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tv   News  RT  November 8, 2017 11:00am-11:29am EST

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the us has to make deficiencies at the u.n. security council russia slams a probe into a chemical attack in syria. do not underestimate. and do not try a. little trying to send a donkey warning to north korea on his asia tour he's now in china where he's pushing beijing to take a tougher stance against pyongyang. chaos in concert lonia as a general strike brings the area to homes almost fifty p. roads are blocked across the region in protest over the jailing of told politicians . and russia's investigative committee rejects the conclusions of the mclaren report on alleged russian state sponsored doping saying there's no proof that
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athletes violated doping rules on not. a warm welcome you're watching on t.v. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital and good to have you with us. now russia's the joint report by the un and the chemical watchdog i deadly sarin gas attack in syria in april saying it's full of systemic deficiencies the country's deputy envoy to the u.n. addressed moscow's concerns to the security council. does the work of exists in international structures to school reveal systemic deficiencies as regards to syrian chemical weapons reports the results of their investigation of incidents involving the use of poisonous substances a deeply disappointing report issued two weeks ago concluded assad's government was
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behind the attack which left more than eighteen dead it also stated the sarin gas used can be traced to government stockpiles the mandate of the investigation expires in a week both moscow and washington are calling for his extension but on different terms are his kind of more powerful russian ambassadors to the meeting of the un security council and he was less than enthusiastic about the report is pointed out to many problems with the report in many aspects of the way the investigation was done relying on third parties as being rather on satisfactory studies the. investigators carried out their work remotely the report is full of admissions inconsistency isn't discrepancies of very mediocre quality there's a question as the samples collected by the parties and whether they're from syria it's all it isn't clear how the sarin was transported and you also visit. would be
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crucial to proof of sarin was there and define who's responsible for that in other words it was the judy sask to find this out well immediately after hearing the report from the o.p.c. w. we heard from nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations now when she spoke she praised the joint investigative mechanism or the g.m. of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the. the c.w. for the report and then she went on to urge the council to pass a new resolution prolonging their work investigating chemical weapons in syria the gym's report not only identifies those behind the chemical attacks it also explains how it reached its conclusion it makes know of any irregularities it found in the information obtained from the investigation many developments are in the works others talk of a new resolution russia and china working together with the united states to draft a new resolution but as of yet it's not clear what's next for the o.p.c.
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w or the joint investigative mechanism as they continue their work in syria earlier russian military experts presented their own conclusions saying the attack could not have been carried out by an syrian jet as none were within range also no fragments from an aerial bomb were found russian explosives experts maintain an improvised device of been used which had been placed on a pavement at the time of the attack the west was quick to point the finger at the months long before any official findings were released the head of the joint investigation said even if experts had visited the site of the attack it would have changed nothing in their findings and conclusions it was those that the body takes great care to ensure its methodology is technically sound last not a view investigative journalist rick sterling. they got a very shaky conclusion and even that report indicates that the number of various irregularities that is. only an understatement side the report it's sick knowledge
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that there were fifty seven victims transported to five different hospitals before the attack even happened. so how do you have a big floor it happens they acknowledge in the report that they cannot confirm that there were society in chair over funds shaken at the time of the incident which nobody you know showing syrian jets the syrian air force says they were not over lunch a coup and they were like i said karen in other town and actually that u.s. radar tracking confirms that but listen syrian jet fighters this man has no closer to five kilometers from conflict. so in addition to that any investigation an essential component of it is looking at motive who has a motive for a chemical weapons incident in syria obviously it's the opposition and the syrian government has every motive to prevent or never to have that happen.
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saudi arabia has detained dozens of while fake eyes and the ministers and what's being called phase one of an anti-corruption push these arrests do not represent the start but the completion phase one of our anti-corruption push. eleven princes four ministers and many ex ministers were detained by the saudi anti-corruption body the us presidency expressed his approval for the controversial move despite the fact one of his former business partners was reportedly among those detained with more details his aunties jacqueline vega riyadh's ritz carlton became the impromptu sight and luxurious prison for some of saudi arabia's most wealthy and powerful over the weekend it was a serious fall from grace for those rounded up including princes ministers and business people who had to make do with sleeping on the floor in the five star hotel.
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it's all part of an unprecedented anti-corruption purge decreed by the king and put into motion by thirty two year old prince mohammad the sweeping arrests are thought to be the young saudi heirs gamble to stamp out political rivals and clear his way to power and on that way he is ready to shatter decades of royal traditions by breaking saudi arabia's addiction to oil we will not. be at the mercy of commodity price volatility in the markets we have developed a case of oil addiction in saudi arabia and his rise to power principal home it has also forged a close relationship with the trump administration. so it perhaps came as no surprise when trump gave his backing to the so-called corruption purge on twitter i have great confidence in king salmon and the crown
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prince of saudi arabia they know exactly what they are doing. some of those they are harshly treating have been milking that country for years so who exactly is as donald trump claims milking saudi arabia dry one person is sixty two year old prince all what we'd been told all an internationally known businessman holding shares in several u.s. companies like apple twitter citi group and time warner funding early enough trump himself has ties to bin talal who reportedly helped bail out the tycoon turned president twice in the ninety's but their relationship seemingly fell apart in two thousand and fifteen it is grace not only to the g.o.p. but to all america withdraw from the us presidential race as you will never win don't be prince our will lead to lower ones to control us politicians with daddy's money can do it when i get elected fairly that doesn't always apply to saudis pouring money into america trump is now pleading for the gulf states national oil company to float its shares on the new york stock exchange so while term criticizes
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those arrested for milking saudi arabia it would seem the us president has nothing against milking riyadh's coffers to fill washington's. the u.s. found north korea have traded insults again pyongyang has called trump the lunatic old man before adding washington is not fit to add to the judge of human rights in the us off the president describes north korea as a hell but no one deserves his stop in seoul this part of his asia tour and as usual trump didn't miss a chance to stick it to north korea on twitter he released a warning video accompanied by a rather dramatic soundtrack. the response. was short course nicely. for. our response. our duty to write this danger to get. us. the way.
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we. should. rush. hours. and president trump is now in china for the next much anticipated leg of his trip the visit has already proved truthful is being reported that the u.s. and china have signed some twenty trade deals worth nine billion dollars the chinese side has dubbed them a warm up before a big a ceremony on thursday r.t.s. american looks back at trump and she's previous meeting. as donald trump arrives in china on his five nation asia tour it's now the chinese president's turn to roll out the red carpet just six months ago the chinese leader came to washington and the two hit it off bonding over chocolate cake but trump couldn't help but be a bit theatrical during the dinner topping the magnificent dessert with a show of washington's military might we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen and president xi was enjoying it yes heading toward
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syria trump loves his weapon so much he thinks they're the solution to every problem and when the threat is as serious as north korea or weapons as he should south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment we make the best military equipment by far we make the greatest military equipment in the world the f. thirty five fighter which is the greatest in the world the greatest in the world missiles of many different kinds whether it's planes whether it's missiles we make the best the greatest military equipment by far the world purchasing it from the united states. now trump is counting on the chinese president to back him up as he puts pressure on pyongyang where he will be tomorrow china has been very helpful we'll find out how helpful so on but he really has been very very helpful well it's often
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said that diplomacy is merely seduction in another guys so the question is will trump's efforts to seduce the chinese leader carry over and will he be able to strike a sweet deal for the u.s. so marathon r.t. washington d.c. . joining me to discuss the upcoming talks between the two state of powers is mark allman director of the crisis with the institute in oakford the u.k. a good good to have you with us mr omens now the chinese leader is rolling out the red carpet for trump off the seas warm reception in the u.s. in april so do you think this meeting will be a success. i think it's likely to be proclaimed to success and there are certain points of common interest between china and the united states in a certain way trump needs china very much not just for north korea but for a variety of economic issues and at the same time the very fact the president is coming to china is giving more kudos to president xi and emphasizing china's role
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in the world is as if not number two as equal in a sense to the united states as an equal partner and that's very important for the prestige of the beijing government if i expected the chance going to be pushing beijing to take further action against north korea but do you think china will follow that and do you think bating has much more to offer in this respect. was a limited amount of what china can do and also the main differences between the united states and china as of course probably distance you know state is still a long way from north korea china is next door you know states may want to see the regime in pyongyang collapse whereas for china chaos in north korea is not a good thing and that's also by the way not a good thing for south korea either and so to some extent the chinese would like to calm the situation and that would of course quite likely leave commune with an in-car threat in the hope that he would agree to the very least further missile and nuclear tests where for the united states they are in a sense of play in their desire to denuclearize north korea not just to freeze it
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and so there is a there is a gulf between beijing and washington over what the best possible outcome is going to be over the north korean issue not what's the big u.s. leader has put pyongyang i notice he's selling arms to allies in the region what do you think you game plan is with these days it's all. well it's quite enthused on the one hand he's been much less bellicose in his rhetoric in the last few days more talking about squeezing north korea into compliance rather than threatening it with destruction but on the other hand his willingness to sell and indeed his insistence that japan and south korea must buy sophisticated american anti missile article. tree is something that worries china particularly to a lesser extent russia because of course these kind of anti missile systems based in south korea or japan might provide defense against north korea but the radars would also reach deep into the people's republic of china and be an intelligence threat to china itself so one reason why china would like to calm the issue is so
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that particular south korea could avoid being pushed into buying american military equipment and intelligence gathering united states not just president trump but the previous administration as well as the u.s. political class has made it clear that it regards dissent magine that the regime in pyongyang could do more than agree to freeze a halt its nuclear programs but not to reverse them that's something which certainly the foreign minister has said so it's difficult to see how you could come to an agreement that would be satisfactory to the public rhetoric of the united states and of course for president trump that will be politically damaging to him at home and i states north korea you avoided all men director of the crisis it was that institute thanks very much feel time now still to come in the program key parts of catalonia are paralyzed by a general strike look at the details after this break. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want. to go right to the pros it's a while before you know more people are. interested always in the water. chose seemed wrong. when old rules just don't. let me. get to shape out just because get educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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welcome back now spain's constitutional court has officially a no consular declaration of independence meanwhile a general strike has brought the region to a hoax with pro independence activists blocking key words from stopping trains in major cities and a protest over the jailing of regional leaders majority hughes's them of rebellion and sedition and danes the independence declaration in legal. bills of roads have been blocked by protests in false alone a police clashed with demonstrators as officers try to remove them from the most away protesters those are the regional routes for if you were going to make you faint affronts and the drone to train station hundreds of protesters broke through
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a police cordon. today. is bringing on gas now jonathan shafi the co-founder of the scottish based radical independence campaign mr shafi welcome to the program so from independence protests as a bloc to most fifty you wrote in council loney i do you think we're going to see a repeat of what we saw on the referendum day that kind of violence that clashes with police. well a i think it's probably important to give some of the context i'm of course independence was declared after the referendum was brutally
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suppressed and since then the spanish state has sort of a stunt t.j. and elected government officials and elements to completely bring the catalan government and to hold in order to impose died at room and in response to that and we see the stooges movement once again rising i must say as of a grassroots laid movement particularly by students by young people involving all cross sections of cotland society and their mobilization today a city to say very firmly that they will oppose the ongoing occasion that they want to see freedom for the political prisoners and that they want to get on with the business of building an independent state for afghans prime minister says that he expects the sender's regional elections in catalonia to bring peace to the region do you think he's being overly optimistic that do you think this will bring pace. well the elections and selves are also being contested as to the fairness
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as to the ability for independence parties to and take part in that lation there's even been some polling that friend the pain is parties not to be able to take part in the elation a toll so of course the framework of the election is going to be very important that has to be done and transparently has to be conducted in a way that has none of the patient we've seen in spain and. over the on of our standard weeks and months and that remains to be seen but i think what you will see in the lake is that a town of a true independent scotland government and it's a lot point then that the well of the council and people will have to be served because we're going to everything that by madrid to stop consulate here breaking away is being met with waves of protests as we're seeing right now over the jailed leaders why do you think final thought if i'm not trying. any other measures. well i think that they have deployed a range of attempts to physically stop there being
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a referendum to physically repress and is taking part in exercising their democratic and civil rights and i think for the spanish state the opposition here their goal that objective is to completely destroy the idea not just of the possibility of an independent counsel and catalonian state but even to stop people arguing campaigning or putting forward the point of view that catalonia should be an independent country and i think that's why they're being so and the patient of course this is no question for the whole of europe and democrats the length and breadth of europe saying that the will not stand for the patients spain has been so used to over the last weeks and of course we want to see more action from the european union and themselves who have been there let's just say not too sharp on the issue thank you for joining us on r.t. international that's jonathan shafi a co-founder of the scottish based ironical independence campaign thank you.
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russia's investigative committees were ject it claims the country had been running an elaborate state sponsored doping program is that the wild on today i think agency had provided no proof to back the fines a report by canadian lawyer which of mclaren. reports. well they carried out an extensive in-depth investigation involving more than seven hundred athletes their coaches various medical personnel and they question them about the allegations in the mclaren report and a number of them they rejected firstly they rejected the claim that some of the some pulls was switched and this claim was made in the mclaren report it said it said that some of them are normal or some of the samples indicating that perhaps they were mixed with salt and distilled water in order to hide banned chemical substances in these samples while the investigators stage their own experiments and
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they found that depending on how intensely an athlete trained what he had drunk his unique physiological exchange process as well many samples could be found as anomalous the second claim that they rejected was that the urine sample bottles themselves were tampered with were opened them manufactured by a swiss company and they're made to be incredibly difficult to open if not impossible to open and close without leaving any sort of mark and back in march there was an experiment that investigation which found that these a urine bottles can't be opened without damaging the integrity of the bottles themselves or even destroying them so that claim doesn't fly either the other claim that they rejected was that there was a state sponsored massive national doping program in russia investigators say the
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evidence that they have is that there is no evidence that mclaren report hasn't offered any of them mass stooping to stem but the investigators did say that they don't deny that there may have been individual cases of athletes using banned substances but those seven hundred questioned many of them said that. they did indeed buy performance enhancing drugs which they believed to be legal from grigori he's the former head of the russian anti-doping agency on whose testimony much of the mclaren report was was made and here's what they had to say matthew that's what caught our duping while taking the drugs i'd bought from roche and give it said the tests would always been negative if we used these drugs later he took them off me and never gave them back my athletes was disqualified for two years even though we deny using prohibited drugs later i remembered i bought some drugs from rob chink of during the testing period now i suspect the drugs he sold me were banned. of
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allegedly claimed that the athletes that these were illegal substances but after doping tests they were marked as positives nevertheless grigori washington himself investigators claim they have this phone call on record on tape he called the current head of the russian anti-doping agency and offered money a bribe in return for a database of all russian athletes doping results. it was concluded that flushing who is now in the u.s. and works with professor mclaren telephoned a former site i had and asked her to sell him the database of russian athletes test results the former site i had told russian investigators about this and now the committee has records of their conversations earlier this month of course to russian athletes skiers both were banned for life from competing in the olympics due to positive results in doping tests but the questions being asked here now is
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that if the investigation is still ongoing why athletes are already being banned for life. to get to get in touch and share your views on the day stories by following us on facebook and twitter and i might call the hollywood back and often now with the latest headlines joining that. here's what people have been saying about rejected a night with the sixty's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch oh yeah there's the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blues nothing's better than the c. people you've never heard of love redacted tonight i'm the president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around
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corporations corporations run washington the washington post media the media. voters elect a businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. i agree that leg and i did it which. was. was. actually. a clip of plea state that the abuse related to contracts awarded to
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k.b.r. represents the most blatant and improper contract of abuse i have witnessed during the course of my professional career it's suspicious on how go no bid contract because dick cheney before he became vice president was c.e.o. of halliburton he left hollow burton with twenty million dollars worth of stock options from nine eleven till two thousand and nine and those stock options quadrupled in price he made about a million dollars off the war was a great the. phone defending the woman he is no longer about the interview i think the american enterprise institute he says it would be a disaster in the fashion he says. we have no exit strategy oh no number. of units one for you invented. to do his work for him over the nation hundreds of
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millions of dollars the next to. us military contractor k.b.r. is under legal fire today over real fires in iraq the firm is charged with causing illnesses from massive burn pits used to incinerate garbage there. the veterans who are now suing k.b.r. because of their.


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