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tv   News with Ed  RT  October 25, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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you know real news paper good actors that act and in the end you could never get your audience so much parking people all around the world all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player. on that is tonight another death knell for the trump russia collusion scandal like happened tonio joins us for more on the clinton funded trump dossier and the president trogs off suggestions of a civil war raging within the republican party following senator jeff place announcement he will not run for reelection because of the president and the mayor of san juan puerto rico says the contract to rebuild the island's power grid should be terminated and the company investigated for ties to the president i'm ed schultz reporting tonight from washington d.c. this is that is on our team america.
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good evening friends we start tonight with a stunning revelation about the now famous dossier on donald trump and its true origin the hillary clinton campaign and the d.n.c. helped fund the research on trump which contained allegations of russian connections to the trump campaign the ducey a was produced by former british intelligence officer christopher steele he was sub contracted in hired by fusion g.p.s. after fusion g.p.s. was hired by clinton campaign lawyer mark elias according to thor hall percent from the human rights foundation fusion g.p.s. is a smear firm hired to politically destroy people all recent claims he was targeted by fusion for work he did in venezuela under covering corruption. the truth dossier funded by the clinton campaign in the d.n.c. contained salacious details. about trump and his alleged connections to russia
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obviously a lot of the allegations within the dossier go to issues of either. coordination or collusion between the time campaign and the russians or the issue of potentially compromising material those general issues are very much within the scope of our investigation the mainstream media accused russian president vladimir putin in russian intelligence of having information on trump that would jeopardize national security and put trump in an uncompromising position even possible blackmail the kremlin consistently denied being involved in the dossier saying they had nothing to do with it did you could go to the people who ordered these fake news stories like the ones that are circulating about the president elect fabricate them and use them for political means they're worse than prostitutes the da ca became part of the narrative used by the democrats claiming russian collusion the dossier also helped fuel the current investigations into russian meddling in the election trump
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fought back calling the dossier a fake news and even called out the networks and tonight calling the clinton funding of the dossier a disgrace well i think it's very sad what they've done with this fake it was made up. i understand they paid a tremendous amount of money and hillary clinton always denied it the democrats always denied it and now only because it's going to come out in a court case they said yes they did it they admitted it and they were barris by fusion g.p.s. bank records under subpoena from house intelligence chairman deborah newness show the connection between the firm in the clinton campaign and the d.n.c. . for more on this we go to mike papen tonio host of america's laura my good to have you with us i i don't know if the democrats realize it or not but they just made the president a very credible source he's been saying all along this is fake news now he's been proven out adam schiff still thinks the da ca is credible if you bet attention to
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that sound bite that we just played he still is using that this is been gospel for the democrats against the president how does this play out. well as shifa only has fifteen minutes of fame in russia russia story has been his fifteen minutes of fame he's getting ready to run against five he sees that's not an option now but about this dossier earlier this year the new york times reported that the democrats had indeed funded this report so the new york post revelations weren't completely groundbreaking the group breaking aspect of it is that is that you had hillary clinton sitting there knowing all along what what was contained in it and that the d.n.c. and she had paid for it now the only reason as you pointed out if you go to court and you commit perjury that becomes very serious but here we had we had the d.n.c. sitting there actually watching a run up to something that's a kin to a cold war with russia while hillary clinton sat there in took no responsibility
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for the only difference in this in the new york times what they reported about democratic donors you see specifically this this das year where it appeared the what washington boat says no it wasn't just a donor was actually people within the clinton campaign specifically the clinton campaign lawyer markable a lobbyist who was responsible for this this wasn't just some donor that did this so first of all they act like they don't know anything about it she sits quietly while there's a run up to what looks like a cold war with russia understanding how dangerous that is but nevertheless says we didn't have anything to do sits quietly about it here's something we need to remember when this dossier originally came out in january clinton's campaign staff were up in arms screaming about the media sitting on the story for so long instead of releasing the material prior to the presidential election proud remember that but now we know that their outrage was completely an act it was completely phony it
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up because they know they created it so they're on the m s n b c c n n acting out and acting like this is terrible the. nobody's talking about it they were outraged but truthfully they knew all along they had created it well is ill to this remarkable this is not when you the clinton people also sent their surrogates out on all the talking heads purporting this dossier to be connected to vladimir putin and russian collusion this was really one of the foundation pieces to get these investigations moving forward which is paid for by hillary clinton she knew as she let her surrogates and all of her associates go out and basically a la i when she knew that it was drummed up but with her money. well ed the severity of this is understanding that international affairs were being affected by this don't you see m s n b c n c n n in the clinton d.n.c.
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they were actually it was a run up for a cold war with russia and they knew it was a lie they knew the golden shower tape was a lie my guess is they didn't trust any of this dossier that they paid for but they instead of saying look we did this they said quietly let it happen like area dangerous kind of policy and it certainly is it said state of affairs no doubt democrats i think got to do some real soul searching about what role the clintons play in future elections might pepitone e a great to have you with us tonight thanks so much president trump addressed claims today the g.o.p. is in fighting is threatening to get out of control the president also addressed senator jeff flake comments during a floor speech announcing that he would not seek reelection on tuesday he was against me from before he ever knew me he wrote a book about the before i ever met him before i ever heard his name his poll numbers in arizona a solo that he couldn't win and i don't blame him for leaving i think he did the
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right thing for himself for more on this let's turn to our political panel tonight believing we have been caesar former florida democratic party chair and mark simone radio talk show host of new york a w r gentlemen great to have you with us the flake fall out the corker in flight down mark these are two guys that aren't running they don't have too many shipmates with him who are talking what do you make of that. well you say they're not running they actually have destroyed their careers they don't realize what the what the people in the heartland of america think of them they feel abandoned by these two these are two swamp alligators who totally forgotten who they were there to fight for the trump is right they couldn't get elected dog catcher the what they've done to themselves is ended their political careers and their lives donald trump got a standing ovation in the senate so a flake and the friend there corker should should have noticed that midge the president says there's no unity problem with the republicans how do you view it. i don't really agree ed i mean you know you can go to the republican caucus and you
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can hear just crickets as opposed to anybody opposing the president because others are running for reelection so i will say that it's not exactly profiles in courage by these two groups and they are running again however i am glad they said when they said i think it needed to be told the interesting thing is it's not philosophical in the case of jeff flake he voted ninety six percent of the time with the president i think you have a situation here where the president wants to use steve band again on the outside where he's more effective to keep the senators in this case in line by saying look how successful i've won i got flake out the problem is he's possibly blowing away any possibility for a legislative agenda success whether it's on taxes or health or even the remark i want to make of that you're diego by these by these two centers perhaps bolting on one of these two women because they don't have to run again what do you think of that mark had a span in play into this and what about the agenda you have at it's helpful out
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there and you know first of all there's total unity republicans and democrats everybody in congress total unity they don't want to do a thing they want to leave everything the way it is they're working for special interests for lobbyists they like high taxes that way every corporation has to come by every little car about every little loophole insurance companies want to hospitals want obamacare left just the way it is they're making a fortune with it and republicans and democrats are in lockstep now trying to keep everything the way it is ok so let's turn to the ca mitch caesar is this a credibility killer for the d.n.c. how they're going to dodge around this. i really don't think so and i'll tell you why specifically that is a story that broke in the last two or three hours in which now apparently the trump campaign. through their vendor reached out directly to julian assange from wiki leaks for all the hillary clinton e-mails that they presumably and hacked into and when it was asked and again it's in the last few hours he said yes i was contacted
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so i think they've was any credibility it's opera research everybody does it all day and then they get activated to write you a second the fact that the democrats paid for it after republicans ordered paid and then they picked up the ball that's done every single day it doesn't change what we see in the documents i want your response to the dust ca what's that what's the damage what's the fallout. hold try to call it opposition research you know when a little lawyer brought a little tiny ducey to donald trump jr's office democrats were ready to form committees hearings they were going to go after him like crazy that was nothing this is the biggest dirtiest nine million dollars ever assembled even james komi was no fan of trump so the whole thing is garbage it's for a lifetime of dirty tricks with these clintons this may be the biggest dirtiest trick they ever tried to pull what about the trump campaign marc going after wiki leaks in trying to coordinate there to get those e-mails. well there are you there are even else i mean i guess we have
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a right to get them back if we want we will see if that's true but you know when you look for russia collusion and look at this dossier look at all this stuff and here we are busy trying to see if they took one ad on facebook i mean let's go after this and see what happened here mark simone mitch caesar gentlemen thank you so much for joining us tonight a bipartisan health care bill would fix obamacare as insurance markets and reduce the deficit by four billion dollars by the year two thousand and twenty seven according to a new score by the congressional budget office the bill proposed by republican senator lamar alexander and democrat patty murray would allow states flexibility to alter their health care coverage the report says the number of those covered would not change significantly meanwhile a federal judge in san francisco will not will not block the president's order to end government subsidies required under the affordable care act judge vince cobra believes states will be largely unaffected as most of them have devised measures to stabilize premiums judge cobra is an obama administration appointee. the consumer
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financial protection bureau proposed a rule meant to maintain some of dodd franks guidelines despite the president's promises to get rid of the legislation on tuesday congress rejected the bureau's proposals to bust bianco for cheeni has more for us tonight. and a very close vote the senate decided to get rid of a rule that allows consumers to bring class action lawsuits against banks and credit card companies on tuesday advice president mike pence cast the tie breaking vote bring it fifty one to fifty the republican controlled house already approved over sending it and president trump is expected to quickly sign on the rule was proposed by the consumer financial protection bureau back in july to stop companies from using mandatory arbitration clauses the c.f.p. said the clauses prevent consumers from joining together to sue their bank or financial company for wrongdoing if you're added by forcing consumers to give up or
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go it alone usually over small amounts companies can sidestep the court system avoid big refunds and continue harmful practices following news of the boat c.f.p. president richard cordray encouraged president trump to veto the resolution and said tonight's vote is a giant setback for every consumer in this country wall street one and ordinary people lost this vote means the courtroom doors will remain closed for groups of people seeking justice and relief when they're wrong by a company the overturning of the arbitration rule foreshadows other changes at the bureau which was created after the two thousand and eight financial crisis it's been attacked on several occasions by some republican lawmakers in particular congressman jeb hensarling answering one called the c.f.b. a quote rogue agency that must go so beyond arbitration we could see adjustments made to rules regarding payday loans or mortgages down the road as well but in
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order for more changes the house and senate will likely have to remain under republican control reporting in washington bianca sheeny r.t. despite divisions within the g.o.p. the president believes the push to pass tax reform will unite the party speaking of senator jeff flake today president says even he will join the party in voting for the. legislation i wish him well i really believe he's going to do the right thing for the country he's going to vote for tax cuts because we desperately need tax cuts to put our people back to work we need tax cuts also to be able to compete with other countries in the banca trump also joined the push for tax reform specifically the child tax credit portion of the bill the president meanwhile appeared to backtrack slightly on for a one k.'s hinting that they could be on the negotiating table for more on this we're joined tonight by former georgia congressman bob barr mr barr always a pleasure good to have you with us tonight you've been down this road of
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negotiations in washington many times before let's talk about the middle class for a moment because that's what the president talks about a lot what would be the downside if they do mess with the four a one k.'s and in change that very popular program your take on that. i really don't think at the end of the day that that will happen does it's a mechanism for one ks are a mechanism for a lot of middle class families and taxpayers to set money aside and reduce their tax burden so despite you know the going back and forth at this early stage i don't think that that's really something that's going to figure i think more attention will be focused on the corporate taxes which do also affect a lot of middle class americans and small businesses do you anticipate the republicans getting this done and is the president right when he says that those who oppose him will vote for the package what do you think. i think that both the
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senators who made statements against the president yesterday corker and the flight i would suspect very strongly that they'll vote for the tax plan the tax measure and i think that despite there will be great differences and we have no idea at this point what the final product will look like because it hasn't gone through the process on the hill but i think it will it will get through and i think the republicans will be largely united i think there will be a number of democrats that will come over also many of those facing reelection i think will be hearing from middle class voters and taxpayers and small businesses in their home states and their districts you know but there's a number of surveys out there that say the republican the american people the american people only a third of americans think that a tax cut is the right remedy right now the economy is on a roll jobless claims are down the stock market's doing well unemployment is at a low number why now. i think any time is a good time for
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a tax cut in my view and in the end the view of most families the polls these some of the ones that i've seen probably seen some of the same ones that you've seen recently that came out at it's very difficult to tell exactly what they're asking for example one poll that concluded that the vast majority of voters think that a tax cut along the lines that the president is talking about would only help corporations they were asked well if you knew a little bit about the tax plan you know how would you vote these polls right now are utterly meaningless the fact of the matter is that you'd be hard pressed to go into a middle class families home and ask them which you prefer or not to prefer having a tax cut and come away with any answer other than heck yes or eight you're on record now saying that you think that the republicans will get it done but there's a lot of folks who believe that the president may have soured the punchbowl that he's ruined his chances to get this done that this tweeting and backbiting and
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fighting back and forth is fruitless and will and there were maybe some who in the senate that don't want to speak up that may begrudge the president not given this this round of tax cuts in an era of pretty good economy what do you make of that is that a possibility. i don't think so i think that senators including senators corker and flake trump is not voting for them and it's not supporting them it's the voters back in senator's home state senate house members homes destroyed home districts that are going to make the decision for them at the end of the day what trump once or doesn't want really is not going to matter on the vote it's what the members of congress and the senators are hearing from back home mr barr always a pleasure great to have you on the program i appreciate it thank you nafta is undergoing its fourth round of negotiations on the subject of beef trade is now on
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the table this comes from the middle of the country the division between big beef exporters in family farmers and rural america is taking center stage the military has been following the story and brings us tonight this is one of the stories we don't hear a lot about but a lot of people are paying attention to it a lot of people are certainly affected and nobody's talking about it and ed while nafta has driven and overall increase in beef exports it's also created a big beef trade deficit between mexico and canada by over one hundred thirty one percent between one thousand nine hundred three and the year two thousand and fifteen now although it's japan though who is the number one consumer of u.s. beef exports they're america's best customer when it comes to beef but they're craving for beef may be curbed with president affectively killing the t.p. upon taking office but his threats to kill now are still alive and well this week top officials are discussing food and agriculture and with the world's relative
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rise and better living conditions and overall wealth the demand for bees have climbed steadily across the globe but at the tail of two farmers here stateside the big factory farms who are pro free trade and the fall are family farmers in rural america who are being pushed out of business by the multinational corporations. the president has said over and over that nafta is the worst deal ever struck which has caused panic between our neighbors to the north and to the south and the national cattlemen's beef association had this to say quote sparking a trade war with canada mexico and asia will only lead to higher prices for american produced beef in those markets and put our american producers at a much steeper competitive disadvantage the fact remains that ninety six percent of the world's consumers live outside of the u.s. and expanding access to those consumers is the single best thing we can do to help american cattle producing families be more successful but many argue that nafta
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p.p.p. and t. tip would only benefit multinational corporations like roger johnston the president of the national farmers union he said this quote while trade with our nafta partners is important to family farmers and ranchers the agreement has contributed to increased consolidation in the beef industry and has pushed out small and midsized beef producers multinational meat packers and their lobbying groups frequently tout increases in exports but they fail to factor increases in imports and the impact that a massive trade deficit has on american independent producers and american industries so a lot of the private farms and cattle families say that since nafta passed twenty plus years ago america has plates have been flooded with b. from canada and mexico and other countries as well more than fifty slaughterhouses have shut down across the country causing thousands of jobs and this just as americans are becoming more and more food conscious than ever before demanding to
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know where their food comes from but add that in two thousand and one congress passed the cool bill country of origin labeling act but canada and mexico filed complaints with the world trade organization and forced the u.s. to repeal this bill so now there is no law to demand that sort of transparency for consumers anymore so we have to wait and see what. president are going to go backwards in the labeling was in that farm bill it was a provision that they had to defend and they couldn't do it everybody wants to though were there before is coming from the right label and that's that's going to be an ongoing fight thanks manila the marrow puerto rico's largest city says a contract to fix their electrical grid should be terminated lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the three hundred million dollar no bid contracts awarded to a small montana company with direct ties to the troubled ministration ortiz read important brings us the details tonight it's been exactly five weeks since hurricane maria hit puerto rico and as of this morning reported seventy five percent of households
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roughly three million people remain without power restoring electricity to the u.s. territory remains an enormous challenge which is why it's not quite clear why a two year old private energy company from montana has been handpicked to get the job done the puerto rico electric power authority quietly awarded a no bid three hundred million dollar contract to white fish energy holdings to help restore transmission and distribution lines damaged or destroyed during the hurricane according to reports the montana company had just two full time employees when maria slammed into puerto rico and it's currently contracting hundreds of workers to complete the project questions are swirling around the deal given that white fish is based in the hometown of interior secretary ryan zinke and according to reports the company is financed by a major donor to the trump campaign and republican party while members of congress
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have called for an investigation into the no bid contract with whitefish energy the mayor of san juan told yahoo news quote the contract should be avoided right away and a proper process which is clear transparent legal moral and ethical should take place unquote now as in his office and whitefish both deny. interior secretary played a role in the company's contract in the meantime puerto rico's death toll continues to rise five weeks after hurricane maria devastated the island according to the government at least fifty one certified deaths have been recorded officials say the latest two victims died from leptospirosis and infection that can be spread after floods through contaminated drinking water or infections of open wounds at least seventy six cases of suspected and confirmed leptospirosis have been reported on the island amid a public health crisis unfolding an estimated one million americans in puerto rico
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are still living without running water marina port naya r.t. miami catalonia has pushed for independence is dividing families across the country of spain the push is also affecting families in france or to charlotte dubinsky has more. to dismember like spain it is beginning gradually to dismember europe it is also progressively weakening and europe. has boxed through the collapse of europe. former french prime minister well miles that mincing no words when it comes to catalonia independence he was one of the most staunch supporters across europe of spanish unity and he was actually born into a catalan family well given his heritage some might say that val's should be on the other side of the argument well that's at least what his sister thinks she's few
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reus and that riveted him on twitter. for god sake for the sake of grandfather mcgee this is not democratic and neither is article one fifty five since when has there been such a horrible thing as the suspension of freedoms bowels isn't the only one he's been put into a somewhat embarrassing situation by close relatives but catalonia gets along the president himself was also left red faced off to his cousin chose to make not very pro independence move in the wake of the referendum. is moving the headquarters of her company to madrid citing political uncertainty for dear client due to the current political situation invacare would like to inform you that we will soon be changing the location of our headquarters well we all know that nobody can quite squabble like your own family and when politics gets in full
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to as well it may lead to some rather awkward dinner it seems that somehow the vowels and the pooch could end up. oxy. and that is our news tonight follow me on twitter at news where they're like me on the facebook page we've got their dot com you can see our team america on the red. warm. supporting tonight in washington d.c. thanks for watching. come.
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on larry king you are watching our amount per student more. called the field we don't need. every the world should experience. and you can get it on the old old. the old according to josh. welcome to my world come along for the ride. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the navy seals exactly just full on awesome well the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than booth nothing's better to see anybody.


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