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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 30, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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resignations i want to be big they are going to be called upon to be. there is going to be a hung parliament the commentary out got it wrong the elites got it wrong. time to hundreds of people in the early hours it turned into and. i will speak up because we have to get this the truth. can someone please tell me the labor party's position. understand the problem we got i did see that piece and that is this not i think everyone going to cope and was dismissed by most everyone on the left to point now he looks like. a label will. for the
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many not the few with the. well going to going on the ground where in bright the homeless capitals of britain the u.k. labor party conference twenty seventeen coming up on the show backing chavez in venezuela destroying public private partnerships and clarifying labor's position on brics as we speak to britain. from the twenty seventh conference of western europe's largest socialist and while allowing women to drive in saudi arabia is. going to stop that alone a new relationship with donald trump usa. activism and fighting corporate driven consumerism with the will transform festival. and we speak to the editor of one of
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the world's largest english language daily communist newspaper it's about fighting back against britain's all agog code of media all the more coming up in today's going on the ground. the bright lights of brighton seaside attractions are arguably dulled by the statistics that report the largest increase in rough sleepers anywhere in britain the labor run council has seen a ten fold increase since twenty ten with the levels of homelessness second only to london's westminster local councils believe tory austerity cuts are to blame for crippling public services welfare reforms that leave claimants unable to survive let alone work and ever increasing rents from profiteering landlords germy corbin pledge to end street homelessness by twenty twenty rescuing britain from long years of austerity saving britain's public services from meltdown and introducing rent controls labour's shadow chancellor john mcdonnell used his conference speech to
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end what he called the scandal of the thirty billion pound public finance initiative and pledged to bring existing p.f. eyes back in the house we pulled him away from the pub to talk to him on the noisy beaches of brighton john why did it take you so long to figure out that p.f. i was a bit of a problem as regards the british economy we didn't ten years longer is why i'm back in two thousand and two thousand and three the labor party conference expresses its concerns about going down the p.f. i route there's been a long debate within the party itself of course from our point of view we have to prioritize what we're going to do as we go into government and now this has become one of my daughters not tell you why because none of the pay off ice cream is going to expose what they are when somebody says is real profiteering but also such a burden of expenditure ten billion pounds paid out on the pier five contracts i'm so far hundred ninety billion hundred. ninety one hundred ninety eight billion
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dollars being paid out and while. there's a farm that's been set up to buy out some of these fires when they've gone wrong already a one half billion has been paid out in that fund so some of them are scandal so now's the time to actually foreign secretary boris johnson when he was mayor of london so. you can get advice from him about taking back the hospitals and schools because it collapsed he had to take it any was forced to do i don't think he wanted to be was forced to on a number of these peer fi schemes that will review everyone now and one number these peer five because clearly and can value for money and the good thing about this policy is that this money is already spoken for so what if we're not careful a sizable amount of it will go in profits interest and some of those profits will go to companies based in office will collect tax savings or will not be times so will save money as a result of bringing them in when you think jimmy corbin did mention the daily mail
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do you think the media have a difficulty in understanding your policy which is why they appear to think that it will cost money you know i don't have a degree in understanding here i understand it all right i just don't like what we're doing so in the hands of the sourness arms in the hands of murdoch obviously politically opposed to everything that we do the same with the daily mail so that what they do is they don't actually say you know what we're doing very distraught of what's happened and distorted our views so much it was just switched off so believe the money will be prove that in the general election try to figure out ever have another general election where the boat from the sun will be is that it's the sun what well i don't think that will happen because people more discerning that's way cohen said fine that the daily mail run twenty eight page a labor story but what are the elites going to do to attack you next of the media's not working oh i'll continue on as they are interesting enough you know a lot of the attacks were not even political they were personal and whatever people think of british. actually a very fair
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a might have different views whatever they think they might have different views on different political subjects but they're very fair and they don't like massive of personal ties there's a gender also behind the continuous ussing of shadow cabinet members about your position on breaks of negotiations before. before even preliminary talks of goal and that seems to be the main question that the mainstream media people want to know mostly isn't working very clear on that what we're trying to do is say actually the debate before the referendum in some instances actually wasn't to be productive it's almost as though we're having the debate now on a number of those issues and what we should do is have a calm considered to vait about how we deal with what i see the decision of the referendum how we arrive at i think a traditional british compromise and bring the whole country together thing that jeremy corbyn said today is we're the only party that can represent both sides of the arguments bring them together in that compromise conservative parties are so split we think. will be in government. thing which i mean called and said today
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actually the government's quite a challenge get your act together or move to one side the shadow cabinet un jeremy called and said there should be a suspension of arms sales to saudi arabia as the conflict continues. to find it all together walk us be a system stalls and we're on your way into conference all the. while is what we're saying. britain has an arms industry and if there are arms sales there's got to be a clear view that it cannot be arms sales to countries to use them to abuse human rights therefore there is any evidence of that which there is and should be suspended immediately. government action and we can't allow the delays anymore because people are dying you think. he doesn't understand the venezuela situation which is why seem to venezuela or in with other countries known for human rights where we're concerned as some of the issues in venezuela is going on venezuelan government itself as as well. no there's
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a very concerns about protection of human rights etc and we've got to have an almost discussion with whatever country we have relationships with incisor venice way that we've a lot of them on the chavez in particular for that tackle your poverty the greatest nation of wealth but there have been mistakes made and they admit that themselves i'm sure when we go into government will want to you know we'll make mistakes every government does but you've got to be honest about it and learn from your mistakes this is one of the homeless capitals of this country what does it feel like holding a conference in in a town like city like brighton exactly the sort of place to come to because they know the labor party is going to solve homelessness crisis. in my constituency at the mile tell you tonight's show i represent a working class constituency and multicultural lived there forty years is my community i live in the most deprived ward in the consuming the whole of the. people sleeping on the can by the can now people have whole families in beds and sheds rented out to them because housing is such a crisis whatever worst crisis since we've said you know it's labor councils that
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gentrifying neighborhoods are making it livable now hang on a minute while we're trying to do is build a new million new homes half of them will be council homes that's the solution all jeremy said today are some of these regeneration schemes people cannot be about gentrification anymore it's got to be back housing for the local people and those local people must make the decision on the scheme the same devalue do the labor council is right there were voting the other way we will be involved in that and get were engaged in that discussion now that jeremy set that policy we expect labor councils to abide by and just finally here in bright this so many lobbyists wandering around aimlessly what do you do to stop being lobbied by big multinational business have and as i talk to the delegates i'm happy to talk to any of them are the most important people in my life basically the electorate labor supporters and labor members the people in your member of congress like this. you know i don't think i can i've been coming to labor party comes a sense. the wowsers for nineteen midnight is actually before that even i mean big
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they're being packed out and all the rest of it no i don't think there's ever been on the scale of mission or is create a more urgent enthusiastic and the number of young people here is just staggering it just shows what we're going to. thank you coverage of mcdonnell and jeremy corbyn by mainstream media has ranged from the highly personal to the ridiculous even resulting in apology from rupert murdoch's son and the u.k. labor leader jeremy corbin had this to say about another billionaire own to publication in his conference speech the day before the election i remember it well i was on trains all day long doing six rallies one paper devoted four pages to attacking the labor party and the following day vote went up ten percent. of british people saw right through it so this is a message to the daily mail's and it's. not next to next
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time please make it twenty eight pages. we spoke to ben chaco the editor of the morning star one of the world's largest english language daily newspapers about mainstream media coverage of the labor party autumn conference been in previous conferences in previous he is arguably some leaders look like they've been trying to appease the media in this country what's the german call been attacking the daily mail i think jeremy corbyn realizes that he's not going to get a fair deal from these people and there's no point in pretending that he is i think that the daily mail hasn't learned its lesson from the general election. as jeremy pointed out in his speech only fourteen pages of attacks on light but totally backfired the labor fight won and yet over this conference they seem very off the dial these attempts by the daily mail to pretend that it's some sort of nasty party in brighton but full of bullying and with all due. and i'm talking to them and over
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the complete confected nonsense very late when it's been about the most upbeat labor party conference that i've ever seen i think the daily mail needs to look at what it's doing and realized they really not convincing people anymore you are the only daily newspaper that is always been backing jeremy cool been golden did it was nice to the daily mirror. they would they will back you know before doing this less importance as regards the media when it comes to political movements in this country and right now i don't think so i think there is still huge influence wielded by the media and i think by the morning style support for cool bin is rooted in the kind of hype we all that we're a co-operative and by ordinary working people rather than i am by a billionaire talking as the mail is a sign is of khowst so i don't think the media is being neglected in fact that our friends meeting at this conference we have three shadow cabinet ministers speaking from a morning stop about the media so i don't think that dynamic opens to run away this is something that we need to take very seriously i think what he is aware of is not
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there are newspapers which channels which you can trust the newspapers and channels which you can trust and as you know i would rather mary's not going to be converted to supporting the i just because jeremy sucks up to him so there's no point in trying then jack thank you. after the break we ask you to secretary of state for justice and shadow chancellor richard buggin evolves manufacture of a system to sponsor the labor party will go for it and make striking full work because rights we talk about using all to take a bite out of the driven consumerism are the co-curator of momentums the world transformed festival all the civil coming of the bot to going up to the.
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this then with the with me and. the most get a little bit of the moon was. on you but i. know both of us but i guess we're kind of it was fun for scientists you. know but if you dump on our hands just know she refused to live. where they blew he won't get him it's just a good area to hunt for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this has been a active area. next to so on. yeah. you know what when i started no i didn't. have. capitalism requires capital which requires savings which requires
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a rate of interest that encourages people to save and that rate of interest has to be commensurate with the global more than this case america's risk reward profile in issuing bonds if i am a wall street bond issuer and i issue too many bugs then the market can absorb i should watch the price of my bonds go down i know i just can't issue bonds of a goldman sachs every day billions and billions and that they never go down in price because the fed reserve is always going to print money to buy them that's not even remotely tied to capitalism in any stretch of the imagination that's a racket. in the u.s. a child can choose a nominee course in school. with a total fizzes as teachers really don't. recruit will sister if the president.
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in the military. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military. so that. you can. still. do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular video. it's playing. call of duty to turn off call of duty. or. a darker side. to be told. just need more recruits. welcome back in this labor party going underground conference special in brighton in the southeast of england mainstream media chose to criticize labor for supporting everything from anti semitism to sexual violence the allegations have
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been denied by a party clearly threatening the established order of british politics certainly the take of britain's shadow chancellor one of the highest ranking great offices of state in britain richard bergen beg to differ when it came to his opinion of how well this year's conference one of the biggest in labor party history went this week richard thanks for coming to our makeshift studio i was there on the on the sea front a day of disaster the daily mail say about this conference what have you been sensing in what has been a week of hope and jeremy speech at the end of conference sets out the vision for a labor government led by jeremy will do in power and it will be a transformative government so he talks about building on a successful manifesto for the general election so it's talking about not only free university education free college education as well we're talking about ensuring that when developments occur regeneration developments that the tenants who live
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there are democratic voice in so that we're actually getting regeneration in terms of housing for the many in terms of the residents not the few wealthy speculators so we're building on a deepening manifesto that captured so much hope and inspired some new people in the general election obviously there are a lot of b.s. from big gay investment banks big private property companies so visibly able to be a systems and arms company was visible the fact is sponsoring this conference how can the electorate trust that you're really going to be as radical as you promise but i don't think that having a stall at the conference is the same as sponsoring a company come what may labor governments will suspend arms sales. from britain to the saudi arabian government for example whilst they're carrying out those human rights abuses in yemen so people shouldn't doubt the resolve of jeremy cobain and the labor the same when it comes to making britain
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a beacon for peace and human rights when it comes to international policy he made that very clearly and compensate obviously the there was some controversy over the four of shadow foreign secretary thornberry name checking venezuela with all these other countries that are known to abuse human rights what do you make of the well i think emily made a very powerful speech but people are talking about venezuela what people are talking about is making sure that the world becomes more and more dangerous as north korea fires missiles over japan as a present the united states goes to the united nations and threatens not even just regime change but actually uses the phrase destroy destroy north korea as in the entire country we need cool heads and we need people like germany corbin to think and understand the special relationship the united states is in a special relationship unless i was to say actually we think the path you choosing is the wrong one we all fit on this program i think with you even i spoke about the
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importance of. and there was very little before joe mcdonnell spoke this week this year you're a glass half empty man that there's very little on paper and out there is there's very little in play a final day to have the calm now there in john mcdonnell yet now there is fantastic policy in play a father is what was your reaction what was the reaction in the hall to this announcement people were delighted because actually it's not only right but it makes sense and sim's of saving as well is to make billion pounds contractually required for the government to pay and this means we're paying a lower interest rate and we've got to move away from these models which seem all too often to be too much in the interests of the private big companies and not enough in the interest of the majority. citizens on the south means you media even understand the significance of the p.f. i announcement and how it could save the taxpayer money i think that's a message we have to get across that you're failing at the moment when the policy
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was announced two days ago and i think the british people hereabouts once they make clear that they agree with it and i think the mainstream media have to get on board and reflect their readers demands what do you think of gerry goldman's direct attack against the oligarchs and who in the press in the daily mail i think it was right he did it in a good humored way not enough do i not personalize why he made an important point that we've got to make sure that those billionaires who own the media don't shape the political agenda you know they should be reporting the news that an important role to play in holding governments oppositions to account they shouldn't be dictating the political agenda the people should dictate the pace of agenda the majority of people in this country and if just by the of the media discovers corbin seems to be implying that they don't have the power they used to a drive to destroy your party. what other methods will the one percent use against your life think and i've said this infringements in this way if people think we had
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it so often the last two years you could argue that so we haven't seen anything yet because when we're in governments. pursuing a transformative policy pursue it pursuing in the same way that nine hundred forty five labor movement did an agenda for the many not the few there will be a tiny minority of very powerful people who resent not and try to stop that happening and they have friends in powerful places but we think that the real power in this country lies in the majority of people the majority of people who decide who the next government will be. very much grassroots activist group lamentable has been pushing hard to get germy corbin's labor party into government this week it's world transformed festival run alongside labour's autumn. and featured on music and speakers including previous guests on going underground naomi klein and ken loach we caught up on the sea front with the festival's code curator bonnie francis about
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using a lot to protest corporate driven consumerism bania we are on the sea front in brighton lot of bleary eyed people wandering around with the hash tag t w t seventeen on their t. shirts what is t.w.t. while to be seen essence is a grassroots lads combining of politics and culture over four days to kind of running parallel to the labor party conference which is to kind of offer a kind of accessible space for young people men and old alike to kind of come down to all venues and kind of engage in politics not just the right wing blairite side of labor i welcome that well conceived debate engagement tree politics right from the get me in there we did yeah we've had all sorts of people in i mean there was maybe four or five thousand tickets sold probably iraq was supporting t.w. t.v. there may well have been i may well have been but also right ok let's talk about you on the phone let's talk about your. how you've been subverting the multi billion dollar advertising industry. one in particular. the great company
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volkswagen just just take us through what you did to their style of avatar as well essentially the problem isn't project works it also is in twenty two countries around the world we have over a hundred officers in the network and they kind of collaborate together to kind of challenge some of the kind of issues around consumers and kind of corporate driven social environmental issues they all were going for it was produced by a brilliant design a called jonathan ball in the u.k. and his pieces for the paris projects for the cup twenty one climate so all this was essentially kind of. just revealing the truth behind them really trying to say when they came out with all the diesel emissions. scandals and yeah they were just essentially they were really sorry that they got caught and that was the kind of the main strop line from the news i think they said it was a mistake and they're going to pay the fine yeah but now we see old times what's
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most manufacturers of the similar kind of emissions scandals going on the way in which they measure that emissions with the technology they instill in their cost so it's kind of indicative of a deeper cultural problem i think within. because obviously just. used by big multinational companies to come up with pretty beautiful advertising to persuade us to buy things you have course of course i mean most of the creative the brightest creative minds in the country go straight into the kind of cool communications industries advertising p.r. and marketing. you know unfortunately because of the narrow way in which they can express their creativity just with these briefs for brun's i think there's a lot of tension in that as well because they are very bright tracing their own the outlet is to sell essentially more products and services for things that don't really have that much meaning when we kind of dig down deeper insights that we try and give a pathway for artists to really activate that creates a potential for social environmental cause it's really told at the labor conference
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about the working hours of people in this country particularly with reference to strike because it was the strike at the mcdonald's corporation take me through the subverting of one of the great brands internationally mcdowell it's a sleazy saga isn't it like mcdonald's i mean outpost is the american story canadian magazine has been doing that for many many years but that kind of a real symbol of what's wrong with kind of corporate driven market lead kind of fast food consumerism and the way they treat their workers i mean you mention the mixed right here in the u.k. right which is a brilliant result for workers autonomy workers resistance to pool living conditions precarious labor conditions as well i mean we had some. speakers from extra i kind of the t w c conference for one of our sessions yeah it's really invigorating to see. precarious work is feeling like they can actually stand up and
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fight back against these huge multinational corporations really in essence kind of helping well essentially making the working lives very very difficult to have this propaganda was a big issue at the conference said the mainstream press propaganda do you think people in britain are getting a bit more sophisticated do understanding of the tasing now yeah it's a really great question and i think essentially people know that there's something inherently wrong about its own truthful because we all know implicitly. there is a kind of split between what is told as kind of ways of achieving success and happiness through corporate driven up its highs and the reality behind it while we still feel a lock of something missing and i think the british public is getting more wise because i think the traditional kind of avenues for communications and information is now more open sourced right we've got the rise of social media blogging the ability to create as individuals online and distribute as well so we have the modes
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of production and the channels of distribution and people can choose where they get the media from now more than they used to be able to see what's fascinating and we're seeing that kind of you have seen the ripples of only with regards to the way that people see behind false advertising or marketing campaigns or corporate scandals but also wider within social justice struggles and kind of key political moments from the last five ten years so yes social media has really opened up in the news for people to engage in news and. the word can seem. to me to call touch with media and get a plurality of voices which is great for democracy right bonnie thank you. that wraps up. coverage of labor party conference twenty seventeen next week is the tories turn will be that covering it in that system.
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in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long ted. studying so hard and requires strong just. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and parching to death sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the us. there are some nazis in the fifty it's not the mass of the a fifty voters but you know that saying that our culture of atonement. all remembrance of nuns nazi crimes is wrong that's too much it's the attitude
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of some people in the day of which by the way is no in the process of tearing itself apart. it's taken these children's homes. now threatens to take their future. the volcano here could erupt again at any time. most people have a strong choice. and live in poverty. which one can. but some are following a different approach. that's
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. catalonia is hosting rallies closed for and against independence from spain ahead of sunday's historic record and. tech giants take center stage in the scandal on alleged russian meddling in u.s. elections as google joins facebook on twitter in declaring it will testify to congress. and it's been exactly two.


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