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tv   News  RT  November 10, 2017 8:00am-8:21am EST

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what have you and we didn't we haven't had a mass shooting since and so i always used that example where gun control actually worked and so when you say well spike is shooting and you watch the news there's people going well gun control couldn't have stopped this well of course it could've been no one needs forty something guns just everyone can have five fives a lot striving farve is good but they should be registered and. no one needs millions around of ammunition that's not derived though is not for protection if you want to use these arguments of protection that's complete rubbish no one's ever looked through a sniper saw it as someone two miles away and thought that guy's coming from a family i better stop them i better stop them before i get to back down you know there's also this whole right to bear arms and people going if they bring in one bit of gun control not bring in so much gun control but there's already bits of gun control we have a cop would have buying it on the any gun because that makes you gun too scary you
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can have the right. you can carry. the weapons right you can open carry a child and so you know like if you walk into a. target with a chinese saw someone ask a question what are you doing and you can't go this is more protection giant so this is different you'll be happy if a bad guy comes in with the chinese or because i'm the good guy with the chinese so it's not a bad guy with a chinese australia has no gun well fires have i mean you can still go and shoot a gun ranges and stuff like that but people can have them in their houses people don't have them any anymore but even before know any six twenty seven people weren't. started by guns the americans love guns with us yeah we had them but no one ever bragged about their gun can collection as far as i can recall anyone recently on your show. the harvey weinstein's. you admitted. his
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jokes you have to do better we make of all of this i believe we've got more names that are going to be coming out in the next couple of weeks there's been some odd it goes today that have come out about another direct. i don't think the situation is just in hollywood i think it's over all industries. i think things like trump saying grab him by the he was a thing that didn't help and like that normalize that a little bit and i've started to stop telling sexist jokes in my stand up because i had a moment when i just sort of thought i don't think everyone's taking it is jokes you know do you think that one of the dangers in this is that any woman who doesn't like oh boy yes he's i said in my retainer say when women come forward we have to hear them. i believe that we don't have to believe everybody take
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every case on its merits so far they seem to be believing yes that's all we have to take every case on its merits i know of people who have had a woman so i write them and then they were tracked in the statement and it's ruined marriages and lives and careers and what have you but i believe. where this right is five if. i'll give anyone one or two shots there is someone someone coming forward and go oh maybe that person try to ruin that person but then when it's harvey weinstein and what what is it now like how many women now you know i mean and i also there's been rumors about i knew about hobby once and i heard the rumors before it happened why do i hear about it why should i not you know i mean and so i like that kevin spicy. rumors about that for years and the fact that said the following might a joke in the family guy ten years earlier about this is. it's been going on for
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a long time so. the problem here is there's a lot of evil people that should be taken down but they could be a witch hunt where people are taken down for just association what do you make of political correctness. campuses political correctness on college campuses well that's a weird thing i've never been able to play college well when i when i came over here is that a comic i was deemed too offensive to perform in colleges where in the u.k. i was put up for the universities and people like that because i would bring a dirty comic this is going to be great and young kids love dirty comics you know i ten year olds in dirty comics are sterrett all right but i have it here you have to work clane in the colleges so i don't even know i'm never even been on one i don't look like a guy's never been to college surely. unusual punishment. to
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trump to a kid running for class president is a level well it's wind when you run for class president you make a lot of. just. promises that you can't keep i'm going to build a wall we're going to do this we're going to have a kid running to class president is like we can have two lunches we're going to you know like this whole and mexico's going to pay for the world i haven't met one mexican or heard of mexican society that i would i don't i don't know why they would it's like you build up a wall in your house and he said the next door neighbor all y'all paying for. fries and i tell you why would they pay for it and it's like it's also the promise of the wall for instance it's impossible you tom put a wall along the rio grande there's animals and stuff you can't do it. it's a promise that can't be mine and the only thing is he he said he was going to tax reform right. top five percent or something like that i've got into that party
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bracket now i'm still waiting for that promise that's the one promise i thought he was going to actually do anything he's like bring on that. but it's you know. how many things you think possible that he actually promised you know he's not going to be able to at the moment he's dying that we're going to have to have a muslim band again it's going to be travel restrictions these things are things that can go on forever and he promised he was going to repeal obamacare and it's like we can't repeal obamacare unless you have something else better in place and thank god we have people like john mccain who feel like they just don't give a stuff anymore and they can walk up and go and. target. we talk about this and say you know him he does he's easy. weeks i get him in the sense with the connection between him and trump but we haven't gone off to him as such by himself but we would have course we would. make a connection i think there's
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a real connection there i think i what's coming out with more trial. i think we're going to find more more stuff and i think it's just two people who are going to be arrested i think i think maybe five or six more other people go down i think it was definitely a russian collusion in the election but i also believe that propaganda has been going on forever you know unless they were actually changing vote counts or doing something and if they just sending us rubbish stories on our facebook page we have to take some of that responsibility ourselves just sending as a message that hillary clinton is killed people will check into it a bit you know she probably she probably hasn't. but you know i mean like just checking into it a bit like like during world war one they had posters of go to war and you'll pick up women and you know like. and so it's no normal is just the modern era of the
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internet and so if we if we think for a second that other foreign governments are going to try to affect though a lections that's stupid to australians. and say you must. do i have what they call the aussie sense here i know you and i were a bit knock around and we cited things and we have a word called larrikin where are you know i just we just find sort of guys but. i don't think it's as defined as the brits i think the british sense of humor is much more to find thing john cleese junk i had dinner with him it was one of the greatest moments in my life. i just love the guy and i love the now he's going to and i just well he doesn't give a stuff he's just saying what he thinks of fable. yeah he's now he's in my area god all. just all of them. they didn't get him much
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today tom mix well the problem was he was very hard to make fun of the in person i was quite easy because there was a timing and a rhythm to his voice but in moments of take in the country after mass shooting outside of that he always spoke so eloquently and he never missed a bait so i was hired to pick on him so you could do a few bertha jokes about him and stuff like that you could do a few little gags but for the most part he was a hard sort of guy to pick on. because he was a democrat as i said bill clinton was probably the easiest go in the world to go after george w. is fun because he said all the little mistakes plus he was somewhat of a war criminal he goes into an unnecessary war but besides that you sort of a fine garden and now we look at george rightly it was such a glowing lot like god george's all right george the party's portrait they're trying to do you. thank you man. jim jefferies watch the gym every
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show airing tuesday nights on committees to on comedy central at ten thirty pm thanks for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget use the politicking hash tag that's over this edition of politicking.
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the establishment dignan braced for parties at war with. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand on the lose business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. question. to put it bluntly. we have suits so. well. and defend you know. but the.
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headlines on the international wiki leaks says the cia created a computer virus that uses mimicking the virus program. right now in the asia pacific economic cooperation summit where a possible meeting between the russian and u.s. presidents has become the main focus of attention. and german police are investigating allegations that ethnic criminal guy infiltrated its ranks states. this is the international. news team here welcome to your program.
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we can lease reveals that the cia has created a computer program that imitates the software of russian antivirus company a lab of the leak reveals details on how the so-called hi virus allegedly works citing its code as evidence the virus is set to actually implants itself on computers and then sends back information directly to the cia and it's easy to mistakenly install it as wiki leaks claims it mimics the appearance of common programs. found eugene cast perske confirmed on twitter that the malware mimicked his for software he added though that all uses of the genuine antivirus product are safe and on effective details here now with r.t.s. . one of the revelations in the new batch of documents shows that the cia has a program for imitating kaspersky laboratory
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a well known russian software company conspiracy laboratory has been at the center of some scandal recently we had u.s. authorities essentially barring any government agency from using their products saying that they present a risk to homeland security a recent report from the wall street journal accused kaspersky laboratory of essentially stealing government information and secrets with its malware software from the u.s. n.s.a. national security agency we actually had a statement from the u.s. homeland security secretary regarding the laboratory that their risk that the russian government by their action on its own or in collaboration with conspiracy could capitalize on access provided by kaspersky products to compromise federal information and information systems directly implicates u.s. national security now kaspersky laboratory responded to these allegations saying the company has never helped nor will help any government in the world with its cyber espionage or offensive cyber efforts because the laboratory considers itself
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to be a cyber company a software corporation it's not involved in government activities espionage anything to that effect at this point it is quite interesting to see that these allegations have been leveled against kaspersky laboratory when the cia specifically had a program designed to leave false digital fingerprints. one british intelligence analyst told us the russian is being discredited. what that is is quite frankly it's a no russian compromise out if it were gaining information gaining information about new high tech. missile systems that would be more of the traditional role of intelligence agencies seeking information but as i say this is compromising the alternative the opposition. and it's a hugely expensive program but it is one that the americans the american code
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writers are extremely effective at doing it was revealed by a previous wiki leaks publication of cia files of the agency has its own malware which exploits vulnerabilities in phones and t.v.'s and can bypass encryption on messaging apps and the previously mentions a cia group that's created a library of hacking techniques actually stolen from other countries the agency also has a tool to disguise its malware and make it look like it's being created by somebody else for example or using languages like arabic chinese or russian korean and farsi thereby making it harder to attribute a cyber attack to the cia and we spoke to a former cia officer who's amazed that nobody has spotted a connection between the russian the hacking allegations and the agency's hacking tools. t.i.a. has not disavowed the fact that they are original pristine pure documents as usual
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with wiki leaks and the supreme irony of course is that kaspersky lives has been disclaiming any involvement in any of this russian hacking and the evidence such as it is suggests to me as an intelligence analyst connecting dots the disparity may not even know it was the cia that has put in the damaging information which indicated supposedly that kaspersky was doing something on it's it's an amazing story for intelligence analysts you know we're taught to connect dots but even when this marble framework tool was announced by julian no signs even though the soviet so the russians now have been accused of hacking into various systems no no one has ever put that revelation together with the so-called russian hack of the d.n.c. e-mails and say oh wow it might be the russians now because spare labs is in the
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same situation. vietnam is in the global spotlight as world leaders gather for the asia pacific economic cooperation forum the main intrigue over the two day event has whether the russian president will meet with his american counterpart vladimir putin and donald trump have both already arrived in denying one a white house press secretary said a formal meeting between the two is unlikely owing to a shy joining conflict the russian side says it's all being worked out in a bar trying to reports for us. the asia pacific economic leaders meeting has grown to become one of the most important events on the international summit calendar it's true that the european leaders are not here but pretty much everyone else who really has a say in international politics is president the crisis that's currently viewed by many as one of the most dangerous for our planet is also from the asia pacific
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region of course i'm driving at north korea plus the apec summit is where donald trump and vladimir putin may meet for the second time ever about a few kilometers away you will find scores of high rise buildings most of them are hotels and the most luxurious ones have been reserved for the so-called by a lot of rules of presidents and prime ministers but we have no idea which is the one for mr putin and mr trump in fact we don't even know when the meeting is going to happen or if it will take place after all on thursday the foreign policy adviser for vladimir putin confirmed that the historic summit will take place on friday november tenth then immediately after this the u.s. secretary of state said that nothing has been agreed upon at all so it's a hell of
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a mystery how the two it ministrations have been arranging this what could vladimir putin and donald trump bring up if they end up meeting the usual russo american makes of the last few months if not years north korea syria ukraine and of course the enormous difficulties and bilateral ties between washington and moscow the first putin drum face to face meeting happen at a different summit the g. twenty and hamburg back then the talks lasted many times longer than. originally expected and the few lucky ones who were actually present and side that room said that there was chemistry between the two leaders. meeting with life to build.


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