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tv   Headline News  RT  September 29, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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the government knows what they do and they do nothing. twitter releases confidential information about how much of this channel spends on ads on the social media platform as part of a report on alleged rushing meddling and the us election that as hysteria over i suppose that outside interference leads to the media jumping to some outlandish conclusions. sprains catalonia is poised to vote on independence from madrid with the authorities increasing pressure by moving in thousands of police to the region un human rights experts are voicing their concerns. and there are fears a terrorist group is exploiting the fate of myanmar's persecuted brooke hinge of
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minority to raise money for its activities. you're watching art international with me job coming to you live from our to h.q. in moscow thanks for joining us. twitter has unveiled a report on how they battled against alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election also mentioning r.t. in the process the statement says twitter has revealed confidential information on artie's ad out late to the u.s. senate they claim over one thousand tweets quote definitely or potentially targeted the u.s. market artie's others are in chief margarita simonyan however stressed that all media outlets spend money on promoting themselves. twitter has disclosed in congress a monstrous information we spend money on our own ad campaigns as all media organizations in the world do now we have to go even further and honestly confess we also spend
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money on ads in airports taxes billboards the internet on t.v. and radio commercials were even on c.n.n. . r.t.s. dana hawkins joins me live in the studio with more on this story so daniel told the bit about what's in this report well this is part of the latest chapter in the russian election acting saugor it's all to do with social media this time twitter as you said is the least of report to congress which is the best the gating those russian election hacking links there's a lot of discussion about troll accounts bots border cults was surely an authentic outs essentially automated ones what twitter describes as malicious automated accounts. many of which have subsequent of course been banned and all these blogs this is where the connection to russia comes in you think so but actually if you look closely at the reports were also mentions it was actually unable to verify any sort of a specific link to russia if we just take
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a listen to that no we have not found accounts associated with this activity to have obvious russian origin but some of the accounts appear to have been automated . are channels of course in the mix as well again what are we being blamed for this time. he's given special mention if you're right with that report last year the oed you know reports i believe that named as one of the entities responsible for influencing were trying to influence the u.s. election is given a mention here as well as we heard earlier which revealed its spending on advertising which of course as. editor in chief margarita said is a normal marking strategy to show us you know it is by any international news channel. there's no actual specific allegation of any wrongdoing by twitter against doughty so quite why there in the mix is also a bit strange it really feels like social media just keeps being dragged into this over and over again it was on a couple of weeks but that this scandal reached facebook facebook was also part of
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it and the five one hundred thousand dollars worth of spending all up to three thousand advertisement between june twenty fifteen and may twenty seventeen there also allegedly connected to these linked boughts now if you think about one hundred thousand is sounds like a lot of money but really over the period of two years fifty thousand dollars a year is that really enough to influence election and donald trump actually himself has come out and called this a hoax when folks just in case you like curious. know russia did not help me ok russia. i call it the russian hoax one of the great hoaxes actually that's the thing i was thinking about and that's the thing that the democrats did best they lost the election and they didn't know what happened. and they needed an excuse so they said
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russia. now it seems that russian interference according to some sources actually going beyond the election last year is actually now responsible. for a bunch of social divisions in the us the gun control issues or even lives months or according to some analysts and c.n.n. we can take a listen to that little ad that was bought by this russian troll farm on facebook was a black lives matter ad that was targeted specifically to the city's baltimore and ferguson missouri isn't based on my conversation my sources is that the goal here was really about creating chaos. now many of our viewers its viewers will remember that washington previously stated that twenty one states were hacked last year and now have those claims held up as well although it's interesting you mention that because a bunch of states have actually come back to the department of homeland security which issued these these warning reports about these states being targeted for
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election hacking texas for example is one. of the texas secretary of state he said i'm quoting here his office has that conclusively the website was not saugus it and furthermore that the us had relied on incorrect information so they're pretty clear about not being told that in wisconsin that's another state they've actually said they were told it was some sort of hacking attempt but that attempt was made to the department of workforce development the ills of employment the jobs but if it's nothing to do with election technology for likewise they say that the system was targeted the department of. the state barragan says it doesn't actually use it for quite how that pans out is also hard to understand though these allegations have been mounting up every week every month where we see a new story come to light about this russian meddling mousing allegations but if you sort of take
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a step back and look at these allegations individually each one does a lot of questions to be raised about the validity of those concerns yeah and of course when there is the headline about hacking that is everywhere but when it's proven to be false that never really seems to make it into the me and. artie's daniel hawkins thank you so much for that update. you know wiki leaks has published an e-mail in which hillary clinton's campaign chief thinks a top facebook manager for quote help and support the e-mail exchange dates back to the u.s. presidential election in two thousand and sixteen now we can cross now live to argue only boy tell us more of what was significant and those e-mails. well it's really interesting because wiki leaks tweet has really put things into perspective because on the one hand you've got the senate intelligence committee investigating the alleged russian hacking in the run up to the u.s. elections and despite all the digging that they're doing they're yet to find that
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clear trail that they're so desperate to find leading all the way back to the kremlin and then if you take a look at what julian a son she has just now it's one of the leaked pedestrian mails about it shows that there is clear evidence that facebook expressed a nerve her bias towards hillary clinton in the run up to the u.s. election just look at the e-mail i think you've probably got it up on your screen right now is an e-mail from clinton's former campaign manager john podesta to sheryl sandberg the c o o the chief operating officer of facebook and it says look forward to working with you to elect the first woman president of the u.s. and sandberg's reply is that she's thrilled by the progress that clinton has been making i mean naturally i think this begs the question is the u.s. senate as interested in hillary's campaign manager working with facebook to elect
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hillary as they are in the alleged russian meddling in these elections as well and by the way that spy name means it the wiki leaks tweet also highlights a personal e-mail back written back in twenty fifteen by the oh of facebook among. it's to john podesta that's clinton's campaign manager says that enjoyed spending time with her desk and that his conversation with him gave a lot to think about infer from that what you will but i think a pretty straight up reading will lead many to assume that protest was that. trying to low be the c.e.o. of facebook and in fact it's safe to assume that pretty much the whole of the silicon valley was on hillary's side in the run up to the u.s. election if you remember google was accused of sort of calibrating its search
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results in order to well with preference for stuff about hillary to come out and subsequent leaks have revealed that eric schmidt had rary close ties to hillary's campaign team of course eric schmidt he's the executive chairman of the alphabet which is google's parent company now take a look at a leaked memo from hillary clinton's digital strategist chairing the election campaign it relates to eric schmidt take a look at what it said i have been kept apprised of the work being done by eric schmidt's group and others working directly and indirectly with your team on the whole i am comfortable with where we stand and confident in a roadmap to launch day and beyond what i find quite fascinating perhaps naively is that no one appears to cabo out any of this these large tech companies gunning for hillary and that that clear preference for hillary appears to be
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a given. in case anyone is as concerned about this well we've got in touch with facebook in order to find out if they're going to be reporting themselves to the u.s. senate for that alleged ties to the hillary campaign at all of course be interesting to see what facebook's response is to the r.t.s. probably bored to reporting live from london thank you for the update. killam up and explains how the scale of the alleged russian interference is being blown out of proportion in the us you've been watching american t.v. lately you probably think you know everything there is to know about russian propaganda and where to find it supposedly the vast plot to deprive hillary clinton of her presidential crown includes election meddling wiki leaks and of course this network russia's hacked into a lot of things russia was behind the election meddling russian hackers the
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criminal clan well according to certain voices in us media and in congress this is just the tip of the iceberg because when it comes to russian trolls you should always expect the unexpected that it. a region and middle earth where trolls live the dark side of social media breeding ground for trolls now the news aggregator reddit the fourth most popular website in the united states may be a vehicle for russian subversion according to u.s. senator mark webb and there's the conservative news website the drudge report it's also a tool of russian propaganda well that claim comes from media matters a center that's dedicated to quote correcting conservative dissin from ation drudge has used his sights as a weapon traffic by applying for russian propaganda sites and even sports can't escape russia spell the media's covering trump spat with the n.f.l. players around the clock but somehow it's russia that spurning this debate over
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patriotism and football games hashtag ing out taken and all stash checking out what caught in a cell they were checking those shards of the argument this past weekend and pushing them off of their troll farms as much as they could to try to just raise the noise level in america yes those russian trolls are pretty hard to find let's see if average new yorkers are just as good at spotting them as our lawmakers and the media which scandal was said to be the result of russian trolls by. a u.s. senator was it a an f l players not standing up for the pledge or for the flag was it be confederate monuments or c. the california independence moment california time is actually it was the first one it was a. a you're right see because i don't know i really don't know do you believe that kid a no idea who is a russian agent is it alexander ovechkin matt drudge or tom cruise
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tom cruise no doubt that tom cruise strikes you as a risky he has that now definitely tom cruise maybe i don't i don't even know dude to be honest he's an at drudge a drudge report you think he's a russian agent maybe that a is known to be very kerry close to russia but. since that's well known us a b. and you're right which is used as a tool for russian propaganda according to this same u.s. senator is it a fox news b. read it or c. snap chat. read it yeah you're right about that quoting to us and i would probably be snapchat actually it's read it in one of those i would say b. and that's what yeah the same guy said that read it i said so let me ask you now do you buy this idea that rush is everywhere russian trolls are in. so do you buy that i think it's all over the internet so it has to be true but unfortunately the
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country prefers to quick explanations without any facts or substantiation behind it cable mop and r.t. new york daniel mcadams from the ron paul institute believes that the whole russia hacking story is falling apart due to a lack of evidence that russia was linked to the us election and anyway i think the whole story has already fallen apart for the most part at first it was the russian government spend one hundred thousand dollars and facebook ads to support president trump all that completely fell apart so they started saying that this troll army somewhere in st petersburg spent this money that's never been shown to anyone that's never been proven that's regulation we've never seen any of the ads some of them we told are pro hillary and we're anti hillary some approach from the more anti trump i don't even know what they're trying to say of the united states i thinks is now in the grips of a kind of a mass hysteria that we've certainly not seen since the height of the cold war
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maybe even going back to the salem witch trials where complete irrationality has taken over if it's a cloudy day it must be the russians involved it's absolutely hysterical. coming up in the program u.n. human rights experts are boyce in their concerns over the spanish government's bid to block the referendum in catalonia more on that after the short break. the modern international order centers on two basic principles the sanctity of sovereign borders and self-determination and disregard the kurdish question is particularly vexing and even dangerous will some thirty million kurds ever.
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most people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down and lose this is just the right questions and demand the right answer . question. welcome back with the spanish version of california poised to vote on independence from madrid un human rights experts are voicing their concerns over the spanish government's bid to block the referendum while thousands of catalans have shown
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their support for the vote some came out to oppose it. was. was. was. the spanish authorities have been stepping up their efforts to prevent the referendum from taking place fourteen reshuffles have already been arrested and extra police forces have been deployed to the region but there it has ordered officers to shut down all the polling stations as the central government sees the body as being lethal. what is playing it something next sunday has been declared illegal by the constitutional courts and the courts are asking that it doesn't take place this is the law in the sand when it absolutely did time and to make sure the law is respected if you get this thing interested by so called give anyone describing the
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current situation and would think that in catalonia they are hiding weapons of mass destruction a nuclear arsenal where the world's largest drug called the description is quite rightly apocalyptic in which the whole state has put itself into motion two out of every three anti-riot police officers and i mean canceling it to stop what something is terribly criminal is a referendum and this is not only absurd but it isn't going to stop the referendum . pro independence activists have even printed out packs of ballot papers at a secret location and volunteers are handing them out to people who want to vote our correspondent went to one of those warehouses where papers were seized by police the national guard the police has been sent over this morning to this area here as you can see probably behind me and they have been asked by the general tony of spain. anybody to pull going in or out with any material whatsoever this is obviously to prevent the material that is supposed to be useful the election to be
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handed over to all the voting centers spread all across barcelona so let's try to talk to the local people to see what the people around here think about what's going on with the police and for the referendum this sunday the numbers are another i don't think the problem is the presence of the police they're just following orders. that are needed. right here continuously trying to invalidate the vote to confiscate the ballot boxes as if the work. because of. drugs we discussed the issue with several political experts who told us the spanish authorities are discrediting themselves probably was not. the wisest of the moves on the other hand thing the spanish government felt that they had to do something and they had been so adamant that not allowed to read and that at this
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point they have to do this so it may have a political backlash and more people would be willing to support the independence of catalonia i really do feel that anything that looks like a clampdown from national government on a regional government on democratic expression of speech and expression of use is not the way forward for any european union member states. spanish authorities have been shutting down websites informing catlin's about the election but wiki leaks created a mirror of a website that helps voters to find a polling station that is open we spoke to a member of the catalan pirate party who is also helping referendum related websites stay active they are doing the right thing because it's not a matter of that but my two of them o'keefe and some other people rights over rights are being replaced by this government because they are persecute the we throw we go again this is true with science they only for the refrig you.
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go for. the. temple. has seen science right from going. wiki leaks has been accused of meddling in the caloundra from them but it isn't alone in this respect according to an al play article russian hackers are also interfering by ensuring certain catalan websites remain active however the spanish ambassador to russia said that no russian trace has been found and that's also confirmed by the catalan pirate party member we spoke with. we don't know about russ yeah. or i don't see how being a couple on you know for them to get into bed and we don't. understand we think it's our money pollution from their spanish media i don't really know why i usually go back out. last election by thinking it's that time
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a she escaped go to a house where you know what bites i will get you. a humanitarian and human rights nightmare that is how the un secretary general describes the ongoing situation in myanmar which has already resulted in the mass displacement of the rohinton and ethnic minority hundreds of thousands have fled to bangladesh to escape what is being described as ethnic cleansing by human rights organizations the situation is spittles into the world's fastest developing refugee emergency and the humanitarian and human rights nightmare. was the right. path.
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and now there are claims that the plight of the row hinges is being exploited by a terrorist organization no less the pakistan based militant group is distributing leaflets asking for donations the leaflets have appeared in newspapers and mention mosques and houses destroyed in. let's take a closer look at the terror group itself it's one of the biggest islamic militant organizations in south asia and reportedly was funded by osama bin laden if he is accusations of conducting terror attacks and was recognize. it is as a terrorist organization by a number of countries including the us russia and the e.u. we spoke to paul co-author of the book pakistan terrorism ground zero he thinks the terrorists could capitalize on the crisis using any raise money for their own purposes we have actually seen not only for life inside your tradition which is the charity to front office credit but the religious ultra right. has been given
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a new life times through the crisis in myanmar there is a possibility. the use this crisis for us is number one as i have said believe me when you believe this crisis is to claim more legit you may see for dear existence number two me use these finances for data activities inside and outside like assad. russian stoppers have started to do mind the area around the syrian city of daraa zor to clear routes for humanitarian convoys that's after the syrian army backed by russian air power broker a theory three year siege of the city by islamic state. meanwhile
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the operation to clear darrow's or of terrorists is ongoing as pockets of eisold resistance still remain these are the latest pictures from the front lines and according to russia's defense ministry only twenty percent of syrian territory is now still held by islamic state. don't forget you can find us on all of your favorite social networks twitter facebook and you tube and of course you can always had to our website r.t. dot com to find all of today's top stories and more i'll be back at the top the hour. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around
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quite. perforations from washington to washington controls the media the media. voters elected businessmen to run this country business equals. bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. capitalism requires capital which requires savings which requires a rate of interest that encourages people to save and that rate of interest has to be commensurate with the global more than this case america's risk reward profile in issuing bonds if i am a wall street bond issuer and i issue too many bugs then the market can absorb i should watch the price of my bonds go down i know i just can't miss you bonds of a goldman sachs every day billions and billions and that they never go down in price because the fed reserve is always going to print money to buy them that's not even remotely tied to capitalism in any stretch of the imagination that's
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a racket. is there which are with me. the most get a little. bit cooler than. most in the world on you but i. know both of you want it but i guess we're kind of a. sign of distress. as you dump on our interest she refused. to. wear the blue he won't get a good area for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this has been a active area. next to so on. yeah. you know what when i started no i.
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