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tv   Headline News  RT  September 30, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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boy. that's a lie. i . catalonia is hosting rallies both for and against independence from spain ahead of sunday's historic referendum. tech giants take center stage in the scandal on alleged russian meddling in the u.s. elections as google joins facebook on twitter and declaring it will testify to congress. and it's been exactly two years since russia launched its first and stripes in that
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war torn syria we know what's changed in that time. this is r.t. international live from moscow i'm kate thank you for watching. the spanish region are catalonia is on the verge of what could prove to be an historic decision with its independence referendum szechuan for sunday tensions are mounting between madrid and barcelona with both sides trading accusations of extremism. if there is disturbance it would. clearly be on the side of those who are a book hating the referendum that are. adopting nazi like by you know pointing out people who. are against the referendum and the end of the government over
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a whole you has crossed a very dangerous red law and he has decided to resurrect the past stuff frankly as . well in the meantime the spanish civil guard has raided the center of can telecommunications and information technology in barcelona this was in a bid to block catholic ations and online services designed to facilitate electronic voting in the region a helicopter hovered overhead to prevent any possible disruption or meanwhile an anti independence rally is currently underway in barcelona and our teams made it a question about reports from the cattle on capital. people that are gathered here protesting against the referendum on the independence of cuts in line at the came here holding flagships spain shouting slogans and we managed to speak to some of them. president of spain has been sleeping for the past five years and during that time the government in catalonia has been preparing and fighting for independence and now the president has to act quickly and he's running around trying to solve
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this somehow. the cold war here franco to think that though they were they bought it but he's not democracy to me. what that thing is what to vote on how to vote it . and i think that votes just kind of democratic but it felt to me if you take it to the extreme it can be an arc east we've got to last then twenty four hours before the referendum on independence of catalonia kicks in and today is the last and the cool shilled day before the voting we expect to see a lot of different movement happening around the city a lot of different events taking place across the region ass and barcelona and we expect to see a lot of protest movement on friday we saw say it ends at schools and at collings stations people bury kidding themselves well we expect all this to continue throughout the day i thank you thank
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you thank you you. thank. now we do know that according to spanish authorities the police has shut down thirteen hundred schools to prevent the schools are becoming polling stations local police have warned that the activists should leave old polling stations in all schools by six o'clock sunday morning and they were actually instructed not to implement force now this is very important as the how the catalan regional police respond to this is regarded as the key to this success or failure of the planned vote now on friday there was a massive rally on plot this pineal which is right in the heart of barcelona people gathered there and there were thousands of people were super poor reading this referendum who will be closely following how the situation develops here in the
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heart of barcelona and across the catalonia region this is really the biggest constitutional crisis spain has seen in decades and we will bring you the latest from the ground. well meanwhile lorand order in the region is maintained by the council and regional police force known as the muscles to squander this replace the spanish police locally almost ten years ago and is controlled by the catalan government and the catalan forces have been tasked with preventing sunday's referendum from taking place however fears are being expressed in madrid that officers might not comply the spanish government has deployed national military forces known as the civil guard to the region to ensure the vote does not go ahead well six thousand civil guards have been stationed at ports in the region arriving on cruise ships childed by the spanish interior ministry they'll stay in the area until october the slowed well the spokesperson for catalonia police force says that
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while the orders will be followed it doesn't necessarily mean anything will be printed. little bilham of the truth of the one of the main roles of the police is to guarantee the inner unity of our society in this respect the catalonian police do not support those either for or against the referendum but rather all catalonians we have no choice but to obey the decisions of the court and prosecutor's office when it's about control over crowds and public order we need to see what happens in each individual case if we can't prevent something it doesn't mean we don't follow orders but that most probably we can't do anything about it. well the spanish government says the referendum is intended to break the country however the debate over the referendum has extended well beyond the nation's borders one finnish and pay has published his email exchange with the spanish ambassador in finland in it he asked the ambassadors to respect human rights in catalonia and let the people vote the spanish diplomat fired back saying that if
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one day figure needed a new solidarity it could go looking forward in catalonia while political analysts make a fun pin us says the reply is suggest the spanish government is on edge. the response is embarrassing it is preposterous it is certainly not a very diplomatic response and it clearly shows it displays that the spanish state apparatus the spanish authorities are extremely stressed and extremely nervous about what is going on in catalonia but they are afraid that catalonia will become an independent state and it is quite striking how do you mean union is very quick to respond whenever it comes to crises in turkey to crises in russia were on the other hand whenever we have gross violations of fundamental rights and freedoms really needs territory it's it remains very very worryingly silent it turns a blind eye there is a deaf ear and this is something to do you should think about. google
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says it will cooperate with us also it is on alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election it's the latest tech giant after facebook and twitter to make headlines in the saga to pin down interference google will also reportedly conduct an internal probe before it testifies to congress in november well earlier twitter published a report on an edge to russian activities on its platform it says it had banned over two hundred suspicious accounts despite failing to link directly to russia it also took a swipe at r.t. by revealing confidential information regarding how much this channel spends on twitter rants. well the u.s. claims against russia range from using social media platforms to meddling in the u.s. election to allegations of disrupting the national american football league the n.f.l. but former u.s. congressman and presidential candidate ron paul a skeptical about these assertions. but i think it's
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a witch hunt that i think that they don't care about what hillary was doing and they want to a very biased against that from him pain so far they haven't showed me an ad that was a that was a pro trump ad that was paid for by the russian government most of the time you could look at some of this stuff that's going around and i think it's all coming from sore losers i thought it would be better with more outlets and the internet to counteract some of this but it looks like sometimes this backfires and actually end up using the internet to try to stir up more trouble frankly i don't have the sensation that boy this is a big deal you know if we don't find out and find out exactly what russians did to our elections you know the end of the world is coming i think that's a bit of fear mongering i can understand everything that is being a used and going on i just see what's happening in this post-election period as a result of a bunch of sore losers that were shocked that they didn't win the election and now
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they're out there to sort of go after a witch hunt but i think that the responsibility for us ought to be is what has our government done has our government been involved after they're in power and unfortunately we're involved too much around the world. meanwhile the mainstream media are also not letting up in their allegations against m.s.n. b.c. host rachel maddow host accused russia of meddling just about everywhere from europe to the middle east to use american takes a closer look at the claims i have reason to believe that russia does not watch this t.v. show so here's an experiment let's create a fake secessionist movement in the united states on the theory that russia will support secession of anyone in the west for any reason just because they'd literally love for the west to break apart well lately it seems that rachel maddow covers russia more than any other topic for the past few months she's managed to
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connect almost every news event to russia she starts with fires at ukrainian ammunition depots but also conveniently fails to mention that such fires have happened multiple times two thousand and four in two thousand and five and two thousand and six but facts don't matter when her sole agenda is to blame russia now we might not be here to prove her wrong but we can however note that her reports are filled with in accuracies and we saw that this week in iraq where russia was one of the only nations on earth that supported the northern iraq referendum in which the common voted this week that they should break off northern iraq from the rest of iraq and become their own independent nation now that's completely false the russian foreign ministry said in a statement that moscow supports unity sovereignty and territorial integrity but it doesn't stop there even somehow manages to drag catalonia into this there's also going to be another independence referendum this weekend in spain where the cattle on the region is voting on whether or not they'd like to break off and form an independent state apart from spain turns out russia is something that one too as
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she says russia supports the catalan independence referendum but contrary to what maddow says russia views the issue as spain's domestic affairs a position which spain's ambassador to russia believes to be perfect and accusations of course don't even and there russia for years in this country has actively promoted the secession of. rachel maddow. the sentiments were quite similar to the rest of western media and one of the only pieces of evidence cited is that the group's means contained grammatical errors but that's not the only time russia was under rachel maddow spotlight she's been accusing trump of colluding with russia since the election you're not having a terrible terrible dream also you're not dead and you haven't gone to hell this is your life now this is our election now this is us this is our country we know of the russian attack on our election russian efforts to try to elect donald trump president it did not seem to be a super labor intensive process it was like an industrial process but you do need people to do the work they're apparently still working now this summer it's still
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against us even though rachel maddow is enjoying these record high ratings it seems as if political discourse has been reduced to celebrity gossip which is quite unfortunate that there is no longer some sort of boundary between news and entertainment. now the g. seven summit in the italian city of tyranny is receiving a less than warm welcome as hundreds of angry protesters surrounded the venue. clashes broke out between police and demonstrators voicing fuel at policies on the g seven economies several arrests have reportedly been made and while ministers discuss prospects of a formal industrial revolution protests on the streets of turin have shown no signs of calming down.
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french president a man you might call has had a fresh wave of criticism after cutting taxes for the wealthy families hit back by saying his latest tax reform is aimed at encouraging investment and promoting talent in the country however many people in paris don't agree warning the new leader is already becoming a president for the rich and that the we're for will only worsen inequality in france artesia do bensky explains. how do you know when you're not just rich but your filthy bridge. fast cars and race horses a definitely signs that either than
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a pretty penny to spend right. well not so much in france where the toys of the rich and famous no longer eligible for tax and that's causing quite a stir if you can. i think this is unfair but justice no longer exists and firms there isn't a justice system anymore this is the hunger for power of a prince who wants to rule our country how he wants. government is only for the rich and he doesn't care about the poor we don't have a middle class there are only poor people who work for the rich yes i am outraged and we the young people should protest against this not cool switching how france taxes wealth is government change that it wants to do you have the extremely wealthy including tens of thousands of millionaires who fled the country because of
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the country's old tax system and even though only a tiny fraction of french people pay the old tax money going to own m.p.'s admit they going to face a hard time explaining bass. how could i explain this to six year olds who own an old apartment that they will be taxed more than young trader's driving a ferrari so cool that the taxes raised under the old system of current sold out by the money that rolls lost by people trying to avoid it but many people particularly pension is say they'll be harder hit under the new system and they fear reus they claim that mccoist government is only for the rich and the super rich charlotte didn't skate ot see paris. well michael. economic reforms have numerous protests across farms demonstrations all retired workers on the streets early with taxes on pensions meanwhile student protesters double back home empty use spot cash
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is with police a french left wing party member told us that if nothing changes in calls policy his popularity will sink further. attracting a rich people to invest in france is always a similar agreement but mr macro forgot that france is one of the. best country for already the best country for. foreign investment is the micro he was elected with with the media to cool us presented by many medias like a new president yong it will change thing and it was a lie because what he's proposing is this same old politics that only been the first beneficiary for the rich are seeing the impact will be that less and less people believe. and that is popularity will go down. now russia's anti terror campaign in syria is two years old today and we take a look at what it's achieved after the short break.
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peacekeeping when it was only about maintaining peace between states didn't essentially symbolic value when you have militias when you have criminal groups.
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the symbol is not enough you need robust force. welcome back today marks two years since russia launched its campaign against terrorists in syria the decision was followed by a diplomatic dispute with washington but the current page has also seen significant and rapid rate trees on the ground.
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well this map shows how much territory eisel has lost in syria since the air campaign began most of the terror groups strongholds to fall into president assad and according to the russian defense ministry eighty seven percent of syria is now free of islamic state altie correspondents have been covering the russian con pain from the beginning. this is the ad based in love hockey from which russian jets launching the sorties against islam ics they thought gets here in syria. whether it's. the. time the pilots are ready to go it's a moment's notice. it's
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quite incredible to be standing here in the power of the desert and since fifty of . the people around the world feed would be reduced to dust in this amphitheater laid down by the romans almost two thousand years ago that isis staged one of its sickest massacres the russian military considers that the crowding jewel of the operation here in syria. won't come to the government side of aleppo these sees what you see on your way
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here just a few hundred meters away from the front lines. here you can go to yes. we're in the palace. and the rebels are pushing into aleppo is. again. the rescuers are now digging through the rubble looking for the body of a thirteen year old go. and did this does is they.
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were is a syrian city reposition overlooking the industrial quarter of that is sort of the battle is said to be theists isis fired back as we filmed shelled speak out informing all around. we ran but the syrian batteries kept firing. life even did as order is still far from normal but at least they will be starving to death and the more. we spoke to peter ford a former u.k. ambassador to syria who says russia's proved to be an effective force in the fight against terrorists. but the most significant came at the beginning in the top twenty fifteen the syrian government forces to that point really on the rope
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i feel if we're at the gate of damascus. russia coming in leveled the playing field and saved the day for the syrian government you have to remember that before that point with countries and the gulf countries had been sending we've a fifth and to be slammed this force with. regard to consequences or whether that actually help i feel if the western powers work and saudi arabia are continuing to pour in fifteen to the jihadi forces russia are going to venture and particularly with air strikes turned the tide. now the u.s. and russia have agreed to work together on the new projects to build
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a space station that will orbit them leaving the station will serve as a launch pad for further space exploration including manned missions to mars we spoke to for my s.s. come on that leroy chiao he thinks joint projects like this help nations to improve their relations on earth. this deep space gateway is one of the key components of the new architecture that is more of a moon century now and it's basically a node a very small a human tended kind of a space station that will enable us to both explore the moon and also serve as a departure point to go farther into the universe including possibly or hopefully one day to mars we want to go to mars in my opinion i think it makes a lot of sense to go back to the moon first because we want to make sure that everything we send into mars before we send the crew there is going to work so we want to make sure habitats work the power sources parrot generators the rovers spacesuits we want to train crews there the moon is only three days away so if something goes wrong you can get your crew back pretty quickly when the d.s.t.
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does gives you a lot of flexibility for exploration and i would fully expect all of the partners currently working on the i s s and hopefully new ones as well when we cooperate together in a big simple program like a like a space program that trickles down into other parts of the relationship and that can only be positive. i'll be back at the top of the hour with the headlines. right now we're going to include a. scene over thanks to. these very special leads.
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i hope he asked me to do that mattie will be just moments on multimedia tonight. i could introduce you eat it is home to the most powerful drug syndicates. why you're growing marijuana and tomatoes let's see yeah there's a big good deal of the full grown people at the market. for your money want people . to keep. a. close eye on. the government knows what they do and they do nothing. it's.
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labor was founded for to be the voice of the many social justice and progressive try from the bottom up we have called on jeremy coleman to go i know. and i'm very proud to present. thank you. to quit. being. through the day there was a growing number of. that
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