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the mice squeaking against an apple puts we must. all the world. and all the news companies merely players but what kind of part is already america play r.t. america offers more artsy american personal. in many ways the news landscape is just like the real news big news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never you're all in so much parking all the world all the world all the world's a stage and we are definitely
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a player. on larry dignan. i'm always interested in kind of like doing things that are there that scare me and where there's a great potential to fail so directing offers that and i think it's it's a new place for me and i think also for people of color and i think for a diverse storytellers more than ever now i think it's we have to tell our own story you are have to be in polish polish i was even put all the love to those stuck in my pants and i was listening to my elders and i was speaking polish that was my life i think people see me that's what they expect they expect me to be son you know timid very good at science and great science and then there's a group when i walk up to people i tell them that my childhood wasn't being spent being a danny. christmas carols plus strangers family. one time i was in a bathroom and a man said. and he shook my hand. and he was out here and he said don't worry i
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haven't touched my penis yet all next on larry king. of the no larry king now and we welcome back to the show the actor and director danny pudi known for his roles in captain america star trek beyond and of course community dan he stars in the tiger hunter about an indian man who immigrated to america and lends his voice to the duck tales that's a reboot as huey the tiger hunder is in theaters september twenty second ducktails premier september twenty third on disney x.d. busy busy busy. to get time to time what is tiger hunter up so the title hunter is the story of this young man who journeys from india to chicago in the one nine hundred seventy s. to pursue his dream of becoming this like great engineer but things don't really work out when he gets here his job falls through thankfully he meets this great
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group of guys who are all pursuing their own american dream and they're all dressed in superfly seventy's clothing and they help him figure out how to maneuver in this new country as well as redefining his own definition of success is that a little bit about you. i think it is i mean i think i related to the story right away because i'm from chicago my dad immigrated from india to chicago in the seventy's i drive a scooter just like the lead character in the tiger hunter i love seventy's clothing and so there's definitely some things i can relate to there what is meant by the title so the tiger hunter is a reference to the lead character sammy's father who's this sort of legendary tiger hunter in his village in india oh yeah and he thinks he's this legend and when sammy comes to america he has to sort of figure out his own place and how to i guess distinguish himself from his father's there's a little reference there to the story. i think and the star man is an incredible
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actor it's really about my journey trying to figure out who i am as opposed to my father and the same time i'm trying to really impress my childhood crush this girl ruby who lives in india and i have all these expectations my family is putting all these expectations on me to succeed in america and and i have this sort of legacy of my father who's passed away some trying to really kind of prove myself today for a showing role yeah i think i was. excited in many ways when this came about because of the tiger has written by lena kahn who is a female in the in american writer and director and when i read the script it really resonated with me because it. parallels my family story in many ways both my parents immigrated to chicago in the seventy's and they struggled and had to figure things out so right away i was like this is like telling my family story and at the same time i had never been given a chance to work on a lead role that had elements of comedy and drama and i had to be on set every
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single day and that to me was a really exciting challenge we shot three weeks in l.a. one week in india was pretty cool as my first time in india didn't shoot through garble when we had to fake chicago l.a. has some streets that. kin look very much like chicago and i was sort of trying to contribute as our on sat like chicago expert will now take a look at a clip from the tiger hunter. not long before he passed my father took out his polished rifle his hunting jacket in nearly everything else that made him who he was and sold them all so i could go to the best be discord in india. how can i have to live up to a man like that listen to some. to be you cute. you must be.
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must know how he feels oh he seeks only ten can you want to. have hot if i become to. be. the little man hunt suits. you are half indian and i have polish kind of weird. your mother was polish my both polish my father's indians on the one you were raised as a polish catholic i was an altar boy i. was raised in chicago your father wasn't really part of your life he was it he was initially he is now and in some ways we've kind of reconnected after the tiger on our actually which has been cool but early on i was raised polish i was even p.
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dog potatoes. let's see what else was i do and i was talking my pants and i was listening to my elders and i was speaking polish and that was my life as my life has the tiger hundred made you feel more connected to your indian heritage yet i think it has. i think i mean one of the cool things about tiger is that it really connected me more with both my parents actually i talked to my mom and my dad a lot about the film and their moment in the film especially in the beginning because the beginning part of the film actually in india and we shot that part and i had to say goodbye to my mom character in india and it was a very heart warming scene it was tough and so i asked my mom about that was that like for her what when she left poland what was it like because she came along to it was like for her to say goodbye to her parents and her family and she talked about how hard it was because she didn't know she's going to see them again so. it was interesting being able to connect with them in a different way to really talk about coming to america kind of keep that stuff to themselves they mostly just yell at me it was
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a base way to sort of connect with them in that way in two thousand and eleven you said i've played one raj for songes. bed. and that was a good one we still put you in a box yeah i think you know there has been a lot of sanjay's a lot of rodgers i think people see me that's what they expect they expect me to be sanjay you know timid very good at science i'm not great at science and then there's a group it's not good it's beauty but it's also danny. my sort of experience has been completely different when i walk up to people i tell them that my childhood wasn't spent being assigned a lisp and being a danny. and singing christmas carols so that to me is like that's also weird i get it but it's not it's not what people expect. but i've been lucky i've been playing characters lately whose names have been teddy. teddy i play a huey i'm going to ask about immigration which pretty divisive top again america
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you think the movie will strike a chord with people and i hope so i think you know it's interesting we shot this film a couple years ago and the climb a little different and so it's been interesting seeing the film kind of groll what took so long for it to. this film has been really a grassroots indie film the cool thing about this film is that it is has a bunch of diversity behind the camera and if one of the camera but also made a really difficult to kind of sell and so she had to really work hard we got a lot of support from film festivals like ellie asian pacific from camp fast and sort it's kind of gained momentum over time and i think a lot of is because of the immigration situation in our country and i think i think lost in all that is the humanity the people you know the struggle of these people and i think this story is just kind of one story about a guy who does crazy things for love who is trying to figure out how to define himself in this country and it's also sad the seventy's when you know we welcomed a lot of these people to our country you know and they contributed in many ways so
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i hope people can relate to that can't wait to see it thank you their tails is coming back after twenty five years where you will fan as a kid yes big fan it was part of the disney afternoon so it was a great place to avoid the dogs or it was it was normal virgona joe oh yeah so you know where the nephews he would do in and louis hubert the oldest by one second there was also a launch pad maclachlan. and of course uncle scrooge you know you don't have a wife. i don't know many in the back story we don't really ask many questions as kids when i was watching it like the first episode aired september one thousand nine hundred eighty seven where you where. i was in chicago probably holding a blanket. i was probably either getting ready to cry or just finishing some crying you are doing voice overs i love it
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a lot of it i don't think it was possible as i was kind of doing voices in my family is like your face is perfect for voiceover. ben schwartz and bobby moore are in this as well right yeah it's awesome cast recording with them or individually we started to record together a bunch more than i actually did. few sessions together but i think we took too much time and distracted each other too much so then they separated us but it's been really cool we kind of just show up each of us does our lives they'll play other people's voices in your ear it's going to be on every week yes a little beyond disney x.d. produce though we're going to do that yeah we're we finished season one one season two it's really funny frank and honest man young bird awesome script super funny the cast is awesome kate makushi is webby. tap into scrooge mcduck. donald is the same person whose voice donald forever so he's kind of our legacy oh he's got that famous voice yeah knowing the name is tony and probably have to correct me but i think it's tony i as your costar ben schwartz how he got into the mind of
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a duck how did you get into the mind of you we so i have some neighbors down the street and they have these plastic ducks on their front lawn and so i walk by their house and i usually just lay next to them and i just kind of burrow next to him and i will do that i do. and then i'll just kind of practice getting into the mind of duck which starts with being the duck so you're you know your nose up to the dog and you're like oh my. my my my my my. my my my right right here all your good. work. what do you do words. can't really do word it's all stuck in this little pocket in my mouth what does the script look like it's really funny and it's all real words. it is this record so we have to speak english i can really do the voice when i
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first learned audition i was like is this like do i have to be like doing duck voices and they were going to just your real voice so the thing about this show that is a little different is that each of the triplets has their own kind of identity which is cool and it's really us just kind of age double who came up with the idea is to reboot it why there's a lot of reboot you know there's everyone's reboot and i think there's no style just you know i the kids right now too so this is like super exciting for me because i get to force my interest onto them which is good and i think it's appealing to people like that who grew up with it or not who now have kids and want to share some of their childhood with them the new version is sort of like indiana jones meets modern family it's got this great sort of adult comedic feel to it as well as kind of the original spirit of the cartoons unless you just directed the e.s.p.n. thirty for thirty those about the market best cool to write yeah it was untucked it was about basketball jerseys which i love also seventy's era which i'm obsessed with i love seventy's clothing and i'm a huge basketball fan markets where i went to and they have this great legacy of
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just kind of like you know free flowing fashion al mcguire was there at the time. he won the national championship when you were there no i wish it was seventy seven that was but they were wearing the uniform that this player but well us help design and he created this design which was wearing jerseys that are specifically made to be on tucked you know and then eventually the n.c. double a is like you got to tuck your shirts in god my mom she's always somebody took my shirt and you know it's a famous catholic school it isn't catholic school my whole life for you to clubs it always sucks white sox baby what's the good good they're going to one of them system in the league right now the young good young yeah it's tough being a white sox fan right now it's going to pay off up next best problems we're jobs and polish to us in. with danny pudi will be right back.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that our critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth artie's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working.
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your watching and our team america that special report that enables them to spot me has gone up by basically everything that you think you know about civil society have broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be. normalizing. we don't need people that think like this on our planet. this is an incredibly tense situation. with danny pudi the tiger hunter will be into it will you keep waving to that guy over there so it'll be in theaters in the twenty second and ducktails will preen. the next day on disney x.d. you'll be hearing a lot danny pudi september twenty second and september twenty third is a person of color how did you react to charlottesville. you know i feel sad
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about just the current state of things i think you know any time people right now feel emboldened to to hate or to use fear as a tool it's scares me scared for my family and all the people. who are living in communities where they're under represented or are not seen as part of the majority as a minority it definitely hurt it feels kind of scary right now but the same time i'm hopeful that we can all kind of unite and really kind of stand up for ourselves more have you spoken out publicly in the past i have you know i'm kind of it a i'm not really sort of a very politically savvy person i'm not you know i tend to sort of like being an actor and family person and kind of staying in my life but i think one of the things that's happened over the last couple years is you really have to speak up especially because it's good for people to see people who are visible saying going to direction more hope so i hope so. you know i'm always interested in kind of like
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doing things that are that that scare me and where there's a great potential to fail so directing offers that i think it's it's a new place for me to do i think doing the s.p.f. thirty but they're sure it was completely new to me and i learned a lot and it was really exciting to be part of a story to help tell a story and i think also for people of color and i think for a diverse storytellers more than ever now i think it's we have to tolerate stories . yes great training amazing training super scary training legends like perform there so you're walking on a stage where chris farley was doing berman and berman i mean my teacher had a gelman in this guy timo malley who are like just legends within second city and. you know just seeing where tina fey's team called their all these great performers started and performed it can't help but inspire you ever to show up and it's it's proof that you can show up on a stage with nothing as long as you have people around you that you trust and
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believe in other and you can create something amazing oh we play a little game of if you only knew ok who was your childhood celebrity crush man alyssa milano. i want to get out. i speak polish and i can. make this like really weird noise in my fingers i mean here. i mean there's something in polish. mean like cucumber cucumber. who's a person you would trade places with for a day you. amazing job you've ever had was a hotdog stand i was a assistant at a hotdog stand chicago yeah they wouldn't let me with all the responsibility i had to hold like the sesame seed buns and. and you put the dog in the book it was not i was not allowed to. board i was lowly. guilty pleasure watching the
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bachelorette could do an impression of me do you do impressions i don't do impressions ok but. best compliment you ever got i mean you're more accessible than i thought let's see here what else all you have. all you have abnormally large irises. really i don't knows. what never fails to make you laugh. when somebody passes gas. why is that i don't put anybody children animals doesn't matter some do you wish you were better at it play an instrument they would be wonderful. also like lifting heavy objects but would you speak fluent polish it's pretty good i'm a little rusty you could you go to poland have conversations with people i could i think i made might listen nuance and stuff but i could definitely you know have
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a conversation order have you been to poland multiple times yeah i've been there maybe ten times let's warsaw like it's different change so much mongol in warsaw is professor there and it's changed so much since the first time i went there when first i went there i didn't see any diversity it was just after the berlin wall came down and now it's just like very cosmopolitan new clubs new restaurants it's totally different all the warsaw ghetto yeah and krakow to amazing biggest per good being a celebrity free coffee sometimes not all the time strangers fan encounter one time as in a bathroom and a man said oh i and he shook my hand but he was at a urinal he said don't worry i don't touch my penis yet. that's a funny thing. told me something people don't know about you people don't know about me let's see here. i cried really hard when i saw revolutionary road and i had to wait until the entire theater cleared because i was broken down it was a great movie great movie but it was just hit me in
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a weird way joy luck club that was really one for me one for revolutionary road revolution or origin wars and i think yeah and i think coming from a family with divorce and all that it was like one of those films where you walk in thinking like let's go have some popcorn then you walk i'll be my god was meet me larry. some social media questions ek i films danny in winter soldier jim risch and civil war donald glover in superman homecoming is the infinity war and undercover community movie. i think we owe that to the russo brothers and marvel but the reason brothers have darker movies and planting as many community people in some of these films i'm not involved in what's going on right now but i can't confirm or deny that somebody else isn't but you know in winter soldier where i am in one of them the winter soldier you don't know viewer in
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a movie i think i was you think. it's not true or they say about polish people the . game of brooklyn what's your favorite book my favorite book. really good question my favorite book of all time the book i've returned to the most is probably the line which in the wardrobe c.s. lewis chilly town to me twenty three what was it like going to notre dame high school in the isles illinois danny he said danny gave the commencement speech there in two thousand and thirteen i did i think my speech was about embracing or in a weird. sort of you know i think it was an incredible experience i some i still have my son my best friends are from that experience all the. is high school so it definite did not prepare me for speaking to women. just outside chicago northwest side and at the same time it was just a wonderful experience a very tight knit group of friends got to see a lot i got to play football for two weeks before i broke my collarbone i got to do everything was great. always working on the smurfs movie is amazing this is really
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is my first actual voiceover project and so i get worse nerve. brainy smart. you do those voices pretty good banks thanks larry hills one. flew for if you were do what do you think you do pursued if i was an actor what i would have pursued i think about this sometimes i. really in sports i think something the sports field my first dream job was. a sports broadcaster i really want to be like marchand greco this legendary chicago sports guy. being around athletes being around sporting general of the chicago bulls yes yes i want to give it all up i could do it jay good man dude playing our bed where the any moments where you folded betted to improvise ready to do was on the page. you know the writing for a community was so brilliant and harman's world was so specific that it felt
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improvised everything felt so spontaneous because it was so purely our characters you know in the pilot when we were working out one scene there's one scene we're kind of all going around the table arguing as our first sort of argument scene where each character comes in at different points and they had us all improvised there for all of us so i improvise a lot there in the pilot just to kind of like get a sense of what my character would talk about it was a lot of me just basically quoting lines from breakfast club and saying you know dad what about you what about you do. you know most what was your favorite thing about working with the cast of community they're truly like my family i think for me it was such a huge leap in my career was my first real. you know acting job that. kind of encapsulate everything i ever wanted to do i always dreamed of being on a sitcom i always dreamed of being incredible in sambal on
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a show that was like funny playing a character that wasn't a sidekick really that was offered some chances to be his own hero and in the group of us all kind of like came together we went through. crazy times larry but we also had some great times together and we're still super tight and i think sitting around the table between scenes was the most entertaining fun time and i treasure those memories joel mchale great is the best is about. me by my first. really. dies xombi scum says name a as one of the actual chances of getting the community movie the fans really want you know i actually think they're better than they've been in a long time i think there's been some some murmurs going around lately i think dan's even mentioned something lately that he's started to think about it so i'm in and i think all of us too are very excited about it you miss it yeah i mean i miss those people i miss working in an environment where the some of the new zone six
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years we did six years are you still close who don't move over yeah i think just because of what we went through and and all the tags and everything we're basically brothers what do you make of his musical success it's amazing i remember sitting in his car in the parking lot of paramount when he was starting to go down the childish gambino path and he was playing me if song like an early cut of the song called heartbeat and he's like what you think about this. and now like oh my god it's dog lover so it's it's been incredible but i think he's so talented i believed in him you grew up as a dancer yes a good were you not good enough larry. if. i could dance i mean that was my first love and terms of the stage and it still is like when i think about like what brings me the most joy get to dance i do i mean mostly like weddings do a lot of like i do this worm dance where i'd like jump on the ground i phones like i was going to the war but i just pretend i hurt myself and injured and i'm injured
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and i got to do this thing. a little bit but i love dancing i love dancing with people i feel like it's such a pure form of expression that i love it. so i make and love said to music yeah yeah what else do you have in the pipeline so my kids are starting kindergarten which is really exciting. in terms of projects you have got tighter hundred coming out i got ducktails coming out which is. super fun for my friends that i grew up with watching it and people have kids right now so i feel like it's something you know from safe kids is going to go yeah and i have twins i have a twin boy and girl james the fianna they're awesome keep me on my toes ask a lot of questions ready for kindergarten i think they are am i. thanks. to the tiger hunters in theater september twenty second. years on disney x.d. september twenty third is always good find me on twitter at kings things i'll see
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you next on. all the world. and all the news companies merely players but what kind of part is already america playing r.t. america offers more r.t. america. in many ways and news landscape just like the real news big names good actors bad actors and in the end you could never. so much park in all worlds all the world's all the world's a stage we are definitely
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a player. publishes confidential information on how much this channel spends on ads as proof of alleged russian meddling in the us president selection. it comes as wiki leaks reveals twitter's rival apparently did interfere in the vote printing e-mails from a top facebook official appearing to pledge to help played to its campaign. and spain's council lonia is poised to vote on independence from madrid would be easy to creasing pressure by moving in thousands of police to the region un human rights experts on boys think that.


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