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russia's actions which threaten the international order on which. the british prime minister calls on europe to unite against the so-called russian threat in a speech her critics say is designed to draw fire from a struggling president go see him. after pressure from the u.s. justice department this channel's been forced to legally register as a foreign agent we take a look at changes. from words to war as the rhetoric and proxy conflicts intensify between iran and saudi arabia we look at what might be unleashed if they resort to a military solution. moscow
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this to say the fourteenth of november welcome to the program first for you this hour the british prime minister is calling to unite against russia and its supposed threat to the continent to resume a accuses moscow of military aggression election meddling and spreading fake news but without going into any detail. does russia's actions which threaten the international order on which we all depend so i have a very simple message for russia we know what you are doing and you will not succeed while the mansion house speech is an annual event where the prime minister traditionally delivers a foreign policy speech and it was the lord mare of the city of london he was introducing the prime minister today and he used the opportunity to remind the prime minister about how worried the financier is in the city generally is about the lack of progress in the brig's it talks he said that fine words butter no parsnips and the city wants to see
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a good briggs it deal now however to reason may's speech hardly touched upon the issue of bragg's it at all as he spoke about global challenges facing the u.k. and its allies and the star of the show in terms of global challenges really was russia that was what she chose to focus her criticism on russia has fermented conflict in the dawn by us and mounted a sustained campaign of cyber espionage and disruption this is included meddling in elections and hacking the danish ministry of defense and to the bundestag among many others it is seeking to weaponize information deploying state run media organizations to plant fake stories and photo shopped images in an attempt to sow discord in the west and undermine our institutions it's just blind argues asians from the united states britain generally follows the united states into various
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disasters this is just another example of the u.k. following its big brother in the us down a road to nowhere the fact of the matter is when ever a politician either is about to lose or is in the process of actually losing the old scapegoat which. russia the same thing is now happening in britain where a prime minister who is facing an almost certain end of her brief career in power is now bringing out the old scapegoat one of maize major accusations was that russia had used large scale cyber attacks against sovereign foreign states but she fell to notice that in many cases by the allegations of hacking into french or german elections no evidence was actually put forward to support those claims evidence that russian hackers r.q. e-mails no i don't i mean we have evidence of attacks coming from the brain and we show the evidence of some very well known recent website. morals and.
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so we just leave them with. no information pointing at that interference and the british p.m.'s message comes on the back of what's been another tough week for her domestically she continues to be hounded by m.p.'s over her negotiations which get to yield any real positives for the u.k. so much so that the e.u.'s chief negotiator says he won't rule out or no deal scenario meaning breaks it talks could collapse entirely and pressure is also building on to reason may with rumors that forty m.p.'s are readying a letter of no confidence and that number is just eight short of the required total to force a new leadership election within her conservative party we discussed may's predicament with party veteran and former government minister peter lilley he believes her speech was meant more as a message to brussels. it was as much a message to europe as it was to russia is saying we are the major security in the european continent we have the best armed forces and the greatest ability to deploy
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them we want to continue to be allied with european neighbors when we leave but they've got to remember that they want us to be helpful and firm and stand by them they don't want to weaken us or weaken their relations with us it's important that we do deal with the second half war she was saying that we won't call a deal relations with russia we certainly don't want to return to the cold war we recognize that we're actually the opposite ends of europe and for hundreds of years we've been natural allies even when we don't like each other's regimes we're natural allies of the blame card is also being played in the deepening scandal over sexual misconduct in the us entertainment industry by starter actor george takei who's accused of acting inappropriately with a male model in the early eighty's claims which he strongly denies in a now deleted tweets attack a said russian find the allegations against him he attached a chart which apparently shows he was targeted by russian trolls and that
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information came from a website that claims to track russian influence on twitter called the alliance for securing democracy but it actually states that not all the six hundred accounts that it monitors are necessarily created or controlled by russia and some of the reaction on social media isn't buying into tackles claims. media analyst lionel says the jumping on the russian allegations bandwagon is getting out of control. he should have said that cling on and may have done it no says russian bots so let me get this straight they're going to get back at
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you by repeating something which apparently may or may not be true to make certain that some strange and some cryptic association with some has been star trak actor or an accusation is forty years old and all they're doing is repeating a lie cording to you allegations made by someone else who benefits from this home is going to say i was yes george tech guy yes yes and it's patently absurd and this also goes to this notion of how does this russian interference work does anybody ever stop and ask what is this mean one who is believing this this story doesn't even make any sense. and i capture a finger pointing after facing months of pressure from washington this channel is now being forced to register as a foreign agent in the united states more on this now from correspondent who's
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looking into this what does this actually mean for our channel i call and well think about it r.t. america is now officially a foreign agent in the us eighty years after far came into being we've registered under the foreign agents registration act which dates back to the times before world war two and back then the purpose for it was to make sure that no u.s. mines the minds of american citizens are influenced by the organizations that are funded by nazi germany whatever was the purpose of the u.s. justice department in the twenty first century they set a deadline for r.t. america and we were forced to meet that deadline because we didn't want to get in trouble with u.s. law enforcement so let's look at just some of. the things that our team america could now be obliged to do all the time for example attaching at this claim or to any information that gets sent out or sending a copy or
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a version of that to the us department of justice within forty eight hours of transmission and many other rules and i'll tell you what it will take a long while to adjust to this new reality and even realize whether that is technically possible because take the tweets for example does that mean that any kind of tweet that gets posted bartie america needs a disclaimer or do we need to send these tweets to the department of justice many experts have argued that with the current social network output that we see in the twenty first century for media organizations that it is technically impossible now although this crackdown on america's been largely ignored by those who you would expect to speak out on issues of freedom of speech and didn't go completely unnoticed you can take the committee to protect journalists new york based ngo they were very critical of the ultimatum and ultimatum story that was put forward by the department of justice has bits of their statement they said compelling our teeth to
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register under far as a bad idea we're uncomfortable with the government deciding what constitutes journalism or propaganda that's and of quote and call and i won't be lying to you if i tell you that here at r t we are waiting for more critical reaction from individuals and other n.g.o.s and this is a significant political move to a kind of matches come down one in moscow while when it comes to measures it's still work in progress no specific steps have been announced just yet but i know that russian lawmakers are currently working on it and previously heard from russian officials on the highest level including from president putin that these measures will be taken and response. just a little slower you might create those who are doing this in the us have always been proud of being the world's number one democrats and freedom of speech is always been the main value did to buy them so there's no democracy without freedom
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of speech and it's saccharin our media in the us is make no mistake and it's saccharin freedom of speech so. we'll definitely have to formulate a response to that and it will be tit for tat is it called the question is which specific media outlets could get affected by this retaliate and we've heard previously that this may be either u.s. based media or news outlets that are funded by the american government for instance we can take voice of america or the likes of c.n.n. a video channel called current time radio free europe slash radio liberty but here's something important in order for these new sort for these news outlets to become foreign agents in this country russia's own legislation requires amendments when it comes to the law on foreign agents and i can tell you that the m.p.'s are currently working on ways to amend this law and to fix it have to wait and see if
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it gets any worse or so much prepared to take the hate out of any of this in the meantime a backbreaking work load for our colleagues in the united states for now really thanks very much for that update. just to remind you the pressure on you started with the u.s. intelligence community claiming a child was a so-called cold in russia meddling into american affairs back in september the u.s. justice department then demanded that we register as a foreign agent that's despite no proof that russia had any impact on the us election social media that began blocking our advert so google you tube and twitter they did that ahead of testimony in congress despite having no problem with r.t. prior to that some of the experts we've been speaking to think the pressure on r.t. america is a deflection tactic away from domestic problems in the us. the question here is why have the a.c.l.u. and amnesty international and all of these other civil liberties and human rights groups which defended al-jazeera its right to broadcast in the middle east when saudi arabia demanded al jazeera shut its operations down why have they been silent
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on r.t. this is a clear attack on press freedom well the ruling elites desperately want to shut down any discussion of social inequality which is the engine that created this political upheaval and insurgencies in both of the two political parties and shift the focus towards foreign actors to blame for and actors for the unrest and to blame. critics and dissidents for full maddening discontent because if reality is faced and we confront the fact that this vast social inequality is tearing apart the american fabric then we have to confront and and dismantle the institutions that are creating this social inequality and that is what the ruling elites are desperately attempting to prevent. thousands of people
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in yemen have lined the capital streets in protest against the saudi led blockade of their country last week riyadh introduced a full blockade on yemen closing all access by and see the saudi led coalition into the civil war in twenty fifteen supporting the ousted government against the rebels its blockade have left millions starving and has led to what's being called the deadliest outbreak of cholera in recent history however after pressure from the united nations and human rights groups the saudis claimed on monday that it would roll back the blockade to a partial one again. now human rights watch claims or says that claim is a form of cruel fiction explaining that the ports the riyadh will reopen aren't enough to provide essential supplies of food and medicine and saudi arabia says it will continue with its powerful blockade until its convinced that there's no flow of weapons from iran going to the rebels and the civil war in yemen is being seen by middle east experts as a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran artie's jacqueline vega next looks at
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whether the current cold war between the region's most powerful countries could lead to full scale conflict. the rivalry between middle east powerhouses saudi arabia and iran is nothing new yet it's becoming ever more tense with fears growing of a full blown war a missile launched by yemeni rebels directed at riyadh earlier this month has already got the saudis talking about direct aggression and war the coalition's command considers this a blatant acts of military aggression by the iranian regime and could rise to be considered as an act of war against the kingdom of saudi arabia. you know the mites in position of the public people more powerful than you have been able to do anything against the iranian people you're not strong enough to do that's where we look in the region conflicts can often be boiled down to saudi arabia and iran countering each other by proxy the saudi military campaign against the who's the rebels in yemen backed by iran saudi backing of sunni rebel groups in syria while iran's supports the assad government both of those conflicts are exactly panning
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out well for saudi arabia so how would they fare in a direct conflict with iran let's break it down. looking at a global military strength rating the two countries aren't far apart on the list with iran at twenty first and saudi arabia taking the twenty fourth position. and all riyadh's aviation outstrips tehran's iran wins out when it comes to tanks and naval assets by a long run. it's probably no surprise that the saudi kingdom has a massive defense budget coming in at over fifty six billion dorf in the islamic republic's six billion and change. but when it comes to male power iran has significantly more citizens fit for service and the event of war you have a very rash ruler in saudi arabia i'm talking about the prince. you know he's just about ready to do. it so if you look at what happened with the
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lebanese prime minister it was basically forced to resign. and that gives you just an indicator of how far will have been some man is willing to go but i personally would be very very surprised if saudi arabia lost the war on iraq i would completely rule out iran launching a war on saudi arabia study arabia had. guarantees or chance of winning i think it would go ahead with the war but i think saudi arabia believes it doesn't have a chance of winning a war against iran the rhetoric might be at a boiling point at the moment but there's still no sign either side is ready for open conflict. this is a british teachers in trouble for saying well done to his peoples the details and reaction when we come back.
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little blog so are you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you socks for the tell you that will be gossip and tabloid but. i'm telling you. that in all the ball of wax.
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next up the u.s. army is widening its recruitment pulled by allowing people with a history of serious mental illness to enlist but psychometrist warn that it could further harm and i was vulnerable recruits with more on the story is kind of. mental health issues no longer rule you out of serving in the american army at this point according to documents acquired by usa today if you have a history of depression drug and alcohol abuse bipolar disorder or even a self mutilation you can apply for a waiver and join the us military the decision was primarily due to the increased availability of medical records and other dates and which is now more readily available these records on the officials to better document applicant medical histories what's more important if you look at the reasons is that the army is having trouble recruiting new soldiers the number of waivers for marijuana use have
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increased as well chief of staff mark milley says that the army should be between five hundred forty thousand and five hundred fifty thousand but at this point it's only four hundred seventy six thousand active duty personnel people just aren't signing up many of today's youth. are. not inclined to want to leave their family and friends don't want to leave their relatives family and friends they opposed them joining the military service it was kind of sad to find out for me being a prior soldier that the american public when we did the research they thought of the army as the lower left hand quadrant and we joined the army because we had nothing else to do lowering the standards of recruitment makes sense but it does present some problems in two thousand and five the standards were lowered for similar reasons and as a result the level of basic education among troops dramatically decreased by two thousand and seven about thirty percent of america's fighting men and women did not
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have a high school diploma in two thousand and twelve the standards and restrictions went up but now once again there's a shortage of people in uniform so once again the rules are changing a lot of the standards have been changing adjusted we've relaxed the standards too much in my opinion we have recruited very heavily in the volunteers were what i would call the lower middle class and the lower. or not well you know there is a volunteer and. it's very expensive to. educate to dream and so on incursion in the middle east we. took a heavy toll on. the united states boasts of having the most powerful military in the world but if you look at how far they're willing to go in lowering the standards of who can be recruited it seems there are fewer americans that want to be part of it. are your. british school teacher
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has been suspended after praising his students joshua sutcliffe congratulated his math class by saying well done goals but that upset one pupil who now identifies as male the teacher insists he apologized immediately and says it was an accident the student in question. came in did very well and i said rather than girls he started really well and i was met with a fierce rebuttal. and i sincerely apologize. i then found out six weeks later that i was going to be under investigation for mis gendering within the community and initially for one day transpired to be two days and then three days and then it's now been six days where i've been sat in a in an office not being able to teach my mom. and daughter also told us that he believes he's being singled out by the school over his religious beliefs. i think
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i've been bullied really for you know for who i am within the school setting up a bible club and then it being shut down with an iron fist really having so many people coming along to the bible club and being interested in the bible i feel like i've been discriminated against within the community and i think that's a trend. nationwide is that christians are able to. live out their faith in a professional setting where as you might imagine this incident is a big talking point in britain right now as to whether the schools overreacting or highlighting a sensitive issue that needs careful handling this particular teacher accidentally missed. by calling a trans boy pupil a girl it was not intentional he hadn't meant to cause offense so i think that his suspension is disproportionate i think that the school should obviously
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point out to him that he made a mistake which of course he doesn't recognise and then get his assurance that it won't happen again i think that is the end of the matter is absolutely stupid he called the girls girls because he thought it was a class of girls made an honest mistake. apologized that should have been the end of the matter this whole transgender agenda he's getting much much too much influence in the british media and in british society there are very small minority i feel sorry for anyone who thinks they are trapped in the wrong body they should be treated with respect and tolerance but where is the tolerance for this man he's a christian but of course you're not allowed to be a christian anymore are you in modern britain ah i don't see that he's done anything wrong actual the majority of people in the u.k. i'm sure will agree with me. bye that's your world update for this hour from altie
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international i'm calling bright thanks for watching well for me in the team and said to. the politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted over checked. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be. actually going to be for us this is what before three in the morning can people that i'm interested always in the water. first sit. since the cradle of jazz. america is still america we are.
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five am. a daily training session. this is just been just a couple of months she'll graduate she and twenty seven close mates are all running style today with a walk up. in the dark we somehow managed to lose joan in the crowd. now for. the it's. a huge amount of fun for us. you know for.
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and gives us soon will not. solve paul we've yet day that. come up. with. the question of the shooting then. volatile is femaleness yeah there should. be a ham call. to say good hon this is all high this is all be on that's a sure. thing. peaceful peaceful. things are going to be tough to. beat us off. the solidarity among those she may have. some bears or who all sent us all going on .


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