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tv   Headline News  RT  October 10, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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packs a punch. yam is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than the food that i see people you've never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank so hates it. when he sent us an e-mail. i'm charlotte live in paris where police and protesters clashed on the streets a part of a national day of action. not a sincere target from barcelona and a crucial day for spain as catalonia braces for a potential declaration of independence despite increasing pressure from madrid.
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and other news the leader of britain's main opposition party slams tories amaze government for failing to secure a breakfast agreement as the prime minister warns the u.k. must be ready to quit the e.u. without a deal. i'm kate partridge and these are the headlines at r.t. international coming to you live from moscow and across here up thank you for watching. and we starting france where police have used tear gas amid a nationwide anti-government strike unions called on five million civil servants to walk out of their jobs and take part in one hundred thirty planned marches against president macross labor reforms.
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well for the latest on this we can now cross the live to paris and afrikaans correspondent charlotte do bensky behind that lucky i mean we saw those pictures of the tear gas earlier what's the situation like now. what. well it's cold for the moment in nation which is the end point over this protest today here in paris hundred service people thousands even have turned out in the streets to take part in this nationwide day of action and what we saw was some violence scuffles between police and a small minority of protest is only routed to this location the protest is
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a smashing up. part of banks as they pass them. up says all bus stops and the police then in responding with tear gas we also saw just spoken is being thrown at the police and as a say the police throwing tear gas into the crowds and trying to disperse those crowds. it does seem calm here and this is more about a protest that's been going on across sponsor hundred thirty plus gatherings all unhappy about the cuts being imposed by the michael government and all unhappy with the way that mr merkel has treated protesters in the past he has been scathing of protesters take a listen to what he's said. to be absolutely determined i will not give any way not to slack is not to cynics not to extremists well let's be clear who the slackers are according to mark wrong that's us all workers are slackers slackers are the
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people who work hard to earn a living to feed their family to pay their debts their mortgages this is purely a provocation from the head of state and from the government meaning that slackers wake up every day to go to their into prices to work. many people i inquire to be angry about those common. being made to mr malcolm so why all they protesting here today will many state that they are in the middle of a pay freeze many people are unhappy the fact that the government has talked about cutting one hundred and twenty thousand civil servant jobs over the next five years but this is what protesters have been telling us about why they're here on the streets protesting today. al gore huge currently mccrone is a president for the reach the rights of public workers are violated not protected to told follow stall where to play him to fulfill his promises so far he has not kept any of those he made to the public sector. so what's the impact of the
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strike so far as these thousands of people have full go on their jobs today with this is a strike across the civil service so we know that here in paris around fifty five percent of teachers are on strike that seventy schools being closed as a result of that no interest on the hospital services judiciary services are being delayed across the country as their union members also take part in this strike and we know that thirty percent of flights in frauds have been granted today they were warned by the civil aviation authority just in the last few days to reduce the number of flights leaving many people stranded here in france but the one thing that unites all of the people who are protesting is that there are unhappy about what they see as a government for the rich and the taxes which are hard hitting the working class people of france. across those developments china do bensky in paris thank you very much indeed thank you. well meanwhile french officials are choosing unusual ways to
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show their disapproval of macro manners in central france have turned to the president's portrayed in their office to face the wall and that's after they were tear gassed by police as they tried to enter a building in which metro was holding a meeting in a bid to speak to him while another man in the eastern region has come to the bottom third of his macro portrayed in a protest over a thirty percent cut in the state budget. we will people are also gathering in the catalonian capital of false alona for a march in support of independence it comes amid speculation the region's president could could shortly declare a break from spain well for more on this we cannot cross live t r t's anastasio churkin a who's a new boss along the well how that the us just so you know we're expecting a speech very shortly so what's the mood like on the ground there. we'll take some shots of patient here building anxiety and excitement are really taken the atmosphere as people here and perhaps lonely are are really waiting to find out
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their fate because within the next hour a crucial speech is going to be delivered by the cats one leader probably the model who is a sickly suppose to hide are announced in japan and so this region or not an ounce of dependence for this region directly maybe take it down a notch on the plane something along the lines of moving towards it but this is something that's been here is in the making and throughout the last weeks the cats a lot of egypt has been waiting to find out what exactly is going to happen following the crucial referendum that took place here to tell her first where to central square in barcelona where if you can see around here people have been packing up this entire square awaiting for carla's pushed him on to make his speech all of these people here most of them are supporters of independence so today are the ones expecting for him to go ahead and really deliver on what he had promised but we have to keep in mind work and absolutely rest assured that which two months
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focus has been breaking off the course of these crucial minutes leading up to his announcement because not only was society ben split here with massive crowds that we have seen come out in support of independence but also massive crowds calling for unity and calling for catalonia to stay within the country and certainly wasn't lots of pressure from madrid including from politicians comparing him. leader of north. saying he could commit suicide for this region with. this announcement let's take a listen to what. i say to people that they should be absolutely assured that the government is going to block any independence declaration that might be expressed. disagree with the law but you cannot disobey the law if you disobey the law to become. the president of the governments of those the governments of cuts allouni all who have broken the law to return. so therefore place themselves within the
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constitutional order. well it's clear that madrid has really stuck with their lines of not agreeing. but we've seen from the cats of one leader you initially extremely strong language he was suggesting even at some point ready to go to jail for this if he must and so lots of people here are expecting for him to keep its promises but in the days. he hasn't been very clear in terms of what people. and we've been taking to the streets of barcelona to find out what it is that locals are expecting him to say but in this next hour. i think he will declare independence because he has no other option after the referendum one possibility is that he would do it but without immediate effect. until after negotiations. if they really do declare independence it will take time to come into force anyway
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i don't think there will be independence. i care most about it is necessary to show rebellion was not though we found the premise of the solution which is it demonstrates this half of the population is tied up in a well it's clear that obviously opinions within cats allowed the spanish the site are quite different in terms of what's to come but really not very much time to wait and find out which direction exactly this region is going to change up heading as just within the hour the cat's wild leader is going to make his intentions known and what happens next at this point is really anyone's guess it's indeed a period of making history that's an assessor check it out in barcelona thank you very much indeed thank you. for me one on monday a pro independence march in the east and spanish city of course balance here i should say descended into violence as it faced off against a current a demonstration course find interesting. because. it was. a police intervened to try to separate the two groups pro independence
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organizers accuse the unity supporters of provocation. was. was. was was. was was for me one official's aide madrid are particularly outspoken about catalonia secession bid some have even resorted to making personal threats. history should not be repeated let's hope nothing is declared tomorrow because perhaps the one who declares that it will end up like the one who declared it eighty three years ago and well the spanish prime minister spokesperson that was referring to catalonia is a former first minister luis combine ists who declared the region independent back
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in one thousand nine hundred thirty four when he fled to france where he was captured by the nazis and handed over to spain's fascist regime in one nine hundred forty the politician was tried and executed for rebellion. well the recent reference by the spanish prime minister's spokesperson to that episode has sparked anger one catalan m.p. said the people don't need to be reminded of the tragedy while the leader of the left wing put there must party accuse the spokes person of being either ignorant or irresponsibly provocative well ninety percent of those who cast their ballots in the catalan referendum voted to split from spain but if the region does move to become independent it would have a lengthy to do list. if catalonia were to become an independent country that would presume a new constitution a new election law and a change in the political parties let's remember that about half the population doesn't want to be and independent cut the lawn and that would become the basis for
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i think a very contentious political division within any new independent country. brussels has made it very clear that if catalonia breaks away from spain they would have to reapply separately to become a new member of the e.u. this would put them in the position of many other countries that our candidate countries now may be cut alone you would be in a position to jump the line because they're already in the e.u. as part of spain and their institutions presume membership in the u. and that means use of the euro as well. as we know is completely useless when it comes to the actual security threats to europe like the uncontrolled migration of the growth of terrorism with people in cut the law and you want to join nato simply as part of the larger bureaucratic structure of europe maybe so but clearly there are no defense or security needs that cut alone he has
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that required membership in nato. if it's a unilateral declaration illegally against spanish law nobody took a nobody of importance will recognize the lawyer if on the other hand it's a negotiated separation with madrid's agreement then it will not be a controversial matter for other countries to recognize catalonia. now britain's prime minister to resign may has warned the country must be prepared to quickly you without a deal become the aggrieved the brussels on terms who exit that's often months so frustrating talks with the you have failed to produce an agreement. i i believe it is profoundly in all our interests for the negotiations to succeed it is also our responsibility as a government to prepare for every eventuality so that is exactly what we are doing to resume a said that talks of the european union could drag on for another year at least and
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despite insisting that real and tangible progress is being made something that very few people believe right now almost in the same breath she admitted that the country has got to be prepared for the eventuality of a no deal out come proof of the fact that the government views this as a realistic possibility is the publication of these two so-called white papers these are documents that sets out the government's plans for customs and trade arrangements in case britain ends up crashing out of the european union with no deal obviously all these admissions were more than enough material for jeremy corbyn to pounce on and to capitalize on in parliament. the referendum with still no clear on what the future of this country will look like. the question
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must be arsed watching the us has the government been doing all this time if this government can't negotiate a deal for britain very should make where you threw dream with. the conservative party has been rather distracted with public internal squabbling over the past couple of weeks so you've got jeremy corbin saying look you need to stop fighting with each other and get on with the business of negotiating britain's departure from the european union and a fresh round of negotiations is getting underway now so that statement from two reason may about being. compared to the adventure ality it wasn't just meant for domestic consumption it's also another signal to brussels that look we're prepared to rule away with no deal if we don't get what we want and of course we've got to both london and brussels loping the responsibility for the progress of these talks
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at each other achieving that partnership required leadership and flexibility not just from us but from our friends the twenty seven nations of the e.u. the ball is in their court this is not exactly a ball game the ball is entirely in the u.k. court it's important to remember that domestically had to resign may's position is incredibly precarious she's under intense political pressure she's seen as politically weak and her popularity has plummeted she can't quite shake talk of an internal party coup against her and this is something that diplomats and negotiators in brussels are watching very closely with resume a being closely observed here's more of the grilling she faced during her latest speech in parliament.
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the british people voted for control of the border. on to their money fifteen months songs from the referendum made so little progress leadership and flexibility still no clear on what the future of this country will look like leadership in flexibility watch in the us has the government been doing all this time. so little progress no solutions on the scale of the mess so little progress food is in there cools ok this is no exactly a ball game if this government can't negotiate a deal for britain they should make way for a team but i know this is a serious. i don't want to hold up this is a serious issue i. hear aspect forces in syria are on the verge of retaking isos one time de facto capital rucka more on
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that after the break. thank you new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around corporate corporations from washington washington post media the. voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. sure seems wrong. just don't.
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get to shape our. outlook. and in detroit it was betrayed. when so many find themselves worlds apart if we choose to look for common ground. welcome back us banks fighters in syria say they're just a week away from liberating islamic states one time defacto capital rocka but the efforts to push the terrorists out of the city which was once populated by more than two hundred thousand people has left it in ruins here are some of the latest pictures from inside rocca.
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well kurdish led forces launched their military operation against the terrorists in iraq in the early june they've liberated ninety percent of the city although i still continues to fight for control of the center for loss of the old city it would be a major blow to the terror group the syrian army is now also pushing them out of barrows or considered to be isolated last stronghold in eastern syria. but the story of rocca is the focus of most media attention not far from the city are a number of syrian villages which were repeatedly targeted by allies so here's the story of one woman whose village was reduced to rubble. islamic state attacked us by surprise at four in the morning that.
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they said leave everything behind because the village is going to be razed to the ground and that's precisely what happened before our rice we watched the smoke rise from our houses. from then on our life as hostages of islamic states started off it was uncertain everything was uncertain to it. but after the call the planes didn't differentiate when they were bombing they hit i still fight as as well as civilians we were living amongst the terrorists the jets didn't discriminate what we fear most was the aircraft as they were bombing my lands.
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this is the house i lived in as you can see it's totally burned down it's been robbed and looted there's nothing left. for. donald trump's administration has yet again criticized iran pentagon chief james mattis insinuated ted on is a key supporter of terrorism with washington now poised to announced its new approach towards the new kid ill with iran. the international situation is the most complex and demanding that i have seen in all my years of service and that over four decades one state sponsor of terror in the mideast cannot hide behind its nation state status while in effect it is actually a destabilizing revolutionary regime. the white house is expected to withdraw its support for the nuclear agreement this week earlier president made several statements calling the deal the worst in history in europe particularly germany
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france and the u.k. have urged him to stay in the deal. well meanwhile a recent survey found that sixty percent of americans support using the nuclear bomb against iran if it helps to save american soldiers or political analyst adam gary thinks if trump decides to pull out of the nuclear deal he'll face extremely strong opposition not only from allies but also from within the u.s. . if trump actually is going to make good on his threat and withdraw from the j.c.b. away it means he'll be going against the recommendations of his own state department the testimony of the u.s. defense secretary before congress the european union a formal statement by the joint jointly issued by germany france and the u.k. will be going of course against russia and china in the short term it would show that the united states is a totally unreliable negotiating partner for everyone in anyone in terms of the wider conflicts if the u.s.
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really wants to be another the from behind war against yet another middle eastern country they will have to think twice iran is stronger than any country that america has yet invaded they are very prepared for an onslaught and they're even prepared from a kind of jihad this incursion in the high number of people in the us do want to invade iran even though iran poses no threat to the united states already other nations the only people that really threatened by iran are the terrorists one would think that americans would hope that's a good thing. and finally a man dressed in a shark costume has fallen foul of austria's new burka ban the lower is aimed at muslim women who wear the full face and body fail but let's take a look at how this story unfolded. thank you. i think you raise some poor innocent should behave in accordance with the norms of
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the country and women should have the right to dress how they like we should empower women and not take their liberty and clothing if you know. when we go to the rates for polling of museums we have to tear into their rules what can i say it should be the same here you can't even wear a scarf anymore in subzero temperatures this is getting really absurd and today we're trying to defeat this absurdity. i think we all made up his mission when i'm absolutely at peace with myself about the book of things.
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thanks. ali back at the top of the hour with the latest headlines for you then. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's. the age of the super money. and spending two to twenty million. it's experience like nothing else on the cross i want to share what
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i think what i know about the beautiful guy but great so what chance with. the geeks going to. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. to get this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a city parking space is not
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a solution your craft to have someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all and is there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. well max kaiser this is that as a reporter we are down for a collar.


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