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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 15, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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anytime you want they always appreciate i always go to the person that got up early as for this program that means it's you rocky in salt lake city you know it's a long way away from moscow you know and looking in at my introduction you know the department of justice for star tea to be signed as a foreign agent in the at but they have cited no reason why there is no complaint about our put what we broadcast on this station here no details whatsoever no comparisons what we do or don't do compared to let's say al-jazeera or b b c r c g t n nothing we're separated completely in a different category i can't come to any other conclusion that it is very spiteful cruel petty politics go ahead raakhee in st louis and salt lake city i think there's no question about that we're sitting on almost a new mccarthyism in this country and it's completely mindless if people would
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realize that the first amendment is really there to protect the people of this country and to promote an exchange of ideas and information and allow people the credit for being able to ferret out what they want to hear and what they can believe or not believe this impacts all of us in this country want to our own government is trying to restrict and even censor what we hear from other media and we need to hear from other nations it's a perspective that americans have got to know and it certainly wasn't for a media that was telling us all the lies to the judith miller of the new york times was telling a very good glinting up to iraq or the washington post about just to lynch to bolster support for the outrageous. war these were all myths that were perpetrated
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by the us media and. we haven't seen anything like that from media well from other nations wasn't one of the reasons what we do see is a different perspective for it perspective let me go to lean in washington that's exactly correct here because you've seen mainstream media people have stopped watching it that's not buying it stop clicking on and they're going elsewhere because they have lost the confidence in the mainstream media that the political establishment and leave the people watching this program right now no one's forcing them to watch it it's a choice i don't understand why the us government should determine what propaganda is and the us government should determine what choices people make go ahead lee well i think it's because they are scared to death they're absolutely and by they i mean the political establishment not just the democrats not just the republicans and political establishment on both sides are scared to death that people are
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listening to alternative media outlets or in the media establishment as well you've got to remember in the united states i think it's six corporations control ninety percent of the media this is this is big business right and when people start listening to new media when people can go to the news not just to r.t. and not just to up starts like diving in post or breitbart both of which i've written for but more importantly to twitter to you tube and by the way that's why we're seeing the other very scary trend now it is that the tech companies are working right to actually censor that media as well so people realize that the establishment media is essentially a loss leader in other words when a guy like jeff bezos head of amazon dot com and other of the washington. and the owner of the washington post go that's right yes. end of six hundred million dollars do the math right six hundred million dollar deal with the cia buys the
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washington post for two hundred million dollars look pretty good deal pretty good to be a pretty good deal and you know but you know you washington post will never talk about that ok that talk about transparency markets let me go to you because you know r.t. is being put in the spotlight and i would say a target here you yourself personally are a target in the u.k. media in there are quite vicious in their attacks against you tell us more yes from a pay to this matter has become very personal recently i was attacked by two members of the british parliament and they had the article they were ports was run by the times newspaper in what in which i was depicted as a russian propagandist and because i'm a russian propagandist i should lose my parliamentary pass now it is very very callous this attack but then you know peter we are living in very sinister times in which freedom of speech and freedom of the press in britain and america is under
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attack it's under attack by the british and the american governments who are employing one of their most fermentable weapons their media to go after anyone in the public eye who has a high profile and who happens to disagree with what the american the british governments are doing on the international stage let me say this very clearly peter the british in the american establishment howitzers they hate us because of our tenacity they hate us because of how persuasive we are and ultimately they hate us because we are exposing the reckless criminal murderous foreign policies of washington and london major in britain and america is in secure it is afraid and it's doing everything to try and destroy our names they want to silence us they want to put it all back in our boxes and but the other point is this. speights is that we must be on to an illusion about who we're up against we were up against
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some of the most powerful yet forces in the well it's this is a contest this is a david versus goliath contest bots we all know what happens when they if it's met goliath and we all know marcus we all know on this program that we're on the right side of history and they know they're on the run of site leave you want to jump in there and watch it and go ahead go ahead yeah you have peter yet let me let me mention something let me mention what ron by the way i agree with ryan republican and i agree and by the way i'm the only trump supporter on this point nick so so much for the russian media being pro trump right right. i'm in it now i'm going to i'm going to mention something that the rocky was time i want to use a more contemporary example that's going on right now in iraq still going on obviously but syria right back in two thousand and thirteen when i was a writer for breitbart i looked into what was happening in syria and i was worried it seemed like u.s. taxpayer dollars were going to fund the quote unquote rebels who i saw were killing
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christians among other people and i said to myself look most americans wouldn't agree with that so i had to quit breitbart to go over i did us a crowd funded trip to lebanon to interview syrian refugees ok and it was obvious to me at that time what the u.s. was doing and it was obvious to me that these so-called syrian rebels were actually dangerous and i came back i was talking about the caliphate isis nobody was talking about that clearly the weapons for them came from the u.s. now when i said that as a as a conservative who was reporting that why would i say exactly the same thing now on our t.v. or on sputnik. what's the problem there and the answer is let's explain what's going on with the sparrow thing it's very clear what they're trying to do here they
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want to be able to say in articles stranahan who by the way they've not sent the note to sputnik yeah yeah we're getting what they want to they they want to be able to say you know whoever larry king jesse ventura peter whoever right they want to be able to say who is required to file as a foreign agent comma said blah blah blah oh ok they want to be able to use that little for a exactly what i'm saying let me go let me get let me go to rocky that's exactly it it's the name and shame approach here they are they want the they can't fight our arguments they can't fight our arguments because they know they don't have anything in their arsenal and i would say that they've gotten so used to lying to the public and getting away with it and then we just we hold fire to their feet and that's what they don't like and that's why they a target each and every one of us destroy our names ok because they can't destroy the truth go ahead raakhee that's exactly right they are creating the conditions to
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making simply the ad hominum arguments so that they can paste these labels to people and instead of addressing the merits peter if we're ever going to see any of the conditions necessary for peace between people greater understanding we've got to have more accessible media we've got to have because that's the only way that we can learn about those things and about people and events that we don't personally observe we've got to get it through the media and to the strain go. important sources of information and different viewpoints and it's going to get ratcheted up now the russian government is saying ok you're going to do that r.t. we're going to do it to radio free europe and current time so the vision well we want you know what and you know what's going to happen and let me go doing this for years of course and we go to marcus you know but of course when there is when the russian side retaliates it's going to be called russian aggression what do you bet marcus in london. well that's going to be one of the negative another one of the
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next i grievances list in our series of foreign agents because the russian government will have no choice but to take retaliatory measures russia at the end of the day it's a you know how self they're going to see how self-respect it has to stand up for itself but you know peter there's another dimension so these horrendous four attacks on our two guests on our team they have reputations could be absolutely destroyed and pay poor who work for our team britain and america could find that their name just so badly affected that they deprived of a livelihood our money there's nothing let me live in champagne makes me forget we have had to go to a hard break journal and after that hard break we'll continue our discussion on foreign agent stay with art. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your
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last wrong turn. you're out to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was a game still some more fun to view those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it's one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with this one different to speak to now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker.
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they call me a useful idiot i'm useful idiot you called me a useful idiot a useful idiot useful idiots go expressing my opinions on t.v. there are thousands of us doing it behind his record is a simple strategy we attack persons instead of talking about the arc of what's next why stop me from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group code pink why not ban the color pink one hour stretch beyond the rock i
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should be sent to the town because i'm going to try to break me although we'll put up with a lifetime of this sort of nonsense you don't scare me want to scare us and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out i'm in good company i'm in good company you're going to fix me you want to do this because we're free thinkers . i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out it's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each a billionaire owners and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game a great so one more chance for. the base this minute.
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welcome across like we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing foreign agents. ok gentlemen the department of justice hasn't given each us to vacation for its
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actions and forcing our t. to sign on as a foreign agent but i will read something here real quick here from the director of national intelligence that report came out in january sixth ok assessing russian activities and intentions in recent us elections this is what i had to say about r t r t r t s reports often characterize the us as a surveillance state and allege widespread infringement of civil liberties police brutality and drone use i guess check check check all or two ok continuing here r t also focuses on criticism of the us economic system u.s. currency policy alleged alleged they even used the word alleged wall street greed and the u.s. national that and some of our team have compared the u.s. to imperial rome i guess that's me and have predicted that government corruption and corporate greed will lead the us to financial collapse. what do you disagree with that because i think it's pretty good. assessment it doesn't even mention what
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markets and i can't. a lot about foreign policy but you know i don't it's a pretty good checklist somebody watch some of the broadcast go ahead raakhee that's a lot like what i've been saying and writing for years actually so i don't know what one of those anybody could find fault with there but i will say let them point to anything that could compare with the propaganda generated by the united states government and passed to the american people by our mainstream media the washington post's bismo story the propaganda passed on about just collapse of the soldier in iraq weapons of mass destruction and stabbed in the attack by iraqi soldiers all of it absolutely false of course you do with miller and weapons of mass destruction but now you're very few people know the story of ny your.
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largest public relations firm millions of dollars why don't you i had to wait can't can't sit down that was the incubator scandal ok ok you she was the daughter of the ambassador yeah yeah i scan exactly just this and. and this woman this young girl was the daughter of the kuwait ambassador to the united nations and all of the news media fell for it amnesty international fell for the president bush was going around the country touting this just incredible story where is the accountability of the u.s. when he really there's nothing comparable very interesting here to all of you i don't see human rights groups coming to the aid of our teeth that they won't because it's political and they know it and they're intimidated here you know we've let me go to you because you know over there it's sputnik. all media outlets make mistakes we all make mistakes and we own up to them when we make them ok but what they're attacking us for is our narratives that is something different and this is
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they cannot tolerate a different narrative that. supports their fundamental material interests intellectual interests is that they're not very intelligent anymore but anyway they're there and their and their friends ok and their friends around the world but what they can't do they don't attack are are they can attack our narratives because that would and legitimize us by having a conversation so you dismiss all of it go ahead. well let me say you know filmmaker michael moore for instance is a guy who i'm a republican i don't agree with michael moore in a lot of issues but you talk about alleged wall street greed he's talked about there right but i i've actually worked with another filmmaker who made a whole movie going after allegedly wall street allegedly there was a very greed and a you may have heard him use a young filmmaker named steven k. bannon now steve and i got together on a film called occupy on mass and steve bannon made
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a film called generation zero he doesn't look it up steve's of steve's a former wall street guy who's very critical of former goldman sachs guy but in the in the eighty's who's very critical of wall street and steve has come out expression you know what i'm saying is where you get michael moore and steve bannon agreeing right on an issue i think it's something that actually you get about eighty percent of americans to agree and this is exactly why the way they look what they want to do is they want to discredit right artie's sputnik anybody who is not officially going along with that narrative so that it says to americans hey don't even listen and by and by the way we don't just see this with host we're talking about this on the fault lines this morning my radio show we have people who've told us we love the show we love to listen to it we do a morning radio show so it's fun we talk about politics we crack jokes got my
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co-host carla nixon he's a progressive democrat i'm a i'm a republican but we agree on a lot of stuff actually we've had people tell us peter they would love to call in to the show just to you know be part of the show and they're afraid to they're afraid to carlin because we're broadcast in washington and they work for the government i just want you to think about that that is a chilling effect where people are not. as a guest stephen just to call it in showing hey i don't agree with it or it's very much eerie frightening it's very much like when chris cuomo on c.n.n. said don't read those e-mails all we can read it for you you will tell you what it means what it kook ok no one your journalism is you know basically no better than prostitution right now in the united states and the well is a general jump in markets jump in i know you always want to jump in go ahead my friend. two points i want to make when you read that statement by the department of
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justice two words entered my mind how ironic or because what they described is exactly how american mainstream media conservative and liberal alike portray russia now the second point i want to make is this and i tried to make it just before we went for a break the horrendous attacks on british and american citizens who work for r.t. not only could not only could end their reputation and deprive them of a livelihood but something even worse given the horrendous levels of and he russian hysteria in britain and america there is a lot of hatred even amongst ordinary americans and british people towards russia so imagine an american nationalist or an english nationalist or someone in america or britain who is mentally unsound watching a report about how american and british citizens are traitors by working for r.t. their propagandists it is possible and i emphasize the word possible that these
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people could take it into their own hands to physically harm guests who go on to r.t. in britain and america or british citizens and american citizens who work for r.t. now that is something that these repugnant politicians and mainstream media journalists in london and washington are not thinking about and i would also add this is well well as a look at the attacks look at the attacks people who appear on r.t. . opinion referred to us on educated as imbeciles and also one commentator in britain has referred to them as elementally on well no but marcus one of the interesting things is hang on here lee hang on one of the interesting things because you have that right yeah yeah most of the people that are criticizing our t. in criticizing people that come on our t. don't know anything about russia whatsoever ok that is the real poverty of the situation you know people that actually come here and meet people spend
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a little bit of time here they see something very very different then the black and white gray imagery that i was going to rapidly running out of time gentlemen let me go to rocky here because i think there's a really important point we all have to talk about here is that the major tech companies are getting on their needs to please congress and these people in this witch hunt here they are signing their own death warrant is what they're doing they are foolish they'll watch someone they'll sacrifice us but when they come for them who's going to be there they're making a very big big google twitter you tube all of that go ahead rocky and we're running out of time to go quickly that's and that's such an important point because this is all part and parcel of the scripting authoritarianism in this country we're seeing a president who is so demeaning of our own media if it doesn't go along with his point of view and now to say that we're going to choke off different
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information and points of view from media outside of this country this this is a horrible betrayal of the american people and our right to decide what it is we're going to watch and listen to and read in the points of view that we want to consider and make up our own minds about these things i've never seen well the kind of foreign influence media that we saw leading up to the iraq war or the support for the. first goal for through the new year a. but no knowing we can always be one direction only the west can influence everyone else not the other way around here you know lee it seems to me listen what rocky just said right there is that liberals in america are creating the soviet union of america and when you have this you when you have this hermetically cloak closed media box where you no one can penetrate it they only can hear messages they can hear anybody from the outside that is very authoritarian and very dangerous
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considering the level of trust the people have in the mainstream media in the united states and in the u.k. go headlee well that's why i think what we're doing on my radio show is so radical it's not about me look we've got a trunk supporter and a burman supporter on the same show you'd think if the commercial media wanted to appeal to a big audience they would have looked at the election and gone look at the size of burnished crowds look at the size of trump's crowds it's a no brainer right why are we the only show that does that. because neither one of us fit into the establishment narrative and i got to say let me just disagree with rocky slightly talks about to iraq slightly disagree with them where the danger comes and look the see i've been reading the history of the cia in light of the new j.f.k. stuff to come out the cia's first operation one nine hundred forty eight was interfering in the italian election right was literally the first thing that they
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did they spent one hundred million dollars that's history that's not propaganda that's it's on the cia website that's what they admit that they did so this history goes back actually to the foundation and formation of the cia so on i wish want to take up on one thing that mark is said to people getting called things i've been called multiple times on twitter a traitor and i've had people say stuff like traitors get shot right. and nothing happens to the people nothing happened no no no because it's because it's acceptable when some people can use hate speech it's acceptable when they use it but not others that's another double standard right gentlemen we have rapidly run out of time fascinating discussion many thanks to my guests in washington salt lake city and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here are to see you next time and remember.
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it's the crazy to let you. know this just feel. climatic strophes alligators on the loose. and crime is by the numbers of my. street racing. in the peace of the night this is new orleans itself a man who looks the best place in the world. every single minute there's a new drug for some fans of the days like shaky like scent of them they make up then they get a grant from some corrupt congressmen in america billions of dollars and the side
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effect is always make may do suicide may do suicide may and do something what would you know but the miracle flag is inducing suicide because you look at that you say oh it's a farmer to cocker say. with a goose manufacture consent to consume to public wealth. when the room in closest to protect themselves. with the crime and clear you're a live person be the woman person. drinking the whole middle of the room signal. from the real news is really.
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tough. kids a little. time to. listen a little. dance you don't. think and doesn't do it on jay still missing out on the most news in that are equal. and it's i'm just listening to what he calls this tells me going on in. this with all the don'ts you don't even do know you'll live up to those would he mean isn't this is the downside of us at all to the sitting on.
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the. computer. almost three hundred islamic state fighters are believed to have fled the liberated syrian city of raka the pentagon admits that only a few suspected militants were detained as they left the can you say that no one is fighters leave the cities and go somewhere else and you say that they can't say with the one hundred percent certainty that. the russian parliament passes a law allowing the kremlin to classify media outlets as foreign agents it follows a similar move made against r t in the united states. and the u.k. think tank claims that volunteers attempting to help refugees cross international borders are being treated as criminals by the e.u. we hear from an aid worker who fell foul of the authorities. while the state he dealt with the.


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