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we are apparently better than nothing and this is a very well you never heard of water stein mars in moscow on his first official visit he's giving a joint news conference there with president vladimir putin is now addressing the media so let's listen noted that despite the well known difficulties political difficulty those is a relation between our countries are not on the ice we are ready to work to enhance them further round. even. various political limitations and restrictions and the downward trend in trade still we see that germany's one of the key partners and investor of russia. was a distraction we've seen that starting from the zero the circulation of goods between the countries is rising in twenty sixteen the trade volume decreased by their one percent and. in january we can generate to july of this year we
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seen an increase of twenty five percent and also the direct investments from germany are coming in larger role you missed the first quarter this year saw more than three hundred million dollars which is more than the overall volume for year twenty sixteen it was granted and i would twenty millions last year we have. companies whose capital includes. the financial matters of germany german businessman are determined to expand their activity on the russian market. that was discussed in sochi as you know on the trail of october when we were meeting with the has of the e.c. a comic book. bloc of german companies so also the president has
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a stamp or dissipated in that meeting during the talks what we had today we discussed the traditional sphere of our by that all relations the other. way of confirming that we want to step up the commercial cooperation. in the last. time we've seen a couple of new facilities in. even if actually in facilities built with the help of germany. and the silence of the st petersburg nomic forum we sided contact with the linda company to launch a new large scale oil production facility in tatters started with a mess meant amount of more than ten billion dollars scientific context are also on the rise of russian innovations have been useful to expel project in the handbook the biggest. facility for example diagnostics was
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built and now the tasks which were deemed impossible can be finally solved also the participation of mr president. was very important as today we had the. visits to the peter paul cathedral where we were given the and that's the story respect towards the relations as you know that is very important because the. needs of the started in germany also regional cooperation is very important the regional context . between the social secret lies ations also we're going to start to the cross here of municipal partnership where we had the delegates from ninety russian cities and more than forty german cities as well in january will have the same petersburg
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dialogue forum of the second youth forum the so-called. meetings. where we also discuss the topical international. things syria for instance we need to push for the fall and irreversible eradication of terrorism we need to step up our efforts to facilitate the public a result of the conflict we also discuss ukraine mr president perfectly. up to date on the same page with all the developments he suggested certain initiatives and i do hope that later on these initiatives will be implemented but with the president today we again noted that the foundation for sustainable comprehensive resolution on all of the. lies of the syria of implementing the means
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could great moment in that context we did discuss the russian initiative to create the who stole the un mission to ensure the security and safety of the always see. employees we also discuss the situation with iran. the korean peninsula crisis in general these stocks were very useful they took place in a very businesslike constructive atmosphere and for that i would like to thank mr president i'm sure that this visit. be very useful for further development of our work relations relation between the russian federation and germany thank you for your attention. thank you mr president i am delighted to be here. knowing that everything about it in a city i will visit listening there to joint press conference given by president
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vladimir putin and also the german president frank walter steinmeier he's in moscow on his first of issue official visit mr putin there saying that they discussed a range of issues including syria ukraine and iran and the korean peninsula he described it talks is very useful and constructive and also businesslike and hope that further talks will be held in the future. now another news today there are some changes at the top and the world's second largest economy with china and baling its leadership team for the next five years by the end of the year beijing also plans to pay for oil using its own currency undermining the supremacy of the u.s. petro dollar on the energy market well i spoke to about china's future. so this lineup unveiling has given us a clear glimpse into china's political future just not in the traditional manner not in the way anyone expected the intrigue comes from the fact that the other six
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men on this committee along with the she usually one of them is a clear successor to the party chair that happened which is she himself with his predecessor but this time around all six of those men were born before one thousand nine hundred sixty which according to an albeit unwritten rule means that all of them would be too old to take over for she and twenty twenty two and that of course fools already rampant suspicion that she might seek to hold that position for longer than the two term framework as has happened in the past so all this really cements. grasp on power and his legacy and while obviously a lot can change in the next five years nobody has a crystal ball to know what we're really happened it's clear that all this groundwork is being laid for she to not fade into the background anytime soon so that's the leadership but another major topic is china's economy in the growing use of its currency in global trade yeah beijing is in fact looking to introduce a new way to price oil as early as this year and their own currency up till now the
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u.s. dollar has been the only currency with which large scale purchases of oil work conducted hence the term petro dollar but now it's the idea of the picture you won that's being introduced which would of course mark a significant dent in the u.s. dollars global dominance now the move will allow china's trading partners to pay with either gold or to convert the one into gold cutting the u.s. dollar out of question altogether and frankly it's a logical move for china because they're of course the world's largest oil importer for example just last year china spent over one hundred billion u.s. dollars on oil so in theory if they manage to make those purchases in you won in the future that would mean a huge chunk of u.s. change completely off the financial markets and one can only wonder what sort of effect that will have and of course it's a rather ambitious undertaking and there is some doubts that trading partners will get on board to make that possible and of course it goes without saying that after
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four decades of the u.s. dollar priced oil it's not a change that will happen over night. ok well to discuss this a bit further now we're joined by the host of r.t. sky's report max kaiser max good evening thanks for coming on we are hearing there that china looks set then to challenge the petro dollar why does beijing feel the need to do that. well first of all they're very brave to do this because countries that have tried to exit the oil dollar matrix have met terrible ends of course saddam hussein wanted to trade oil in euros he was killed you had moammar gadhafi want to trade his energy in something other than u.s. dollars he was killed so the track record here is pretty dire so kudos to china for for taking this project on and of course they are rumored to be the big buyer in the iran co offering of their state oil facilities coming down the pike so this makes sense in a geo political sense in terms of you've got china and russia
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and the saudis are looking to escape the u.s. dollar u.s. dollar germany they're looking to dollar that's a concept we see all over the world right now as countries want to escape from the u.s. military industrial complex these countries around the world are tired of funding america's military adventurism by being a party to the empire of debt as it's known around the world the u.s. dollar and they want to split off they want their autonomy in china wants autonomy russia wants autonomy iran wants autonomy they want they don't want to be ruled over by the u.s. dollar anymore so this gives them away this this this contract futures contract based in un for oil convertible into gold means that these countries can finally in a spin in place since the end of world war two escaped the brentwood u.s.
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dollar had germany empire of date supremacy world reserve currency that is the u.s. dollar and we're in the new new beginning i think is there anything then that the u.s. can do about this because it's not going to be happy that it's going to lose the petro dollars would you expect it to fight back. well they're exactly right they will fight back they will start a war you know maybe they'll start a war between japan and china you know maybe they'll start a war with north korea you know america will do anything to keep the us dollar as world reserve currency they will invade a country like afghanistan they owe those stop at nothing because this is the basis of the us empire it's not land based some paste on material goods it's based on rent seeking it's based on lending dollars getting that income and then when countries can't pay they dismantle the assets and take them over we saw a lot america south america this is how america built a sump are the cultures that are resistant to america's financial cartel are
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russia china iran so now they figured out you know what we're going to split off from the dollar they can do so with this new contract and they're also they're embracing crypto currencies crypto currencies in this context is another way to deed dollar rise to dollar rise get out of the u.s. dollar the u.s. dollar is being held up. narrowly with the pentagon's various actions around the world and a lot of market machinations from the central banks but want to see the cat's out of the bag you know look for the dollar to have a very significant crash. among among the countries you said might actually join china in this were saudi arabia he said that just a couple of minutes ago i mean that might surprise a lot of people that they would be willing to go ahead with this oh yeah. so how absolutely so how do you rate being be able to dig to do this and simply switch out of the u.s. dollar do you think it's that simple for them. well it's not going to be simple but
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there is definitely a motivation for the saudis to. you know they're very they want to float around for example because they need the money because they're deeply in debt big and they're running out of cash and they want to do an i.p.o. aramco on the either the london or the american exchange but they were prevented from doing so from the legal actions of the nine eleven survivors who rightly point to the saudis as the cause of nine eleven the architect of nine eleven and they were allowed in america for those lawsuits to go forward that's a pretty recent development only in the last year or so lawsuits against saudis for terrorism for nine eleven have been allowed to go forward so now the saudis are like ok if that's the way you feel america then we're going to take our business to china russia iran you know so there is a huge split between the saudi in america right now the petrodollar which got started one nine hundred seventy nine hundred seventy one that's coming to an end
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the saudis are doing all kinds of moves that beyond just killing people on eleven which is pretty aggressive i think mike's are doing a lot of other moves to last longer about this is a fascinating so people would go to leave really appreciate your thoughts on this that was the skies of thank you. absolutely. now rex tillerson surprise visit to afghanistan has not only signaled a significant shift in attitudes towards the taliban it's also left reporters a little bit puzzled to see here's the official picture we can see that was released by the u.s. state department following the president's meeting with rex tillerson it looks simple enough doesn't it but later the afghan government also put out a photo of the meeting and i think you might be able to spot the difference because it's version on the left here a large clock and a fire bell have actually been a raise well why you might ask the state department thinks it was the photo resorted to make it look more attractive. i think if the afghan government had
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changed those photos probably to make it aesthetically more pleasing we never like doctored photos but i also understand that perhaps they wanted to present a better image than having that background but again that's that's really all i have for you on that. well the u.s. earlier said that men had met the two men had met in kabul but the u.s. state department afterwards published an official statement in which the location was corrected to the u.s. military base at background field their base has been constantly attacked by the taliban mostly by suicide bombers on the anniversary of the nine eleven attacks a suicide bomber attacked an american military convoy near the compound leaving five servicemen injured five days earlier a suicide bomber tried to enter the airbase but was stopped although he detonated his explosives injuring one u.s. soldier former pentagon official michael maloof told us that there was a serious reason for doctoring that we showed you were. for security reasons.
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what was taken out was. a clock with zulu time and that indicates a military base i think what president ago he was trying to show was that he held the meeting actually in his presidential palace where that was not the case it was actually at a very secure military facility in bodrum does underscore how fragile the security . if not throughout all of afghanistan. ok well for those of you who just joined this german president frank walter steinmeier is in moscow at the moment on his first visit to russia we were showing you his joint press conference to you just a couple of minutes ago with blood in both agreed that there is room for improvement in relations between germany and russia. really putting you. to welcome to german president to moscow and then still cautious optimism and also that his visit will serve to boost through. lucian's between russia germany does
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not think it's important but it's presidents use it patooties like beast one to see what we can do to improve relations. with points. ok we'll discuss this a bit further than average joined by the german m.p. for the alternative for germany party and joe miller welcome to the studio and york thanks for your time tonight. what are your thoughts then on this meeting between the early today president putin and also frank water steinmeyer both said they wanted better relations but in all likelihood how quickly are we likely to see that . time has come for mr steinmeier to reach that moscow because it was the first time for seven years without any results over to him and present to russia so relations had been deteriorating before but i think the gold is somehow at the truman side why did mr steinmeier come to moscow so late. they talked about the
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economy a lot and the importance of trade between the two countries i mean they've also talked about ukraine also in wider issues but do you think it's the economy that's the the pressing one the one issue that can bring both countries back together years of course because the closer economic ties are between countries in general. the probability of crisis the less is the probability of four or so or severe conflict so the close of the economy will grow between drew money and russia the better is both for for russia and from germany ok well let's talk about what's going on in germany at the moment and your party the f.t. there in parliament now as we know but it was a tough opening day wasn't it only a day of the bundestag for your party there were demonstrations outside i think we can see pictures of that now but also inside you put forward three times your proposals didn't you for i think vice president on all three. cations they were
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turned down i think we can just listen and show them what exactly happened. for the proposed candid alberg laws a hundred fifty votes yes five hundred fifty voted no twenty six abstained. for the second round of voting the the fraction has put forward mr clause a. mr glass has not achieved the required number of votes. in the third round of voting mr glaus it will be elected if the number of yes votes is higher than the one of no votes mr grasso has again failed to say in the required majority of votes. i mean you had little support when he department but that really just shows how difficult perhaps things could be. in former times i only could comment things i had seen on television yesterday it was my first time my first day in palm and just two of my whole life so i took part in this and i was. going to say to all of our fraction of
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our parliamentary group how to behave and i'm really a little bit. of fender it by the behavior of the other parties because they declared themselves democrats what had happened before we'd the alternative for truman truman did party we had to water it democratically inside the problem into a group to put forward mr glasser so it was a democrat to quote which had taken place before an inside our parliamentary group and we have a right on one seat as a vice president that three times as i see it the other parties who declare themselves all super democratic they struck to three times by their of pure wish a democratic vote that had been put forward before by our party sure what sort of influence do you think you'll have on german politics i say that because i think you have ninety members that human parliament around that figure but it's not enough to block policies it just wondered how you think you might be able to
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influence policy within germany of course now in the beginning it will be somewhat difficult because the the un official polisi but all the other parties until yesterday was and if the becomes part of the poem and which happened we will treat them like some whole like us as if they did not belong to us so that they always try to exclude us out of the political process but the yesterday was a decisive day because yesterday there were some wards where reste alone for example from. the vice president but there were other six or seven. initiatives. samberg brought forward by us of them were brought forward by by the left wing by the christian democrats by the liberal democrats and there was a very good mix. on the other initiatives there were some boards together off of
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the left and the alternative for children against the others then we had another ward where we voted together with christian democrats and social democrats so the policy to exclude us started to crumble yesterday in this was only the beginning and people are always very kane to stress that the i.a.f. the policy party and the migration but i suppose you could look at it for yourselves this is now an opportunity to show perhaps this isn't the case to me what other things would you be debating what are the things we change in germany apart from the migration issue i think the biggest second biggest point or area of competence we have is economics we have very i think we have the highest percentage of the produce of all parties in that in that the members of parliament are people who work on their own who do not depend on salary who do not depend on the on state welfare for example so we have these
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because of real how economy rocks and this will bring forward an hour can open a secret into the spectators soon we will bring forward. a very very detailed elaborated initiative as regards the euro and the whole financial system of the european union so this one will you very big surprise i'm sure what will tell us then what what what are your plans for the euro. our plans are that we know that the euro in this consistency is existing now it has no future that has to be reformed or it has to be abolished but only a ball in the euro doesn't mean anything if it is not replaced by a better alternative so we are now going to bring forward empowerment is not only saying that we are against everybody can be against the euro but we will bring forward real real good alternatives what are the better alternatives against the
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euro and police wait some days call it is pretty slowly i mean what is the alternative to the euro now where the countries in europe are looking at perhaps their own sort of sovereign crypt i mean what things are you looking at are we are we're looking at independent currencies for for each state that should be balanced among each other and the euro is not only the question of the euro itself as a currency it's only some kind of behind the for say do have these years you have years of as you have all these monetary fans state controlled but financed by the taxpayers of each country mostly by the german. taxpayer and so the whole interrelations between the currencies and all these guaranteed funds also for greece against the international monetary fund that this is have this has a huge complexity and this club complexity must you solve and not only being myself
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a member of my body i know for sure that the best experts we have in germany all in our party interesting ok well let's just broaden the discussion because we've seen in austria recently i'm sure you're looking at the elections that were held there in the rise of the right wing party the freedom party now looking to actually become part of a coalition do you see this as part of a broader movement in europe in general where people are supporting parties like you always which are. more right way. yes of course i think it's a common movement now in europe that has started with developers in the netherlands some years ago then the freedom party in always also have all always has played a huge role in or simply takes we are the newest priority the latest one year in this context for myself i live in the south east of bavaria two kilometer of from the or soon border and i have close friends being in the rulership of these
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parts here because i live so close to them and so for me it's not only being a part of the week the alternative for germany party or this over all european movement i have also some insights in or still what is going on in the freedom party for me personally always has served as a good example not always but in many fields it is a good example what also could be good for the party in germany. fascinating stuff and you look very preachy coming in tonight to our studio that was a hundred miler and pay for the alternative in germany thank you and. he'll be watching our say thanks being with us for the last half hour so we'll have more nice at the top of the hour if you get there you can keep across all the stories and more to come.
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how does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like nobody oh visitation i don't know what comes anymore we don't have to sarge and many more is. this what they want to do that they don't give a damn if you did their best to put it back into. the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us sam bridge what she is behind such success. while the mainstream media and the chattering classes obsess over donald trump's call to a gold star family the pentagon's growing footprint in africa was publicly revealed it would appear it does not matter who is president rather this except that the us
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will fight for. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the us a full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really packs a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than booth. and see people you never heard of love back to the night the president of the world bank hate. me seriously send us an e-mail. reading. yes from dropping bombs and actively fighting in conflicts ranging from syria to iraq to afghanistan to having military bases from germany to south korea japan and that whole asia pivot policy mess i tell you hark watchers trying to keep
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track of when and where the u.s. military is operating in this world is a full time head spinning headache. headache of a job so does any wonder that one for u.s. special forces soldiers are killed in the line of duty in the african country of niger the number one question on people's minds across the united states was truthfully wait we we have troops in niger what in the hell are we even doing in niger even our own members of congress apparently have no idea what our military is up to these days and that stretches across the aisle as both senators chuck schumer and lindsey graham were clueless about u.s. operations in niger with graham telling n.b.c. as meet the press quote i didn't know there was a thousand troops and. this is from a man who actually.


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