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tv   News with Ed  RT  September 28, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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in truth to stand down on those business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. questions. on the news tonight the trump administrative issues a ten day waiver lifting the jones act and allowing crucial supplies to be shipped to puerto rico and officials from twitter meet on capitol hill with congressional investigators on alleged russian acking in the two thousand and sixteen campaign and iran says that it will stick to the iran nuclear deal but will pull out if the united states decides to back out of the agreements i'm reporting tonight from washington d.c. this is the news on r g america.
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good evening friends we start tonight with puerto rico where president trump has lifted shipping restrictions to the devastated island the white house fending off criticism today waive the jones act for ten days to deliver crucial supplies to the island which is facing severe shortages of food and water and the almost complete lack of power. has the latest tonight leaving a century old carolyn's act allows for international ships to transport supplies directly to the u.s. territory increasing the speed access and quantity of aid being received in puerto rico now the jones act of one nine hundred twenty essentially protects the interests of the domestic shipping industry under the law all goods shipped between u.s. points must be transported by american made and operated vessels the cost of american flag vessels are nearly three times higher than foreign competitors which forces puerto rico to pay more for everything because it shipped first the mainland then
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changed ships and then shipped over to puerto rico now many have called for the archaic laws to be abolished president trump has suspended it for a mere ten days however some are questioning how much good it will actually do as of this. morning tons of supplies are sitting idle in shipping containers at the san juan port damaged roads no fuel and no way to contact drivers has prevented the local government from organizing deliveries acting homeland security secretary alain ducasse acknowledged the distribution problem while defending the administration's response distribution from the island the central ports to the end points like the hospitals has been a challenge having twenty four to forty eight hours we will have replenished we have over two hundred gas stations open now so that people with generators can do that we have reached the hospitals so that is replenishing now not only are puerto
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ricans dealing with a shortage of diesel fuel gas food and water but now money is running out the island wide power outage caused by hurricane maria has made most banks an a.t.m. non-operational there are reports of people running out of cash and this of course makes it harder for americans on this storm ravaged island to survive if they can't even buy fuel after standing for twelve hours in line for it or buy food once the supermarkets open again with food they don't have cash at least ten members of the house and senate were reportedly organizing their trip to puerto rico tomorrow according to the washington post permission to use military aircraft for the trip has been denied by the white house and pentagon who say they need it for they need the aircraft for rescue and recovery no two lawmakers and the new york governor have already visited puerto rico to provide assistance and support while restrictions are suddenly being imposed on lawmakers the trumpet ministration is
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reportedly making some hurricane victims paid for lifesaving evacuations u.s. citizens evacuated from st maarten following hurricane irma are reportedly being billed by the state department for transportation costs according to the u.s. it back. manifest and promissory note failure to repay for the emergency evacuation can result in passport suspension or rejection to renew so in puerto rico we've seen private citizens like billionaire mark cuban and proper pitbull we've seen them send private jets to deliver aid or even rescue cancer patients and meanwhile the u.s. government is reportedly making hurricane victims pay for evacuations from st martin carried out on a payer funded airplane. the president's economic chief adviser gary cohen spoke at the white house press conference today defended the administration's new plan to implement sweeping tax cuts saying that the bill is designed to help middle
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income families our plan is based on lowering rates and expanding the base it's very simple if you think of what we're doing you expand the base by getting rid of the loopholes the loopholes that the wealthy taxpayers have used to pay tax on less of their income so we have designed a plan where you're going to pay a lower rate but you're going to pay on more of your income that is a basic core premise of our plan and we're stick we're committed to it and we're sticking with it for more on this let's turn to steve hayes tonight he's the chairman for americans for fair taxation mr hayes good to have you with us this evening is this plan fair the fairness in this. and i don't think so at all i i actually think this is just more pushing things around to help the swap it's a lobbyist early christmas because look at all of the things that they're
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threatening to take away they're going to get tens of millions of dollars of people flowing money into the lobby is trying to protect their particular thing and honestly they're not addressing a huge issue that affects each and every one of us which is the growing income tax evasion which is going to be nine trillion dollars in the next ten years if you use government numbers so no i think this is simply an idea that we're going to act like it's good and we really hope that people like you and me and all of your watchers think it's a good idea because we sure do because we here in the swamp are going to benefit well there's no question everybody likes lower taxes but i think americans have come to the conclusion in the majority that they are concerned about the deficit the numbers how is this plan and do you think this plan is going to be able to bring more money into the treasury i mean it takes money to buy whisky doesn't it.
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it takes money to buy everything it is going to help stimulate the economy and to be fair if it's passed as proposed it's better than what we have but it's not reform i mean we're proposing that americans are fair taxation getting rid of the income tax getting rid of the way we fund the payroll tax give you all your check and have a national retail sales tax with a tax credit for purchases up to the poverty level that's real reform not just doing this because ed you and i both know that six months from now a year from now even if it passed which it isn't like it's being proposed they're going to start changing it again how is a small business person going to do any planning when they don't know what it's going to be a year from now well that's the next question where is where is merely occulus system in this plan where is the win for small business i mean that's what trump keeps talking about going to help small businesses deregulate ok you want to tax code out there show me where the wind is for the small businesses in this deal well
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yeah the when he's talking about or he's trying to do is he's trying to say that distributions meaning the dividends that come out of a small business will be no more than twenty five percent and not at the top rate they have been now but that's simply going to ask for a lot of abuse you're going to have a lot of problems it's again it's a lobbyist a tax attorney a c.p.a.'s best thing the best christmas present ever because it's going to create more work and ultimately it isn't going to fix the problems we have already a system isn't fair they're not going to make it fair well it's going to be a little bit more fair for the corporations if they drop it from thirty five to twenty percent but i think we all know with the business adoptions and the tax code that is what twelve hundred pages or something and that's just one section of it when it comes to business. you know they're paying. ten eleven twelve percent bernie sanders was on the campaign trail saying there's corporations out there that
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don't pay any tax so will the democrats go along in the political fight to drop a twenty percent. i think they will go along with that just because of all the agreement that it's nice to be more competitive but i believe they're going to oppose ardently the repeal the death tax they're going to oppose other provisions that are in there about and also there's going to be a big fight on what does that force level going to be you know how much are they going to tax the wealthy and then how do you define wealthy why they're just going to be a tremendous debate going on between democrats and republicans and i don't really see this getting done anything like it looks now all right steve hayes good to have you with us tonight chairman for americans for fair taxation thanks for your time. the supreme court will hear a case on whether government workers who do not belong to a union can refuse to pay union fees the court deadlocked on the issue for the for
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last year before conservative judge course which was appointed the case would potentially overturn in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven ruling allowing public sector unions in over twenty states to require non union members to pay fees the ruling would affect some five million public sector workers in america. representatives of twitter met with congressional investigators into russian acting today capitol hill is is hot discussion on this story and they're focused on how and if russian twitter accounts were used to impact the two thousand and sixteen presidential election twitter released an official statement on its public policy page today citing this network r t use of three twitter accounts during the two thousand and sixteen election but did not mention any wrongdoing twitter is the second social media company after facebook to meet with congressional members meanwhile the department of homeland security says the
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russian government did not attempt to hack wisconsin's voter register. aeration system the statement reverses the d.h.s.s. earlier accusation the russians had attempted to hack into voting machines in the states that state was won by donald trump. congressional democrats are calling for health and human services secretary tom price to resign secretary pryce spent four hundred thousand dollars in taxpayer money for chartered jets while on government business and he's done this since the month of may the democrats have introduced legislation to prevent it ministration officials from using private jets earlier this afternoon tom price offered to refund the federal government for the cost of the flights but that's only fifty two thousand dollars being reported the administration did not say what the secretary's price's future would be in the
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trump white house. tour for instance to keep his job since for. i think the president's address this yesterday we are going through this process we're going to conduct a full review and he will see what happens. conduct a full review well mr price this guy needs to resign because there has been a precedent sent there's another tom in the story his name is dash will oh yeah we remember our old friend tom daschle old only you see when barack obama was elected in two thousand and eight he wanted tom daschle to be the director of health and human services and he was going to do health care daschle was the former senate democratic leader daschle had written a book on health care in america he was going to be the guy that was going to bring us the public option and what happened well dash will didn't disclose the use of a personal car given to him by a democratic donor name leo hindery and what did the pit bulls on talk radio one
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america do they forced obama to deep six tom daschle he never made it to the senate floor to have an opportunity to have a confirmation hearing so now let's fast forward to the real time in the story right now the guy who has no regard for your tax dollars is this a serious error in judgment oh i would say so is it a disregard of the taxpayers' money i would say so should he resign the same way dashiell did i would think so if this guy has no respect at all for your tax dollars how in the hell is he going to respect your health care and i think that's a very fair question tonight for more on this we go to our political panel the saving civil rights attorney misty viruses where this and also amy tarkanian former at about a g.o.p. chair well the big question tonight is what should happen to tom price amy what's the conclusion here what do you think. i can't defend him at all i find this absolutely disgusting he is
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a public servant that we are supposed to put our full trust in and he has destroyed that by doing what he did so i'm glad your fired up i agree with you actually. a serious error in judgment is what i called it but isn't there a certain level of dishonesty here only want to put words in your mouth but how could this man this experienced had the having been in congress so long make a mistake like this without having some level of dishonesty and certainly arrogance and you took the words right out of my mouth he's been in the government since two thousand and six there is no room to say that this was who was just a mistake this is clearly a lie there is a level of dishonesty here and this lavish spending of taxpayer dollars is absolutely unacceptable there is nothing to do but for price to step down where is the mainstream media misty were i mean who are conservatives winning the conservatives when after tom vessel like crazy on talk radio on for five hundred
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stations across america where are the liberal voices going for accountability on this guy who's fifty two thousand dollars for ten different jet flights give me a break i think that they're comparing that to a first class seat on an airline there's a huge difference were there were the liberal talkers going after this guy one they're going after him for all angles and yeah great point at fifty two thousand dollars thanks so much for paying back less than fifteen percent of what you racked up since may and let's talk about the locations that he was traveling there's a flight from virginia to philadelphia i've had a very nice ride on an amtrak train and guess what there's so many other ways to travel other than this private jet this is absolutely an absurd situation and you can't turn on any station and not hear about how crazy and dishonest this man is amy what's the best play for the president here. well i'm very happy to hear sarah
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sanders say that they're going to conduct an investigation but this simply was not a mistake for somebody who's been in office for this long he knows the rules and he should have known better. well i look at this and i think most americans look at it is a lack of trust in government and amy they can't there are over three on health care tom price is a doctor. he's been in congress he knows everybody he couldn't get it done and now he pulls a stunt like this wouldn't this be a time to make a good pivot to somebody new to have this health care effort up what do you think. well that's not up to me but it sure sounds like a good move or at least it should be heavy heavily considered you know this is a problem we have with most politicians actually most of the establishment most of the incumbents they've been there for far too long and you can't trust them anymore and it doesn't matter what the topic is it doesn't matter if it's health care it doesn't matter if it's tax reform most of these people sat there and they pander to
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whichever group they're talking to and especially when they're campaigning and then once they're in office they turn right around and they stab you in the back and people are sick of it mr meyers which is worse the health care proposal by the republicans or the actions of. the the actions of tom price completely disregard the american people the american taxpayers it is a breach of trust and the fact that he could not get health care reform done is one issue that's that's one thing but to breach the trust of the american people and to just use taxpayer dollars for your own gain is absolutely inexcusable . amy tarkanian great to have both of you with us tonight thanks so much. french citizens are protesting president emanuel micron's decision to slash spending and keep public sector as well cutting taxes for the wealthy or to charlotte dubinsky as the story thousands of pensioners in paris of raleigh to the cools from
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a number of unions for a national day of action against the cuts that are being imposed in not new budget the first budget by a manual month corns government no social security in particular is going to be slashed in the budgets five point five billion euros removed from not budgets and many pension is say that unhappy about what they see is being a budget is for the rich when some pension is in front of having to live on as little as six hundred euros per month and many pension is i've been speaking to this process. so they're having to leave town tomorrow and every month. they still might draw is making somebody seek help the rich bank. that's not interesting for me and for the majority of the departed from. the crown is defending their reach because actions prove that it always imposes texas on the poorest and favor
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of the rich. people on a person you don't know how to live how to eat eat usually such a class has children who are left ill provided for that's double trouble that sentiment of this being a budget for the rich has been echoed by some of the papers in france today saying that this is one the only benefits the rich must close government to said that they feel that this is a budget that will benefit or let's take a listen to what mr president emmanuel mccall has to say himself. a budget can only go hand in hand with strong political leadership led by a common finance minister and strong parliamentary supervision at the european level only the eurozone with a strong international currency can offer europe the framework of an economic world power mr marquand talking about his one drinking ideas for the new roof of the feature coleman euro zone minister coleman finance a budget for those with many of the pension is his say they want him to focus not
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on this idea of a napoleonic super state but actually own the issues hey in france and to help these people who've contributed to the social security budget for decades of course decades who need help to make. ambassador to the united nations the key haley blasted russia today accusing the country of shielding iran from expanded i spec sions this comes as president front threatens to withdraw from the landmark two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal manila chan it's been following the story joins us for more tonight this will affect a lot of countries. absolutely but right now add a lot of political watchers are wondering if president trump will indeed withdraw from this deal entirely or if he'll simply wait until the october sixteenth deadline to certify it so if trump chooses to the resort if occasion for that to expire that means he'll simply pass the buck to congress where they'll have
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sixty days to decide whether or not to reimpose these old saying sions on iran that were temporarily suspended under this nuclear accord but further complicating this issue today was ambassador nikki haley blasting russia for what she claims is tantamount to obstructing the i.a.e.a. inspectors from inspecting other sites in iran which are not a part of the p five plus one agreement i asked the former u.s. diplomat jim jatra if this accusation was fair listen to his assessment of it we keep hearing from many people is that there should be other kinds of inspections for example of military facilities there outside the purview of the agreement no she is not right and again this is ritter said when he was inspector for example in the soviet union years ago sure would have been nice to go look at those military facilities and the soviets would have loved to come and look at our military facilities those were not in the purview of the agreement the agreements are designed to do one thing one thing only and to be sufficient for that purpose not
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to go in a fishing expedition to see anything and everything the really it's going to have to might be of interest to us and while president trump is blasting president obama for reaching this of cord which he calls the worst deal ever his own generals such as joseph dunford chairman of the joint chiefs of staff recently gave testimony before the senate armed services committee citing that iran was complying with the deal thus far and that withdrawing from the agreement could make it more difficult for america to reach diplomatic agreements with other nations going forward so and it's unclear thaw if trump will essentially kick the can down the. wrote and put congress in the hot seat over iran but according to dunford point out of this agreement would basically shake the world's trust in america that our word is no longer our bond so that could ultimately lead to a threat to national security in the future at and a big date coming up over six calculation thanks minow appreciate it over ninety
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percent of iraqi kurds voted for independence from the central government in baghdad baghdad considers the vote illegitimate as they have before in turkey in iraq have conducted joint military exercises in an attempt to intimidate the kurds for more on this we turn tonight to namo abdulla used the washington bureau chief for the kurdish network rudolph great to have you with us saying it intimidation is the word that comes up will the kurdish people be intimidated by these joint military exercises i thing it is very hard to intimidate the kurds after the ice is bad you know turkey's the second most powerful army of nato iran is definitely a powerful country so is maybe not see in iraq as much but these two countries can easily invades kurdistan but you know the kurds fight saddam hussein's army as well in the past i think the international community you know the kurds hope that the international community would not let these two powerful countries invade kurdistan
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. why won't the surrounding countries respect the vote well iran and turkey as you know they have a sizable could if minority and these two countries are afraid that because we once we get independence there are twenty million kurds in turkey who might want the same thing the same thing could happen in iran but i believe that in turkey especially. the issue is exaggerated because the kurdish people there have always said they're not interested in the session and the most powerful party there is a marxist leninist organization it's ideologically against nation states it's never wanted a nation state so turkey and iran are concerned about loyalty absolutely i mean are concerned about a unification of all kurdish people which could cause i'm sure if there are very and realistic because that would never happen i mean the kurdish people in turkey
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as i said are not interested in creating a nation state i think these countries to be honest have some sort of. you know and reasonable fear about the could of stayed in northern iraq and iraqi kurdistan has proven to be a reliable trade partner for turkey i mean like that over there they don't deserve the sort of sense is that is that the first feeling i get from i definitely think they don't they don't deserve this well how aggressive do you think turkey will be if the kurds remain resolute on this vote. i think it depends more on how the international community would react other than on. the kurdish resolve. because if the international community or the united states per se allows turkey it would then mind even invading kurdistan it tried to do the same thing in syria but the united states because it has an interest in defeating isis and it has an
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interest in supporting the kurdish forces in syria it has stopped turkey from from doing a lot in syria does this parallel the vote in crimea at all. i mean i really i'm not an expert on crimea i but this is a vote of the people yes this is the will of the kurdish people. i think one one would say that every people has a right to decide their own future the kurdish people have certainly one of the most persecuted and oppressed peoples in the world and they are considered the largest ethnic group without an independent nation state of their own i think it's really hard to make a moral argument against an independent kurdistan. washington bureau chief for the kurdish network thank you for joining us tonight i'm pretty sure it. congressman steve schoolies return to capitol hill today for the first time since being shot at a congressional baseball practice in june the republican whip spoke about his
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recovery his faith and his increased desire to return to the legislative process all while praising two capitol police members who saved his life let me tell you with david mack so quickly and even after being shot both themselves continue to engage the shooter and ultimately got him down which not only saved my life but saved the life of a lot of other people that are here in this chamber today crystal couldn't be with us today but david bailey is with us david you are my hero you saved my life every thank you so much. and a good story to end on tonight that is our news the saving follow me on twitter at news where they have like me on the facebook page we got it dot com reporting from washington have a great weekend we'll see you back here next week. all
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the food we don't need only. every the world should if you're in your job that you'll get all the old the old. the old according to just. welcome our world cup i am sure there are good.
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time lindsay friends this is the boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight money is set to roll in for that border wall between the united states and mexico if the house homeland security committee has its way and china's security is regulatory commission is set to deep in bad countries capital markets by speeding up the launch of crude futures trading also my guest explains how the new tax reform proposal affects businesses large and small and even those overseas stand by to bust out right now.


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