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in the state of minnesota last year we saw that graphic video of a still being shot in his car during a traffic stop with a beloved cafeteria supervisor at a local elementary school and his death left the community stunned and confused more recently and unarmed australian woman just seen diamond was killed by police after calling them to investigate a possible sexual assault behind her house now since you were governor and have a deeper understanding of what police go through what is your perspective on these incidents well first of all my perspective on the incidents are they naturally they're tragedy and you've got to look at the big picture people are dying and being put to death by our police force there's an for for what purpose when you truly look at it in our country and minnesota doesn't have capital punishment which i'm glad as a governor that i didn't have to face being the last person to sign off on the
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death when you're putting someone to death minnesota doesn't even have the death penalty we don't even have it and yet police officers are killing people because you don't the only thing you can be put to death for by the courts is first degree murder you don't get put to death for resisting arrest or running away from a police officer or not listening to instructions from a police officer but it seems today that can be a death penalty that if you don't follow those rules on the street the police are now justified in shooting you. that to me really bothers me and then when you look at the situation of philander castillo particularly he was a licensed concealed carry permit holder to carry a weapon. he did everything the way you're instructed i know this well because i actually wrote the law it didn't get implemented till the governor after me came in
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but i worked on it and i made sure conceal and carry were vetted to complete back criminal background they can't have it they have to go to a other credited gun safety course no alcohol you can't have it your system if you're carrying and what's the fun oh you have to shoot a minimum because i want to make sure if you're carrying a weapon and you weren't to get in a situation you have to shoot that you can hit what shame bad wolf what i'm getting to is this the police officer when mr steele did the proper thing when he got pulled over the first thing he did was tell the officer i am a licensed conceal and carry an arm he did the right thing and he was shot for it look i think the biggest issue here is that there is such a lack of community and understanding between police and civilians civilians are terrified of police and police are terrified of civilians and the other thing and
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i'm going to be cold hearted here now i got the most. training you can get out of weapons i believe in the united states navy in my seal team training there spent over a year doing it and i'm going to be cold hearted here at point blank range and should require two taps two shots max max yet their software pumped him savage well if you're pumping seven rounds in and with a little child in the back seat if you're pumping seven rounds in that's called gaming fire superiority that happens when the other side's actually shooting at you you have to put out more fire power that make and shoot at you to get their heads down but to shoot that many rounds requires fire superiority a properly trained person could do it with two shots that's the problem in minnesota now i'm going to get to it we have no police academies the only thing we
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have are for state troopers all other police forces young people go to college they take a two year law enforcement degree or whatever and they get hired by a police force to ride around a cop for a couple weeks and then they're out there we need instead of spending money on these idiotic wars halfway around the world we need to bring that money back home take care of the problem we have home and get these police officers new and old properly trained so that they can integrate into society like when i was a kid when i was a kid you used to know the local policeman he used to drive by the school grounds and wave and you'd wave back that doesn't exist today apparently that's what we need to get back to the police should be part of the community they should not be this alien force that just comes in you know when the to go in gets rough for what and somebody calls them or whatever it might be and police academies legit
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academies i believe is the first big step but you need the money. to do it and i also think that it's really sad that at one point what point did this happen where people stopped seeing police officers as guardians and started seeing them as enemies look at the coup should be of woman she actually called the police or died because she called the police. what's wrong with her picture well it's no wonder that police have a track record when it comes to killing innocent people the commission on accreditation for law enforcement agencies established in one nine hundred seventy nine is considered the gold standard for public safety and it's the first independent law enforcement credentialing authority but only twenty five percent of the nation's state and local officers are callia accredited because they're not required to apply now according to their website callia provides public safety agencies an opportunity to voluntarily demonstrate that they meet an established set of professional standards and processes for decision making and some of these
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standards include deescalation tactics and guidelines for when it's appropriate to fire a gun or to deploy a taser in order to receive accreditation ichiro must hear from the community that it serves meaning the community must weigh in and agree that the agency deserves to be accredited in the first place from there if law enforcement agencies want to keep their status they've got to reapply every four years and go through the process again governor in minnesota only one police department is callias certified to share brain county sheriff's office in elk river should all police departments be accredited. off the top of my head you'd certainly think so you'd think that this should be mandatory for every police department and yet only one police department in my home state of minnesota has this credit i guess my question would be bruges why why why do police departments avoid this why
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are police departments not joining them but this that would seem to me the natural thing to do to bridge this gap now that we have between citizen and police why aren't they mandatorily being made to join so they get a lot of pushback from police agencies and there has been talk of trying to establish some sort of a national standard amongst police departments but because every state does it differently and because there are states and individual rights there has been a lot of pushback there's also a lack of scientific data to prove why the national standard would be helpful you know again i look at it this way you could look at all the statistics you want you could look at all the studies you want but what it really comes down to is what's happening now ain't working right it's that simple and when something's broke you've got to fix it. now how we get to the fixing process i get so that's the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room so then what i really need to do to fix the
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system that is clearly broken yes right now all of these law enforcement agencies are simply playing defense they're not playing often but there are some places that are trying to have better community relationships for example in broward county florida there is a sheriff's office there who asks or hires people from the community to be sort of the face of their sheriff's department who can go out into the community talks of people they're not armed they don't have weapons they don't have handcuffs it makes it far less intimidating for people and oftentimes people will call these the sheriff's employees to come to things that are not emergencies and work out some sort of solution to problems i've got another thing that they should be doing to bore ride along i did that when i was mayor of brooklyn park minnesota periodically once a month i would walk in the the police department as the mayor and i would say ok who's taken me out tonight and i'd catch him by surprise and they'd have to assign
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a patrol officer to me i would get in the car with him and i'd ride for a few hours as the mayor just driving around the city see and what's going on with the police and i think that's what's got to happen we've got to get more right along right along with community leaders right along with the upper echelon of the police department so they're not sitting by polishing a desk polishing their keester at a desk and they're out in the field i think right along that would help tremendously to create create this that way when the cop arrives at the scene of something there's a civilian there with them and there's someone there who can observe the news there simply to observe as part of the community and that sort creates the bridges that will solve this problem we got to start talk to we can't put up the wall like donald trump wants to do to mess. without policing you can't be putting up walls you need to be building bridges to tear the problems down and to cross the bridges
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not build a wall of separation all right it's time to cut to a quick break when we return governor ventura hosts a debate between former ferguson police chief thomas jackson and x a baltimore cop michael a would junior so you don't want to miss it. the war. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't tell big picture . play a little slow and when you question more find what you're looking for this is the last. we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture.
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rejected tonight is a comedy show all of it not defect by the corporate media. would you go back to the corporations that just more your lives profit over people at every turn. back it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a canto all the stress that the news but still under redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where it's at.
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length. eleven. eleven all the world states and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties aren t. american players are to america offers more artsy america first leg. anyways easily and just like the real news a few good actors that act and in the end you could never out you're on. so much parking people all around the world all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player. the world. we turn now to my special guest first we have michael wood jr a former baltimore police officer michael is an outspoken critic of police misconduct
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and an advocate for civilian led policing my second guest thomas jackson is the former ferguson police chief thomas stepped down after the tragic police killing of michael brown he has sense authored the book policing ferguson policing america what really happened and what the country can learn from it thank you both for joining me today gentlemen michael i want to start with you veteran to veterans why are the cops constantly pulling the trigger are they really that terrified and scared when they're out there on patrol. well i mean we don't have any simple answers it's going to be a factor of a lot of different things but yeah i mean i think you're right they are that a free these shootings are justified through the fear and we have gone as far enough to codified this into our supreme court or not supreme court but it's
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a case law and the supreme court that theer was a reasonable standard but then it got followed up was fear was a reasonable standard to to an officer that was that was considered of rational human being but then after friday great was killed we got some case law that said that the reasonable officer then became the average officer so if the average officer is in fear then we codified that that as a justification to do whatever they want because now any officer is justified that is soon as you say fear then you can shoot and we have a country where we have guns everywhere and we have this idea that there's no such thing as a routine car stop we use armed law enforcement officers to enforce minor traffic violations like this is pretty much what we know is going to happen when you put these scenarios in place yeah i mean if she was to me and i've talked about it before that you know there's only one crime that you can be put to death for with
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capital punishment america and that's first degree murder and we're forgetting i don't while we're fortunate i don't the shoulder we don't have that. well i don't know i mean i don't know if that's true really gov what way are american policing has set up is that it is legally comply or die that is the standard i understand matter my. point that in our legal system the only crime legally by going to court that you can be put to death over is first degree murder now not listening to orders from a police officer running from a police officer or things of that nature how on earth can that warrant the death penalty that someone could get shot for merely disobeying out on the street you know i realize police are for law and order absolutely but be shocked over that you know that seems rather extreme to me because we've seen instances i mean look
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at this latest woman in minnesota she was the one who called nine eleven and she died because of that they shot her yeah i get what you're saying governor i just i mean we have made case law that has made it so that this is where it's not just capital punishment we have put people to death for rape we have to change the system from what it was originally supposed to be to a continual escalation of force and i don't think that we're trying to have a long order i think we're trying to control him and i don't know what is law and order to we've really want our police to instill law and order on our people because whatever law and order if we're not in charge of those things very good point thomas the n.b.a. and. i'll get out has issued a travel alert for minorities traveling to measure the warning has received backlash from the local communities what are your thoughts on this warning. oh
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governor thanks for having me on sure well i think it's a terrible thing to say about a state to to warn people not to travel through missouri's beautiful state. and there's no retreat if they want to warn them not to travel to certain parts of north st louis or certain parts of south chicago you know i certainly might might go along with being cautious there but this just seems like a pollute publicity stunt to me what do they base that on what were the i mean when they put a warning light there solve the n.w.c. paedo all people out there be careful if you go to missouri what are they basing it on do you know yes i do they based it on a law that was just passed in missouri and signed by the governor that. makes it more difficult for people to sue for discrimination in employment. discrimination in employment yeah so that's a little bit apples and oranges i would guess kind of but it really is that's what
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seems like nothing more than a publicity stunt to me ok michael why use civilian led police should show important white why do you find i mean. i think it's important that we don't have police chiefs that run around with ideas that going through southside of chicago should be giving a travel warning for the citizens of america when empirically your odds of being shot are just the same in south side chicago as the or in iowa but when you go through a system that puts you in a culture to put you against the people well then you get blinded by that you get incentivized that you begin to become the expression of thinking that black people in south chicago or the problem when the true roots of soem policing are that american history of policing is incredibly unique and comes from a basis that one of three things is of currying at all points in time is the creation and maintenance of oppressed classes the extraction of resources from those oppressed classes in order to fuel their oppression like the chief is doing right now when he when you encourage the extraction of resources from south chicago
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and then use that for policing and then to get onto a platform and say that there's something dangerous about the people that are there then you have only put words in my mouth there when i did you say no i didn't say blacks and chicago chicago and st louis are both two of the most violent cities in america right now that's statistically true i was just mocking what the what the end did as far as missouri black people are being killed in record numbers in those cities and that's that's what we really have to get to the root of and it can't be incumbent upon police departments and police officers to solve all those social woes from decades of of bad policy and discrimination it can't lay on the shoulders police officers this is a societal problem and it has to be addressed now when as always we agree on that that's what this society need to do guys what needs to how we have been this societal problem. we know it was that id does it how i know. society doesn't have
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to change we're the ones that have power so when you are the ones that are entrusted with the power you have the responsibility to do the chain's even spider-man knows this so we have to have a system that we don't use violence as policing we have to totally redefine what policing is so that we stop protecting and serving the oligarchy and we start protecting and serving the actual people and codified that and that means not government not citizen over say that mean citizen guidance and control so we stop asking people like me and that chief what we should what policing should do and we start asking the people what they want the police to do because we are servants and their life comes before ours and i find it awfully convenient that that's the example that we throw out south side chicago and or st louis chief your response i agree with him that we need to ask the people how they want policing to be done where employees of the of the citizens and to you i think we're exaggerating an issue here of police officers shooting people it happens it gets filmed but most
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police officers never pull their gun and never shoot anybody it's a rare thing each case is unique and its own and has to be looked at as unique it is in its own there is not a nationwide conspiracy among police officers to shoot people police officers are trained to use deadly force and to try to avoid deadly force situations but i don't know anybody that wants to be involved in one chief chief are you saying that there's no more shootings going on now that did before shows that the media gets focusing in on the particular shootings and bringing them to highlight more than what happened ten fifteen twenty years ago or more well governor i can't give you those specific statistics right now but what i can say is that more of these incidents are being filmed because of technology in the short phones yeah and so they're getting out to the public and there are horrible things to see you know you see the one the one in south carolina where the man was shot runaway that's that's horrible to look at and that should that the. should garner rage among people and
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but is also should make people look at the totality of the problem let me finish with this both for you one of the time do you think our police are properly trained today like in minnesota we have no police academy you go to college you get a two year law enforcement degree you can be hired you ride around a while in a squad car with a partner and you're out there the state troopers in minnesota are the only ones that have a legitimate academy i think we need to end these wars overseas started investing back here and getting our cops going to legitimate police academies instead of just college taking a human life is the most incredible responsibility that we give to citizen law enforcement officers and they have to be trained thoroughly not only in how to do it but when and when not to do it the up thank you michel final word i'm not sure
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that that's a rational question the be honest we don't have any evidence that any of this stuff works we have achieved crime reduction not because of the policing but despite policing i think it's an absolute wrong question to say yeah if we need higher training to make them be a better oppressor so that doesn't offend the rest of us that's really what training does the best it can do is mask us we have the absolute no on my it's i'm going to is not the answer i want to disagree with you a little i think training does play a role because i got trained by the best the navy seal team i spent over a year and a half shoot never a weapon known to man we were trained to the point at point blank range two taps baby that's all it takes yet i get all i mean the flag still seven rounds at point blank range that's gaining fire superiority that's not defending yourself. i understand that and i think that that is the wrong question because what are we training them to do is what i want to object to more training is always important
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but if we're training them to go out and be enforcers of an oligarchy and to protect and serve the mayor not protect to serve the people then we're fundamentally training them to do the wrong thing so if we figure out the best way to get freddy great a prison then all we have done is figure out the best way to fill our prison cells with people and no one recognizes it no one hears from in the chief can get his way and the smart phones don't capture everything it is fundamentally the wrong question we must reboot policing it can not continue in this manner ok guys i'll tell you this has been terrific i want to thank both for you for taking time to come out here and talk on our to america because we also get blamed for a lot of stuff that we shouldn't be blamed for sure we appreciate it that you would come to our t.v. and join us today thank you both very much be safe out there and good luck thanks governor thank you appreciate it. governor i want to read you a quote from thomas' book that says quote one thing we can all do better is communicate police have to be absolutely transparent about their practices and
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procedures not only in isolated moments of crisis but also big picture issues of policy governor do you agree with that absolutely there is no argument on any of that at all you know it's clear we've got a problem and it's and that makes it clear that we need a solution and the problem is manmade so the old cliche their solution as john kennedy said can also be manmade and that's the situation we're in now i believe strongly that police have to become part of the neighborhood again like when i was a kid you know where you knew the local cops they drove by and waved waved back at them and everything like that we've we've lost sight of that plus the fact that as i've learned before from michael all policing is based today on how to for advancement is based on how many arrests you make your sit down with quotas if you want to succeed as a police officer you need to arrest
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a lot of people that culture has to change yeah and that also goes into we also yes we need community involvement with police but also we need to change the policies because it should not always be in policy when somebody when a cop kills an innocent civilian they should not think that you know exactly all right that's all we have time for today thanks for tuning in and send us your comments on facebook and twitter and let us know what you think about community led policing we'd love to hear from you want to show we'll be back next week right here on r t america to discuss all the issues ignored by mainstream us media and always remember when the government law is there truth becomes a trader stay vigilant. jesse ventura. for. the world according to.
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our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that lurk fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most deluded society on politics as a species of endless and needless to little computer politicians more than just celebrity are two ruling parties are in reality one part of the corporate world and those who attempt to puncture this. breathless universe of fake news to sign the push through the cruelty and exploitation of the neoliberal for our force so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche but squeak we must.
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have a trial where i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media written uses to talk about news karner news conference i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how cool drugs for her conduct is becoming a mom these are stories that you know no uncertain to my parents or your. most of the marilyn west to live and live. our lives. a mother.


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