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tv   News  RT  November 11, 2017 9:00am-9:29am EST

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i am. glad i'm here putin says the u.s. is attacking free speech by forcing r.t. to register as a foreign agent adding a tit for tat response from russia is on the table. riyadh's power play in the middle east intensifies as saudi arabia bombs in yemen as defense ministry also being accused of declaring war on lebanon. and the u.s. military steps up its efforts to militarize space splashing the cash on new always told warfare capabilities.
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a warm welcome you're watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital air and our top story this hour attacks on r.t. in the u.s. are equal to attacks on free speech that's according to president vladimir putin he was answering reporters' questions on the last day of the apec summit in vietnam are trying to report. when answering a question by our correspondent will really turn into us crackdown on r t in the u.s. a lot of our pointed at freedom of speech something he called an essence of democracy which he says is now being bluntly violated in america. those who are doing this in the u.s. have always been proud of being the world's number one democrats and freedom of speech has always been the main value of here to buy them there's no democracy without freedom of speech and it's not going to our media in the u.s. is making a mistake an attack on freedom of speech itself mr putin also promised that the
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russian government will come up with appropriate retaliation such retaliation may affect american or american funded media that are operating in russia this is a reaction to a very recent decision by the u.s. department of justice to set a deadline for our team america our u.s. brands to register as a foreign agent and we were forced to obey because otherwise we would have been in trouble with the u.s. law but in any case as a foreign agent our t. america will now face a normas challenges and difficulties something our editor in chief called unbearable conditions for a media organization aimed at destroying r.t. this brings us to why we're seeing all this hostility against russian media in the u.s. that's because of accusations of russian meddling in the u.s. presidential race mr trump did bring this issue up during his few chats with
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a lot of our putin at the apec summit and here's a quote from donald trump that they shared every time he sees me he says i didn't do that and i really believe that when he tells me that he means it i think he's very insulted by it go. back to vladimir putin's press conference here's how he addressed the many russia related investigations inquiries hearings that are simply nonstop in america from the get go i think that everything regarding the russian dossier in the us has to do with going internal political standoff it's simply part of the desire to use anything in the fight against the current president despite this internal political standoff in the us a lot of our putin said as he did many times before that moscow is ready to turn the page and look into the future for the benefit of both the russians and
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americans despite the poor state of relations between moscow and the west at the moment the second day of the apec summit did things them positive moments for example the russian and american presidents released a joint statement on the situation in syria they both confirms their determination to defeat i still in syria while insisting this syria is a sovereign country the president's also agreed there can be no military solution to that conflicts while adding a final political settlement should be found through the geneva negotiations format the director of the new source think tanks encourage the two sides are at least working in the right direction. we see from the very short statement that visual details very few details we have is that the americans and the russians have agreed on key issues a to have the geneva process still center stage and also when it comes to
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future elections they will be supervised by the united nations that syrians syria be able to participate in so that's some sort of progress but at the same time it's good to have them agreeing on something rather than having this summit go on without them agreeing on anything which would been a huge disappointment a much anticipated formal meeting between the two presidents never transpired to the pet that bump into each other more than once.
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saudi led air strikes have hit the defense ministry in yemen's capital sana'a are civilian casualties are fair to some of the buildings collapsed riyadh has intensified its bombardment of yemen in response to his the weapons ballistic missile fired towards the saudi capital a week ago. he was also.
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the. time of the. jam is out of the. white after last saturday's strike saudi arabia blamed it wrong for eight saying to wrong support the fighters the latest senior u.s. air force official said the ballistic missile was made in iran to run it denies the accusations berman agreed markings are not. it's been demonstrated and there are pictures that depict that to me that connects to iran terms of who supply. missiles and that capability from what i am going to and that we do not even have the ability to transfer missiles to yemen it's the missiles and they've managed to increase the missiles range. iran analyst and director of the international center for human rights our dish. they believe the yemen prove
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civilians are paying a high price for the games saudi arabia and iran are playing in the middle east both contraries are trying to be the king of the middle east iran and saudi arabia and this with saudi arabia has. been someone already declared that. iran is impossible so i can't predict that they will come up with a rusa lucian but that's the best strategy for civilians in yemen and even in the in the area. as mentions the conflicts between the two regional superpowers is escalating not just in yemen and lebanon is also now caught up in the rivalry and walked it is obvious that saudi arabia has declared war on the entire nation of lebanon not just has belonged in lebanon. the leader of hezbollah actually went on to claim that the lebanese prime minister
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is actually being held under house arrest by the saudis calling it an unprecedented in for intervention in lebanon's internal affairs and that's because lebanon's outgoing prime minister hasn't been seen since last week when he announced his resignation in the saudi capital and what's more surprising is that harare's own party back in lebanon who is in opposition to has also think the same thing that he was forced to make that resignation speech by saudi arabia and that he's being held there against his will putting the question of his whereabouts aside there's also the focus of his resignation speech that's something that's also very important to note in that he specifically ardently attacked iran accusing the country of planting discord and destruction and interfering in arab countries also warning that to hit their hands of influence in the region would be cut off and in the wake of all of that saudi arabia and three of their allies actually urged all of their citizens to leave lebanon immediately and that's
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a very frightening and open ended situation you know why should they leave what's going to happen there and here's where you sort of need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture in the region and that's when you have to look at saudi arabia and iran specifically the two countries have of course been locking horns for years and while there's no direct conflict between them it's always been through proxy wars and lebanon is in fact a prime example of that hariri the prime minister who resigned his living leadership was supported by saudi arabia whereas hezbollah who wields massive power in the country is backed by iran and that leaves lebanon caught up in between those two major powers not only its broader strategy to confront iran because iran definitely does not start with a borderline inside of iran has its own border line they could go and fight their war there if they want to but the fact that lebanon. actually the reason where they can get out or their attention against iran increasing. tension and of war
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mongering rhetoric against the lebanese government and specifically only against hezbollah they're actually warning the president they are warning that the foreign minister they are warning the speaker as well that if you do not stop or by other words if you do not abide by what we are telling you a intervention direct intervention in the polygamist political spectrum then we will start a war to liberate the lebanese people from the grip of hezbollah. yemen has of course been engulfed in their own civil war for two years now and in that case saudi arabia supports the government that was ousted in two thousand and fifteen where iran backs the hooty rebels that are fighting the very government. again same sort of situation they're backing opposing parties saudi arabia is and is pro assad so it's everywhere in the region and all these proxy wars are sort of
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coming to a head it's the fear that this could push the region into a potential potentially bigger and more direct confrontation. the u.s. congress has rejected plans to create a six the branch of the military a special thanks call the proposal had been passed by the house of representatives back in july the congress wasn't so keen and they excluded it from the final seven hundred billion dollars budget for the upcoming year it amended the bill so that any american military space that will be controlled by the u.s. air force but reports air force commanders love the idea. little did you know this week may well go down in history the pentagon's announced it's weaponize ng space job one for an air force and an air component is to gain and maintain air superiority freedom from attack and freedom to maneuver unlike
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space superiority it's not an american birthright yet a resource that plan for it fight for it and win it the hints were all there almost a decade ago one hundred and seventy eight countries voted on the u.n. resolution to prevent a space arms race only two countries abstained the u.s. and israel washington also blocked a joint russian chinese effort to ban all weapons in space after all who is to say what is a weapon. any object orbiting or transiting through space can be a weapon if that our jet is intentionally placed onto a collision course with another space object this makes treaty verification impossible yet they keep saying that everything they do has a peaceful purpose take the x. s. y.
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in the spacecraft. a jet that could put satellites into orbit on the cheap probably means if you can take a satellite into orbit it can also take our hostile satellite out of orbit who's going to stop them there. last year the us put several mysterious satellites into orbit not your usual kind of ones that watch earth know these apparently monitor other spacecraft a friendly neighborhood watch. the u.s. is not seeking to weaponize space our goal is to work with all responsible spacefaring nations to ensure a safe secure and stable space environment the u.s. forces x. thirty seven b.
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which has spent almost two years orbiting earth its purpose is classified its mission is classified its budget is classified. then you've got the various kinetic bombardment and global strike projects that the pentagon is reportedly pursuing they'll probably say that moves a peaceful to sue peaceful in the pentagon the space budget was doubled last year from five to ten billion and next year it's going up this year's budget increases the budget proposal increases what the air force is proposing to spend on space by twenty percent and we're shifting to space as we're fighting to me just think of the message these send ready set arms race
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we'll be back after this short break stay with us. so yeah that's already the trench. that's been on the forces this giant squid penetrating every facet of the economy and it's being financed by money that they can borrow for. zero percent and buy anything without any trust regulations bumping into them whatsoever so that you apply that to maybe five or six giant companies five years from now you can just five or six jack up use their share prices will be exorbitant like they're a google. or amazon this or berkshire hathaway stock prices over children all the share.
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price fear that we may see the iranians taking the first steps towards restarting the nuclear program which will only further ratchet up tensions and further increase the risk of the war that's the big danger here this is not just about chilling the deal this is automatically putting the united states on of course a military confrontation. hello welcome back now a think tank called european values has launched a petition demanding the west confront russia's aggression and hostile influence in a more determined way the document boasts a long list of signatories who as it is claimed are heads of think tanks as well as security experts however as it turns out at least one of them ended up on the list without ever signing the petition his irish journalist brian mcdonald we spoke to
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the man to get a firsthand account of want happens. never been an artsy correspondent definitely not i've never worked for artsy television and stage actually so but you know i know what this is about i think i know i think i've worked out two weeks ago approximately dorky where that twelve days ago i wrote an article which exposed our george soros response for twenty five percent of the funding of this lobby group in private european values and that was after the smear two thousand three hundred twenty seven prominent or two guesses useful idiots that included harrison ford stephen fry will i am you know the great kremlin agents according to your useful idiots for the kremlin according to this lobby group even mr t. was on the list i mean money going up watching the a.t.m. i did as well i never saw him as a as a kremlin stooge they mixed up larry king with larry date that which was the longest and you know i think they probably i would instantly because of this and i think my impression is that they probably had a realists and they also had you know
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a joke list or something over some reason immersed that would be my guess and what look i'd like to say from you guys i don't know of european values but they don't represent europe. and what they're requesting is they're pushing george charts of values and american values that can only accept a europe that corresponds to their values which are also in the world locus rights they are people who regard i don't great many europeans in fact perhaps the majority of people under constant as not being european enough and those are not european values. has since been deleted it's the same things where sponsible recently came out with a good list of the useful idiots referring to all of our guests. people. because we're usually here i mean useful idiot you called me
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a useful idiot a useful idiot useful idiot screech pressing my opinions on t.v. there are thousands of us doing it behind his reform is a simple strategy we attack persons instead of talking about the org what's next why stop will feel badly from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group code pink why not ban the color pink one hour stretch beyond the right contribution to the terrible and to be done to try to break me on the wheel i have put up with a long time to be sure you don't scare me or scare us and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak to him in good company i'm in good company going to be a new ideas because we are free thinkers. the latest pictures from iraq's mosul liberated from islamic state in the summer suggest it's now become something of a ghost city after a massive military operation the u.s. led coalition and iraqi forces person end to the terrorist three year hold hold ninety percent of all territory in both iraq and syria previously seized by islamic
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state has now been retaken however in mosul this is all that's now left. according to the u.n. the battle for mosul killed more than two thousand five hundred civilians seven hundred of them were executed but i still strikes by the u.s. led coalition killed more than four hundred fifty civilians and almost a million have been forced to leave their homes we spoke to an iraqi m.p. about the huge price of deliberation campaign. he especially a minimum there are many towns lie in and ruinous on the right bank of the tigris river in the end of a governorate in some towns but has remained under the rubble all infrastructure there is absolutely destroyed during the martial arts ration lots of civilians died
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just a college of the new part of the city there are many children today whose parents and relatives were killed and they are in dire need of orphanages the iraqi government should create special centers for them moreover lasser women lost their families there are some who survived i say look to have been raped by the terrorists their relatives are from turn away from now so that they wouldn't stigmatize whole family. a former nurse in germany could turn out to be the country's worst post war theory of killer recent toxicology tests reveal more than a hundred of his patients have been poisoned peter oliver has the details bill's age drug to patients in his care over a six year period in the hope of being able to bring them back and being seen as some kind of reviving angel he was arrested in two thousand and five and jailed in two thousand and eight on charges of attempted murder the main motivation behind
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this was so that mills age could step in and save the day bringing people back from the coast there but he's also admitted in a macabre twist that he also did this for pics there was tension there but an expectation of what would happen next it took a while before the crew scale of his crimes became evident following be widespread media attention his incarceration gathered one woman became suspicious that her mother may have actually been one of his victims a further investigation that led to neil's age confessing to having killed thirty by lethal injection that saw his initial seven year sentence increase to life in twenty fifteen police at. method that major mistakes were made if the clues had been duly investigated at the time even in golden horse hospital then the deaths of many patients in our opinion could have been prevented by august of this year the
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forty year old was implicated in nineteen murders making him one of germany's worst serial killers trying to get to the bottom of just how many he may have murdered investigators have so far examined one hundred thirty four bodies and currently toxicological posts are being carried out in five separate cases to look for the drugs that were favored by neil for age we also understand that the bodies are to be exuberant is far afield as poland and. prosecutors say they've linked germany's noxious nurse to one hundred and six cases but so too would meant that they may never know the true number of people he murdered. to forget to have your say on the day stories by following us on facebook and twitter you can also find me that nicky aaron on t.v. and the latest i'll be back in just over half an hour.
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it's the cradle of jazz. so. we have. this just feel. climatic turns to fish alligators on the loose. least to members of my close. street racing in the heat of the night this is a new orleans. it was the best place in the world. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you were yourself in taken your last
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wrong turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for the echo so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now as there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker.
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it's. the middle east in saudi arabia to the usa and israel defacto to good people of yemen i'm joined now by abdel bari atwan editor in chief of the arab digital rial you'll have your thanks so much for coming on before we go to the tragedy of yemen the riyadh washington intentions are just your take on how israel is currently influencing british politics after this week. i believe the israeli embassy in london is very active in the show in this country is that i was really impressed he is above the law to the can interfere they can actually tell the ministers what to do would be can influence the parliament they have a very strong and just you know few months ago there was
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a huge scandal diplomat in the israeli embassy telling the minister what to do and saying that we can't be could anybody we. heard of the israeli embassy in london was then sacked he was by the ambassador after a huge scandal after he had to quit and that the same attitude continue you know mr bethell actually was a class of pretty battell a cabinet member elite israeli illegally occupied part of syria's golan that is why she went there and where is the m i six why they did not actually discover this and why they kept silent about these contacts you have got is that it with all these different people why do you think giving away six was incompetent here didn't sufficiently have the surveillance of a british cabinet minister or m i six didn't know that a cabinet minister was on the illegally or. it is it is if they don't know this is you know sit back if we know and they keep silent it's even worse so i believe the
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definitely be should know she is a minute she's a company member and the al qaeda linked militants that are in the golan are it during this period yes they are there are you know it is boggling area there is a war there and there are some. islamic state members who actually infiltrate that region there and even there is a contact between the israeli and these terrorist group.


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