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tv   Headline News  RT  September 28, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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i got to thinking of the people i really hate and. jamie diamond but is about to give away the game. but without the savant. in barcelona a rally against the government over attempts to. independence referendum also. takes the heart of the country's future amid. new talks breaks for. the protests and.
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the us media say social media giant. infiltrated by russian. may day in eleven pm. tonight here in moscow this thursday september the twenty eighth my names you know neil welcome to r.t. international we begin in catalonia worth of people the majority believed to be students rally in support of the region's independence referendum this sunday louis castro has been following the mass protests in. the universities and schools. who told the students to come out on the streets and you can see that. coming by of.
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yeah so this is been going on the whole day. guys guys ago covered up here anybody speaks english right so your so what do you think what do you want to tell the people that is watching right now about what is about to happen on sunday here in a spain in catalonia and there's there there bear no word yet you're going to vote no there are people that even that don't even have a i'm seeing ass it feeds killing the democrats see and we want to board we want to block out harlem too boring. as you can hear this is the situation right now that this is happening all and the majority barcelona today there's a lot of people there's a lot of students protesting what is being going on but let's hear what they all been saying doing today and the people that is actually supporting this referendum you know. every day i see move people who are ready for action and i don't see
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anything i see people worrying about whether the votes will happen or not what will happen but i haven't met anyone who would say they're going to stay at home because they're scared to go outside i see now how the movement has been evolving for the last four years right here i've never seen anything like this before. we know that there are police coming here. to cite. within. three feet maybe two years here. feel like. you're right. but as you can see a lot of people are wondering what is actually going to happen on sunday regarding the actual election the result of the election was the recent polls here in spain and in general are showing so far the forty one percent. supporting the process of
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independence of catalina in forty nine are against but these are old poles of the moment there are no seventy or worse about to happen this sunday regardless of whether there's going to be any actual election on sunday because as we have been telling everybody that in today the police has been going into this center balls and they being confiscating some of the material that is supposed to be used for these sunday so far we can also show you a little bit some of the actions that we had here on the streets of barcelona where we found the interest shown in people that are actually thinking a little bit different to get this thing over to people you will see for yourself if you. see a video of i believe the people out there are they going to be told your face is in the east bank do you wish the interest on that number for you that if you know me well you know you're the only you know yourself in the middle east.
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there's a lot of activity there's a lot of protests there's a lot of people calling for democracy and for this by the schoolman to lead and suppress their voice on sunday in the referendum called for the first of all over what we know now that police have been instructed to take over public buildings or cross which could be stations but in a show of defiance independence supporters in barcelona gulf there first then took matters into their own hands as they continued to fold it all comes a spanish authorities continue to step off measures to prevent the referendum from tripoli fourteen regional officials have already been arrested ten million paper seized on the official campaign web site blocked the trade has also increased its police presence and the. minister for foreign affairs has called on. europe to
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intervene in the situation he say's that by trying to block the vote madrid is violating the democratic principles of the e.u. the call echoes the cattle on president's earlier statements accusing the european commission of turning its back on his region. in which i was going i think we will have earned the right to be heard this is something that has not happened up to now this is something the european commission has been deaf to they will not be able to continue ignoring this issue while catalans voice the wrong group madrid journalists have been trying to pin down the e.u. to get its view out in media briefing this week r.t. spoke to one of the reporters who was there. now all you have a double standard in freedom of expression whilst found that four thousand key in other stand out for. you condemn it when they shut down cambodia daily but you stay silent when a member states starts playing with freedom of expression. private websites if they
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start arresting jewelries how can you say this is a constitutional that we don't have anything to say i mean this is freedom of expression anything else that we are going to help you with today. it's an internal constitutional problem according to the e.u. and the house to be sold into frame or called internal orders or legal order of. the problem is that this is true until until when certain issues arise like this in the last few days the issue of freedom of expression. is not only an internal constitutional issue of spain it's clearly. which is that if you want. to tional or not only spanish constitution or that so well with the official referendum page not on line by spanish authorities
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wiki leaks founder julian assange responded by posting up a mirror all of the website on twitter which shows information regarding polling stations earlier i spoke to a spanish history professor about the implications of the government crackdown. do you think that madrid has gone too far in their crack died perhaps turning the tide against themselves even further in the region by doing such actions probably was not. the wisest of the moves on the other hand i think the spanish government felt that they had to do something and they had been so adamant that they will not allow the referendum probably will it will call backlash and more people would be willing to support the independence of catalonia the population in the field both catherine and spanish but if you look at the polls and
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the surveys the younger generation is much more sort of catalan only in terms of trade and through so. this is a time bomb and this is what will reemerge even if a solution is found. turning our attention to the middle east now where syria's ambassador to the u.n. has accused washington of trying to take credit for the operation to retake the city of duress or for myself. the u.s. coalition and rebel militias they support hold to their operation in iraq which was a stronghold of eisel and through their forces behind trying to push the syrian army out of dairies or as if the americans were competing with the syrian government over control of derrius or instead of fighting i saw in iraq. where the remaining terrorists in their resort are now is surrounded by both the syrian army and us by kurdish forces our correspondent. is in that city.
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this siege may have been lifted but it's not over yet isis holdouts in parts of that as sort of not for long. day and night battles rage around the city the jihad ists are throwing everything they have into the fight. every day there is combat they'll use heavy weapons from range although trying to infiltrate in the middle of the night fear attack with suicide vests and car bombs the battle goes on every day but the tables have turned it is isis now that is surrounded and slowly being squeezed out. we're it's a syrian artillery position overlooking the industrial city the industrial corridor of their resort for supporting troops that are staging the offensive down there an offensive that began earlier this morning with a barrel of airstrikes but the battle is said to be fierce with isis giving no
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quarter from here syrian spotters watch for isis fighters from above this is why height is so important in war better advantage and better aim and this range you can't really miss a lot with artillery. hits a verified and confirmed in real time it was at this exact spot as nest that a russian lieutenant general advised syrian offices fifteen minutes before his death he was killed to several days ago by an isis shell just a few hundred meters from here. isis fired back as we filmed shells began falling all around.
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we ran but the syrian batteries kept firing. will be liberated in a week at the most and will free some of the suburbs to. the cost will undoubtedly be high it's a challenging battleground from dense urban areas to lush river banks and even trenches. the euphrates is both a blessing and because isis still uses the waterways to move men and alms and even launch surprise attacks. this bunker is manned during the night. because the tower across the river belongs to eisele for three long years kept the need for him squad has bled and died in the trenches along the euphrates their sacrifice not enough to break the long stalemate but now everything's changed now
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they're winning more i. see from the resort of syria. moving to france where protests taking place in the capital against the money. spending in public sectors and cut taxes for the wealthy after unveiling his first annual budget president mccraw was being dubbed by some the hero of the rich our correspondent charles the reports. thousands of pensioners in paris of rally to the cools from a number of unions for a national day of action against the cuts that are being imposed in not new budget the first budget by a manual month corms government no social security in particular is going to be slashed in the budget floyd point five billion euros removed from the budget and many pensioners say they're unhappy about what they see as being
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a budget is for the rich when some pension is in front of having to live on as little as six hundred euros per month and many pension is i've been speaking to this process say they're having to live on tomorrow and miles every month. mr might draw is making separately seek up the road she's. not due to resting for me and for the majority of the forty in front of the crown is defending the reach because actions prove that i was supposed to tax us on the poorest in favor of the rich. people on a personal level i don't know how to live how to eat eat usually such a class has children who are left ill provided for that's the trouble that sentiment of this being a budget for the rich has been echoed by some of the papers in france today saying that this is one the only benefits the rich must close government to said that they feel that this is a budget that will benefit all let's take
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a listen to what mr president emmanuel mckown just to say himself. a budget can only go hand in hand with strong political leadership led by a common finance minister and strong parliamentary supervision at the european level only the eurozone with a strong and international currency can offer europe the framework of an economic world power mr marquand talking about his one drinking ideas for the europe of the feature coleman are using minister called. finance a budget for the many the pension is his say they want him to focus not on this idea of an opponent only the state but actually own the issues hey in front and to help these people who contributed to the social security budget decades of decades need help to make a. buck in the us media spotlight russian trolls have been accused of infiltrating facebook to chaos in america and well some
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stories never seem to die now you remember how c.n.n. was talking about a supposed army of russian trolls that were supporting or allegedly supporting donald trump during the two thousand and sixteen presidential elections well according to a new report this troll army seems to have returned ads that was bought by this russian troll farm on facebook was a black lives matter ad that was argued specifically to the city of baltimore and ferguson missouri is based on my conversation my source and is that the goal here was really about creating chaos so according to this c.n.n. report based on anonymous sources russian advertisements were purchased on facebook that were directed at baltimore and at ferguson missouri when there was racial unrest going on in those two cities now the interesting thing is that it's alleged
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in this report that the ads were not only supportive of black lives matter but also opposing black lives matter that that these russian trolls were taking two different positions very interesting and we're hearing furthermore that there was a facebook group created called united and muslims of america ok we're just breaking into the story because a lot of our putin alongside his turkish counterpart. speaking to the media following their talks let's listen in. so my dear friend president of the russian federation mr putin. so dear interrogation members. members of the press. welcome. welcome to all of you present here in this year of the. kim is the first of all i would like to express my joy.
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this is another time we meet my friend mr putin is here in our country. is. good as a result of this meeting that if we had. we yank kind of settlements our lesions relations between turkey and russia and we also discussed the situation you know our region. and our governmental agencies. had their meetings. this year this is the fifth time i meet my dear friend. we often talk on the phone. regarding. different issues our countries face today. i mean. i have to see. or to
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achieve a. pretty high level in our relations our ministers. maintain a regular dialogue between them. as a result we can say to de. strength and. character up to the cooperation. moves forward and when you are no we're going to further develop this trend going forward. we have agreed. to start preparatory work on political book it konami and social issues we will cover at the seventh meeting of the. councils both countries think. it will be very important. next year. that mr putin lead our country for this meeting
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because of. the foundation of our bilateral relations we have. just discussed certain for. it it is. exceptional certain exceptions where we have not achieved require that old an increased. tree. twenty two percent the number of russian tourists travelling to. seriously increase compared to previous year we have also. we can improve our economic indicators he was further. as you know. you reach the mark of one hundred million dollars in
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a tree. we hope to make progress on critical issues by a lateral relations. during the upcoming meeting i'll be doing some konami could commission. allergy is another. topic talked about. and the nuclear power plant. we still work on those we think it is very important to implement it goes abroad soon as possible to it so we discussed these projects at our meeting in copenhagen and we hope that our governments who will intensify their working to undermine. we also discussed the situation in iraq and syria territorial integrity of the. unity of the rock we think it's extremely important to preserve that it's only recently.
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if unfortunately becoming more volatile which is. she said you know administration he said in iraq fortunately. because the region no crisis by holding a referendum this referendum is illegitimate due to the iraqi constitution and international law on fortunately if it on the. road and warnings the authority is held this referendum and this is a grave unity state nobody can make the situation more intense for their short term political goals i told president putin that we have. prevented steps that would have to cause further greater mistakes
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by the kurdish regional authorities. during our meeting when i saw your friend president. situation on syria and we also talked about the last meeting in astana. we discussed the situation regarding the deescalation area you know. we hope. will do their best to make progress in this matter we are happy with the progress we've made in. this process strengthens peace. you know. strengthens the geneva talks we have also agreed that we need to focus even the more. confidence building measures. we
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discussed. last time i meet a. commitment. regarding a political solution for the syrian crisis. i trust that the meeting we had today with my dear friend mr putin. was a productive and once again i would like to say. our governments our agencies. we will continue working together. through our meetings and telephone conversations so i give the floor now to mr putin first well i would like to thank our dear friend turkish president for the invitation. ladies and gentleman we have just concluded another round of talks. i said in another round
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actually this was in the other meeting. this meeting which was. working meeting gave us an opportunity to have a detailed conversation and exchange your views on both bilateral relations in many different areas and also to discuss further joint activities as part of. the syrian settlement let me actually start with the syria. we've read to rid our commitment to act on the league remains we've achieved. the sixth round of us in our talks on the four deescalation areas including the biggest one in the province. i would like to remind you that this initiative to set up discoloration areas in syria was first put forward at the meeting between me and president air though on which when you put us it was not it
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was not easy for us to work out and. it was not easy for all the parties involved in this syrian conflict and the guarantor states turkey russia and iran. and still we were able to achieve success i think this is extremely important this is our joint success this is success for our friend president because he was one of the eeny shooters. basically we have. created can do. it is for putting an end to this. side of war in syria so the people of syria can come back home and come back to peaceful life and this is extremely important not only to the people of syria not only for their entire region but actually for the whole world that we create conditions so that the refugees can come back to their homes and this will. help with
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finding a long term political solution that the geneva talks on do the. use of the united nations we also discussed the situation regarding. the referendum in iraq. with the russian foreign ministry has issued a statement on this issue making our position known and we also talked about this with mr president we have agreed to continue working closely together through our for the ministries our defense ministries and our intelligence services all in the syrian conflict and other regional issues if you can and we also discussed trade and noted that through our trade has significantly increased over this seven months of this year it grew by thirty one percent less here.
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dropped by twenty three percent over a year so in the first six months of this year we basically. restored we'll level we had before and we will soon achieve a positive growth the number of the russian term increased l. levon times this year amounting to two million such progress became possible because we have consistently we have been consistently implementing the measures that. we agreed that at the six meeting of the russian church he with the supreme court the nation council and our leaders here in meetings with our colleague and friend president there though and we discussed in detail by our strategic projects in the energy industry i'm talking specifically about the stream project and the construction of the nuclear power plant just recently in june
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president had gone and we i self. command the construction of the. undersea section of the stream pipeline soon the first reactor off the nuclear power plant that we would be commissioned to do but naturally this will require that. the russia work closely together to obtain proper certificates and licenses for this. we will continue working together removing obstacles standing in the way of. ministries and agencies who worked together removing all existing restrictions on. turkish agricultural imports to russia. with us as a result.


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