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tv   News  RT  November 10, 2017 4:00pm-4:20pm EST

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i. i. thank for joining us this hour my name's neil harvey this is r.t. international where we start with breaking news coming out of yemen saudi led airstrikes have targeted the defense ministry in the capital sanaa this is according to an r.t. arabic correspondent who's on the ground eyewitness accounts also confirm the strikes they describe massive explosions and say that coalition jets have been flying over the city we have no information on the casualties as yet we'll bring you more details on this story as they come in. now earlier today a senior u.s. air force official said a ballistic missile fired by yemeni rebels and targeting the saudi capital last saturday reagan mark. green markings on those missiles. that's been demonstrated. there are pictures that depict that to me that connects the
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two who are in terms of whose. missiles and their capability forces are now investigating how the missile could have been smuggled into yemen which is under an extensive arms embargo on the radio earlier accuse the round of direct military aggression by supplying missiles to hooty rebels something iran has denied. from i am going to and we do not even have the ability to transfer the human it's the missiles and they've managed to increase the missiles range. political commentator and writer abdel bari atwan thinks it's too soon to draw any conclusions about the origin of the missile. didn't be surprised that this. was manufactured in yemen itself that we. manufacturing the size by the adding in technology we haven't seen any proof yet that could be part of that american incitement against iran are
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we going to witness. are we going to witness some sort of a. it's actually a military arms in libya which is. we don't know yet but it is it is a very significant american side and back to. meanwhile saudi arabia has been accused of declaring war on lebanon the strong words coming from the leader of lebanon's hezbollah political and militant group. saudi arabia has declared war on the entire nation of lebanon not just has been long in lebanon the leader of hezbollah actually went on to claim that the lebanese prime minister is actually being held under house arrest by the saudis calling that an unprecedented in intervention in lebanon's internal affairs and that's because lebanon's outgoing prime minister hasn't been seen since last week when he announced his resignation in the saudi capital and what's more surprising is that harare's own party back in
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lebanon who is an opposition to has also think the same thing that he was forced to make that resignation speech by saudi arabia and that he's being held there against his will even reportedly asked france who has close ties with lebanon to look into the situation and they only came up with the statement that they think that he is free to move around whereas the united states state department only added further confusion to the mix with the comments that they made in terms of the conditions of him being held or the conversations. with him being held as you detention. i'm not going to put that word behind i'm not going to associate that word with it but where he is right now where is he is you know in this room i was writing i mean i i don't know personally where he is so clearly western powers don't have a real concrete idea of what his condition is either but putting the question of
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his whereabouts aside there's also the focus of his resignation speech that's something that's also very important to note in that he specifically and ardently attacked iran accusing the country of planting discord and destruction and interfering in arab countries also warning that the their hands of influence in the region would be cut off and in the wake of all of that saudi arabia and three of their allies actually urged all of their citizens to leave lebanon immediately and that's a very fright. ming and open ended situation you know why should they leave what's going to happen there and here is where you sort of need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture in the region and that's when you have to look at saudi arabia and iran specifically the two countries have of course been locking horns for years and while there's no direct conflict between them it's always been through proxy wars and lebanon is in fact a prime example of that hariri the prime minister who resigned his living leadership was supported by saudi arabia whereas hezbollah who wields massive power
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in the country is backed by iran and that leaves lebanon caught up in between those two major powers and it's seen and a number of countries were just talking about yemen the missile that was launched from yemen they're also caught up in the mix yemen has of course been engulfed in their own civil war for two years now and in that case saudi arabia supports the government that was ousted in two thousand and fifteen where iran backs the who's the rebels that are fighting the very government and you can also look at syria again same sort of situation there are backing opposing parties saudi arabia is and iran is pro assad so it's everywhere in the region and all these proxy wars are sort of coming to a head it's the fear that this could push the region into a potential potentially bigger and more direct confrontation. they would based on a small t.j. thinks of the recent developments in the region a part of saudi arabia's broader strategy to confront iran. riyadh is rolling out
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an entirely new plan now to create chaos in the region where. lebanon and not risk which we have little clue is an easy shot it's a low hanging fruit there is a great momentum right now as we're speaking this week in saudi arabia to try and create some sort of military strategy against iran to destabilize around or or any of iran's proxies in the region and the next conflict the next war that we see in the middle east is going to be bigger than anything else before because the stakes been great for rect up so high in the last five or six years largely due to saudi arabia's fault it's an interventionist policy in the region we've seen the emergence of hezbollah. and its proxies even stronger iran's growing as bill is growing stronger and more powerful in the region every single day so there's an awful lot at stake kiriakou work for the cia for fourteen years in two thousand and seven in a televised interview he revealed the agency was using torture methods against al
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qaeda prisoners those methods included waterboarding earlier he told me how he was removed from the e.u. panel which was about to discuss whistle blowing the very thing he spent almost two years behind bars for. was invited to speak on two separate panels at the european parliament day before yesterday and the first one included a representative of the bertie sanders organisation people for bernie unfortunately that representative said that she could not appear on a panel with me because i'm associated with sputnik radio and she didn't want the appearance of bernie sanders appearing to endorse the russian media i did appear at a panel later in the afternoon with the cuban ambassador to the european union and several other me peace but that first paid in so as a understand it was. warm he said she wasn't allowed to be on the same panel with
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the what was the reaction to that lashed which where everybody blames the right even a risk even ten i wished i had better on happening but like i said a moment ago i thought it was a joke in the beginning and before move me it wasn't until i was doing the television interview that i finally said to the m.e.p. wait a minute did i get thrown off that panel and he said well we didn't want to make a problem with the other guests and i thought wow ok well american politics rears its ugly head even in brussels another development on t. america has been ordered to register as a foreign agent i mean it's it's basically been accused of trying to interfere in the election and trying to favor one candidate if found was true i would want to know that i want to know if an organization you know on could associativity america via the internet i would want to know the truth but there's no evidence put forward i just wondered what your take was on the story you know. literally zero evidence no evidence whatsoever this is very simply
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a brash political move being pushed by the de pac for example or it sees only to do with domestic american ok let's go live now to capitol. the house was. like the inside of. another. this is only. a center in for not. many other other. people who really need this immediate they said that they are afraid to go to check . on this because. if you'd. like. to continue to strike again with people on friday q.
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what do you think the chances of this could be retaliation for last week's missile strike on the sound of capital by yemeni rebels. to be honest i come that's going to get a damaging because. probably the last. ten thousand. women making for school. actually trying to set foot in reality one of the. nation in the world but what if. women need. three hours of logically possible. that. human to human a few. months so. i could learn to look at you not the. flies. but in.
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saying thanks for bringing us the very latest i was local journalist to sign alba haiti live from yemen. british prosecutors have reportedly admitted deleting e-mail exchanges with their swedish counterparts this regards the case of wiki leaks founder julian assange happened back in two thousand and fourteen with the details is understood. following a freedom of information request by an italian journalist who has been following the asuncion case for many years it was revealed that the crown prosecution service here in the u.k. had apparently deleted the e-mail exchanges with the their counterparts in sweden following the stepping down of all boyer on the u.k. side back in twenty fourteen and despite the fact that this journalist who asked for this information had said that it's actually according to her include was deleted despite their under himself he has tweeted that according to julian the
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sunshine here contributed to that delay here at the dorian embassy in london and why we noticed this made a similar. if the authorities are investigating claims that all the city's police academy was accuse all trainees or to speak to all of their old student from the berlin school of economics and law she's accused of revealing state secrets is it true that the suspect has migrant roots yes. those who devote their time to studying the mafia clans of berlin say attempts to increase diversity in the police as left the door open to infiltration the word is to. of. because in the police academy the new government in billion has less. for the. v.
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for the first stone portrait of for people we have by dilution big crowd who accept that it's was good for us for them to. prefer doing last weekend anonymous letter was sent to the earl in chief of police purporting to be from a long serving detective it claimed that arabic mafia families were using the berlin academy to infiltrate the force something the city's police union says that currently isn't any proof of. at the moment we do not have any cases where there is clear evidence of that but we do understand that criminal organizational underworld among kind as an example ten of it's impossible to put a percentage figure on how much criminality they account for but if you look into it then yes they are present in all different types of crime revenues drugs racketeering prostitution criminal revenue streams and it's for those three
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compromised by criminals peter all of artsy berlin. agents from moscow the anti doping watchdog announced that the information comes from the former wider accredited the burra tree in the russian capital it's in an electronic file containing all testing data from two thousand and twelve to august two thousand and fifteen and this is after a number of russian athletes were banned for life on doping charges earlier i spoke with the host of capital sports on moscow's capital f.m. alum or he believes that money is very much a play in the world of anti doping. president putin has got drawn into the you know the whole doping debacle specially with the state sponsored allegations that are attached to it he recently said that the watchdogs themselves though might not be that impartial so you try to turn turn things back on to them he says they might have ulterior motives that his word or two would you should international sports organizations including the international limpid committee which depend heavily on
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a number of factors like sponsors broadcasters and advertisers there are huge layers of connections and dependencies in the us as a controlling stake all of these companies are based. so president putin saying that this could be political. critics of putin of russia will say well he's going to say that is new you know he's going to say anything to deflect but i was just looking at wider and and its funding and i notice that half of it comes from governments and of that three quarters comes from either european governments or governments in the americas so there is a political connection i suppose the question is to what extent could it be influencing their decisions hugely this is this is a big game because right now in the world it's a massive business decision to test our fleets after it was sold round into a crowd according to purpose with more clock local time here in france of blood
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neck which is injured in that incident is serious condition in hospital although being treated for injuries now we understand that those who were injured were students and were also of chinese origin in that community now the french media are reporting that the driver was known to the police however he was not on any security watch list and we understand that the police are treating this as a deliberate incident the twenty eight year old driver was said to have been known to the police because he had some previous minor offenses including some offenses including drugs but just. to repeat he was not on any security watch list. but putin on donald trump exchanged handshakes at the asia pacific economic cooperation for in vietnam but on into formal meeting between the two leaders that didn't materialize it isn't done for us here's how one of the most intice appeared
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scenes of the apec summit in the vietnamese city of our ravelled the heads of state were already lining up for the so-called family photo ceremony wearing traditional yet that means outfits lattimer putin was already standing in front of the cameras and then donald trump came in here approached mr putin they shook hands and then we saw them standing together for the actual photo now here's another thing that i also noticed at the actual dinner table on the hosting leaders right and left we saw the leader of china xi jinping and the president of russia vladimir putin while donald trump was sat somewhere on the opposite side we've seen the putin trump handshake here in vietnam but no formal meeting or talks that many many people here were really expecting i can tell you that on both sides earlier
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specified of how the president might look back to the couldn't agree because the american companies divided they didn't speak with one voice. french president emanuel micron's ego has been toyed with by time magazine which has put him on the cover of its latest issue accompanying the photograph a flattering inscription reading the next leader of europe but on closer inspection the cover is not quite so forming because a footnote below adds if only he can lead to france editor in chief of the purple magazine luke believes that the french leader only has himself to blame. some call him a new napoleon i prefer jupiter jupiter the king of the gods that's probably what he would like better than the polio e's against clearly easy young man from the in are from that the school of the elite and wants to manage france in a presidential way so he doesn't like for example that trump uses twitter all the
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time he said so he said you need to distance with the people you know and that's why the people feed this article and some also use the sort of word stuff nobody dares use as or it would if they're before using it doesn't allow the press to be close to him any more so the honeymoon with the press is finished the t.v. crew with him only one camera following him everywhere. don't forget you can follow our news stories on facebook on twitter and plenty more in addition on our website .
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with lawmakers manufactured to send to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves.
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