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tv   Russia Today Programming  RT  October 17, 2017 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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back in. the headlines here on all t two leaders all detained while they're investigating first edition over allegedly playing key roles in the region's referendum on independence from spain. the iraqi military seizes the disputed northern city of kirkuk from kurdish forces who say the assault amounts to a declaration of war it comes less than two weeks off the islamic state was forced out of the region leading to a further internal strife in the country. and. impeachment iconic sex industry mogul laurie flintoff is ten million dollars for information that could bring down u.s. presidents. you can we devise alleged always on
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a website and we'll be back with the news in about an hour in the meantime here on the international the cross talk examines the latest claims of foul play in the u.s. presidential election and if you're watching in the u.k. or island it's the talk show renegade. hello and welcome to all things considered i'm peter lavelle. decision to start the process too and the nuclear deal is a big deal is this the path toward still another war also the so-called russia gate scandal take turns it's almost impossible to believe.
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ross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have victor allege he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and of course we have dimitri bobby she's a political analyst with sputnik international regimen as always cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated i want to continue because we've talked about it last week donald trump has started the move to walk away from the iran deal none of us are surprised by that it was widely expected but did you know how he did it did surprise me a little bit. on social media e-mail s.m.s. is while the president was speaking i was receiving amazing number of messages saying peter how is it possible that the president of the united states is saying what he's saying because factually speaking it is odd odds with reality because you know we're moving towards
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a new two thousand and three moment when europe russia other nations including the middle east are opposed to a conflagration that the u.s. is building towards and there are very very few countries that support the israel. some countries and the persian goes real saudi arabia the united arab and to the speech that actually it was. four cities you think he. supports al qaeda you know what well here's the thing that i see is these are. radical. sunni ridiculous really and to them iran and the sheer are not just bust its. enemies that have to be destroyed in what he was thinking will use if we look at you know when you bring up the issue of. fighting isis and all that i mean iran
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wouldn't be doing this in iraq if it hadn't been for the illegal invasion of iraq in two thousand and three going back to your point in this moment is two thousand and three women want to know is this this asked the obvious question here is this a drive to war i think it is indeed a a first baby step in that direction softening everybody first of what has to be said that this refusal to certify what is the iranian nuclear agency review this is an american and this is american legislation passed by congress in order to support and to check to put a leverage on obama's negotiation of this deal with the p five plus one plus others inherited yes. i think it's a first step towards war and one of the first indications of that to me is the usual neo cons in the commentary in the think tanks immediately perked up their
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heads and said oh maybe it's a pretty low bar but everything trump said seems incredibly reasonable on this to me if this was shot even to be brought up as soon as that was the first whiff of possible result of the neocons trot out and suddenly discover this reality is they're saying they had to say was reasonable in foreign policy that's what i worry here the the the problem with this is of course. and it happens with american presidents it's always the domestic audience here but there are other signatories to this agreement and the iranians have made it very clear that they're not going to renegotiate this at all and the european american european allies or they actually went to washington and petitioned trump and his functionaries not to start walking with the european union is not given protection and they just said
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the united states can't destroy this agreement because it was an agreement between iran and you know all we need to museums that they want in the same changes ok this is going to be the strategy isn't it the u.s. walks away from it and then any other country including iran because i would be a different set of sanctions they would start sanctioning european companies do you mean with the absolutely very very counterproductive for the u.s. in a number of ways first of all the relations that there has atlantic relationship is not in the best shape anyway system came to power in the us second of all their willingness or the us to. come away from expected agreements and attempt to change them by force you know it seriously impacts on american reputation for their future and their protection of american diplomacy. if you give some fish a washington and skull to his official washington actually care about that the moving the goalpost changing the rules in the middle of the game well i mean if you
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take care american diplomats have to care about because american power is not in a session anymore they understand the understand that their power is declining in that even now right now it's nothing nothing ten years twenty years right now it's in decline in they have to understand that they do understand that the reputation of these states is a broker is a diplomatic broker in the world aware that it concerns the far east and the future of the korean peninsula whether it concerns other areas of the middle east of which these are doing this walk that makes a deal with north korea almost. exactly what i think it's a good thing what is going on strangely because the stupidity of this is so astounding that finally it can bring a good result because what's going on is indeed every petition or the iraq story but on a much greater scale i mean the incompetence over george bush jr is nothing compared
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to the incompetence or trump so in that sense i'm not a bad actor but three months a debatable point i'm prepared are going to have small going for on the big lebowski you know i think it goes well for our literary and i will hear this over because they thought he was in court but and that time which didn't need it they were right there some of the. all that great can't get probably right political is code came out and said that nikki haley had her fingerprints on this speech what do you think life maybe nikki haley speech for new york and speechwriters had a finger in it but i seriously doubt whether nikki haley the former real estate account zelman hall said to r t the nikki haley's experience in foreign affairs was a few visits to the international house of pancakes i might use for i wish i had said. that's agreed so that might be stretching it but this speech was obvious. bellicosity it does more than just question the us is reliability as a partner europe had an eight year honeymoon with obama and to be fair if
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this was hillary clinton leading this decertification they would probably be getting in line for it but it is trump and they need to be they're reminded again after george bush now again with trump that every four years they face the prospect of being. stuck with a us that they simply can't at least values wise align with but more than that this is a big threat once again the us is the world's biggest problem with anti-proliferation nuclear proliferation efforts around the world they keep sabotaging this again we saw libya we saw iraq saddam hussein we're seeing this occur with north korea and now with iran iran comes to the deal with a civilian nuclear program and under blackmail from the obama regime it agrees to this this nuclear deal but they came to the table now what are other countries
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going to draw from this that if you even try to enter into negotiations the u.s. has no good faith in these negotiations. with the p five plus one with with the u.n. security council the international atomic energy agency germany france the u.k. china and russia all agreeing that iran is in full compliance ok with all the. markets absolutely but who benefits from what trump said look who is in it is there any beneficiary is really going to ok first of all but to your question politico that the politicos of that makes to can go it's well known that is not. tillerson that he has criticized him openly said that he is. and he haley's position here so to take those. seat the state of the state of perth likely to pay and. she's looking for you know any sort of more being used as
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a wedge. of promoting here for this position doesn't mean she's going to get it it doesn't mean that she gets computers as mark said but this is this is a way to two. way of promoting here now as far as beneficiaries of term again it's some several countries in the middle east first and foremost is that oh it's saudi arabia and some other mother kids. see iran as their main adversary and they dejan and certainly have some parts of the american national security establishment and they have their either tied to those to the interests of those countries and let's remember some are tied to the interests of foreign. nations for and allies of the u.s. and some that would like to benefit from for them from the war itself from the arms that would be the interesting thing is looking at cable television in the us is
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that it's another stick to beat russia radians will be backed up by the russians i kept hearing that over and over again well that's true. to what degree is it true russia signed the agreement like the europeans did in the americans and the iranians i mean they're they're respecting the parallel with russia is that they have no evidence on iran just like they have no evidence about russia getting involved in the american elections they have no evidence that iran has ever supported terrorist strikes including strikes against these so i'm not even sure israel would benefit from these kind of think the israeli in a.z. right here in the chaos yeah we need to train i think that's a big point more than anything stablish meant you know all these radio corks might benefit people like net and yup all but israel wants to be a dominant military force in the region. that's true ok. you know that is not the strongest that was not create any machine or you don't have
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a displeased them you know that you have iraq now that is strongly aligned with. syria also i mean all the way up to israel's border all the way up to the golan heights here and israelis tried he's just a complete mystery to me and always fails easy i mean we're going to go to a short period of people can human discussion on. what about the terms of h.s.b.c.'s deferred prosecution agreement they made. during the period in which they were called laundering billions for the drug cartel does this violate the prosecution. finally be prosecuted i'm going to bank
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prosecute. welcome back to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. ok gentlemen well into the year of investigative investigations and reports and suspicions and allegations and i could go on and on about russia gate here we have a new twist to c.n.n. breaking new ground here mark this pokémon go which i really don't have a great idea what that is when apparently. this is a game that you can play in up and the russians. controlled it in flipped elections apparently you know this is this is where russia gate jumps the shark. considering news dot com i think it's what we have here out of this report
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actually originated in c.n.n. money of of all places which has been kind of a breeding ground for these for these ridiculous russia good stories and we literally have quote russian linked poky mongo quote tentacles unquote out of a quote shadow we knew yeah you know i mean this has of course this is blown up in their faces entirely the internet just. you know reacted with complete mockery goal or putin right now on the back to be could chew with his shirt off and everything. it actually discredited the whole russia gates norrie has been tremendously he said to me tells me again i'm sick and tired of this because i'm tired tired of talking about allegations and there are no facts to talk about big picture this is the state of journalism this is the sad state of journalism here where you know the alternative media is criticized for click bait and trying to get
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eyeballs and i mean this is the model of companies like c.n.n. i mean just click bait mindless stories that have no basis in reality or meaningful reality there's another angle to. been you know one of the reasons they're saying this and they've connected this book in my story to racial strife in the u.s. to. answer. what are they trying to do with this they're trying to see if. they still it is in the u.s. still is between. you know ages and partly it's. because not so much by issues but because the russians or the chinese or somebody else is stalking it but it you know it's you know it's you that people know i mean go out in their thousands. in washington d.c. and baltimore and new york in l.a. in others american cities they know full well they're there not because we're not
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sure somebody else has done them but to do so they're not doing it because somebody is using book a month at this. town do it to get them there it's not just a ridiculous it's it's a terrorist well it's not to say that it's nothing new in the nineteen sixty's the f.b.i. smeared the civil rights movement and martin luther king as communist agents this is an old cold war and there are two there was actually. this is this is an old cold war card replayed for that matter who idea but the interesting thing is is that you know the these these ridiculous conspiracy theories x. is the explanation for the failure. of the western political elites it is the failure of mainstream media is that you know the entire approach neo liberalism of the last forty years has created the conditions that we have on the great ground right now they just don't want to take responsibility for it must be somebody
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else's fault well the problem is that they have to have all further and further they can't get back i mean the expression in that washington post. that might help the senate can make it to get to the bottom or what have front in the rush inquiry and of course one of those have to do with the russian. it has nothing to do with the elections and what that shows how it's my job and the fishing expedition of the . expression for you bottom i think get into the bottom of the russian home and there was no russian involvement you know what imo it is that. simply americans now they have to go through something that serbs and many other nations have gone through before serbs were told me that you could meet that gripes your are they criminals all the books prove us show us the video that's no the. senator said the senator said that you are criminals because i was sent away so now americans have
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to go through the same ordeal that the serbs and the. clinton says it's true there really has to be a shift in my or subcommittee of the coast and i just don't know. for years and ok i want to go to the board. of the switch gears a little bit. unesco the united states announced that it's going to be leaving this cultural organization israel as well here and it seems to me again looking at their rationale for it i'm not a big fan of an organization that spent a lot of money ok but this is one of the more but they do better mostly i mean if you could see the evidence of their work i've seen a lot of the stuff around the world that they invested money and protected but it seems it seems to me that the u.s. and israel are withdrawing from it because you know sco respects the rule of law and international law and i think it's very very clear it's this is it's kind of
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exceptionalism meets international law and this is where the breakdown it is it is pretty much just contempt for international law and it has to be said one of the better aspects of international law that is you know something that you can hardly find fault with it's pretty hard to understand even the rationale but it can only be celebrated this is this the u.s. and israel pulling out of this and it has to be said that the day after they did the first jewish french jewish was elected the head of your nasco so that you know that brings in the question there but this only decreases the u.s. standing it shows their contempt for dealing with any international body it's not as i remember when i said it was only hard to actually use knobbly part of it the only part of the the media angle of to make sure that they could spin that i was i was at the headquarters and that was the the only. one person. needs to keep an eye on the show with all the other issues of culture war the us in already withdrawn
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from so it was there for political reasons all come to this is all because of you know asco support of palestine right of their very existence last this past week could be called you know the ultimate miracle israeli friendship week it started with three outs to the revolutionary guards corps the iranian revolutionary guards corps a terrorist organization it's part of the iranian army by doing that you would be calling gearing an army official a terrorist organization it proceeded with a synchronized the exit of the u.s. and israel from going there and it ended with. a speech. against iran israel saudi arabia i mean this is a menards of twat of epic proportions. i think it's. going to talk about oh yeah. let's not forget the united states supports the ukrainian regime which destroys cultural corp between ukraine and russia the but i don't follow them so of books actually all the books from russia that praise what they call aggressive country
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russia what kind of cultural co-operation can you talk about if they let the states and the e.u. will support such a regime how israel supports cultural. peroration with the arabs we all know all right specially in gaza that places like that so i think it would be you were being you know awful to leave that organization because if they support their regimes which imports cultural sanctions what we see against russia right now what we see is what we're sore against serbia what was sore against syria these were in fact cultural sanctions they are like they're mad and believe me all of the cultural things that have been destroyed in syria will you have a lack six years here or a gentleman or beseeches look at the. money that was spent or hang gentlemen i want to i want to move on with. what what's on your mind more i want your story for. each one of you in the time we have left the in syria implementation of this austin our agreement turkey has moved military forces into al qaeda occupied. under
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escort of al qaeda i mean it's a little bit on the b.b.c. and c.n.n. right now no they're not reporting it very well but i mean you do you will find references to it this is and certainly all the experts in the area of the journalists tweeting amongst themselves or commenting on it this is all. this is the latest alias of al qaeda they're firmly in control of provinces it's a jihadi paradise there and turkey which has illegally armed trained in south you know these these and other jihadi proxies for the last six years the answer is not to fight al qaeda but under al-qaeda escort to take up positions against the kurdish camps and afrin and this is a complete violation of the austin argument the syrian government has called for turkey to get out turkey meanwhile in the other area they control in north central syria is setting up turkish government post offices urging doesn't play well you
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need syria stay the tribes you know one of the things that you know again looking at the mainstream. cheering on defeating isis in syria and iraq i find it is really just down doing. the heavy lifting that russia has been involved in the last couple of years gets no airtime at all it's all the credit is given to the i think weeks ago which took to the start every time there is a war and the u.s. centers at some point down the states declares itself the victor and we seeing that today again so we could predict that several years when the crisis in syria is going to end and. you know books are going to be written about it people are going to find stuff about it in textbooks what are they going to eat in the u.s. what are they going to eat in london or in canada or in or in france they're going to eat there. the me and the kenyan. on the very one in the sea and they saved everyone both for my sins in the permits and since you know
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system now says that the iran supports well it was from isis and from iraq and from other better then what they will not read is that isis would never have been in iraq or in syria without iranian help that it never really well for me the most astounding you will suppose the announcement by the russian defense ministry that while everyone was afraid of russian troops participating in the military exercise and i wish to lead you to a. two thousand and seventeen. point the united states increased that ten brigade that is stationed in poland basically to the size of it thank you division in russian terms which means all of us thanks from colorado in the steps oh off poland trade next to the russian border if we will at that at the number of we actually have a boat down the nato troops right on the border with russia don't forget four
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thousand nato troops now stationed in the black sea and also yes but the story line is that russia is being aggressive towards nato ople russia is being aggressive towards native by moving to within its own that's threatening to gentle russia is not very. many thanks my guest here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here to argue see you next time and remember across topples. in case you're new to the game this is. the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media over
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the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone was signed up to be friggin poisoned by our own people i've seen stuff that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene these batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining
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about illnesses from their exposure from the burn pits would really literally send a v.a. broke and they don't want to pay it so the waiting decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay and. call for help and get the middle finger the movies in my hole is. delayed to be done.
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but our national was a bit of cup. well let me kind of mushy finality and i don't let the your talk about how much more i'd let her be honest and the half of the fish emily i shall couldn't let that be i learned to whom i had that that's not to be a story. so it's not so much money so it. was before this was useful to you but the law to be sure he doesn't feel that. they've
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been released and until we documented sentencing we don't want to do with it if you are moving the body is for your friend just obviously i've told you. my land will have. to. be popular which model of how to be a good f.p.s. it's b.s. and. the bomb but don't tell except that i wish i had that that would be when i say that i love the idea i came i thought the human is more out of that how do you understand the how. i don't mean. but there's a little how do you have the thought has he has the phantom of the head of the something like that i don't fuckin alamy oh well i know how that the jets are looking to us and i'm happy i will sort it out then said. can was off with the land for the betterment of the whole to. be the measure of the law another bit
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of confusion with a lot. of us of all your love. of your corn a little on the slow. about a year a story in with other. families . and you know so it was a v how do you move the multiple injuries among kind enough to sell them to keep sophie home. shows you know your mother's on the phone to call home if you can book a place to pull something before the sea so you. are with them because of the so i'd prefer to be a very long before the. if you. sell
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the house where there's really something to host them. you give him a dime and. let one of you know what happens on the side of just. jumping you know just when it comes on and then when it does you. know it's going to be something that you have you know our lives through you will see now that one of the people in the room with us what. you don't. get seven hours to feel. or any credit yes that's. the size of something they are wolf isaac can the federal hide it at your mom's
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basement but make it to seventy on your own clothes and it does i don't do it and i can look but sort of it does have odd took it and that's the closet i am hiding and you know. the rules of them to begin little did i know about it. when i came to mind that i'm. the kid. when you look. out of your story. today coming up you know what i. saw as a kind. of saw it was you see the little bits i've. got to believe because the old look to the give to the physio in the normal profit off sort of off. the mark and be the only one could get that. she born in.
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kenya then this is. ten times an awful spanish put there for alicia and. again a. month to me. and he said we had a shot to feed off because if you among all of them look up to both of us remember she was into mischief. not to. excess you know when i'm started by the way these. lines of your school based you said if you come to me seven months. and. months old found out it was self and look and the thought of how does she have any but its own fault so on and so on mars that unless somehow this year at least in the first place how far as i can send it down the truth will come out of some sort or no and i've been just sort of this enough to settle manning said that nothing
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self but you have not bought the cannot be funny enough of you on the other it was a hot stock up on the telly l.s.e. number. i don't profile show a profit with the full length of the show. i don't know about the law who also book when the mound will belong. i thought that i was you know what the clear i mean. you can have someone to call. again when actually the.
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three oblivious to the other clue of the. person who knew the kid the kid to say when the idea of me does a good one of them is a new mother and dad beat and because. it's a book i wasn't a big boy my. i'm falling off yet all those. who think i'm a. bit of it. was. both.
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this and that now that is not. our. costs too much as it just. the way he. how does one know he should know and much more not yet how do you become. i know it is. not that. not that i'm not going to. say out of. poland as i do not involve the home.
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in the novel some of. you all have not only. come up to somebody. who'll. do none for me i'm. not on the body a studio by then. i do enough. that i don't even know enough proof of the moment illinois hello. hello hello. fine american but if in the low no one asked. me. and asked me to win on the non there but that's not the number.
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you needed. here. i. do not have a fan can hide. i don't. sleep at night and i didn't. see more. than that.
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by the. side of. the. hall. i'm a sunny head and it's got on the whole. in the. middle of. the uk and said. if it just buried mike on that form. i would lose it. if you knew that the ship of
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all. my thought of rob i thought of. o'connell they had they don't have the book but they borrow bullshit e-mail. and she can also of gona be. found at a definite help. they don't know what i want to. know that i don't know why he. has to always show she stood up and become the city in the studies to believe. something is true. i believe it was not lazy on the decide this is. the reality is he is. still
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shut up because she perceives. to. be able to can lead the nation when he on the spot to use what he and my mom know where she wants. the ship phone number on the front. of computers are days off of social occasions over the coming . months i will come fish. him about that at the white house that i will soften the shot of what the fuck know. about it mr guffey just sold it at the last minute. so the highest. are from about into the cut off. some of them but no i'm always up on. the net to sort of help there.
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dropping bombs brings pins to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle of . the new socks for the tell you the gossip the public but most importantly. off the bad guys and tell you on the cool enough and by.
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the. we along with. one. still exist. rico's treated as one. called. the island is controlled by the us government and. crave independence. either. still many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day. with the country at a crossroads of the island is on the rise. there's
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a new not. the mom now than the talk to us most of this about cuts not down in the just that of the city i couldn't. you know from new york. i'm not sure.
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the most news on the list mind i'm in this. but i had. the. stomach monitor. not a on the. menu to know i. mean for you could better yet use what i did you know i can. walk and it had. to end at one to suboxone.
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in the house like on afghan men they have not and the clan not. small the lights. and i had couple of. had it. in with. it's not money. it's an open mind that.
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this intel thing. besides she added that the finished should be. in the lead in the fall of the us but here she can die and the mother calls the maid so forty. and us i mean the. few month to. month of the. not month to. get i must ask for the local. council for the.
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well for the i'll say me. did you fall in the. north. was a house. on the. other the stuff on the does it deserve a month his was able to plug. in.
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the. state of the human. had not. been literate in the. new couldn't know you. got a better. bill a young. age deep. in the sun cause. mr know these are things that are not comfortably here in the now this secret mark you know could a man no no no no could manage to sean disadvantage one comes. along and then at the last.
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it gives you the moment to. look. at the. models you have to also see the ha you'll see. how didn't live on that had been the kind of suit. lots of it out there i had the most fun the senate and senate and the. good ol live show lost on helen of how does it along. in. this.
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forum. i know that i make it better and are going to know nothing are not enough and i want to feel the benefit of them but i didn't think it'd be. better to. do it. and i'd be standing behind me from enough about it would be welcomed as she didn't hide and almost. had the most lament that i'd give you know what the sat in a slack set off all this can be done i could do it but i could have but he walk out of my a lot before i don't. know how and then the thought about that off that i'm in the. us not being. on the.
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phone i'm a bit of nothing. the hunton must be at. least some of the husband not. going to live there you. have the amount of cum that. played him it was a pill for nothing. but how was he somethin. like that. some seen that a hand. was to stay out. of the buildings of. the productivity and jihadi danny i know not for whom but at the mouth that she was i've been a member of member feedback the fall of the. thought that if when the wind happened it was shit because i thought if and when you must have been when. you know it does
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are we going to be a. little messy i'm not going to be no. be an infinitude. the milk honest. i'm so rich out of the. month i'm a sock to be a yes you want prison system how much you want to show. me how do. you think. that's how it's done even when it was not the only reason i should want to talk to to montana to feel about these. this have. these. are the stuff you've. already. done on the bus that i am on the scene. how would. i could but it doesn't mean. that good enough. bob decided to go ahead and the best not to be come out to show he's been one of
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the. sunnah to nevada and. i'm going to look at. that in the new york to you know what does it mean i want to let me know when you. talk. to. me look at the not you know but enough. to see that. i had to. hide. a lot of these.
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into how to look ma was a pun a setting on the scene. and they've had to keep this a little bit. koofi sweet when alice had no mom like this and that will. send the key monkey that. we call in this way and that is the whole thought of way because he is back at me now and what i can hear the metal welcome. him. last. month. by month. but grow this economy not just the clinton class that is going. to get ahead was the bigger.
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the top. because simply assume. if it has a little it's a little bit of the yellow. bishop the emotion you have the love you need. to. tell them that and then move to one hundred of those in the moment that the movie that you love the mom will be back together the one that's the was how lucky i knew who to give it young a shot to come up today that there's a book one kid as obvious as the money not. below listening. to him can you have been a while economically. i met the poor death us. that
12:58 am
. the. what about the terms of h.s.b.c.'s deferred prosecution agreement they made with. the. billions for the senate. does this violate that the prosecution will. be prosecuted how can a bank prosecute. we'll willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone signed up to the
12:59 am
flag and poisoned by our own people that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam all polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and there was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from exposure from the berm pits would really literally send a v.a. broke and they don't want to pay it so the waiting decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay. to get the middle finger to the movies tomorrow is. delayed.
1:00 am
thousands of iraqi kurds flee the city of co to cook fearing clashes between the army and local militias as baghdad dig xenon imposing security the outlawed independence referendum. coming up to this morning it was a noisy night last night in barcelona locals making their feelings heard arrest of two leaders in catalonia as the independence crisis rumbles on. and it seems a. crime or shoplifting in london in the future might not get much help for the police. budget cuts. right back investigating.
1:01 am
the seventeenth of october kevin over the warning from me thanks for choosing out international first the thousands of kurds have fled the city of kirkuk the iraqi government forces there launched a major offensive in the area kiddish peshmerga forces described the move is a declaration of war and leave out a heavy response back. i . know what you. know what i feel like i've got to. live and be able to. go the guy. was. voted out
1:02 am
although he was mugged. while i still was on the. how that study. was at least neither did i believe in all of this he doesn't. know it don't know at this moment unlike the one upmanship on. you and me eating up your stuff up. situations get more local journalist described what was happening in cook. iraqi army has attack at the city for last night from. three sides some. not again units have pulled back from their owners and let the iraqi army corps enter the city from mocked up college and from. this and
1:03 am
other places south and the populous city and some control it is has fallen from both sides is talking about it from the shabby people mobilization units and by talking about ten. medigap that i know that the city is. almost completely under control. which is nearby the iraqi army the federal police and people ization units the iraqi government says the move was to increase security but the all rich city has been under the control of kurdish forces since twenty four that's when the iraqi army fled the area to escape islamic state baghdad our correspondent live next has more on how the war on terror in iraq has turned now into a battle for the times. it happened gunshots and one of the largest cities in the north of iraq that had nothing to do with terrorists.
1:04 am
i mean it's about the terrorists not being there anymore after the kurdish units also known as push mariga and the iraqi army in cold war largely successful against eisel it is now all about showing who's boss in northern iraq and in particular in kirkuk you need. to binge you know the people of kurdistan have made their decision let nobody blame us for this we have done everything to preserve the coexistence with unity of iraq but baghdad did not accept this coexistence and forced the people of kurdistan to take a decision that should have been take. a long time ago. my duty east to war in accordance with the constitution to serve the citizens and protect the unity of the country.
1:05 am
that was scare cook technically outside the kurdish autonomous region but back in two thousand and fourteen the kurds basically took full control of it while the iraqi army were hopelessly losing the country to islamic state i'm not saying these latest care clashes put iraq on the brink of a new civil war although the general command did call it a declaration of war on the people of kurdistan but here's what the u.s. central command called the takeover of a whole city after a fierce gun battle masses of local. coalition forces are reports of a limited exchange of fire we believe in gauge when this man was a misunderstanding and not deliberate elements at times it's a link up the limits of visibility conditions the stakes are high the oil fields rich oil fields are there so what months if not years of misunderstanding all out fighting for the land left behind by eisel begin given the nature of kirkuk the
1:06 am
sectarian the different. elements of. this cycle of violence continues and not controlled by the moderate voice of the international communities and by both sides this could get out of control and become a much bigger conflict across the border in syria similar story the kurdish units have done a great job in taking over land from die and no matter what the government in damascus has to say they want to keep it period we will never handed over our law is clear the land that runs with the blood of martyrs belongs to the people and we will not hinder. over to any force back in iraq though the kurds and the government are both fully endorsed by washington it was american abrams tanks with iraqi flags on top that moved in on kirkuk clearly this is a difficult time for the united states their troops are important players in the
1:07 am
struggle is isis so has the iraq you know only and although the us does not work now is it but opulent mobilization forces are also an important role so now the us finds a difficult position this is going to make it very difficult for the trump administration to result this issue very quickly i bet the americans will end up racking their brains for words other than just misunderstanding. all the headlines this morning two key members of the catalan independence movement have been detained and questioned on charges of sedition accused of playing crucial roles in organizing catalonians disputed referendum which madrid of course says was illegal people protested monday night against the move of buying parts and this.
1:08 am
and and for his part president slammed madrid expressing regret that they were arrested for simply organizing peaceful rallies the separatist leaders called on the public to remain strong during this what were described as hard period for the region as that but about and were disappointed with the judge's decision to deprive us of our freedom and the sacked isn't aligned with the principles of justice it's going to frighten them and punish us for miles out i asked him because then despite the times we're living in the limitless repression of the states to try and stop this democratic wave we're experiencing in catalonia i want you to be more serious than ever you must become aware of the importance of the historical moment. and my one of those detained is the leader of the catalan national assembly an organization with james for the independence of the region it was created in twenty eleven it's got over eighty thousand members
1:09 am
the other is the president of an organization that promotes cattle and language and culture it's also favored goes without saying asa session now these arrests are the latest move in a series of measures taken against those calling for separation wiki leaks said it has chipped in to describe the politicians therefore as the first high level political prisoners to be held over the referendum he's a vocal supporter of the catalan independence political commentator john white told us that he believes madrid has made a mistake here. after the ugly scenes of violence we witnessed the whole world witnessed stone october the first that the best friend that kata won independence has is actually the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy and he's the worst enemy of spanish unity because there's no doubt in my mind to his actions. along this every step of the way of only self to first of all fire the determination of those already supporting cattle on independence but people have added new converts to the
1:10 am
cause midst of a whole actions while the media. and language the constitution assembly and politics in my view because no one and cut the wood will accept regardless of where the stand on this question that the democratic politicians elected politicians represent and because a lot of regional parliament should be detained on this basis so it's a very very serious escalation and i i i contend it is a very very serious mistake on the part of the madrid government to take this measure the arrests in the first step the spanish government courses taken to prevent catalonia from breaking away. but. i.
1:11 am
did i didn't interrupt the cats. to walk or existence to see illegal activities they should abandon their objectives. i. also this morning with islamic states suffering heavy losses in syria and iraq many children are being left behind as their parents die fighting for the terror group outings being to film one orphanage in iraq where some youngsters were clearly aware of the cause their relatives were fighting for.
1:12 am
for. papa or. mamma let me just. ask them. about cancer ok understand shame or don't pay for call. and turn. mom on our show a shadow. somebody you love don't think. you're. going. to do.
1:13 am
is sort of the story so often not covered by anyone else as if life isn't tough enough for these children we've been hearing how countries have been grappling with how to try to rehabilitate children that are potentially radicalised to in this sense and live with their older relatives we have a moral obligation to judy now to help fix. the damage the last thing damage in the legacy of our intervention and of previous governments. claim to be acting on our behalf we have to try and fix the mess we've created in a in an evidence based in a moderate way not with bullets i don't think that we can you know straight away go all you know western intervention is to blame for this isis is to blame for this
1:14 am
extremism is to blame for this the parents who were extreme in their beliefs are to blame for this this isn't you know i didn't write a colossus children i didn't teach the children that their parents were martyrs by isn't my doing in the is a western intervention doing that was the doing of those who were extreme that were behind me in history manner when a people are under threat of being wiped out then the people who talk the toughest game they rise to prominence in such a society i was as i was about to explain like here when people think that immigrants are stealing their jobs then. immigration far right parties you know come to the fore and rally people around them what you're saying is that children in the area on the ground day that were killed by by a terrorist extremist radicalized muslim that what those parents should you couldn't blame them if they now came out became violent i don't want to see any child go through that and obviously we we do need to do whatever we can do but the
1:15 am
moral compass is not only on the west it just isn't for these children we need to first hold them and put them out of immediate danger and then in co create a stronger sense of identity in them as you know m i five report in two thousand and eight suggested and confirmed a world brand of islam an identity or lose identity is actually a fire wall a preventative measure to political violated less islam not more of it right now. morning review all around the world lot more coming clearing some crime victims in london might struggle to get help from police in the coming years we'll tell you exactly why that is.
1:16 am
in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. washington to washington to meet. the. voters elect. to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's. the only show i go out of my way to. really pack them. all over a party america is doing the same. apparently better than. i see a herd of. jack for the next president of the world bank very.
1:17 am
seriously send us an e-mail. i guess victims of crimes in london might need to think twice before calling the police in a few years to force facing drastic cuts and police chiefs say that means they might have to stop investigating what's called low level crime and has been getting the details and reaction to it. imagine you get robbed on the street and the police tells you sorry we won't be able to investigate it the police here in london seem to have had enough of being stretched to their limits with a force now saying it will have to ignore low level crime the idea is to say four hundred million pounds by twenty twentieth's and ease the burden on the just over thirty thousand police officers in the capital in addition gun crime crimes and sex offenses are up and calls to non non non have risen but some percent of all this against the backdrop of the current set of threats and unwavering commitment to
1:18 am
keep london and london the safe so we're having to balance the books with fewer offices and less money the met police are reassuring the public that the new approach is not going to affect homicide investigations kidnapping sexual offenses hate crime or domestic violence but rather lower level offenses such as shoplifting car crime and criminal damage. the home office says there's nothing to worry about there is more money and more officers for each londoner than anywhere else in the country and this government
1:19 am
will continue to ensure that the metropolitan police have the resources they need to cut crime and keep our community safe but what does the public make of all this so i can encourage that people would commit more low level crimes wouldn't it because if you know that there's no repercussion for your crime sara leaves it open ended as a man we hear a lot of things going on in the street and i'm terrified to go outside to be honest with you because you don't want to get involved in something like that. so if they're going to start separating now and maybe my cause that night or my neighbor's car at night may not be answered anymore makes me quite nervous they will start to do something more and more of an creamer it's not police or as a retired police officer i pointed it in any way you've got your support you differentiate between not investigate because as i understand they will go and report the crime but if there's no leads afterwards the nothink is reasonable not to investigate and if this is your going out i'd see london. donald trump has
1:20 am
renewed his threat to pull america out of the around nuclear deal or monday he said that a total terminations remains possible but also didn't rule out the agreement could be saved to be a rare india where is something that i felt had to be done and we'll see what phase two is still might be positive and might be very negative might be a total germination that's a very real possibility some would say that's a greater possibility but it also could turn out to be very positive we'll see what happens. last week trump announced that he wouldn't certify to run as compliance with the deal and the u.s. for regulations are asking congress to come up with some fixes to it or leaders across the e.u. oppose that decision the french president for one says he personally warned trump against the pull while the german foreign minister is worried it could reverse a decade long international effort and the e.u.'s foreign policy chief argues that any additional restrictions are off the table author and journalist told us he
1:21 am
thinks trump strategy can bring no positive. the adamant posture from europe in support of the iran deal along with the fact that iran has abided by the deal in every aspect faithfully and there is simply no evidence of its violation means that the only thing that can really sabotage the deal which is a very real possibility is trump strategy which is to send the deal back to congress for another vote as congress has the x. factor here it could sabotage the deal irrespective of what the europeans whine and this would set the stage for more dangerous scenario in the region around iran so trump promising a more positive result seems absurd what he's setting the stage for is more danger. well the standoff with iran and north korea has bought the need for a solution to sharp focus and earlier this month a group fighting for nuclear disarmament received the nobel peace prize better
1:22 am
efforts helped get a u.n. prohibition treaty signed this summer we asked a member of the group about the possibility of really go see a to be around deal now. really is the deal you can't ask to revise the deal and we have two very important position the u.s. position you say that they are not trust they run and you're their members will trust you and wants to support there and you even need to say that's maybe it's not the best. we obtain but you know and they were much in the never the best the important fight is that we're right about where fourteen we had twenty years to work diplomacy we didn't have any war we didn't have any conflict with iran and the rest of the world and we were right to have a next three months and he said we're still wait that we should do just to continue to show our tent that there is no party for issuance across the middle east and around the world. let's lighten things up a bit now this tuesday the russian result of such ease
1:23 am
a melting pot of youngsters from around the globe right now and the world festival of youth and students continues is well underway first of all organizers say this year live attracted over twenty five thousand visitors and they get to enjoy a mixed week vents covering cultures schools and science as well as discussing the world issues that matter to them like social injustice to getting the crews social and humanitarian advisors as well as senior politicians and officials and also exhibitions and loads of entertainment made on for them as well as big do.
1:24 am
over the decades this festivals proven to be a life changing experience for some of its visitors next that meet manfred who recalls what it was like for him at the event here in moscow way back in fifty seven. most called one of moscow was something you couldn't imagine in those times since most my mother said watch they don't send you to siberia. it was unbelievable the flower was everywhere at the railway station they were greeting people arrive by train. but the greatest impression was of course the
1:25 am
opening of the first. idea and again that that bell well i'd usually just divide nine unforgettable goofily happy days yeah one guy soon dousing the tires socks be asking for is
1:26 am
a. good move on the spirit night you send off you get a up because. i did i've not only if out of nowhere. good stuff now this next story seems police literally about to take off offices they could soon be responding to a russian developed. twenty
1:27 am
four seventh's. tracking the latest on the korean peninsula the tension still ramping up. along with many. topping stories this morning kevin i wouldn't for me good morning. colon is still exist. ricos treated as one.
1:28 am
hundred forty three cool. little can i do well. the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crew even dependents. either like that i mean. there are. still many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day. with the country at a crossroads of the island is on the rise. hey
1:29 am
there i'm lindsey france is broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. coming up oil prices are shaky and domestic conflicts are rife among opec nations we take a look at the status of the cuts they agreed upon to boost prices per barrel and the big banks have turned away from block chain technology for quite some time but they could be changing we explore that and it's been three decades since the infamous black monday stock market meltdown could we have another supercross discuss how markets have more since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven with my guest former us attorney commissioner. right now. my. oil
1:30 am
production by the organization of petroleum exporting countries member states and affiliate nations increased again in september it's hit a level that's beyond the limit the group agreed on in order to push up prices since november of last year the cartel has tried to keep production within thirty two point five million barrels per day while it rose to around eighty eight thousand last month to thirty two point seven five barrels per day on average now libya nigeria and iraq output jumped as all face massive domestic conflicts venezuela's production dropped as its financial crisis unfolds their oil has strengthened in recent weeks with brant crude hitting fifty nine dollars late last month dropping to around fifty seven and slowly recovering now to around fifty eight in the meantime b.p. midstream is pushing forward with an initial public offering it's a unit of b.p.'s u.s. pipeline unit it expects to sell forty two point five million shares and then raise
1:31 am
up to eight hundred ninety three million dollars in its i.p.o. on new york stock exchange under the symbol b.p. m.p. according to a filing with the u.s. securities and exchange commission shares are slated for a suggested price range of nineteen dollars to twenty one dollars each. and according to the u.k.'s office for national statistics blue book in britain surplus of four hundred sixty nine billion pounds has slid down to a net deficit of twenty two billion pounds investment in the u.k. in the first half of two thousand and sixteen fell from one hundred twenty billion pounds surplus to twenty five billion pound deficit over the same period this year but all puts the u.k. in a very weak position and that separation talks from the european union on monday u.k. prime minister theresa may met with the leaders as the block is set to decide if there is any point to reviving the latest round of deadlock divorce negotiations
1:32 am
leaders of the e.u. is twenty seven member states demands that first a financial settlement between eighty eight million billion dollars and one hundred twenty billion dollars be paid to resolve outstanding commitments that britain has with the e.u. also the rights of e.u. citizens on the status of the border between ireland and northern ireland must be closed out before talk of trade and security can move forward. aggressive demands by the us have changed the tone of north american free trade agreement talks making a possible end to the deal more of a reality than ever some say american negotiators are purposefully sabotaging the long standing agreement between canada mexico and the u.s. but others say it fits perfectly with president trump style of quote unquote negotiating or tease out some highlights joins us with more from toronto alex u.s.
1:33 am
negotiators have dropped some bombs on the nafta talks you and i both know which in a best case scenario will drag the process out further what's the latest. it was the fourth round of negotiations and what the u.s. says done is brought out a plate of things that are palatable to canada and mexico so here's a short list of some of the ideas the us has been throwed out some that nafta demands first of all the sunset clause and sunset clause could end after five years the other countries don't really like that idea but the us say we need this bill to the nafta two point zero agreement second is that an foresman mechanism of this is the big one for canada it's really sort of stood behind this idea it's chapter nineteen of nafta that's really were most of the information is on this basically it provides an alternative to judicial review by domestic courts and what it does is it creates an independent by national panel to resolve cases such as dumping or duty case and stuff like that so this panel has been something canada has been very
1:34 am
very passionate about and really wants to see and remain within nafta if we do more move forward with nafta then number three is just a different industry such as dairy and textiles and automobile parts automobiles parts of something we've talked about over and over again it's this buy america thing from donald trump you want space of the sea fifty percent of all parts in cars built in north america come from the u.s. that would completely just screw up the whole supply chain that we have from mexico to canada to the u.s. parts across the border every single day and that's the way we build cars as it stands for the industry has been up in arms over this idea and in the states as well so a lot of american businesses are saying that this is just not a good thing and that donald trump has to step back now ask for donald trump i mean this isn't the first time we've seen him do this with any type of agreements let's say we know with the rand deal we know what he was talking about when it comes to
1:35 am
health care we know that with the whole building the wall and with immigrants in the states it seems to be this policy of let's destroy the. and then rebuild from here and this is a idea that many people are saying that trump might be looking in to put a pushing in that clause which would shut down nafta given about six months left of life but someplace in there he want to read they go shoot a new nafta mexico has said no way if he says no to nafta we are not renegotiating within that six month period so bottom line is right now the whole idea that before christmas that we could have a new nafta agreement well that looks like it's right out the window and when it comes to canada well canada is kind of sitting back and thinking we have a lot of bilateral agreements with the states of nafta goes well we're not really thrown out the window so if this happens some are saying canada's ready to throw mexico right under that bus well they're obvious an options i mean the u.s. congress leaving out but it seems the press might be interested what's going on across the pond. plan b.
1:36 am
for the brits that everything falls apart the way it's working they're looking at nab now this is actually come from the from the telegraph the london telegraph which is close to the conservative party they're saying these talks are actually really happening that's what a lot of of the politicians there are saying that nafta looks like it might be a good way for the brits to go but if there is no nafta what could the brits do so there's all this speculation up in the air why not join canada tighter agreement with canada to the point where the brits would almost become canadian and then they could join. we would see it as a comfort of economic trade agreement that canada has with europe which is a tight agreement and the brits could leave breaks and then kind of loop around the back door if they wanted to that would be a little bit ridiculous but there's all kinds of ideas out there right now almost canadian and i wish many people have around the world thank you very much for your insight on this alex and highlights from toronto thank you. sales of i information
1:37 am
medication this earned drug manufacturer allergy at one point four billion dollars last year recently eyebrows were raised when it transferred the patent to st regis mohawk tribe in upstate new york and took advantage of an american tribal sovereignty law to protect its patent and prevent generic makers of the restasis drug from getting approved for sale while now a texas district court judge has ruled against allegations actions in trying to extend patent stating it's not entitled to renewed patent rights might happen tonio the host of america's lawyer joined me earlier to explain the sovereignty issue. well here's what happens drug companies get to hold the patent for ten years before they lose their monopoly and then cheaper generic versions and get to enter the market they tell us most of the time that they need those ten years to recoup the costs of research and development that's a total lie most drug makers make all their money back within about two years
1:38 am
seventy five percent of the costs are actually just marketing because the big pharma wants this pay they want to charge these ridiculous amounts of money for prescriptions and they want to say well gee whiz this is all about research and development it's not it's about marketing it's about the idea in two years they've got all their money back and most people don't understand government pays for most of the research drug companies spend close to seven billion dollars a year on stock buyouts to make their shareholders even wealthier and they do that lindsay during a time when the federal government this is this is where i really ought to make angry federal government funds close to fifty percent of all the research and development that a company like aladin has to pay and was talk about this patent troll issue that our going claims what do you think of the generic makers moving in on a name brand name brand territory and having sometimes a shorter f.d.a. approval period or government approval period for this patent allegan says it's a troll issue they say it's a this this deal is
1:39 am
a sophisticated opportunity to strengthen the defensive as our of our restasis intellectual property what do you think of this argument yeah yeah well look this is nonsense allard again is scamming the system again it's just the latest in a long line of schemes hatched by drug companies in order to prevent generic drugs from entering the market in the past they've tried things like tweaking their formula a little bit in order to claim a new patent but this move giving the path to a group with sovereign immunity is a whole new level of disgusting let's not forget this is what you have to understand trends follow. companies let's not forget that allegan has a history of manipulation earlier this year the company settled the whistleblower lawsuit for thirteen million dollars after doctors came forward and clearly showed that the company was actually involved in kickbacks to doctors for prescribing their medication the drug that they're now trying to hand over to native tribes to
1:40 am
protected their. look i got to tell you some of had thirty five years going to war with companies like allergy and these are the folks that park their money offshore so they don't have to pay taxes they get the government to pay for the research and development they have all types of scams where they run they go to universities they have to have professors write phoneys up literature form look this is a drug company lindsey that pulls in about one point five billion dollars a year and they're going to give the native group that they're talking about about fifteen million percent yep is long is long as they don't lose the patent right well you know people i talk to. in tribal law say that this is a classic case of what is commonly referred to as rent a tribe you go you find a sovereign tribe and you basically pay them to hold on to your business for you and it could actually put into danger tribal sovereignty if this is a controlled within the tribe and now we've got lawmakers saying we want to close this loophole how dangerous is this for tribal sovereignty in our country. well
1:41 am
it's a terror it's terrible look drug companies understand for example the financial problems that plague native tribes all over the country so they're using that to manipulate those tribes native americans have been nearly completely left out of any kind of economic recovery in the last few years so this company's taken advantage of that their native tribes you have an employment levels nearly double that of the overall population they have a higher higher poverty rate they lag behind in education more than one in four native people live in total poverty their labor force participation is about somewhere i think around sixty percent the lowest of all race and race groups nearly eighty percent of native americans have no access to clean water or basic sanitation so here that's where al again says oh wow we have an area of total despair let us now take advantage of the area of total despair lynsey it's the same
1:42 am
thing that we see these companies doing with opioids let's go to parts of the country where there's total despair where they have nothing to gain and so the opiate industry is in there for that reason this company is in there simply because they can take advantage of all the misfortune that these tribes are facing and you're right it does create a problem to where the next to lose. their sovereignty to say we're an entity our reservation is an entity that doesn't have to play by all the federal rules because we have our own tribal law that is it risk this company doesn't care about that all they care about is making more money that's the ugly part of a story like this this company has a history of that and they'll continue that history until somebody really slaps them down somebody has got to slap this company down for what they're doing here well they must claim it's not diversifying their income as you pointed out at between fourteen to fifteen million dollars a pound three thousand i considering what the drug companies make on rest basis
1:43 am
just one drug that allegan has. do you feel like it would behoove the mohawks and tribes like the hawks to. regulate this from within because it seems dangerous that especially hawks on the hill who want to eat in on tribal sovereignty to find this is the perfect excuse of taking that away from eating at it. well right now for example there's a case going on where we're claiming that the indian tribes have their own law to be able to go after the distributors of opioids ok because they ought to be able to sue them under their schematics of law and not the feds right the feds are always trying to take away from the reservation take away from that right and so that's what we see here is that conflict on who would know better than you thank you so much for weighing in on this for us mike papantonio the host of america's lawyer thank you. time now for a quick break but stick around because when we return big banks may have
1:44 am
successfully ignored block change technology but the tide is turning and it's thirty years since the infamous black monday stock market meltdown could we have another super crash will discuss how markets have morphed since nine hundred eighty seven my guess as we go to break here are the numbers the closing bell. we'll willingly accepted the real sick of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone signed up to be friggin poisoned by our own people that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection
1:45 am
between pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from their exposure from the berm pits would really literally sand to be a growth and they don't want to pay it so the waiting decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they won't have to pay. all grow up and get the middle finger the movies in the old days. delayed. that. much as a. little. high. you get outside of that like on the.
1:46 am
by then coffee session then auditing. by then if you're so stuck on. a study that they're not it said i'm. going to learn more. so it. can be no shit because if you have to get multiple injuries or mock turtleneck to sew them to yourself you are the robot that shows your your mars on the. board if you can but the people seem to believe this is their year but i do know there's a book of morals of. my. own of me but i'm not a. tough allowed to own kind of things you. need to look. down on the something. else and then to look my. way what i can now maybe maybe maybe forward at.
1:47 am
computer science researchers at catholic university of love in belgium have discovered serious weaknesses in w.p.a. too it's what protects all communication between modern why fight networks so it's eavesdropping time when a person using wi-fi is near anyone using crack to tap into the wife i signals crackers short for key reinstallation attacks crack is used to access information such as credit card numbers passwords chat messages emails photos basically anything you don't want anyone to see by breaking into w.p.a. to. two it was previously thought to be encrypted the data can be manipulated and
1:48 am
ransomware can be injected using the weakness. for years big banks and firms ignored block chain and its potential but now the mood toward the digital ledger is changing with the major companies hopping on board who has more on that for us at best it takes several days in order for international transactions to be completed and in a world that's more connected than ever that can get frustrating very quickly so in order to fix that american tech giant i.b.m. is looking to the block chain on monday i.b.m. announced a new partnership with block chain start up stellar and payments company quick x. in a press release a senior vice president of i.b.m. industry platform said with the guidance of some of the world's leading financial institutions i.b.m. is working to explore new ways to make payment networks more efficient and
1:49 am
transparent so that banking can happen in real time even in the most remote parts of the world making distributed larger technologies more interoperable is the latest example of i.b.m.'s leadership driving the rapid advancement of change and one of the banks that i.b.m. will be working with to implement the new process is t.d. bank and in the press release the bank's cheap digital and payments officer said we're focused on innovation that adds value for our customers and our business and block chain presents a tremendous opportunity to transform and it has payment systems enabling us to continue to evolve the products and services we can offer and last year i.b.m. introduced the i.b.m. block chain and then in the summer announce a block in partnership with food companies to improve the food supply chain so the banks latest move is an example of the growing collaboration between the finance world and private firms. it also demonstrates how the attitude toward the
1:50 am
decentralized has changed over time and this goes beyond just payments more normalized it becomes more likely block train is to impact other areas like identity systems or loan programs. let's talk more about that how could the block chain affect identity protection systems and those those loan programs especially with identity protection seems huge so proponents of block change would say that for one it makes loans easier for it makes it easier for companies to apply for and be approved for loans because it would eliminate all the burdensome processes that they have to go through i mean a lot of them are still. parts of the process are still paper based so they're still relying on fax machines for parts of their communication and of course part of the reason that is because of security concerns which kind of goes into the next part about identity the block chain is encrypted so it offers an extra level of protection that protects not only the company but also their clients from hackers or any other sort of criminal networks that might try in and get your information
1:51 am
or your money so there certainly are a lot of attractive features of the block chain it's just a matter of these big companies that for a long time are rolling their eyes at it warming up to them and then scaling it up and if you protect the customers you protect yourself as well great speaking of i.b.m. one of the inventors made some interesting comments about humans and robots we're finding that more and more among tech leaders are going to tell us about john mcnamara who's the senior inventor at i.b.m. wrote a submission to the u.k. house of lords saying that humans could become reliant on implanted technology within the next few decades and of course he doesn't represent the rest of the company you know this is just his thoughts but he had a pretty smart guy and yes he is probably pretty smart and i think what caught a lot of people's attention was that you know on one hand he said in plant a technology could eventually help us we're pair of bodies if we have a broken bone or maybe damage to our muscles or cells. but then he also said it could quote enhance human cognitive capability so could start affecting our brains
1:52 am
and perhaps the way we think and process information so i think that's what some people on ads now because you're walking around totally out of it you've got a chip in your brain you've got a pen and on a device that's just not you thank you so much. but three decades have passed since the dow jones industrial average tumbled more than five hundred points in a single day the black monday crash in one nine hundred eighty seven started in hong kong shifted to europe and then u.s. markets were hit hard joining me to discuss this former u.s. attorney commissioner bart chilton horrible day for the markets back in nineteen eighty seven hard to believe it's been thirty years there's a lot of uncertainty at that time not just in the markets but obviously around the world the way it spread how if the markets more sense then is it safe to assume it's better could that ever happen again in that same way it's safe to assume things are better that way you know never say never on on these sorts of market
1:53 am
calamities we have seen and i think you know regulators are not particularly great at being nimble or quicker seeing around the corner so don't expect that they're going to step in and try to do something anytime soon to prevent another calamity but bottom line they have changed i mean the fed is very much more involved in monetary policy than they were then it was billions now which trillions with the quantitative easing that they're getting out of that changes our economy it changes markets and then we got a bunch of new players to that are you know in these markets so you know things have changed but i think by and large things are a little bit better ok let me ask you about some specifics that didn't even exist you talked about new players exchange traded funds. yeah i mean that's the way these exchange traded funds are real way for average folks to get exposure to different things that without going ahead and buying it particularly you know in my old area in the commodities. i mean it's not like you can invest other than maybe
1:54 am
for your dinner in corn but through an e.t.f. you can invest in different commodities oil or gold and it gives you the you know the e.t.f. try to keep that exposure so that it mirrors the price the futures price and so i think that's a pretty good thing and in the e.t.f. themselves is like stock are also you know different venues for people to invest in so there's more places that people can invest and i think that's a good thing to ok so it's spread out but let's talk about speed we've got these cheat as a high frequency traders and of course algorithmic trading or even touch on a i guess the sara lee yet but but tell us about this so when you go back three decades to the black monday they had some rudimentary algorithmic trading but it was really you know they didn't want to stop loss i mean it was computerized but it wasn't fast and it was fairly it was a blunt trading tool put it that way but now with the cheetahs with the h f t's
1:55 am
they are you know scooping up micro dollars in milliseconds they are in and out of these markets all the time now the good news is that you know there's lots of liquidity i mean somebody is on the other side of those trades even if it's just for less than a second somebody is getting it somebody is hitting that bit or off or so that's a good thing but is speed necessarily good and you know there comes a point where you have to say when we see things in markets do we want things to happen as fast as they can with these cheap is really in control lot of liquidity in markets today that we talk about these massive passives as you call them this group of traders who are they and how do they change the markets with a massive passives or really a group that came to four in the mid two thousand and they are like pension funds and that they did is they were making so much money. doing really well in the stock market they decided to diversify into the derivatives markets and so they took took
1:56 am
large chunks of their portfolio and said you know let's put a little bit in agriculture let's little put a little bit in the energy complex let's put a little bit in the metals complex and instead of getting in and out like most traders do or what they did back in the day they'd get in and out of markets these massive passons would take large amounts massive and they would put them there and letting them sit passive and they would do this for years so their bet was for example lindsey they think the price of oil is going to raise in two or three years not next week or anything and that's a safer bet by and large so. they also add liquidity but they change markets a little bit i was worried you know back when i was at the commission about concentration but that same seems to ameliorate it was a concentration of too many of them pushing a price one way or another but my former agency seems to have a good a good bead on that and keeping excessive speculation out of the way interesting
1:57 am
how much it's changed we've seen other market drops two thousand and ten there was that flash crash. dropped nearly a thousand points poor recovering much of that loss it was huge we're at you we're at two year old commissioner job than what are we likely to see as far as flash crashes or any other black monday or anything like that any time soon two thousand and ten was huge but it just went so fast well back then like i said when you have these cheaters in the market not that they were the cause of it was actually algorithmic program just plain that can tank markets in a quick in a quick hurry so we need to watch about those things going forward absolutely thank you so much former u.s. attorney commissioner part shelter. thanks for watching be sure to catch on directv and united states you can catch us on the our team channel three two one and if you missed us on directv catch bin busts on you tube youtube dot com slash boom bust r t thanks for watching see you next time.
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colin is still exist. rico's treated as one. of the puerto rico. and i knew a lot of. the island is controlled by the u.s. government and some puerto ricans crave independence will see it oh my god you know me. either but i mean sort of what i mean we're taking a game. still many do wish to join the u.s. hundreds more leave every day.
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with the country at a crossroads for anger on the island is on the rise. here's what people have been saying about rejected a knighthood to us exactly just pull along awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packed a punch. is the john oliver of party americans do the same we are apparently better than booth. and see people you've never heard of love right back to the night was the president of the world bank so they. sent us an email. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the night with us exactly just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packed a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of harvey america's. we are apparently better than. the sea herd of.
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the world bank he. sent us an e-mail. thousands of iraqi kurds flee the city of kirkuk fearing clashes between the army and local militias. posing security. dependence. and noisy. locals made the. herd following the arrest of two leaders in catalonia as the independence crisis rumbles on. victims of crime shoplifting in london might not get much help from the police in a few years time budget cuts.


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