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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  September 29, 2017 1:29am-2:01am EDT

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well certainly the world we live in now is shaped by the predecessors but our current policy is not going anywhere good and for the president to look backwards when we have a clear and present threat now that doesn't do us and any any benefits we really need to have a different policy from the current one which is encouraging kim of north korea to accelerate his nuclear and missile programs and putting us in a position where we have very few diplomatic options and so the president by criticizing the predecessors really doesn't help expand the opportunity for us to find a solution that is not military david. exactly right listen litigating who might be responsible for this is a domestic political argument that does nothing to address the growing concern about kim jong un and larry we can't overlook when north korea's foreign minister outside the u.n. said he considered president trump's tweet
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a declaration of war this is actually the environment that donald trump has normalized that his base has accepted and that has put our nation at risk diplomacy is a higher art and donald trump has not shown the ability to engage in it in a way that's effective the most important thing donald trump can do and i think you've seen this in the last seventy two hours or so and maybe it's the influence of general kelly and others the most important thing donald trump can do is keep his mouth shut let the united nations deal with the north korea prime minister foreign minister's comments let nikki haley work through it with rex tillerson in a diplomatic way because this is not an issue that should continue to be escalated by two very volatile men donald trump and kim jong il. the pleasure he's putting on or more sanctions on north korean banks north korean nationals working in russia china and libya can accomplish something. yes larry sanctions certainly
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can and as david mentioned is the congressman mentioned having a multilateral program in place where we're working with our allies and our adversaries like china to squeeze north korea's financial assets that's an essential ingredient to bringing them back to the table but we need an off ramp here we need to have a diplomatic solution that is over the horizon that kim can see and that our partners can see as well if we don't then just a punitive sanctions regime in and of itself will not do the job sanctions will not prevent north korea from developing its program there are only a tool for bringing it to the table and and right now my biggest concern is that we have not laid out what that table could look like and that makes sanctions ultimately not very sustainable david what is. worst case what is kim jong un is a mad man. we pray that we don't find a worst case scenario larry i mean the reality is regardless of who the president
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is and regardless of what you think of donald trump north korea was on this pathway towards developing a nuclear weapon and it is a very dangerous proposition but the reality also is we might have to live in a world where north korea is a nuclear armed state and that is where the actions of the international community matter if you take donald trump out of this and joe referred to this in a very multilateral way we have seen two votes now that i believe are unanimous fifteen nothing the concerns of the world are there the leadership of the president needs to be one to take the volatility out of this because if he does so it will continue to isolate north korea we don't want a worst case scenario it would mean the existence of north korea's likely no longer it would mean a couple hundred thousand very innocent civilians dead and it would forever change the geo political dynamic of the united states and it would be historic in a way we do not want nobody wants not even donald trump space whatever they think of the president wants the worst case scenario russia wants to be involved is that
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to our benefit or not. it's certainly is and there are periods there are places of intersection and overlap frankly with russia on course security issues where we must explore we worked with russia on the iran nuclear deal that was an essential ingredient to stabilizing a crisis in the middle east and so we need to be working with russia we need to be working with china clearly was south korea and are our allies in the region everybody all hands on deck if not it's quite possible that will find ourselves in a position where we can't negotiate strongly with north korea everybody should be calling kim jong un and telling him you need to pull back and you need to not test your weapons not send missiles provocative missile shots over japan that's as nothing to decrease the pressure and at the same time we need to feel confident that those countries are going to come with us when we get to the table but we
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can't exclude any major powers at this stage looking at the nature of this administration day the ten you the optimistic. listen there i think nikki haley has done a very remarkable job at the u.n. she truly has and honestly i think with secretary mabus on the deal decide we also have very capable leaders if you go back to bush forty three and i always make this analogy somebody who came in who lost the popular vote we were a very divided nation at the time bush v gore there were people who question his legitimacy but george bush knew what he didn't know and he let the architects of diplomacy and the architects of defense handle the harder decisions if donald trump will allow that to happen on a multilateral way through halley and madison tillerson i think this can be resolved regardless it was donald trump or hillary clinton can john whom was going to go in the same direction the test of u.s. leadership is to make sure we minimize the threat and the chapters that come you
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think. do that do you think you can listen to joel. well i mean david put it as well i think it's a big open question he was advised by his chief of staff general kelly and by his national security adviser general mcmaster to not use the language at the u.n. general assembly that would inflame the situation and he did the exact opposite when he said that he would totally annihilate north korea and belittle the leaders rocket man so the words matter and diplomacy words create reactions and impacts and i do hope that he will listen as the congressman said to his advisors maybe in the last few days it's settled down but we really do need to let our diplomats and our defense officials get to work to resolve this joel rubin thank you so much for being with us today my pleasure thank you larry. david jolley remains with me as we
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switch topics to the republican party's latest failed attempt to repeal and replace the affordable care act commonly known as obamacare david where do they go from here. you know this is an interesting one that conservatives and the steve bannon's of the world are going to blame moderates john mccain susan collins lisa murkowski others the reality is the conservatives the president the republican never party never sold the american people on their alternative if so those votes would have been there so i'm not optimistic that republicans get anything done the president has suggested he might work through executive order now to try to resolve some selling of insurance across state lines he may work with democrats or they might try to read new reconciliation going into the spring of next year the bottom line larry is the american people don't know what the republican plan is and until they do they'll never have the votes to pass something to replace obamacare republican
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senator bob corker of tennessee announced this week he's not going to seek reelection he's considered by modern standards a moderate given what's happened in alabama with the ultra conservative judge removed is winning the republican nomination there what is going to happen in tennessee is court is called you're going to be replaced by someone far right of him. i think that's what the republican primary politics dictate right now steve bannon had already said he might look for somebody to challenge corker this is somebody by the way look at how fast the politics of the republican party have turned donald trump was looking at bob corker as a v.p. candidate at one point a secretary of state i think it's also important who's next you know there is some intrigue does orrin hatch of utah decide to leave that cochran of mississippi decide to leave some of these lions of the senate do they say you know what this isn't our time these are not the politics that we signed up for if so i think it's
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a regretful moment for the republican party but probably reflects where we are in america but is trump endorsed the candidate against more would have. made the a democrat or a what to do in terms. of well so listen i think now i'm going to have that's not going to happen in alabama i think donald trump got talked into a door seen luther strange because there was this moment about six weeks ago where he and mitch mcconnell reached a state htat if you will mitch mcconnell really wanted luther strange the reality is roy moore is the donald trump candidate in the alabama race it doesn't change much of the math in the senate doesn't change because we have roy moore but he will become one more face of what is an ultra right nationalist tromp a movement within the party i think trumps very happy with roy moore all things considered as a republican and there's an american do you worry about where the more investigation
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is going. i worry that it's not going fast enough if there's nothing there then there's nothing there but i think it's obvious that we know russia was involved we know it and regardless of what the president says we know that the question is was anybody in trump's inner circle affiliated with some type of collusion or not it's clear well not clear but it seems to be there will be charges brought against man a for potentially flan and this really becomes important why has trump not release his taxes why does from continue to speak more harshly about n.f.l. players than he does about vladimir putin there are too many questions there are left unanswered and i hope muller gets to the bottom of it we will be stronger as a nation once we finally know you mention it briefly can you explain to me why you think from got involved in this whole. thing. you know several reasons because for his base that's probably
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a nine hundred ten issue you know the felt need of a lot of americans a lot of americans republicans democrats but particularly his base the felt need is that people should respect the flag they should respect their country i was not a capper knicks fan for what he was doing frankly my allegiances often live more with the first responder community in a lot of situations but trump turned it from a question of social justice to want to freedom of speech and i don't think trump's base makes that move to freedom of speech which is the actual needs that we have as a country they stick with the felt need which is if you don't respect our flag somehow through a value judgment that trump imposes that makes you a bad person it's easy to side in that binary choice why did they do it then was it because his son in law's e-mails were going to come out that he was using a private e-mail server was it because he was about to lose the alabama senate race the candidate he endorsed you know he is the trump is king of the distraction and
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so why did he choose it now is a big question it may just be that he has a large ego and he's jilted because he's a former u.s. f.l. owner who could never buy the buffalo bills and for that reason alone he wants to get even we'll never know that's trump psyche as always congressman jolly thank you so much for your tribe today you got it will do more with you larry and the same here more politicking with jesse jackson right after the break. about your sudden passing i finally just learned you were a south and taken your last to turn. your act to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each parent. but then my feeling started change you talked about more like it was again. still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question are are.
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secretly promised to never be like it's one does not need a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to you because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make. the modern international order centers on two basic principles the sanctity of sovereign borders and self-determination and disregard the kurdish question is particularly vexing and even dangerous will some thirty million kurds ever. in america a college degree require as a great deal. paying a decades long debt. studying so hard it requires trust to.
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go through humiliation to enter an elite society. one paci dead sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the us. back in politicking the reverend jesse jackson a civil rights activist founder of the rainbow push coalition a two time candidate for the democratic presidential nomination i spoke to him recently about the end from time to hershey the donald trump launched against the n.f.l. players and owners which some critics of the president of labeled. racist also talked about his previous work to release americans held captive in other countries
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and the overall state of racial tensions in america here is that interview what's your reaction to president drums and the n.f.l. over anthem for us well i'm a disappointed. it's divisive and the version there is one because one has a right to express. first amendment rights the right of free speech but the point of the protests has been largely ignored young black men killed without consequences for the trayvon martin whether it is the case of. brown in ferguson around the king beating and the l.a. . and these protests a cabin excess or rome and the never never put a flag have mass into place either so do you think the president should have just stayed out of it at least to build the riots either he has to because of the people
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speaking to in my the fact if i the confederate flags and the protests that planned the confederate flag. confederate symbols with all the real divisive elements of about society. for him to refer to those who protests as being this will be that's been need to dig into because common street talk that involve the play his mother's it may people neil who had not planned imus then kneel in vote but i think all of the hypocrites about my diplomas also for the don't trust with their money and they had said nothing as they colluded to boycott colin kahl and happening they boycott him is that what i believe in play this year now they should become will you have the right to play this year they have the right to speak out and now can they fire the whole team the whole league. it's trump has said he meant nothing racial about it he was discussing just protesting
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what he considers our inherent right to support the flag will he said the same president obama was born in kenya was not a racial we knew it was on the reference to charlottesville to the the tiki lamps then the knot is in the k.k.k. and some good people amongst them we see didn't mean anything by that but we know he was speaking to a certain element within our society the reality is there and that you look at colin. it was in the players and the and the legal african-american that's not that's not not just not the element trumpet or trombone is playing and you're thirty white on this comic plant there are two white on this like plantation both tell them tell them we should file one this will be easy and the fact there are two white all of that desirable in america either the fact that they've got great deal some of the tax breaks. stalin cabernet well he's not aaron rodgers is a tom brady is still better than almost every backup in the n.f.l.
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in a lot of the starters no one signed him do you think he's being white ball. he had been liable just as have current flow encrypt floods that you hit new york i'm not a slave and they and they but they why a boat crew flood but the result of it was it's transform the pay scale of all the bad that it's around the world what collingham that has done has unleashed a level of consciousness among players and fans hope that until they stop boycotting a call it will block out the league cut the games and walk out watching television until there's a meeting with owners of the side that he has a right to play a right to drive a playing has a right to free speech and the right to. his it is rule as a rule as a work of chess it is puzzles me you know what martin luther king when he was shot
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all these years emancipation proclamation civil war. why on earth does racism still exist because there are some people who profit from it. you put a wall down. and on one thousand the wall your little brother sat so another thousand dollars ignorance and fear and hatred and violence and so you learn to be afraid of they would be afraid of you fight back when waltz and then bridges are built you see people then i think is the universe of alabama plan football of lego i think gallery clinton universe of white light together that's a wall some down you can seat other as teammates and not as as recent agonists and maybe maybe our children of all feel are leaving us because when clinton played alabama the big game as it that the take on may had to take a. get to clemson in one nine hundred sixty ahmed to take out the elusive alabama
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george wallace but we are a better nation than that in that we cannot allow this the season of crap isn't on the man honey is the real real work in the south today you couldn't handle on the falcons and the carolina panthers behind the concord you can have the dollars cup of the black quarterback any kind behind the counter and you can have one hundred four you know the nissan and behind the car we would pull the curtain down we're not going back and i we're not going back as a nation. do you think that trump went into this issue to distract from. health care reform russia and north korea. my point is that while the is divisive is also the version he really should be in puerto rico today at least on the hand of love and appreciation and regard i want his people assessing the damages and the cause that we so much of placed him to be in florida in houston. the
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people are still suffering the impact of hurricane harbor and arm of the of the islands which have been hit so hard by these five hurricanes trying to resolve the korean company without having a nuclear showdown that must be done other his trying to intimidate ball players and use them as mass diversion it's not a good thing according to a new a.b.c. news washington post poll sixty percent of americans say president trump is doing more to divide the country than unite it what do you make of that poll well is that's a low number because and his his calculation is to cover what he called his base as american president his nation is his base the whole military is his base but he talks about transgender people in the meaning term and in serve in military and the generals say don't don't do that you do you do the math in the military. when he
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when he puts sessions in as the president said if i was and intrude on states' rights that's that's of the vice of appointment and so we are in a very peculiar situation now where he is in these wild things out of control but his thing is on the is on the nuclear trigger and on in north korea is saying while things his thing on that forget the whole world is in jeopardy by having to madman the collision course. do you believe he's being divisive on purpose. this is aimed at a divided shouldn't be but do you think that's is aim. he is trying to impose nationalism on globalism and that will not work that is it illogical angle here of nationalism. and a kind of white male christian nationalism in the world that is multiracial
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multicultural it will not work that was banned his point of view and is that what it is view about the boys in central pa go forth accused of raping a white girl and if you took that as a paper about what it is send president obama born in kenya. making the same as deferential to the klan mohsen would tiki lamps and from the temple in the intel is bill these are very calculated moves and they're consistent they are a pattern what do you make of his new travel ban to continue to impact on iran libya somalia yemen and syria and he adds chad north korea and some people from venezuela well the refactored is that momentum has gone to puerto rico and that's the first ban there's no ban for him to go there secondly more more walls and not make us more secure. even admit as well it is an economic crisis but as well as an i him a sphere we should be trying to help correct their crisis as opposed to trying to
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push them into the sea the drive down the pan-american highway they and i have a sphere you push off on cuba as well. i think the more we lock out a nation the less we become brulee that you push off on there would also push off on the global climate change conference and paris at a time when as evidence that as the sun hits the glaciers and they melt and water rises and gets warmer you have the wind blown more hurricanes and more tornadoes is affecting america's effect on the whole world and we're still calling the chinese hoax we should know better. three years ago you gain the release of an american from north korea. what do you make of what's going on now between washington and pyongyang well it was on north korea the last time i did it we were bringing people out of the gum we're not numbered by those that's country by the way has number in
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the maybe but the amount of out of the gum get the thing that the crisis in north korea can be resolved if you have respect for religion between china and north korean japan. the u.s. and you and help you to resolve it but as your mouth mouthing making a private person eagle contests only go on those for street lice and you not not like you not in a good place. and over ever never times you were critical of president obama right now do you think he should be speaking out more as a former president. well i would support of the president obama voted for him ten times and had a high risk go out to him his speaking out would be of value i don't know what he's waiting for he has a lot to say he has a a credible voice and this is their voice he has a moral authority i hope he will speak out more because when he speaks he is or he could be going on for that language what do you make of bernie sanders relevance is
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extremely relevant because it's the issues he's on the road idea of health care basemen need read the bill has been money is comprehensive and everybody will not go with the issue of student loan debt they've been critical that bret is on the cutting issues about time and he is really because these are the deals with the relevant are you encouraged a little by tosi and schumer working with trump. of course i am because the idea that when people talk together they work i read it work i release it and you just have to draw lines and be a wall the thing happens but if they convince them to to get above the baka deal you know bach is not is not just about mixing he had this about south africans who came into any bowler for the thousand haitians and black which is about africa's about eight hundred thousand people grew up in this country should be able to stay here so if they get a movement of some like that that they must come for the that may happen and that's
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a good deal. thank you jesse always great talking with the thank you larry thanks for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can jam examiner sation on my facebook page or treat me of king's things at nova get use the politics the hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each pair. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was a game still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our archaea
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and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. is dead with the aquarium and it can all get a little old if the other. class animals are you but i you. know both it was a problem but i guess sort of kind of the other side of this you. see a dump a lot and there's no fear of a little bit of. where
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the up. you won't get a good area for immigrants it's this we've never really know for sure but this has been a active area. becky so i. know what i know so i had no idea. that. we cannot stop the technological revolution in any area whether with these stem cells you know the ability to grow a certain oregon. on the skin of a human being for computer technology in a general way or any other technology because it's in driven by human curiosity.
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it's taken these children's hopes. now it's threatens to take the future. of all came in here it could erupt again at any time. most people have a strong choice. live in poverty. but some not following a different approach. to. the food and to leave. the point of the hope for a better life.
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i. experience council lonia is poised to vote on independence from madrid with fuel for a teasing creasing pressure by moving given thousands of police to the region un human rights experts voicing their concern. twitter releases a statement on his efforts to track down and ledged russian interference in the twenty sixteen us election in which its sides in this channel's confidential i think spending on the social media platform despite admitting there were no links to learning.


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