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tv   Headline News  RT  October 10, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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we are parents better than. the sea people you've never heard of. the world bank he. sent us an e-mail. breaking news the. president. says that catalonia will postpone its declaration of independence for a couple of weeks as the region won the right to break away from spain in its referendum but is giving dialogue a chance. i . guess broken windows barricades a nationwide strike is underway in france protest against president labor reforms. this is the government been doing all this time around the leader of britain's main
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opposition party that stories of maize government for failing to secure a break city agreement with the prime minister warns u.k. must be ready to quit the e.u. without a deal. good evening and welcome my name is the this is international. breaking news this hour because the council on president. says that council only will postpone it strictly ration of independence for a couple of weeks. said the region when the right to break away from spain and its referendum but that it would make way for a dialogue. following everything that said how themselves reacted to this decision.
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won't neal you know this topic of council on independence is one that left nobody indifferent here in barcelona as well as throughout the capital on region and certainly in parts of spain we have seen massive protests of people coming out onto the streets we've seen crowds in support of independence we've seen demonstrating for unity and certainly the day of the referendum the one that told us that people were not willing to back down when it comes to being able to vote for reference for independence of traps lonia let's keep in mind that of tuber first the images that circulated the world of police brutality that unraveled as a people tried to make it to the polling stations in the daily not to the referendum websites were blocked that were related to the topic of the referendum out we've seen police officer sees ballots drug drug voters around certainly images that were considered shocking so all of those people were ready to come out and
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support the issue for independent of independence no matter what the outcome was bustamante cattle on leader himself has said he would really not back down he even at some point had said that he would be ready to go to jail for the issue of independence he said that independence would be proclaimed within forty forty eight hours of counting out counting up the official referendum results but certainly that rhetoric today the window let's take a listen. we are. independent state. with all due respect i ask them to suspend the declaration of independence so that's in the coming weeks we can undertake a dialogue going. well despite all of the anxiety and build up in anticipation for those who did come out in support of independence we didn't see the caps leaders really use much more calm language he talks about dialogue and negotiation with
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madrid he talked about how they're still europeans he switched to the spanish language at some point and he certainly made it clear that this declaration of independence that so many were looking out for is not going to be taking place quite yet he did say that any declarations would be suspended within the next couple of weeks for negotiations with madrid to be able to take place but this is not really seen as a huge coincidence given how much pressure was coming out of madrid recently. i say to people that they should be absolutely assured that the government is going to block any independence declaration that might be expressed. disagree with the law but you cannot disobey the law if you disobey the law to become an outlaw or the president of the governments of those the governments of cuts allouni or who have broken the law to return to live themis to their full place themselves within the constitutional order. well now that puts them on seems to have really listens
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to the calls coming out of madrid as well as throughout europe with so many politicians calling upon him to take it down a notch and potentially not declare this independence that people here might have voted for in the referendum it's going to be interesting to see how all of those people that were cracked down upon on the day of the referendum and did indeed go out and support and vote and expected these promises to be kept are going to be reacting and thanks to have to check in to bring us up to date from. well the declaration of independence isn't the only thing that was delayed today the actual speech in the council on palm and to the moment was delivered an hour later than had been billed just before taking to the podium. you can see he was going through the speech wall last time lots of flicking through his notes even if he'd lost my with a man. well ninety percent of participants in the referendum which occurred on october
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first voted in favor of independence but the day was marred by violence as the civil guard moved in to disrupt the vote. i.
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think because. i officials in madrid how persistently said the independence vote is illegal and some even resorted to making personal threats to the catalan leaders. history should not be repeated let's hope nothing is declared tomorrow because perhaps the one who declares that like the one who declared it eighty three years ago that the spanish prime minister spokes person i was referring to catalonians former first minister luis companies who declared the region independent back in one thousand nine hundred thirty four he fled to france where he was captured by the nazis and handed over to spain's fascist regime nine hundred forty the politician was tried and executed for rebellion in fact the pressure from madrid has been mounting ever
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since the referendum which it is even passed the new law that makes it easier for companies to relocate away from catalonia several banks as well as energy telecommunications and textile companies are already decided to move their headquarters out of the region so perhaps no surprise that the catalonia leadership turned out to be somewhat less determined to proceed with independence. london mother little daughter day after the first of october we will start a new period so we can go into consideration the will of the castle and. not do not underestimate the strength of the people of catalonia. a woman of the situation asks for mediation and mediation means that we need a third passes and i get to me i will make a direct appeal to the european union. ok let's discuss this topic further now with bernard darlins joining us from berlin is
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a board member of the flemish people's movement bernard good evening t. i don't know how many people saw this coming a postponement coming from bush demands he says they're still going to be independent but it's going to be discussed first what was your reaction. well we will as the flemish independent ist movements we had buckets of sparkling wine prepared for a party tonight here in brussels but we kept them in the fridge because three were . so totally deceived by kleenex does this this day show. so well but on the other hand it has been in the air it has been already said today that huge pressure has been exercised on the captain and governments and we've seen to what extent the spanish. government is
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using a really intimidation filings and even threatening to send the army to to catalonia now they have been exercising a lot of economical pressure. companies announced their leave from from the kountry the european union also. said before that cut that only it would put itself outside to european union that they would lose access to the euro and everything so i think the pressure is terrible and if only you would take in account that this is a risk of violence has not been retired from from the spanish side that hardly excused for what happened last week on sunday then i can understand that mr push the month will try to find a way out in dialogue and that t.
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now that all the eyes of the world are seeing what he's trying to say that they might find a top party hasn't been finding to know yet. what do you think the next move from madrid will be. well hardly a few minutes after the clue in the parliament. that expanded government already consider the postponement of the independent. an implicit clear ration of independence so it is a very real possibility we'll do. and arrest. mr president but of course the facts will have to show us what is going to happen in reality. and just very briefly you could just under a minute been. since the start catalonia pushed him on said that what he really
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wanted was that voice to be heard he said he wanted a scottish style referendum both sides putting their message across will do you think the madrid which refused to allow that will now finally allow a discussion about independence. i haven't seen any sign that from the side of madrid there would be. an opening to this. so in the contrary been already threatening with arresting the mr president the minister president of got to loan you so i don't think that the issue of the exit of this confrontation will come from the spanish side it should come from european nations and european institutions that should last. to responsible and and see see to see that there is no move from madrid because one thing is really sure if you come to.
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a majority of the cuts or lands want to break up with spain you see that have their own institutions that have a problem and where there is an independent just majority there is a voice heard in the referendum with a huge majority ofin the pin this so. near the human rights or civil determination and this is also european values so that others are the police and i feel just as readily things that there are times got the better of elvis great to hear your thoughts the appreciate it but not dolmens board member of the let me people's movement. and let's push on plenty more big stories today particularly in paris where police of these tear gas as during part of a nationwide strike against the government french unions called on five million civil servants to walk out of their jobs and join him on one hundred thirty march
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she's against presidents about new micron's labor reforms. and several arrests were made this protest has clashed with police fellow david ski has more. well the peace is over as police have been firing tear gas on the protests to say in paris now we're in the middle of a crowd i'm going to give you a sense of like how angry people are we've got student who spoke lines me who was unhappy about it because they hate syria so you support that teaches the hospital workers and the rest of the civil servants who are taking place in this nationwide
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day of protest but as we've been improving along with the destination hate towards a nation in paris we've already seen some of the damage that's been caused by the protesters and we've seen people fleeing past just impacted by the effects of that sea gas now many people here are unhappy about what they see is the monsoon government's cuts to the civil service the strike took a hundred twenty thousand jobs to be cuts over the next five days a pay freeze and many people feeling that mr mack just doesn't represent the working class in fact many people think that mr macro is actually still you should contact the white house in the pot in the past as well last and that being fairly indiscriminate about how he has discussed protests is what he thinks of them take a listen to what he said previously that will be absolutely determined i will not give a name anyway not to slack is not to cynics not to extremists well let's be clear who the slackers are according to micron that's us all workers are slackers
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slackers are the people who work hard to earn a living. to feed their family to pay their debts their mortgages this is purely a provocation from the head of state and from the government meaning that slackers wake up every day to go to their into prices to work this is just some of the damage to public property here in paris the protesters making fun of what michael and said it says she's free all finial which basically means i am a slacker making a joint there's comments by mr mock on don't want to use currently mccrone is a president for the reach the rights of public workers are violated not protected to told. we're waiting for him to fulfill his promises so far he has not kept and they are very soon made to the public sector judging by the measures these taken he's concerned about the rich but know about the merits of the population who would like a balance top
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a social equity wall says i thought it was for me just part of the fight against the labor law and the ordinances of the french government so what's the impact on services across france well the union say fifty five percent of teachers in paris a taking part in the strike today mean that seventy schools have been closed many hospitals judicial services and tribunals will see delays as a result of these protests and many airlines have canceled their flights with the civil aviation authority telling allies to cancel at least thirty percent of their flights which is left many people stranded in france but the one thing that unites all of the people taking part in this national day of action today is that they're all on happy with the cuts of the model government and a president to many people say is a president just for the rich not the working class.
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paris meanwhile french officials are choosing other. ways to share the disapproval of marc wrong for example mayors in central france two in the president's portraits in their offices to face the wall after they were tear gassed by police as they tried to enter a building which marked on was holding a meeting as they were bidding to speak to him in another manner in an eastern region at the bottom third of his macron portraits that was in protest at a cut of over thirty percent in his state budget. prime minister trees of maize warned that the country must be prepared to quit the e.u. without a deal if it can't agree with brussels on how to exit and this is after months of frustrating talks with the european union failed so far to produce an agreement. well i believe it is profoundly in all our interests for the negotiations to succeed it is also our responsibility as a government to prepare for every eventuality so that is exactly what we are doing
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to resume a said that talks with the european union could drag on for another year at least and despite insisting that real and tangible progress is being made something that very few people believe right now almost in the same breath she admitted that the country has got to be prepared for the eventuality of a no deal out come proof of the fact that the government views this as a realistic possibility is the publication of these two so-called white papers these are documents that set out the government's plans for customs and trade arrangements in case britain ends up crashing out of the european union with a no deal obviously all these admissions were more than enough material for jeremy corbin to pounce on and to capitalize on in parliament. the referendum was still not clear on what the future of this country will look like.
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the question must be asked watching over us has the government been doing. if this government can't negotiate a deal for britain very sure where you through dream with. the conservative party has been rather distracted with public internal squabbling over the past couple of weeks we've got jeremy corbin saying look you need to stop fighting with each other and get on with the business of negotiating britain's departure from the european union and a fresh round of negotiations is getting underway now so that statement from two reason may about be. prepared the invention ality it wasn't just meant for domestic consumption it's also another signal to brussels that look we're prepared to rule away with no deal if we don't get what we want and of course we've got both london
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and brussels lobing the responsibility for the progress of these talks at each other achieving that partnership will require leadership and flexibility not just from us but from our friends the twenty seven nations of the e.u. the ball is in their court this is not exactly a ball game the. is entirely in the u.k. court it's important to remember that domestically heads are reason mase position is incredibly precarious she's under intense political pressure she's seen as politically weak and her popularity has plummeted she can't quite shake talk of an internal party coup against her and this is something that diplomats and negotiators in brussels are watching very closely.
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twitter has burned the campaign post by republican marsha blackburn who is running for the tennessee senator's office in the campaign video post the representative who's a close ally of donald trump's no verse strong stance and i want success in her fight against an organization that according to her children's body parts i thought planned parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts thank god. twitter however took that video down saying that it was quote an inflammatory statement the video has since reappeared. it comes as facebook has seemingly had enough of criticism that it's failing to do enough to police fake news the company security chief went to twitter ironically to explain that those who say there's an easy way to battle false stories might want facebook to become an orwellian style ministry of truth. so if you don't worry about becoming the
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ministry of truth with machine learning systems trained on your personal biases are going to see easy. careless of a decision now with paul with the new celebrity activist and matty a big meanie founder a shout out to you kate good evening to you both gentlemen and we just heard a couple of the big guns there mention twitter and facebook so i'd like to ask you first poor do you think social media giants are under too much pressure now to remove unwanted content. no i think it's quite the opposite i think they are going around censoring stuff with no good reason and the the real problem is that all this culture is growed up without any moderation what so ever by moderation i mean the old term where somebody sits and looks at what people are posting when i first went online and even before online when we had
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telephone. there was a bullet in bold there was a moderator who went through and looked at everything before it got posted but unfortunately now we're in a situation where so many people are posting about what they had to do. all you know the fact that they need to call see that it is made social media almost impossible to moderate but i still think we need some form of moderation so instead of regulation which you know for a libertarian like myself is is a horrible word i think we need a filtration system that these taking out all the dross and all the inaccurate stuff and replacing it. would be letting through the posts that are sensible meaningful in the same way that we have an editor and used by people all the same way that all now. you know that there is an editor on
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a news program who decides you know what things were you seeing because most people are getting their news from facebook and twitter and if you look at recent events like the fact that poor old tom petty was announced as dead before he actually was you know that does need to be some moderation but i think moderation is far more important than regulation would you make that matter moderation regulation and should we be allowing it let's be honest is a money making all guys ations facebook and twitter to be doing the deciding. no no of course not i mean i'm sorry bar strongly disagree with that i think. you know i don't remember. twenty five so it's a potential slightly younger but for me a social media like twitter facebook instagram of things like that we need to realize what they are they're not blogs where you have moderators looking at your
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posts before they go online we don't want to turn them into cheap versions of the guardian or the telegraph with some of that because they're not that they are a place for people to share opinions be bigoted or not and essentially mirrors what societies like and yes and sometimes society is ugly sometimes of opinions we do not agree with should they be censored should they be moderated of course not it's a place where people can talk debate and engage with in a free and open way if we were to do what you or your the speaker said you know or would be looking at where if i tweet something is or comes up forty eight hours later how are you supposed to have a debate when it comes to that kind of stuff it the beauty of social media is that instantaneous that i can have a debate about for example trump with someone in the united states and it's in real time and yes that means that there are things like fake news that come up and so forth but i think that comes from education where you start to realize that you shouldn't believe everything that comes up on social media it is
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a public speaking ground for everybody to share their opinions and share this caution which then led by you know the mainstream press or whatever else where you want to get your facts and information from just put. please pull shouldn't we just be policing ourselves who are intelligent enough and aren't we. so you know filter through things ourselves and decide what's too much nonsense well that's that's a whole other debate whether we're in this is enough to do that or not i think the real problem is that too many people are taking liberties it's the usual thing the . response. well about the way they use they they end up being regulated and i think if we could if we could achieve a situation where people don't just instantly scream abuse and your opinion that doesn't matter is that we'd be fine but too many people are just you know
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reacting. with whatever the first file words and often you know death threats seem to be now like the common currency of all i'm just hoping that ian duncan smith gets run over by a bus that kind of thing you see on social media all the time that you know that needs addressing it really does. go ahead because he wanted to respond. yes i just think about half the kind of stuff i mean yes we see it more now with social media but you know people used to do and have these conversations before social media was around you know i'm sure when we had the blair years that people would be screaming at that t.v. sets as opposed to being able to voice it online or you know one faction was around and so forth it was in these kind of ideas these kind of negative reactions you screaming or you know almost like trolling if you want to call it has always existed and it's kind of conversations have always happened the only difference is
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that the internet has allowed us to do these online across multiple continents or you know across regions as opposed to having it having it centralized and for me it's like you're trying to turn the vision that you stuff. he used to happen over the garden fence or at the bus stop or whatever suddenly it's broad cause just like a television program to thousands of people when you style broadcast your opinions to thousands of people there has to be moderation. the question is paul who can you trust to do that moderations you go to organizations like twitter for example today blocking a republican senate candidates video that was posted they called it inflammatory they didn't say that it was factually incorrect they didn't say that it was if offensive or illegal they said it was inflammatory so their police.


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