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protesters rolly in cities across from. mr president. and number of buildings are in our. culture. it's funded by the us government are notified they may have to register as foreign agents. or similar requirements imposed on our. leader talks about his region's independence punch on the true morning it triggered in a rare interview in our new talk show. host alex salmond about how he felt was interrupted during. day to. see. the fight.
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there. one minute past seven in the evening here in moscow thursday november the sixth and welcome to the program i mean only this hour's top story students on trade union members are marching in cities right across france protesters are voicing their anger over president labor reforms the changes were signed into law in september under widely seen as a routing workers' rights power to employers. groups of demonstrators vandalizing buildings. is in paris force. well thousands of people have come on to the streets to protest against the changes the president might coals to put in to power here in france but just want to bring you up to date with some of the latest that we've
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seen a nice some of the damage to the shops that we're seeing along the street where this protest is going on this is a transfer western union shop and this is one of a number of shops that we've seen a small group of individuals taking part in this protest trying to break and smash what they're using around them is not just rocks on the street but it's when you take a look down here these are the great they're pulling up from around the trees and they've actually been trying to use those to ram into the shops to cool some of this damage this is a small select group of people but as you can see the great still in the shop door here where they attacked in fact that she went in and asked all the customers to leave before they attack the shop but this is what we're seeing along this street now this is a small group of people at the front and not the union members who are trying to hold a fairly peaceful rally trying to get the parliamentary ariens in frogs to listen to their worries that concerns that concerns about the changes to the culture
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divide and what that will mean here in france they say that this was a road the rights of workers this was the one hundred twenty thousand people who lose their jobs and people saying they just worried for their livelihoods and for the feature of france but right now this is one of around twelve manifestations protests that are taking place across france and as we've seen here on the streets of paris damage being caused by a small group of protesters the police are out in force there waiting to crack down on any unruly behavior but for the moment what we're seeing is a number of shops being smashed up by those individuals as the unions are trying to hold this relatively peaceful protest here in paris against mark holmes reforms to the culture divide the working code here in france. the russian justice ministry has sent letters to two major u.s. funded media their subsidiaries notifying them they may soon be designated as
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foreign agents the move comes in response to are to you being forced to register as a foreign agent in america. is standing by with the details for us just tell us which lets have been notified and what will the new legislation targets us funded outlets including voice of america radio free europe as well as its regional branches this only comes a few days after our team america was forced to register as a foreign agent or have all of their assets frozen russian r t have been regular topics of discussion and various hearings investigating russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election but until this very day there has been no evidence to substantiate any of those claims but under farah the foreign agents registration act r t america will now have to disclose its finances provide regular reporting on its activities within forty eight hours they will also have to add a disclaimer on all of their work the ministries latest decision is
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a mere response to washington's recent crackdown on our team america and its measures are actually quite similar to farah including disclosing finances and providing evidence of editorial independence amnesty international released a statement on the issue saying that quote this legislation strikes a serious blow to what was already a fairly desperate situation for press freedom in russia but the concern for press freedom wasn't really extended to r.t. america when it was initially targeted by washington but we reached out to several press freedom watchdogs for comment and they didn't really appear to be so outraged the u.s. press association said that they weren't informed on the topic to report anything of substance at the national union of journalists in the u.k. and ireland. apparently can only comment on domestic domestic issues saying as this is an issue about washington that it is it appropriate for us to comment on the details now this is the first time that russia has specified companies that could
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be designated as foreign agents but we are still waiting for the official announcement here thanks for breaking dawn for us this hour assume you're a come live in moscow. where we discuss russia's reaction with our. british journalist knew clarke earlier. when we heard last week that r.t. had until the following monday to register as a foreign agent in america there was silence from groups like amnesty and other groups that are supposed to be defending free speech and free media and yet when russia very reasonably announces reciprocal measures in response to these mega from the us then all of a sudden these so-called impartial western pro human rights organizations come out and say this is outrageous this is terrible russia is clamping down on free speech so really it's very very transparent you only have to look at what's happened the last five days to see the rocket pockets see well u.s.
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authorities wanted the media war and russia giving it right back to them i presume that if radio free europe and voice of america are on this russian list one can only presume that the russian kremlin and the russian government they understand that these were well known as propaganda outlets well before that his decision so obviously it is just for. now a spanish parliamentary session has once again brought the divide in the country over the issue of cattle on independence sharply into focus one catalan m.p. in madrid has suggested the spanish prime minister be arrested for his actions against the troubled region now it all comes during a sustained crackdown by madrid against cuts alone is deposed leadership. so you know many still you have made your prisons are not mad at you you know we will meet
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our ballot box as your minister you have beaten us with still yes it will who will be you cannot be both and i hope that one day with seamlessly wrong in a. commune look at the media debuting his new show here on araa to see former scottish first minister alex salmond spoke exclusively with our state castle on president karl is put them on for a rare insight into the independence referendum pushed them on was sacked as the council on president and his knife facing charges of sedition rebellion spain issued an international arrest warrant after he fled to belgium where he's currently on bill speaking to r.t. mr putin mont recalled the region's referendum day and told alex salmond how he views the future of catalonia let me take you to that the extraordinary day in the first of october. tell me what your emotions were that the in the one hand there was the celebration of. millions of your fellow country people coming out to
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exercise or vote for self-determination on the other hand was that the violence that we all saw on television screens from the state police or what will the conflicting emotions that you felt as president of catalonia one that famous dear there was a day of the victory of catalonia and the other hand of course there was a day of the extremely violent. i couldn't imagine the the direction like that from the democratic stately european union it was a tragic day today because i see directly the violence in my face school in my hometown there are a lot of injuries oh of injuries by the start of the next week the spanish judicial system or rolled into actual and took away the constitutional prize that catalonia had gained well this mistake in fact start
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a new era in the end of his era that will start a catalan rapidly because in these conditions is not possible it is not possible there is no future at all and to remain misspending these conditions what is your message to the people of cattle we must to be confident resilient because we will win. we will succeed finally democracy will prevail. in another twist following his shock resignation lebanon's former prime minister accept an invitation to travel support from present mccrone find out what lies behind the offer and more after this.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted over checked. so when you want to be president i'm sure. for some who want to be brits. to do like to be press that's what the forecast for you in the morning can be good good i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. question.
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doesn't minutes into the hour welcome back to our two international british lawmakers are urging the prime minister to open a probe into alleged russian interference as u.k. researchers claim over four hundred twitter accounts were used to meddle and sway voters on briggs it was an example highlighted was a knowledge russian twitter whose profile didn't fit someone usually in british politics but who posted a reach waited nearly one hundred posts mentioning brakes of a london correspondent polly boyd who looks at the facts behind the allegations in recent weeks and days the british media has been heavily focused on the lack of progress at the brags that talks and the problems facing to raise their maze of
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government the russian interference story has drawn the fire away from all that and now media outlets can pour over the question of how many trolls does it take to incite a revolution not many according to everyone we approached to discuss this story in london do you think four hundred twitter accounts from from russia is enough to change the outcome of the referendum here in the u.k. well i think it could i think it could sort of and the could be a lot more yeah so you think it's only the tip of the iceberg. yes i think it's just the tip of the iceberg i believe there is some of the books movies and i'm being very careful with my own but. where there's smoke there's fire usually if russia did this i want to broach the idea that four hundred twitter people will affect the movements of millions as it were mostly mostly people who don't read
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anything on twitter is absolutely laughable the idea that four hundred social media coats are capable of swinging an election in the yuki or anywhere else is just ludicrous in fact chris it's almost comical it seems russian interference is interfering in everything these days because i did on a conference about women in leadership at the summit and this has come up as one of the topics of why is it a topic for women in leadership well it was more about the world we live in today and the unsettled nature of it and the topic of you know breck certain trumpet power what the hell are we going to do. with the topic of. russians that say interference at some level was discussed no one i spoke to had anything to say about evidence that maybe because there isn't much of it do you think the prime minister is wrong to be putting the emphasis that you put on this last night on
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russia now. no you did to accuse them of meddling well i think she probably has evidence to indicate that that was the case probably there's also britain's head of cyber security karen martin has said that russian hackers have attacked british media telecommunication and energy sectors when asked for proof he said he couldn't get into precise details the prime minister's spokesperson has said that downing street didn't have any evidence of successful interference in british electoral systems and this was the way the foreign secretary put it on. the. loose. but that doesn't matter because if you ask a member of the public care if russia did magill the answer is most likely to
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be done for questions of foreign affairs like faraway russia where people in the u.k. are prepared to suspend their disbelief to simply accept what they are told if the russians are blamed often enough people for ok we accept you don't have for us anymore what to these are mean and other leaders are doing across the west is trying to divert attention from their on responsibility for for the enveloping crazies the political crazies are taking place at home and abroad to in this context they don't need evidence russia is seen as an easy target ali bacher with the report will treat them a felt she had to offer it seems some clarification on the matter following her scathing attack on moscow during an annual bunk with with parliament members. to look at the speech i gave on monday that will see the examples i gave of russian interference when not in the united kingdom. u.k.
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independent party member nigel sussman believes that social networks are full and victim to a crackdown on democracy in the u k. it seems to me like a control they want to control everything back to the mainstream media that's the real concern here i think we've got a real issue of democracy at risk. you know i've campaigned in general elections one of the. key tools that i have available to me was social media and that's because i didn't have you know the kind of huge amounts of money that some of the larger parties have so this is one of the very few outlets that is available to me if that source is cut off then i think you've got a really serious problem perhaps that's why they want to clamp down on it so they don't like the fact that people are finding their own voices. ok let's get
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a check back on our top story what is happening right now in parse what we had been seeing was a fourth day of national. protests this is the scene in parts where more it seems people have been coming on to the streets possibly after work it's what just after five fifteen in parlous what had been happening there you had to parse his biggest workers' union staging national wide protests against president money will knock on his economic reforms which he put into place deeply unpopular reforms to be among the youth who would have seen a lot of students in protest during the last four days something like one hundred seventy organized demonstrations happening not just in parts but right across france we saw police. fire tear gas at dispersing crowds so these are the scenes right now as day comes into evening you've got the police on the streets you've
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also got a lot more crowds coming in there with flares. a little bit of violence against some shop fronts as well so we'll be keeping a close eye on this story. in the coming hours from horace and indeed from france up those empty mccrone wrote. to another story that said we've been keeping a close eye and during the week the former lebanese prime minister has accepted an invitation from the french president to come to power is saad hariri calls a political crisis in lebanon after flying to saudi arabia where he on expectedly resigned from his post lebanese officials say they believe he's being held against his will by riyadh the lebanese president's official twitter account post that the government's next steps will be decided upon after her research turned from parlous the money will mccall has made clear that france's invitation is not an offer of political exile. i spoke with crown prince mohammed will summon and prime minister
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saad hariri we agreed that i would invite the prime minister in his family to france for a few days is also a gesture of friendship and the willingness of france to contribute to restoring calm and stability in lebanon also the french sort of it is very curious i mean it's quite a thunderbolt what's happened just yesterday is that mr macron has offered her riri some sort of x. are they not using the word excel of course but they're stressing this is an offer to him and his family to come forward just a few days that may well be a euphemism for to come here indefinitely we just don't know there are more questions than answers at this point france would be the obvious country to make such an offer you have to understand that there's a history of course a colonial history with france and lebanon but also that hariri is had a home for a number of years in paris so this seems to be simple to quote a smart move so this all started on november the fourth when hariri arrived in riyadh and was
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a real initially surrounded by police and detained his phones taken away from him and he was told on that day that saudis were very displeased with his one year premiership in lebanon when negotiate effectively nothink the meal e-mail a speech which more or less said that i'm resigning and i blame hezbollah for that and then just a couple days later after that you were on the record and did a live interview with lebanese television saying that he would be back in lebanon within a few days i think that reassured a number of people in lebanon that that that things could be things could calm down if we move on to just recently just yesterday the patience of the lebanese president michel own snaps and he went public and stated that this was international law being broken only balloons the lebanese prime minister was being detained by the saudis so the french of coming to an interesting moment we don't know for sure if he will go to paris with the reuters or citing elise sources who has said he will certainly be there but there's a question mark over how long it will be some news agencies are using the words for
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a few days certainly i can tell you there's enough people in lebanon who are eagerly waiting for him to come back to beirut and to kick start negotiations which of not really move forward for a whole year now with hezbollah. some important just to point to this story. saudi arabia has long been a supporter of hariri whereas lebanon's president is an ally of hezbollah militant group with ties to tehran and although the country's leadership has shown them united front so far the resignation risks worsening the sectarian divide so many twists and turns to this let's try and answer some of the big gaping questions about it with their husni lawyer talking to us from france and it is important we are talking to a frenchman because your country could have a king maker. piece in all this because harry and his family are going to go to france aren't they what's the significance of him traveling two fronts.
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well the think is that by inviting harry's family to come to france. in the same at the same time saying that this is not an exhibit for harry's family i think that french president emanuel's macro is and searing a question that everybody has in mind that is to say that why it is so necessary for hariri is family to be in france have a problem. to be have they to be protected have to be. far away from their own country to make sure that they're all safe and you know in france we have this famous sentence that we don't have but we have ideas and think is the thing that presents of harriers for me in france is a way to protect him because to protect from interest in the middle east the thing
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is that we know that there is a lot of things going. to change in this area the old area and now we have to consider fronts interest and because of the idea that lebanon is protecting hezbollah and we know that. the foreign policy of. east to. increase depression this. is a just talking russia talking of society hosni just sorry for butting in but is this a test for riyadh because hezbollah and others say that the former pm is being kept under house arrest there. sorry i didn't understand can you repeat what is the test night for saudi arabia because we've heard hezbollah saying that the former pm the former prime minister is being kept under heiser arrest there it's
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a challenging time for saudi arabia this. yes of course it is a strategy to time but we have to just remind that make sure that france is always looking for protecting protecting its own interest in d.c. area don't forget also that libyan is a former colony of france so for us own interests in lebanon and its own interests in the middle east even in syria you know now we. we have to share a new energy model of this area and we know but because of the end of the old system that there are the tensions are going very high and so everybody is trying to make sure that interests are protected and now you have to make clear that. harry harry. is
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well consider. very close to the poor and because you also need. to consider as somebody who was very close to the saudis government so. if i can tell it like that because it is as if all. the people aren't trying to prepare something that. would have huge consequences i don't i hope that this won't be war ok because we know that. this is the discounting of consideration that. going through the mind of certain members of government in this area hosni bring us up to date with his take on what's the come on this story which has legs legs one of the most there because the stories i've seen this week anyway was
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the lawyer from paris thank you very much ok that is all the news for this hour we'll be keeping a close eye on the pictures on your screen right now those protests the fourth day of protests in paris under farmers here with all the day's news in half an hour's time. her. to it. but the. kid. was cut. but. there's little going on in kim's. redoes she don't concern jodie that is
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a congenital jellyfish filled with a single and that was seen in that are equal to two inches under what he calls a still snake going to condone his will though we don't see him live the way that did those all moving in as early as it does so to us it all took the sitting on. a batch or sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. to caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met in my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was
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a cave still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this was quite different. speech because there were. other takers. claim that mainstream media has met its make. a scene years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun bad guy trying to get to one of my family members he would have better a lot better and i think they are inheriting when i buy my babies says my book was published in the year two thousand more than hoffa million americans have been killed by forums in the us i had a thought to me as i did this this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves some real scenarios it
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was interesting to see who actually got hit. the gun i just saw i did to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago i don't know this but we are not. eleven pm in the french quarters police station. the policemen using sydney's application are starting their shift. this franklin has already been working all day as a city police officer.


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