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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  October 25, 2017 7:29am-8:01am EDT

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i tell you hark watchers trying to keep track of when and where the u.s. military is operating in this world is a full time head spinning headache. headache of a job so does any wonder that one for u.s. special forces soldiers are killed in the line of duty in the africa country of niger the number one question on people's minds across the united states was truthfully wait we we have troops in niger what in the hell are we even doing in niger even our own members of congress apparently have no idea what our military is up to these days and that stretches across the aisle as both senators chuck schumer and lindsey graham were clueless about u.s. operations in niger with graham telling n.b.c.'s meet the press quote i didn't know there was a thousand troops and. this is from a man who actually sits on the senate armed services committee thankfully senator rand paul of kentucky said would need to be said about lindsay's apparent amnesia
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tweeting out you know we are in too many wars and too many places when even war monger lindsey graham can't keep track of the more thank you so what exactly is the u.s. mission in niger or the rest of africa for that matter well according the united states africa command website. yes they have a website the united states military is in niger because a safe stable secure and prosperous africa is an enduring united states it's an enduring united states interest niger is an important partner to the u.s. because you know nothing's as friendship more than teaching your friends how to kill extremists and their families through french now let's start watching the whole mess. with the. rails at. the bottom.
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like you i got. it so. well there was a horse i am tired robot and i'm having a wallace. yeah it's pretty brutal out there and i mean blows my mind is how all over the place we are yeah and it doesn't seem like there's a really good explanation i mean one when this first came out the story was well of course they were doing special forces missions so that's why there was no air support and they knew they were going to be there and that's what the but then it wasn't quite right then the story changes again and the story changes again but what really what's most disturbing is you're getting all these stories because even your own congressman don't the people who are in charge of overseeing military spending military action don't know where people are right because we are an empire
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and we are spread all over the globe and that's what happens when the you know kind of military is unleashed and you know you know you can hook it up to the tree in the yard you know it's kind of running through the neighborhood scaring everybody is exactly what the most problem that i personally have that we've argued about on this show a million times about lindsey graham is that's my problem he loves the war he just doesn't know what the heck's going on right i mean look. that's the biggest question the media doesn't ask either whenever they parade the generals out of all this no one ever asked well why are we there when the general excuse is always what we're fighting terrorism you know and it's and it's ridiculous at the end of the day you know because they're really fighting terrorism they'd be in everybody's office i was watching they'd be over the weinstein company checking what harvey is doing and they really cared about things like that's my thing it's about terrorism it's about protecting people then why aren't you well then why aren't you personally to serve some light on this i mean look robin mack a spokesperson for africa which is that you united states as you know. africa
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command they're kind of lilypad bases all over africa they told moves with the right now u.s. military they're based on exercise operational and support me to seize anywhere from five to six thousand troops in africa on any given day right now we have about eight hundred soldiers and it's incredible to me that we have this many resources stuck there five to five thousand so i have to say. well i think it's really weird because when you look at somewhere like like china. it's a totally different situation republican representative charlie dent actually told c.n.n. to piggyback on what you were saying which is funny is that with respect to niger i serve on the appropriations committee i oversee the medical military construction projects projects we have a presence there not just there but within the whole lake chad region it's not new and lawmakers that seem to be aghast at these missions going on are simply not well that that is true you're not well read they're clearly not but these are people on
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the committees lindsey graham of because warraq i've ever seen in my life that's all who cares about is with war war war war war where where are we fighting wars. and i've done the disorganization of american empire i wouldn't have a problem with us if we were doing what trying to i doubt if you were like look we're going to tax you more when we lose money but we're going to do is build roads and factories and all this stuff and and help actually build infrastructure so we can model them they're doing business there china is an africa doing business there out of there and out in africa hunting terrorists and you know drone bombing people and building a million dollar drone bases and their bombs are in the military doing well they're doing business as well they're not as out there right i mean. there's less of the u.s. military's active. years of the countries in somalia libya cameroon as a permanent military base in djibouti it's and it's building that drone base i mentioned him central buys or a hundred million dollar. for james madison quote we called for an internal defense
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training and we actually do these kinds of missions by with them through our allies why to keep them on the script of the military industrial complex of syrians i don't even work so that way when they go to buy a product buy our product or corporate product that we but that's what it all comes down to it's about money i mean i guess the only people honestly doing business there realistically is china because they're making money they're above board where you know we're making money through there really are doing something that can build it last and now for and what i think yes they will profit from it and it isn't going to be perfect there are at least doing something that's somewhat productive for the people there even if there are struggles i would much rather be dealing with human rights violations or things like that or dealing with the human rights issues of bringing in factories and stuff so what they brought in is not just schools they teach people to work in these factories the building infrastructure but at the same time you're not bombing them if you put a drone base in the middle of niger you're going to have terrorists you know why
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there's american drone base the middle of the country i would be there it's just thrown it out there may very. you know women and men around the world are trying to figure out exactly how to respond to the public outing of movie producer harvey weinstein and his alleged criminal sexual misconduct alleged in the ash tag me too created not just a safe space for victims to finally speak but set off a truth bomb that's made its way to france where the house tag along. or squeal on your pig some are calling it is traveling through the accusations being leveled by the french women are good some of the most powerful men in france after decades of accusations and warnings about fashion photographer terry richardson's predatory ways it took until last week for fashion handbook vogue and their working relationship with them in a lead e-mail published by the independent james will house e.v.p. and c e o c o of content mass told staff quote condé nast would like to no longer work with the photographer terry richardson any ships the. commission for any
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shoots that have been completed but not yet published be killed and subsumed with other material in response richardson admitted to be independent that he quote engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with young models during photo shoots now you're probably thinking that sexual misconduct like this only happens in those are insulated liberal enclaves of movie and fashion but it looks like the face to save space and the financial world and the sexual predators that lurk there are now being dealt a blow see fidelity investments one of the world's largest mutual fund companies here in the united states and abroad sent two high level executives packing in the last two months after allegations they both engage in sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace and boy why because the c.e.o. abigail johnson one of america's richest women put it this week in a video to employees quote we have no tolerance at our company for any type of harassment we simply will not and do not tolerate this type of behavior from anyone . if only washington and capitol hill have the interest in sharing that moral
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ground with the fashion film and financial industries instead of pretending that the storm isn't coming for them too. that storm is going to start coming for them and i'm going to we're going to see this reaction was sexual harasser other groups going to reach out to all the major industries because i think finally had a. voice you know it's funny we talked to a few weeks ago that you know. one of the you know they do they want a lot of things but i think this is one of those cases where that the trademark of your whining and like safe spaces it actually is coming in a good way it's filtering out in a good way with the. everybody fighting back this week in the last couple weeks or so years because it's kind of like know there's something more you are violating my space where you are doing this and enough is enough and i think what we're seeing is that a lot more people are understanding with when you're saying at the industry after and. three another. movie producer and if you weren't in the film industry pretty
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much the entire last three weeks has been like a laundry list of people you probably had to work with probably. heard stories about or heard stories about or were warned about coming forward and i can imagine the exact same thing is true and number of industries and this is why it's so important why the harvey weinstein story isn't about harvey it's about toxic work environment that involved us that when you have a boss who is a bully and stations the alleged accusations against you know the harvey is of the world aren't just about sexual inappropriate behavior it's about being physically abusive to male executives and coworkers i mean that's the thing that leads over and i think when you look at the fidelity side that's what this is it's a constant if you if you think it's ok to do these things to your female colleagues then you're going to be ok doing it to your mail and you're going to treat everyone with disrespect and eventually it's going to come back you know you're going to get your due you can't be a bully forever without getting you do it i think there's
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a lot of there was a lot of different issues we look at fidelity that oversees two point three trillion in the retirement funds of millions of americans and while they have a lot of women in top positions they are the funding you know their own fund level you know i morningstar research paper from last year and most of them the u.s. women only make up ten percent of the fund manager. where make up thirty six percent of lawyers and thirty three percent of doctors so you're seeing this now it's gone creep in the wall street why is it a boys' club you're going to see those doors that glass ceiling whatever metaphor you want to use that school start getting torn down i think of ways that as a great. great way to put it and we've heard that from actresses tire who worked in that same end as opposed to exist in all day every industry politics that exists in wall street and that does have to stop it has to come down and the thing about that boy's club mentality is that what it really is is your straight caucasian rich well connected male what i want to ask you before we go out like you know mitt at thirty six how do we stop those how do we truly stop this kind of. how do we bring this to
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. europe. honestly call the pigs out call them out there every single one of them and that goes for men and women because you can't pretend like these things don't happen to man you can't pretend like it doesn't happen and we have to you have to speak out find the pegs it's like the french is well on your pig the balance you have to call them out and you have to use the tools that are available to you and with fidelity investments what they showed is there were complaints made h.r. and they did something about it and that was that and we have to keep doing that to keep going forward and we have to keep pushing for all of that because we are all responsible for changing the culture and that's not just for us i'm forty i can handle a lot ok but if i was twenty two right now or twenty three or twenty five in the workplace and having to deal with the stuff. i went about equipped so we have to equip the next generation and change things so that when they get to work they don't have to worry about being raped assaulted a physically assaulted or bullied like it's childish is childish and it's from
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a love story just in the year that i thought yeah right i thought the growth of this was over with you know and i think by really we're seeing it turn our corner now it will be over the hopefully the sons and daughters of future want to deal with those martyrs because they're going to play cards watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics with facebook and twitter shows at our t.v. dot com coming up. how the cia drug running tentacles go with the third final part of this is going to. make or bend the state to. make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the fine merry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the
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room sit. room anymore you leave. them in the horndog may not only be tasty but also dead to the ship between kids it was suggested no proof and a fairly strong one there were two thousand and seven ball to this study it's a very extensive study done by a well respected scientist. do chemicals that down the advertising really increase the risk of cancer and i chose a means of known to use damage in the last test as she had skepticism they do not believe that this is is true by independent scientists so did the industry and you for this i received some compensation for my time as well as the
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others why is that i me too happy. to like what we've been doing and if you want to learn more you'll get a definite on seeing the flood of you. you're not back to. is it big business against health. this is starting to show us. all. in safety here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us a full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of our three americas do the same we are apparently better than two thousand and six and see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight was the president of the world bank so are you going to write me seriously send us an e-mail.
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you may have heard about the hollywood blockbuster american made claiming to depict the wild adventures a freelance pilot drug smuggler gunrunner an all around bad boy barry seal entangled in almost every chapter of u.s. espionage drama in the sixty's through the eighty's from the bay of pigs through the secret drug wars and smuggling routes of the south of southeast asia and finally on to the rise and fall of the met again and poly drug cartels if it's a cold war story of drug spies and tropical politics barry seal was probably involved in one way or another but of course many of the more controversial threads and very story are a little too out there for the big screen in the sense that the subject matter may be a little too unflattering for a nation's bashful intelligence community to dissect the facts from the fiction and go into some of the more overlooked chapters in various fields life shawn stone sat down earlier with author daniel who spent years researching this long and complex saga. a big deal got busted for smoking drugs in one thousand nine hundred one
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were jews part of a much larger operation that smoky all the big drug smugglers back ok and in order to what they call in criminal court once work all three of speed. he had to move his operation to mena arkansas and go to work for oliver north. and that's how the whole thing happened. so when he was busted in one thousand nine hundred one in miami. in a lower order not go to prison for twenty years he agreed to work for the government he agreed to work under the under oliver moore. and people with in the cia probably you know if you if you ask him close enough they might argue that it was not notice that the cia was wasn't running drug trafficking at that moment that it was being run out of the national security council which is where oliver north was but. it's all one thing it i mean i mean when
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when oliver north got busted and iran contra broke the amount of cocaine coming into the country didn't didn't go and apparently they tell me today although like i'm an old guy and would know they tell me there's just as much cocaine coming in the country today as ever. only only you to you don't hear about it because like there are people being massacred on the freeway and the reason they aren't is because george herbert walker bush rationalized the drug trade. back in the early eighty's down in miami. the same process that has just that colombia has just undergone apparently there are nearly as many drug related murders in colombia you know you could look at it maybe i'm wrong but you don't hear. a lot about a big war down there and. it was the president of
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colombia jill you know five minutes ago i was deeply involved in the drug trade from the one nine hundred ninety s. . along with along with and if you show you the two were in the same. the defense intelligence agency document. so well was what the writer with the drug trade yeah what he made the rationalization of the drug trade when he said bush bush the senior year i was that vice president thing the time and he was right this is same thing what happened. to the mafia in new york in the thirty's ok they were they were killing each other you know and then all of a sudden they start killing each other. stablished the commission and they said you know it could have been on those who are in charge of brooklyn and. you know the genovese the family hangs with the gambino does in manhattan ok they rationalized. the mafia in new york in the thirty's and so there are no longer except you
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don't occasionally very occasionally like you know dozens of mob murders. and that's what happened in miami when george bush came down i mean what was going on in miami when george bush who was the vice president came down to miami was the cubans the xcel cubans who had been in charge of the drug trade through miami since the bay of pigs were being brushed aside by colombians. and that was that was that was that what that war was all about when time magazine was bringing its famous cover you know saying you know about miami it's a crime zone or zone that was what was going on yeah they did it very famously in the film scarface by the montana or you go by the colombians but now so when it comes to very silly there's an interesting allegation call and you're with in your book about how seal himself was instrumental in helping to actually organize the media and cartel. created the cartel i mean
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a very famous grand jury petrochemical who i'm sure maybe it was in. j.f.k. even though me that. in order for the cia didn't want to work with fifteen different drug lords operating in the oh. so barry seal well that i'm all in one unit i'm sure he had help but he was. he was the one bringing the drugs back i mean carlos later was bringing him through norman key. but that stopped when he got busted. and so good to see barry seal was flying c one twenty three military cargo plates down there and you can bring a lot more drugs on a military cargo plane back into the u.s. than you can on a twin engine plane which is what you would use whatever who was flying before that and in fact i don't know how much very seal. the most bizarre allegation i
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heard while i was interviewing people for burying the boys was that nine hundred seventy six barry seal and jerry patrick having had been detailed by the d.e.h. to go out to this tiny airport near ely nevada. and train a bunch of ga pilots to fly twin engine planes so that these pilots could then fly down to south american back safely they were losing a lot of them. i thought how could you that's just pretty bizarre and yet a couple years later i was out. i was out there in arizona and arizona he would use where he was. and we stopped at this tiny airport and medic i who had been there thirty years ago and said sure that used to fly they used to land you know c. one twenty three zero and they were trained to be a pilot to fly into columbia and back. in one thousand nine hundred seventy six barry seal was doing that because they were losing
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a lot of drug pilots. so. this is. this is what i mean because the operation is normal and government operation is is anything else. and let's get to the end of barry's life because that's certainly contentious as far as the issue of you know him being murdered by a colombian hit man because he had basically embarrassed escobar and company but you're with an obviously we know within his address book are people like george h.w. bush and there was reason to believe that there might have been a relationship but i stressed a reason motivation for the bush and call and oliver north and company to want to silence barry seal at that point eighty six so tell us what your investigation found as far as the reason for his murder. everything everyone i talked to the same thing barry seal's attorney was with barry c.e.o.
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in a room in his in his home when he called vice president george herbert walker bush while the i.r.s. was confiscating the furniture and bury seals house and barry seal was completing device president bush that this was not the deal he had signed with. and that if you didn't call off the i.r.s. agents out of the house you barry was going to expose the contra cocaine thing. in ten days later it was dead and his attorney who was in the room with him when he made that call believes that call is where he died ok. then the very famous miami attorney named richard sharpstein who defended one of the three colombians who were convicted of murder and seal told me that in the course of the trial all three of them told their turn east that while they were in the u.s. they had been directed by an anon and nonnes u.s. military officer who they quickly figured out was oliver north. but that never came
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out in the trial and sharpstein told me i mean i'd never seen anything like it before. and it goes on i mean it's a when they hit men the colombian hit men they kill them they were from cali. from cali colombia they were cal hit. ok they were not very strong on the night barry seal was murdered six top lieutenants of the many were murdered on on three separate continents. in south america in the u.s. and i think there was one in europe you have to check but i have and i you know it's on my website are can send it to you a contemporaneous news account from local news in baton rouge the night after that says you know in addition to seal last night you know as many as six other meeting carteaux lieutenants were murdered on you know. around the world so what kind of
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a cartel kills have dozen of its top executives at once no no kind of cartel i ever heard of they were taken off the netting cartel that's why they built up the netting cartel all the way through the eighty's this being like oh my god ninety percent of cocaine come you know it's always misdirection it was never like it was never met ina was always galli it was cally with guys cally with corporate guys. you know if you're george bush you want to deal with. you know a neo nazi and the guy that's got you know. more money than god blowing going have . you want to deal with some quiet business. so that's how it works. and that's thank you so much. for you so much for joining us today we have to wrap it up here but i really urge our audience to read there in the boys it's amazing insight into modern american history the dark side of our deep state if you want to call it that. with all of me right
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around the corner in my pants just a hard going away from the oval office there is the to be afraid of in the united states to leave it to a security company security to be exact if i know just what people are scared of in the good old u.s. of a state using a combination of google trends data on the top twenty four phobias in the united states and search terms coming after the phrase why am i afraid of the researchers for a.t.t.'s blog your local security dot com found some rather fascinating results like did you know folks in texas and california appear to be obsessed with triple phobia simferopol walls or that the good people living in tennessee in oregon are worried about. a fear of cool fear of claustrophobia fear or small spaces along the mind of those living in new york florida and iowa really iowa you're afraid of small spaces i mean that's a such a what i was is a small flat space anyway so you know phobia or the fear of the unknown covers
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multiple states including minnesota and my beloved wisconsin really is the prize i can finally do not dress up as a clown that's hollow and wyoming or do brosco they are not a fruit of clowns and their home of gold and lots. and lots of guts most of built a claustrophobic clown in the fear of everything all right even work out of stars over it of everybody remember everyone in this world we are told that we are above the alps or wall i love you i am a robot for and on top of the wall and keep on watching those hawks in every great day.
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while the mainstream media and the chattering classes obsess over dumb interims call to a gold star family the pentagon's growing footprint in africa was publicly revealed it would appear it does not matter who is president rather lose except to the us
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will fight. how does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we do or don't like to see that nobody over. i don't know why we don't have a sergeant. give a damn if you. put it back in. the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the usa breach what she is behind such success.
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america's top diplomat suggests that moderate taliban members could make up a part of the afghan government marking a stop shift in u.s. policy that security concerns. the humanitarian situation. that there is no official water or health clinics human rights groups say they are still concerned for the syrian city of despite it being finally liberated from islamic state and. independent schools in division not only in spain but in neighboring france.


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