for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this has been a active area. next year so i. know what when i started no i.
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got a. little bit more of the stuff. it . was. greetings and salutations for anyone even moderately paying attention to the foreign policy agenda of the united states for the last twenty to thirty years i
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think it's a very safe bet that you've come across the terms humanitarian intervention or the ubiquitous spreading of democracy bandied about by any number of elected officials or state department spokesperson and well for many of the hard working folks either elected to or working for the us government that is indeed probably their legitimate goal when it comes to foreign policy and handing out aid but can bursley the old spreading of democracy has also been widely used as a justification to drop bombs and wage war by those with an agenda of pax americana full spectrum dominance this contradiction is what inspired attorney and former illinois green party candidate for governor rich whitney to ask the question does the united states government actually oppose dictatorships and championed democracy around the world as we are repeatedly told over and over and over again and what mr whitney discovered is indeed.


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