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it's play and that's because the call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah well you can't turn up for these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told. just need more recruits. catalan activists occupy local schools to prevent spanish police from closing down polling stations with the region poised to vote in sunday's independence referendum . tech giants take center stage in the alleged russian meddling scandal with google now joining facebook and twitter in declaring it will testified to congress plus. today marks two years since russia launched its anti terror campaign in syria we
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look back at what's been achieved in that time. you're watching r.t. international coming to you live from moscow i'm kate cartridge thank you for joining us. the spanish region of catalonia is only edge of what could be a momentous occasion with its controversial independence referendum taking place on sunday both pro and anti independence rallies are taking place today in the local capital barcelona. well let's cross live now to medina caution about here's in wasilla in the forest well hello that machinery what's the mood like on the streets . while as you can see behind my back crowd skip coming into the doors of the barcelona city hall now people that are gathered here protesting against the referendum on the independence of catalonia they came
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here holding flagship spain at a very shouting slogans of a spondee at which is long live spain and really the crowds here you can feel this an energy now we've got last then twin. the four hours before the referendum on independence of catalonia kicks in and today is the last and the crucial day before the voting we expect to see a lot of different movement happening around the city a lot of different events taking place across the region ass and bar should lawn and we expect to see a lot of protests ruined on friday we saw said and said schools and a falling stations people bury kidding themselves well we expect all this to continue throughout the day and now we do know that according to the spanish authorities the police has shut down thirteen hundred schools to prevent the schools becoming polling stations there was another incident at one of the regional
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polling stations were people that were sleeping overnight to protect the voting station work attacked with a rubber bullet and some even received a minor injuries now a novel in the last consul lonny is poised to vote on sunday despite fears opposition coming from the street spanish authorities consider this event to be illegal and that's the date drolls near the split within the council on societies becoming more and more avid and with protesters now taking into the streets both for and against the referendum. thank. us. thank you.
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for the local police have a warrant that the activists should leave old polling stations and old schools by six o'clock sunday morning and they were actually instructed not to implement force none of this is very important as the how the can. regional police respond to this is regarded as the key to this success or feel or the plan to vote now on friday there was a massive rally on plot this pineal which is right in the heart of barcelona people gathered there and there were thousands of people who were supporting this referendum and at that rally the president of catalan nationalists soundly dragged banished police officers calling them to show dignity it. became evident. we are asking for a sit back we ask you. when you're given orders to block polling stations so have the dignity to think of your children and your mother's we are someone democracy
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just like our society we're not criminals or us citizens. the world is watching and we. will be closely following how the situation develops here and the heart of course of our name across the catalonia region this is really the biggest constitutional crisis spain has seen in decades and we will bring you the latest from the ground. as art is made in a question of in barcelona thank you very much indeed. well law and order in the region is maintained by the catalan regional police force known as the muscles discordia this replaced the spanish police locally almost ten years ago and is controlled by the current land government well and council and forces have been tasked with preventing sunday's referendum from taking place however it seems there are fears in madrid that they might not comply the spanish government has deployed national military forces known as the civil gods to the region to ensure the vote
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is stopped while six thousand civil guards have been stationed at ports in the region arriving on cruise ships chartered by the spanish interior ministry they'll stay in the area until october third the spokesperson for catalonia is local police for. while orders will be followed it doesn't necessarily mean anything will be presented a little bit more the gist of the product one of the main roles of the police is to guarantee the inner unity of our society in this respect the catalonian police do not support those either for or against the referendum but rather all catalonians we have no choice but to obey the decisions of the court and prosecutor's office and when it's about control over crowds and public order we need to see what happens in each individual case if we can't prevent something it doesn't mean we don't follow orders but that most probably we can't do anything about it either. or the spanish government says the referendum is intended to break the country however
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the debate site of the referendum has extended beyond spanish borders one finnish and pay has published his email exchange with the spanish ambassador instantly and in it he asked the ambassador to respect human rights in catalonia and let the people vote the spanish diplomat fired back saying that if one day finland needed e.u. solidarity it could go looking for it in catalonia all political analysts john may cast on been ya says the reply suggests the spanish government is only edge. the response is embarrassing it is preposterous it is certainly not a very diplomatic response and it clearly shows it displays that the spanish state apparatus the spanish authorities are extremely stressed and extremely nervous about what is going on in catalonia but they are afraid that catalonia will become an independent state and it is quite striking how do you mean the union is very quick to respond whenever it comes to prizes in turkey the crazies in russia were
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on the other hand whenever we have gross violations of fundamental rights and freedoms really needs territory it's it remains very very worryingly silent it turns a blind eye it turns a deaf ear and this is something that the you should think about. now google says it will cooperate with u.s. authorities about alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential elections it's the latest tech giant off to facebook and twitter to make headlines in the saga to pin down outside interference google will also reportedly conduct an internal investigation before it testifies in november well earlier twitter published a report on alleged russian activities on the platform in which it said it had banned over two hundred suspicious accounts despite failing to list them directly to russia it also took a swipe at r.t. by revealing confidential information regarding how much this channel spends on twitter. while from claims of using twitter and facebook to meddle in the us
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elections to allegations of disrupting the n.f.l. but former u.s. congressman and presidential candidate ron paul skeptical about these assertions. well i think it's a witch hunt that i think that they don't care about what hillary was doing and they want to they're very biased against that from him pain so far they haven't showed me an ad that was a that was a pro trump ad that was paid for by the russian government most of the time you could look at some of this stuff that's going around and i think it's all coming from sore losers i thought it would be better with more outlets and the internet to counteract some of this but it looks like sometimes this backfires and actually end up using the internet to try to stir up more trouble frankly i don't have the sensation that boy this is a big deal you know if we don't find out and find out exactly what russians did to our elections you know the end of the world is coming i think that's
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a bit of fear mongering i can understand everything that is being a. going on i just see what's happening in this post-election period as a result of a bunch of sore losers that were shocked that they didn't win the election and now they're out there to sort of go after a witch hunt but i think that the responsibility for us ought to be is what has our government done has our government been involved after they're in power and unfortunately we're involved too much around the world. the mainstream media also isn't letting up in its allegations against russia and s. and b c's rachel maddow has accused russia of meddling just about everywhere from europe to the middle east miracle and takes a closer look i have reason to believe that russia does not watch this t.v. show so here's an experiment let's create a fake secessionist movement in the united states on the theory that russia will
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support secession of anyone in the west for any reason just because they'd literally love for the west to break apart well lately it seems that rachel maddow covers russia more than any other topic for the past few months she's managed to connect almost every news event to russia she starts with fires at ukrainian ammunition depots but also conveniently fails to mention that such fires have happened multiple times two thousand and four in two thousand and five and two thousand and six but facts don't matter when her sole agenda is to blame russia now we might not be here to prove her wrong but we can however note that her reports are filled with in accuracies and we saw that this week in iraq where russia was one of the only nations on earth that supported the northern iraq referendum in which to come out of this week that they should break off northern iraq from the rest of iraq and become their own independent nation now that's completely false the russian foreign ministry said in a statement that moscow supports unity sovereignty and territorial integrity but it doesn't stop there even somehow manages to drag catalonia into this there's also
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going to be another independence referendum this weekend in spain for the capital on the region is voting on whether or not they'd like to break off and form an independent state apart from spain turns out russia is supporting that one too and she says russia supports the catalan independence referendum but contrary to what maddow says russia views the issue as spain's domestic affairs a position which spain's ambassador to russia believes to be perfect and accusations of course don't even and there russia for years in this country has actively promoted the secession of texas rachel maddow sentiments were quite similar. to the rest of western media and one of the only pieces of evidence cited is that the group's members contained a grammatical errors but that's not the only time russia was under rachel maddow spotlight she's been accusing trump of colluding with russia since the election you're not having a terrible terrible dream also you're not dead and you haven't gone to hell this is your life well this is our election this is us this is our country we know of the russian attack on our election russian efforts to try to elect donald trump
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president it did not seem to be a super labor intensive process it was like an industrial process but you do need people to do the work they're apparently still working now this summer it's still against us even though rachel maddow is enjoying these record high ratings it seems as if political discourse has been reduced to celebrity gossip which is quite unfortunate that there is no longer some sort of boundary between news and entertainment. french premier emmanuel mccall has hit back at a wave of accusations that he is turning into a president of the rich he says his latest tax reform is aimed at encouraging investment and promoting talent in the country however some people in paris them to great saying the reform will work against them. explains how do you know when you're not just rich but you'll feel. your fast cars and resources definitely signs the more than
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a pretty penny to spend right. well not so much in france where the tories the rich and famous no longer eligible for tax and that's causing quite a stir if you think this is. i think this is unfair but justice no longer exists and friends there isn't a justice system anymore this is the hunger for power of a prince who wants to rule our country how he wants some government. it is only for the rich and he doesn't care about the poor we don't have a middle class there are only poor people who work for the rich yes i am outraged and we the young people should protest against this much switching how frons taxes wealth his government claims that he wants to you have the extremely wealthy including tens of thousands of millionaires who fled the country because of the
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country's old tax system and even though only a tiny fraction of french people pay the old tax money going to own m.p.'s admit they going to face a hard time explaining bass. how could i explain this to six year olds who own an old apartment that they will be taxed more than young trader's driving a ferrari so cool that the taxes raised under the old system account sold out by the money that probably also lost by people trying to avoid it but many people particularly pension is say they'll be hard to hit under the new system and they do you realize they claim that my coins government is only for the rich and the super rich. all see carries. over discontent us want a number of protests in promos denouncing the policies of the president one student protest in paris resulted in riches with police we spoke to a member of
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a french leftwing party who told us that if nothing changes in reckless policy his popularity will sink further. attracting a rich people to invest in france is always a similar government but. forgot that france is one of the. best country for already the best country for. foreign investment is to my point was elected we with them i guess you could rest presented by many medias like a new president you are going to change things and it was a lie because what he's proposing is this. same old politics. only been the first beneficiary for the rich are seeing the impact will be that less and less people. believe me so much and. will go down. rushes on to terra counterpane in syria is two years old today and we take a look at what is achieved after the short break.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to be rich. but you'd like to be close it's like that before three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters of my out. there should be me. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations from washington to washington controls the media the media the voters elected businessmen to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been
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done before. welcome back today marks two years since the russian military operation began to defeat terrorism in syria and it's been a huge undertaking. look .
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on the map shows how much territory i still has lost in syria since september twenty fifth eighteen the russian defense ministry says eighty seven percent of syria is now free of islamic state altie correspondents have been covering the russian campaign from its beginning. thank you. this is the air base in love from which russian jets are launching their sorties against this law makes they target here in syria. whether it's. the pilots are ready to go that's a moment's notice. it's
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quite incredible to be standing hay in the pulse of the dead that decade since fifty of that that people around the world feed would be reduced to dust in this ad fifty at that laid down by the romans almost two thousand years ago that isis staged one of its sickest massacres the russian military considers it the crowding jewel of the operation here in syria. one come to the government side of aleppo the sees what you see on your way here we're just a few hundred meters away from the front line. we're
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in the us. and the rebels are pushing into aleppo again. the rescuers are now digging through the rubble looking for the body of a thirteen year old go and did this to. you. were it's a syrian city reposition overlooking the industrial quarter of that is sort of the battle is said to be theists isis fired back as we filmed shells speak on fooling
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around. we ran but the syrian batteries kept firing. life even did as order is still far from normal but at least they will be starving to death and the more. we spoke to peter ford a former u.k. ambassador to syria who says russia's proved to be an effective force in the fight against terrorists. but the most significant came at the beginning in. twenty fifteen the syrian government forces that point really on the rope i feel if we were at the gate of damascus. russia coming in leveled the playing
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field and favor the day for the syrian government you have to remember that before that point with countries and the gulf countries had been sending we've a fifth and to be slanted forces. regardless of consequences or whether that actually help i feel if the west powers work and saudi arabia are continuing to pour in fifteen to the jihadi forces but russia of intervention particularly with air strikes turned the tide. russia and the u.s. are teaming up for a project to build a space station that orbits around the moon the station will serve as a launch pad to further space exploration including manned missions to mars we spoke to former i s.-s.
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come on that leroy chiao he thinks joint projects like this one help nations to improve their relations on earth. this deep space gateway is one of the key components of the new architecture that is more of a moon century now and it's basically a node a very small a human tended kind of a space station that will enable us to both explore the moon and also serve as a departure point to go farther into the universe including possibly or hopefully one day to mars we want to go to mars in my opinion i think it makes a lot of sense to go back to the moon first because we want to make sure that everything we sent to mars before we send the crew there is going to work so we want to make sure habitats work the power sources power generators the rovers spacesuits we want to train crews there the moon is only three days away so if something goes wrong you can get your crew back pretty quickly when the d.s.t. does gives you a lot of flexibility for exploration and i would fully expect all of the partners currently working on the i s s and hopefully new ones as well to come in and
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cooperate together when we cooperate together in a big simple program like that like a space program that trickles down into other parts of the relationship and that can only be positive. ah that we won't use at the top of the. weary in this. scene over thanks to. these various fish you. oh he asked me to let my do you just moments it's almost time. i could introduce you eat it is close to the most vocal drug syndicate. while you grow marijuana
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tomatoes it's a good book there's a big good deal of this don't get with the market but at the bottom for your money watch the people. there. is. the. most times the government knows what they do and they do nothing. that. i. am going to bring back to the night all right so common capper next stand
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against police brutality and systemic racism finally went viral this past weekend getting wide support throughout the n.f.l. even from teams with racist. logos. was a cognitive dissonance runs deep when you're young. well i like to struggle black lives matter protests wearing amos n andy t. shirt. why is everybody looking at me like that. so you may not think this story is important about the n.f.l. you know because football is your bread and circuses right is just bread and circuses that is russian by the way bread and circuses goes back to roman times meaning you give the people enough bread and circuses and you can abuse them all you want you can you can have them work in pursuit labor wages you can hire sculptors to put up grand monuments of you and your royal penis everywhere you know nowadays you can use all the people's tax dollars to drop bombs on who even cares a stand doesn't matter as long as the football players run past in the soup line
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isn't too long who circus is are meaningless contrivances used as an opiate for the masses of course now the ruling elite also use opioids as an opiate for the masses metaphors are hard work so just go straight to the opioids else whack everybody out on oxy cotton one sam slurred speech and shivers they won't be complained of much about voter suppression or low wages as they're cleaning the poop from their pants. but here's the point the bread and circuses are incredibly important in keeping those don't and just sleep so when even the bread and circus is start getting angry start standing up it could be catastrophic for the fraudulent waffles exploiting this nation all right when the tightrope walkers and the dancing elephants start go and we're not ok with this completely corrupt system
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where when the wind outside clouds raise a multicolored fist against imperialism. no honk their dollar for no reason horns as a salute to those harmed by the military industrial complex which when the sourdough bread in the bag gets take a knee because they don't feel the stars and bars represent all colors of bread equally. when that happens it's a big deal this is a big deal one of these players taking a new during the star-spangled banner is the cultural equivalent of a missile on the battlefield of our nation's mindscape this is me more fair and the only thing that gets more attention than a cat doing is a football player ok. common cap and threw the first bomb.


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