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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 13, 2017 10:30am-11:00am EST

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spain continues to threaten the very idea of democracy itself another member hosts a meeting to arguably decide the fate of the world although for some manmade climate change isn't even really an issue at all here's what donald trump said about the cop twenty one paris climate accord i was elected to represent. the citizens of pittsburgh not parents arguably know in the are as ignorant as this not only can provide safe cheap power but it can also help reduce our carbon emissions that's for u.k. pm drazen may want to criticize trump's environmental credentials after all the hands with him she backs a bomber support for fracking shell gas does have the potential to power economic growth in this kind. of jobs in the oil and gas industries and in other sectors and if i did new domestic energy the jobs in energy for who will there be any humans left to use the energy that is the scientific truth of climate change really helped by news like this
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a newly released federal climate report suggests it's extremely unlikely that rising temperatures are caused by humans a federal report is in us federal report that iraq had weapons of mass destruction as in nato nations should support al qaeda and isis linked militants to overthrow the government of syria as in backing death squads to kill gadhafi in libya as in one u.s. federal report the thought it proved this very t.v. show is able to destroy us democracy and put trump into the white house against the wishes of the american people perhaps quote twenty three delegates in bonn germany would do better in saving the world from climate change if they attack the root causes not fossil fuels not fossil fuel companies not federal reports but the entire new liberal system itself a neoliberal system arguably supported by nato warfare which was referenced at the senator off in london by this group of u.k. veterans in the past twenty four hours i was brought up to believe that britain was a good country and we were involved in just wars so that afghanistan really hammered home to me the futility of armed conflict i was. annoyed with
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the truth of the british television i think it's important that we counter the mess and propaganda that the military push out about these wars the myth. that anything which the military participates in is. it's a noble cause well one thousand nine hundred four year old world war two veteran who has not been wearing his red poppy in this month because of what he sees as the co-option of remembrance by neo liberalism is harriers the smith he's been internationally praised for his memoirs and for his latest work of don't let my past be your future it's a passionate denunciation of neo liberal values which u.k. labor leader jeremy corbyn says shows him to be a vital and powerful voice speaking across the generations about the struggle for a just society he joins me now harry welcome back to going underground before we go to the book we have a new defense secretary was remembered sunday you're a veteran how important is the military covenant between the state and
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protecting former servicemen and servicewomen nearest and most importantly not in the life of a rich man it has to be i want to kill you and to the people where it's been a friendly country for him. where. rich and you. and your it must be taken care of when he comes back to arrange home country. i remember. soldiers after the end of the first world war where now they live in really dumpy surroundings. and in those. first there were so many men who had been in the first world war or long legs and they didn't have a penny from their government no care whatsoever is this what we want to happen to
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our men is what you say to our defense secretary you voted against strengthening that government our share you just get the head off the pot realize maybe one day you will have to be out there and face about runs where you like to come back and. no protection at home tell me about the title of the book first wife feel it's so important to water as it were not to have the future be your past it's really. my life from the very beginning and in the stands. but my early life of course was brutal you know extend we. had not no food in most cases my father was injured in the mines. and he had no jobs and there was no jobs even if
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you were healthy so consequently my sister and i really rounded up around the back of hotel got goblets. trying to find some scraps of food we could. silence the painter in our stomach with. i remember going to school in the morning when i was about five and. my stomach was growing short allow globe and we had had no sharpener and were got no breakfast so all i could think of worse that little glass of milk the government suddenly realize my good to give indigent children school ok well obviously this is that you took that away but people who support capitalism this government they would say you can't compare those stories to today we
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shouldn't be able to compare than those who unfortunately see them returning and rechanneling very quickly. we have or pork children going to bed hungry in britain today then we had that time to go to the population of. it it's really a crime and it's not just the true children you only have to look in the city streets and say the men and women lined up on the sidewalks because they can't afford a place to put their head down. the country is going to the dogs you know one of the new appointments after the resignation of the disgraced defense secretary said we should celebrate food banks because they show and we have a conservative minister on this program saying that it shows the big society.
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kids should silently. because they're increasing every year in number. and it's a downer. insult to to the country and to us as individuals that the rest of us especially. having to. get other people to feed our citizens. and it's belittling for those people it makes them feel who are not part of a country himym or they're simply. vibing al shaab they're surviving it was a journey corbin talks about class a lot which hasn't been talked about for a few generations obviously people are going to say but class divisions are worse in your childhood than they are today we shouldn't be talking about class i think
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we should be talking about class because class is more stripped magenta the situation i think we're. in such dire shape because of our one percent of our population who. minions. to orange rule farm and they'd sure that they're getting near break on their due but in the meantime. all our small cities and towns are not getting the taxes which have been diverted from the government which would use those taxes to build new schools and roadways and everything else which is necessary for a stable society but arguably the bottom of that pyramid are refugees from major
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wars around the world are there any echoes of the nine hundred thirty is when the blame for austerity and for poverty was deflected against the forum of the refugees i don't know where on this fear of refugees came from. i wish i thought just as intelligent just as demanding of fair play and anyone else and not overly demanding they knew what they had and what they could exert and they had a thought that maybe even forget that this is something which pains me greatly to her wish it were got the idea that because the coil of someone's skin is different to ours they don't need shame to change that we need they don't need food to survive don't need
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a cover shelter over their head we have to realize we are or people are individual we should be able to live in peace and harmony and league nor the color of our skin. that's become one of the biggest barriers towards civilization that's ever been no i think well i know you visit a catholic where they were refugees from these nature wars in the middle east what's your next book going to be about. planning on another venture. you probably know i'm going to trip the end of january hausler january and visit all the hot spots of europe. just to find out what was happening in the political the become how cities were faring if the people were content or. becoming
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obnoxious rebellious. and then i want to come back and write a book. after the book to go should the government and tell them what this country needs to make sure that we don't get involved in another war because it is just around the corner. it's become more and more vibrant since it will trump country into power. i'm not no dro a believe that tikrit be the next hitler. when he does no preach anywhere in the world because a lot of the schottische side with measures. i read as this myth like you after the break can labor finally shake off its blairite shackles and win back the scottish
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people we speak for award nominated comic book pledge of democracy or about his support for richard leonard m.s.b. and the so-called radical policies of jeremy corbett and we speak to the councillor of edinburgh fourth ward county today about why he would rather support us so i want to lead the scottish the western europe's largest socialist movement run by jeremy corbett. coming up in about to have going on to grow. from. one hundred years ago russia was consumed by revolution and unprecedented violence is not an understatement to say the russian revolution or. was a defining moment of the twentieth century how did it change russian.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted a knighthood to us exactly just full on awesome stuff the only show i go out of my way to run gently but it doesn't really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than flew past that and see people you never heard of love went back to the night my president of the world bank though paid money to let me take you seriously send us an email please. don't feel. so yes. please. please yes to all this is all the food. clothing.
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plus one hot selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle with the. new socks for the tell you that will be gossip and probably lifestyle to the point. of the fox about telling you the whole enough to buy their product. on the hawks that we along with our audience will watch.
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welcome back in a week when sex scandals and secret offshore accounts of rock u.k. prime minister is a made cabinet scores of m.p.'s on their autumn recess now returned today to arguably a shaken not stirred house of commons and it said it was around the world the sequel film kingsmen the golden circle arguably rejuvenate something of james bond its creator the president of the world mark miller is actively supporting the so-called hard left candidate in saturday's elections to decide who leads the scottish arm of western europe's largest socialist movement the scottish labor party joining me now is mark miller creator of the comics behind blockbuster hit kick outs and kings of and who is lending his support to scottish labour's richard leonard m.s.p. mark thanks so much for coming on going underground just before we start what do you make of this trump regulatory affairs it was a call i couldn't being subpoenaed by prosecutors he had some role in marvell comics bankrupt in you of course used to work for marvel comics yes he certainly is before my time i think yeah i actually meant read about summer two thousand that
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was that for decades i was like him are all and it was a mess with every team and my whole was on the dotted line you know they were failing to chancellor and i was part of that scene cleaned up but it was incredible i mean how you. know you know when this guy was just one of those people that unfortunately it was it was there as well your work has amassed popular appeal obviously bestseller lists and so on and now jumping into the political arena and one of the you supporting richard leonard as leader of the scottish labor party i think is the most exciting thing to how putin let's all the decades that genuinely deck its. hall and start with didn't start want to think especially when it left untouched and yet in the last election it was the only part of the country that seems moved to the rate that lets you say over the last forty years would be a better western country. you know we were represented you know we had this little succession of people in charge of a little bit of our stuff you know so that when we actually. we had
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a labor party that was to the rank of the land which is unthinkable in scotland you know absolutely it is like glass that we represent to the rain of london which is a strip process so i've always kind of had not just thought sadness or delicious closely morose lately but. to the point that i couldn't and that watched the live in excess as i couldn't vote for labor and it was an s.n.p. a couple of cents after the iraq war we're going to talk to a supporter of leonard's opponent in a second birth supporters of mr sour say that we should ignore the fact that he voted for wars like that on libya and syria and that he too would support your record and now yes interesting you know that after the fact a lot of people are saying that i was about it yeah you know later the past as they've gotten loans because it was recently said it was headed you will find it was going on with military intelligence i think it's been it was going on as well and they're not stupid men then who were this was going to lead in the disasters
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that will be unfolded to us the whole region so i don't know i mean i would guess that the principals out it can do this that believes in things i didn't let alone i was as close as i've seen to that certainly in my adult life yeah but on the other hand he'll be leading a scottish labor party's policy is to continue to support weapons of mass destruction on the clay tribe and so how is that going to outflank the s.n.p. well. realistically it is not much of a national you know at the moment of a conservative government's us now it will. be can do anything about i don't know whether they'll get probably not let's and then start unpacking ness that most of the time for that it's the s.n.p. have you know who you like them and as you know i love the idea the guts of the task that benzo principle you know but in reality we haven't seen a lot of the stuff carried through it you know for example scotland after you know the promise of education you know has tumbled in the chops internationally and sends a lead to let's go and just the one of the best places the world knows bill. please
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as you can imagine it's number eighteen or something in the shops so i don't know what i mean i think doesn't it lend to the s.n.p. bit the reality isn't always that i mean let me have scotland i can see it the least that you know and local councils for years has been a complete disaster to the point where more often than not the public ghassan it means that any more you know the police the starts of us of course nuclear fuel that you see leonard says he's too long in the tooth to be a gold winnie's that we trust with a dozen flip flopper never forget that dhoni blair first met with tony benn for advice about becoming the leader of the labor party. i don't know i mean i think that of those you know the law. is a union guy that my brother actually has a friend has a union brother was education after that i think richard leonard actually replace my mother my brother left and you know he's the only let me know i mean blair it was a fantastic p.r. you know but i think that's what led us to in the years and even taken spots and lifted sticks and sand but there have been and i think much
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a lot of you are comfortable as you mentioned a bit earlier but we have a lot of as m.p. politicians ago on this program who seem so confident about the labor north of the border never outflanking them on the left how did you come to be that the scottish labor body would have the right of labor down south in london. i think it was just that we were a little bit behind the time and you know we were still dancing to ninety's chirpy or really when don't over think it moved on you know later started synonymous with those nine ten live shots to the left of us all but scotland just take time you know and that sort of right wing group and the scottish labor party that they're taking up on the party and it's completely urgent the party membership so there's an awful lot of people who just don't listen franchise the course we're just a little and i don't believe in what these guys are talking about it's the wind farm initiatives the s. and p. which are in the south you know it was actually very at that it tracks are going to set a couple of elections i would suggest and yet with the disappearance of local elections
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. so many good people in the us and he took but just when you look up close at what's going on i mean even less expensive level that's what that actually was there with the d.l.c. back in the eighty's as a fleet you know the public services have been slashed here you know we are christians and i think stuff but it's kind of heaven with some fantastic p.r. but there's really awful things going on in the background and sense of volatility and just tell me very briefly about how you are individually drained it is something to save certainly one community the community you originally grew up in down there and i want you don't be ambitious but be realistic as well you know some focus in on this one the idea that i love it and all that about mandela there i'm alive so i want to force a hazing is that i grew up and i'm a plan is to basically take pieces of land that out there are limits and draw sealant and so on with only a state that nobody's used for fifty years and else try to hose and then with the profits from the private houses and this that and the local schools and churches and clips and all that's going to stop you know the pensioners' of the church and
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simplest things with normality and so forth and then reinvest that initial capital and morehouse so what i do is there's been a migration of young families from the area for the last thirty years with the skill numbers of more than half and trying to go in families back into the area they know the money back and the idea lose a lot of money myself and use old old money to invest in the area so the local cops you know the local pensioners all these going to go all treat surely you wouldn't believe it will be three center for the children you know they'll be three pensioners lunches are going to suffer just what me the areas they sparkle and if it works as well as i think it will be five years and then move on to the next step and there's a lot mellower thank you well that was comic book legend mark millar and why the new leader of the scottish labor body should be richard lead now i'm joined from the scottish capital by a supporter of the other candidate and the sahwa they have a councillor cammy days and there were a group leader of the scottish labor party can we thank so much for coming on to white alice our be the labor leader in scotland. i think honest things
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i'm transfer people in scotland a commitment to the right of the foreign n.g.o.s and to take fifty thousand young children of poverty saw us to the premium games and pleasures out of these well we support an honest fellow. leaders because they are by and obviously first known as a scholar and when we come to the subject of poverty pay you heard about the allegations that his family company didn't even pay the living wage there aren't enough fairness numbers over the hope that every employer in scotland at least pays a living wage and i think honestly the sum i need to make up for that as fair as possible and accepting the norm so why no mention they have climate change and so as a manifesto of his opponent richard leonard does i think you see of course my isis one of the secrets over into things that's misleader of ours now i'm sure part of the sin of really trying to score equality in the holy land tucks in the highest
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earners in this country to pay for the people who don't earn quite as well ya don't climb in until i'm a danger is the reason why there's no mention of it because he voted against the requirement of a more extensive set of care conditions to be met by the content for fracking i don't think we know unassisted but ministers a whole range of issues across scotland and i'm sure if he becomes their leader a leader via and of course mr we will see much more commitment to claim it seems to poverty to make arrangements under schools much spirit in scotland all right well why do you think that then mccluskey the leader of britain's biggest trade union is backing the opponent saying that limit has something genuinely new on offer. uses for difficulty day china's got support for means across country it goes forward from last year politicians across the country people who selflessly the group leaders a number of elected members sure those across the forests over scotland command box i notice that he is the best man for the job your you're in unison member right
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which candidate are they backing. around unison and you know you saw a membership or some you know honestly bought by some eons by others and you know i hope from the bottom of the unions on this court from local councillors and peace any species we see that i can cross and went to become the leader the skull and explosive device and i know that's on a sour the tide from the political uncertainty in central government down here in westminster so i went as he campaigned for tax transparency which are in the wake of the paradise paper's obviously a big issue in the herald and that is that he had shares in an offshore tax haven based software company how can we trust to so i think if people only honestly spoke to him personally listen to the leader values there why he wants to do it goes by why he's a member of parliament why he's going to keep people he's been challenging to any chance that's why you're not necessarily joe though of course the issues are you know i don't have to they know slaves like most of us but i think he still wears
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committing serious reform poverty for so shifted focus and young people reform initiatives ever since you're not here to be and i'm not even from any other candidate i think honestly can that they discredit to some of the biggest values that labor people believe in you think he's a commitment to labor values when say voted for the divide the destruction of africa's the capital richest country libya he voted for bombing and destroying libya. i don't think any sort of organist process idea but i do think that would be the seed of only kind of this if we take today looking to vote for i don't think either of you everything the effort started this league in scotland. and the first minutes i think we'll see a change in all these key things that people can send their kids to school where they declined in each year such as were soon after health and social care and into sunday at last do something about poverty you have it i mean he he voted to spend british money on bombs for syria not even some tories voted to develop their bag islam is rebels against the the government of syria i don't pretend everybody is me
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thinks this is in the past i mean i know that i'm a space comment in the discourse liberal party and forcefulness so and you deliver all the commitments that he's made in his manifesto not just for all his party he supported corbin twenty fifteen call for jeremy coleman's resignation in twenty sixteen and now he says he supports jeremy corbett how can we trust him on anything and i think he's made a firm commitment that it was well the first mr sassiness was he was he went into the scottish labor unfortunately to get jenny cotton elected just for a minister and given what's been happening today to me out there on a system like scotland how where was the commitment if he said he wanted corwin's resignation last year i think he's farmable he said no we want to move over to the minister of the u.k. and if i should have got us in this legally to go and i'm the first minister here we do nothing you can only mean other people to get your record might just next play minister in the u.k. now that thank you and that's it for the show will be back home within
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a three years to the day of the fatal shooting of twelve year old tommy rice by us police will be speaking to a ward willing rolling stone journalist matt taibbi about his new book i can't breathe detailing the life and death of eric garner and the birth of the black light matter movement bill than he would have tried to actually do a feel wednesday the day that welsh labor politician and i began to mastermind of the creation of britain's universal health care system the n.h.s. . was born. i fear that we may see the iranians taking the first steps towards restarting the
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nuclear program which will only further ratchet up tensions and further increase the risk of war that's the big danger here this is not just about killing the nuclear deal this is automatically putting the united states on a confluence of military confrontation with. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put a funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each a billionaire owner spend spend be true to the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else so to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game played great so will transfer to. the base and it's going to take.
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one hundred years ago russia was consumed by revolution and unprecedented violence is not an understatement to say the russian revolution or bolshevik could a top was a defining moment of the twentieth century how did it change russian. asian tourists sees the u.s. leader in the philippines where his visit has been violent protests like you know. the u.s. president is again offering to mediate in the region's conflicts. china sea disputes we look closer at arbitration efforts. deal between moscow and the kurdish military help to bring dozens of russian.


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