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tv   Headline News  RT  September 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i am i was. i. had a lonely is independence referendum slated to begin within hours police reinforcements raid barcelona while madrid says that its managed to shut down most of the polling stations. which. has now been two years since russia launched its first air strikes in syria we take a look at what has changed in the meantime. and agro chemical giant
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monsanto has been banned from the european parliament after refusing to attend the hearing questioning studies about its problems. thanks so much for joining us this hour my name's neil harvey you're watching our international. spanish region of catalonia is on the verge of what could prove to be an historic decision with this independence referendum show june fourth sunday tensions are mounting though in the region with extra police deployed on the streets race to prevent the counting of electronic votes barcelona crowds gathered throughout saturday to protest against the upcoming vote in the madrid spanish union estates the rally right in front of city hall this was seen singing young from of the fascist spanish language party a number of protesters also gave nancy salutes and tell. about between
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a dude in barcelona officials from both sides of the trading accusations of extremism. it would. clearly be. our. adopting. you know people who. are against. it is the editor of the government over a whore who has crossed a very dangerous red line he has decided to resurrect the best of franco. during one demonstration amount of time to down a pro independence banner from boston on this town hall but after trying for over a minute to pull down the sign we should read more democracy the protester eventually gave up on his body the cocina reports from the council on capital. this saturday as that last the crucial day before the referendum on the independence of council on a kick start and we've seen
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a lot of movement in the streets of barcelona and across the region and now this morning spanish civil guard has raided the center of telecommunications and technology information to switch off applications that will be used to count the votes and we do know that the spanish police cordoned off the building now police presence has been tightened in different areas of the city especially on a major squares and around school buildings that will be used as polling stations on sunday spanish authority to see that they have already shut down thirteen hundred schools across the region and this is really the half of all schools that catalonia has catalan officials say that they are ready yet to find a compromise for you know we have said to the spanish government that it's still not to wait to send a message expressing their will to find a new scenario for the referendum for a whole his government and we will be the first to welcome it to say let's. and
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even postponed the october first vote meanwhile this saturday we see a lot of protests here in barcelona mostly people are protesting against the referendum to take place on sunday now we managed to speak to some people and listen to what they have to say. president of spain has been sleeping for the past five years and during that time the government in catalonia has been preparing and fighting for independence and now the president has to act quickly and he's going around trying to solve this somehow with. the cold war here franco took the photo they were they bought it but he's not democracy to me. what that thing is what to vote on how to vote it. and i think that votes just kind of democratic but it felt to me if you take it to the extreme it can be an arc east on friday there was a massive rally on plus a spine you know which is also located on the heart of barcelona we've seen thousands of people supporting
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a rap for random mostly young people drinking flags of council wanting and also shouting slogans so as you can see as the date of the referendum drollness and needier the splits within the castle and society is getting more and more avid and with people from old strife society taking their views to the streets i thank you yeah yeah yeah. i think i. think i. could. do a polling stations defended by so-called neighborhood watch is that comprised of local supporting the folks they've been given till so. in the morning to vacate the
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buildings this only a few hours from now but so far they have vowed to stay and make sure the voting takes place but sometimes both the buildings and those standing guard that come under attack for example and one of the schools for people sustained injuries to the neck and chest after they were shot with a pellet gun the identity of the sale in there has not yet been revealed another polling station at a secondary school was vandalized on friday night four station defenders were sleeping there at the time of the assault here's how one of the activists described the attack. be able at last night's what we were preparing for the votes a group of around twenty people turned up and tried to enter the polling station they started hanging signs writing group feeds the on the walls and provoking us they were hitting things destroying things shouting slogans in favor of spain in favor of spanish unity and against. it while in the spanish capital people have
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voted in a referendum the question on their ballot paper was do you want catalonia to remain part of spain under the people against catalan independence to part is the division in spanish society grows the country's european partners they're not exactly rushing to offer help. i mean there's. always a problem. over them so this is. probably one that is. what. you should cover not to take sides for the referendum and they do pay their share not because receiver to those measures taken but. the government goals are not acceptable imagine if that is the. thought of it is really done the same thinks there would be if we did not show scandal the resolutions court nominations everything. now we. know.
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you're appearing you to your old watch you watch you use. the spanish interior ministry now says that most of the polling stations which vote organizers had designated to host the referendum have been shut down by the authorities law and order in the region is maintained by the catalan regional police force known as the muscles the squad that are this replace the spanish police locally almost ten years ago and is controlled by the catalan government and the catalan forces have been tasked with preventing sunday's referendum from actually taking place but fears are being expressed in madrid that officers might not comply with their orders the spanish government therefore is deployed national military forces the civil guard to the region to ensure the vote does not go ahead six thousand civil guards have been stationed at ports in the region they arrived on cruise ships chant of by the interior ministry they'll stay in barcelona till
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october third. earlier on saturday morning a convoy of police vans left the port area and headed into the city and while the spokesperson for catalonia as police force says that while orders will be followed doesn't necessarily mean that anything will be prevented. in the bottom of interest of the one the main rules of police just to guarantee the internal security of our society in this respect police do not support those either for or against the referendum or are the all catalans we have no choice but to a baby the decisions of the court and prosecutor's office when it's about control over crowds and public order we have to see what happens in each individual case if we can't prevent something it doesn't mean we don't follow orders but the probably we can't do anything about it out of. syria militants have suffered the most serious losses in the last few months that's according to russia's defense
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ministry of a thousand islamic state an al qaeda extremists including sixteen eisel field commanders were killed in just eleven days the ministry added russian airstrikes also injured almost three thousand militants most killed were four hundred citizens from former soviet states people who joined the terrorist ministry confirmed with the help of russian airstrikes the syrian army will soon drive eisel from the eastern part of dairies or and saturday mark two years since russia launched its air campaign against terrorists in syria our correspondent is reporting on the anniversary in a war torn there is sore and this is one of many locations that he has been filming for since the start of the campaign. now on the second anniversary of russia's operation i stand in dead as sort of city that was besieged by isis for three years one of the most horrendous sieges in modern history its people suffered they
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stabbed and they died yet they now have hope the city is slowly coming back to life but as with all things in syria it isn't that simple. isis still hold the small parts of the city and a few days ago they cut the highway linking did a sword in the middle of this vast deserts to the rest of government controlled syria this morning they attacked the airport of their disorder but will force them back defeated that it has been a rollercoaster defeats and victories escalations and deescalation seize fives and betrayals certainly an action packed few years.
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this is the ad based in love hockey zero from which russian jets launching their suits he's against islam mix they thought gets in syria. whether it's. in a time the pilots are ready to go it's a moment's notice. in this ad fifty at the lay down by the romans almost thousand two. thousand years ago that isis staged one of its sickest massacres the russian military considers it the crowding jewel of the operation here in syria.
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one come to the government's side of aleppo the sees what you see on your way here just a few hundred meters away from the front lines. where in the island. and the rebels are pushing into aleppo again. the rescuers are now digging through the rubble looking for the body of a thirteen year old girl. and. if.
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it. were as a syrian still reposition overlooking the industrial quarter of their resort of the battle is said to be fear isis fired back as we filmed shells speak and fooling around. we ran but the syrian batteries kept firing. life even did as order is still far from normal but at least it will be stopped. him to death anymore. and here's a map for you which shows just how much territory eisel has lost in syria since the
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start of the campaign most of the to do strongholds they've fallen to president assad's army according to the russian defense ministry eighty seven percent of syria is now islamic state free. an. but the most significant came at the beginning in kind that october twenty fifth in the syrian government forces who that point really on the rope i foods were at the gate of damascus. russia coming in leveled the playing field
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and favored the day for the syrian government you have to remember that before that point the west and countries in the gulf countries had been fending off we've been who is land this fourth fifth. regardless of consequences for all whether that actually helped i feel the west power through it and saudi arabia but continuing to pour in fifty and to the jihadi for food but russia going to venture and particularly with air strikes turned the tide. the g. seven summit in the italian city of turin has received a less than warm welcome after hundreds of angry protesters surrounded the venue. cool clashes broke out between
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police and demonstrators who were voicing their fury at the policies of the g seven economies several arrests were reportedly mates and while ministers discussed prospects of a fourth industrial revolution focused on the streets of turin showed no signs of calming down. going to be. i i. look cool the only way i. really was cool. representatives of the agro chemical giant monsanto have been banned from the european parliament till explain
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all about that story and bring you much more after this break. thanks. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the six. the only show i go out of my way to. really pack the.
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american. parents better than. to see people you've never heard of. jack the. president of the world bank. sent us an e-mail. president a man you might call him has been hit by a fresh wave of criticism months after he cut taxes for the wealthy he responded by saying these ladies tax reforms aimed at encouraging investment and promoting talent in the country but many people in paris don't agree warning the new leaders already becoming a president for the rich and the reform will only worsen inequality in france. has more. how do you know when you not just rich but your filthy wage.
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your fast cars and race horses a definitely signs that eve more than a pretty penny to spend right. well not so much in france where the toys of the rich and famous no longer eligible for tax and that's causing quite a stir if you can because surely pour through that i think this is unfair but justice no longer exists and firms there isn't a justice system anymore this is the hunger for power of a prince who wants to rule our country how he wants. government is only for the rich and he doesn't care about the poor we don't have a middle class there are only poor people who work for the rich yes i am outraged and we the young people should protest against this not cool switching how france taxes wealth is government change that it wants to do you have the extremely wealthy including tens of thousands of millionaires who fled the country because of
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the country's old tax system and even though only a tiny fraction of french people pay the old tax my coins own m.p.'s admit they going to face a hard time explaining bass. how could i explain this to six year olds who own an old apartment that they will be taxed more than young trader's driving a ferrari so cool that the taxes raised under the old system of current sold out by the money that's wrong so lost by people trying to avoid it but many people particularly pension is say they'll be harder hit under the new system and they fear reus they claim that mccoist government is only for the rich and the super rich charlotte didn't skate ot see paris micron's economic. numerous protests across france demonstrations have seen retired workers out on the streets there angry with taxes on their pensions student protesters of anti youth
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and that sparked clashes with the police a french left wing party member told us that if nothing changes in policy his popularity will sink even further. attracting rich people to invest in france is always a sim argument but mr mark wrong forgot that france is one of the. best countries already best country for. foreign investment was elected with them to get equal rights presented by many medias you proceeded. to change thing and it was a lie because what is proposing is this same old politics that only been beneficial for the rich are seeing the impact will be that less and less people believe. that popularity will go down. weed killer john one son has been kicked out of the european parliament it's lobbyists were banned after
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they refused to attend the hearing about whether secret studies into the safety of monsanto's products were flawed or exaggerated for commercial means lawmakers also slammed the secrecy that surrounded the studies. how can we be sure of develop duty of the conclusions about to say fifty or otherwise of life for state when there is lack of transparency when it is publicly revealed by the latest us court cases that the scientific data provided by the company experts was forced to fight the line for say the m.e.p. there just mention is used by monsanto in some of its weed killers chemists say that it can cause serious side damage and that is toxic to animals and people world health organization claims that it can also cause cancer and we're going to consumers association says the monsanto is happy to sweep all of our under the carpet if it means bigger profits. the stakes for months down are extremely high
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they have an eight billion dollar industry that they're trying to protect in the united states there are hundreds of people who have gotten cancer from exposure to monsanto's roundup of the fight who are currently suing the company we have a paper trail that goes back to the one nine hundred eighty s. that showed monsanto knew that round up causes cancer and. they have been able to successfully suppress this evidence and it was only until two thousand and two when the world health organization determined that monsanto is roundup was a probable human carcinogen they've been trying to cover their tracks and convinced regulators that things should proceed business as usual in the united states and in the european union they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars euros every year to suppress the evidence that their products are dangerous and to improperly influence regulators and decision makers in parliament or in the congress if it means
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billions of dollars in sales to monsanto i think they probably would be better off continuing to hide the evidence even if it means being banned from lobbying. you know two states and russia have agreed to work together on a new project to build a space station the orbit the moon station will serve as a launch pad for further space exploration. missions to mars we spoke to former commander leroy chiao he thinks that joint projects like this one will help nations to improve the relations on earth. this deep space gateway is one of the key components of the new architecture that is more moon centric now and it's basically a node a very small and human tended kind of a space station that will enable us to both explore the moon and also service a departure point to go farther into the universe including possibly where hopefully one day to mars we want to go to mars in my opinion i think it makes
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a lot of sense to go back to the moon first because we want to make sure that everything we send in to mars before we send the crew there is going to work so we want to make sure habitats work the power sources power generators the rovers spacesuits we want to train crews there the moon is only three days away so if something goes wrong you can get your crew back pretty quickly with the d.s.t. does give you a lot of flexibility for exploration and i would fully expect all of the partners currently working on the i s s and hopefully new ones as well when we cooperate together in a big simple program like that like a space program that trickles down into other parts of the relationship and that can only be positive i'm going to gravitate away from the studio but right now i'm going to go home thanks for being with us in a different shooter that will be haitian be making you feel very welcome at the top of the hour with the latest news headlines.
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in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decade so instead of. studying so hard it requires drivers. going through mediation to enter an elite society. paci dead sometimes quite good. truly. want the true colors of universities in the u.s. . welcome
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to redact to deny all right so cullen capper next stand against police brutality and systemic racism finally went viral this past weekend getting wide support throughout the n.f.l. even from teams with racist logos. on the cognitive dissonance runs deep with you young pot of water. well i like to struggle black lives matter protests wearing amos n andy t. shirt to this life why is everybody looking at me like that. so you may not think this story is important about the n.f.l. you know because football is your bread and circuses right is just bread and circuses that is russian by the way bread and circuses goes back to roman times meaning you give the people enough bread and circuses and you can abuse them all you want you can you can have them work in pursuit labor wages you can hire sculptors to put up graham monuments of you and your royal penis everywhere you know nowadays you can use all the people's tax dollars to drop bombs on who even
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cares or stand you know doesn't matter as long as the football players run past in the soup line isn't too long who's circus is are meaningless contrivances used as an opiate for the masses of course now the ruling elite also use opioids as an opiate for the masses who are metaphors or hard work so just go straight to the opioids yell whack everybody out on oxy cotton one sam slurred speech and shivers they won't be complaining much about voter suppression or low wages as they're clear. from their pasts. but here's the point the bread and circuses are incredibly important in keeping those dumb and to sleep so with even the bread and circus is start getting angry start standing up it could be catastrophic for the broad.


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