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tv   Sophie Co  RT  November 16, 2017 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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u.s. draft resolution at the u.n. on extending a chemical weapons probe in syria after accusing the panel of bias. also this hour french unions hold rallies across the country against president micron's controversial labor reforms. media outlets funded by the us government are told they may have to register as foreign agents in russia that move mirrors some requirements imposed on r.t. america. for the latest on those stories do you have over to r.t. dot com next thought international a former french intelligence chief is the guest on sophie and co talk about the global terror threat see you next.
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well welcome to sophie and killing sophie shevardnadze the string of terror attacks in europe is making governments adapt expanding police powers and toughening anti-terrorist. whale if it's held to fan against future attacks we'll ask former head of intelligence at the french external security agency at. the so-called islamic state crumbling iraq and syria its terror tactics in the west are becoming more desperate resorting to random stabbings and vehicle running attacks in place of guns and bombs. carried out by brainwashed. how can they be tracked encountered with the public be willing to give up some of its liberties to prevent future tragedies will expanding police powers be enough to protect people
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from new acts of terror. i was really a former head of intelligence at the french external security agency welcome back to the show it's always great to have you as our guest mr francis and it's chillier state of emergency imposed after the paris attacks but the country's interior minister is yet off koran says to terror threat remains high why only if they were arjan seen now when the threat is still high in old town tree. due to the democratic system. some some possibilities on the road to falls a police for instance it was impossible to to have a look on an apartment or a fraud during his evening all the night you know. so that was giving a possibility for the terrorists to prepare something being absolute. the freak. being coached by police so this one sets an example but there are some examples.
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on which all the police was saying that it was necessary to change it so in the first bit of time during the last year we used the state as a system you know because we see the state's responsibility to bypass you know the usual rules but it was not possible to fall on lies before prime minister or president mark carreau prime minister and minister from dorio mr carro decided to push and to promote the new logo and to publish a new low which i know is to do what was possible to do in the states but no not in the usual running of the state the thing is that usually people are against when their liberties are somehow curtailed but recent polls suggest major public supports the new law or french people so scared of the terror
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threat that they are ready to give up personal freedoms because it does seem like that. well you know only owns this point it is. the mindset of the french people change you know. four or five years ago. the democratic process. was seen as you know protection in which liberties and it was my boss ability to reduce the ability of any kind of you know with any kind of system. known as different people understood through. research for the fronts you know as a better clue and those needs and those. people now react saying well it is this is story to take the good decision in order to protect ourselves and therefore
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to reduce a little bit liberty you know there to give more efficiency to the police and that's a big change their french mine you know. force of french is really something in believable because. twenty years ago it was impossible atoll. a no no it's a reality people agree to see some changes but of course it is not possible to change everything is not possible to withdraw all celebrities or to a youth that means we all want your diseases and we all want to have a hand there a balance ok we'll understand that this is happening this law is a reaction to back that clung to russell's other attacks that have happened in europe but is it wise to give the state that much authority i mean there is always a danger that terrorism will be used as an excuse to abuse power and we've seen this happen before. nobody can say is that. no we are using.
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terrorism to change. no return shows because we don't for you see in your program. once this program will be sold. probably. the government will reduce you know zero zero zero ok i want to talk about the terrorism itself and how it has changed i mean it's not about arms anymore the closer nym's are the new weapons we're facing and they're much more difficult to detect moreover one doesn't need to be personally linked to a terrorist cell or a town to hate preaching sacked as all the destruction information is all over the internet well france's new law be really effective in fighting this new brand of terrorism the tourist moved to another attack a much more individual attack using calls you know using nice as it is to say using . very easy to get you know to get a car is very easy to get to
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a truck and to use a truck is not your problem to buy a knife to use your own knife is not your problem therefore it's much more difficult to control. on the one hand because you don't and the individual is much more difficult to control is on the group obviously and the second is much more difficult to control someone using. that using the special. forces we expose if we trick why you know to to get to but and it's not easy. so mr yeah why do you think all the latest terrorist attacks are suicidal why don't the terrorists want to leave anymore like they did in the past more importantly how do you fight someone who is not afraid of dying. well that's as a beginning as a beginning it was a big problem because as you know you get. security of his side all the
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security your own someone. people who are. attacking but they don't want to be killed no when the guy calls a woman what have decided. is much more difficult to do it to do blogs you know because. you can buy all the controls. for just this is story to change the police police mind and to organize your security not exactly the same you know we have to take into work are ready to move very quickly until the end of the story and so we have to be good for building the system. and again. more efficient in such a case you know. as a beginning. for it but you know with the experience good. attacks
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you know i think that. as many a million in fronts we are we are more or less ready for it but we have to face the reality it's quite impossible to block everybody doing these kind of attacks. the reality of the terrorists in the past they used to want to something they were fighting for a cause the liberation of palestine irish reunification basque independence and now what do they want i mean it seems like they don't demand anything anymore they just kill people for sake of killing what's behind it. now for falls individuals. in front it's much more people who are against everything and you know by own civilization by way of living our behavior.
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and so you know. that it's impossible to work in search. area. is better to do killing a lot of people will notice. the mind the mindset of these people now. and those are team and those are kind of people are coming back. and just so many of the fighter retied from syria. to stop in syria and iraq because there is no more war been thrown and they come back to come back to all countries and these people are much more dangerous than zero zero because. they made war you know they know what these are walls they know how to use you know rifle machine gun and so on so. more aggressive. but you know being warriors don't exactly the same and so we'll have to adapt also
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know to these you get to gori one side. ok mr hsieh we're going to take a show break right now when we come back we'll continue talking with. the intelligence the french external security service talking about different ways to fight changing terrorism stay with us. actually as a financial survival guide stacey let's learn about fill out let's say i'm not sure
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i get it here please respond thanks for the fight well street spot thank you for taking. on the story that's right. slavery. and. i would see him we don't have any protection for the worst at all if you do have. the public sector as well as in the private sector that information would have to be kind be made public and that actually puts pressure on the parliament to become more on this. and. that business is in favor of all the public. it's the cradle of jazz. we have.
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this just feeling. a city of climatic. alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least members of my friends close most. of street racing in the peace of the night this is new orleans. the best place in the world. crown prince mohammed bin solomon is said to be a reformer and on an anti corruption drawn. others say differently saudi arabia is experiencing a life threatening crisis that could ignite a region wide conflict and the trumpet in the face appears to be on board.
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or back when former director of intelligence at the french external security agency talking about the french and european anti-terrorism efforts welcome back. mr syria where will isis fighters of here opinion origin go after this so-called how they fight is no more do they pose a real danger if they return yes absolutely absolutely it's a big. it's a be done job because you know these people are warriors. being trained to fight to do the war in iraq and syria and what is a comeback you know there's a comeback was an experience of the wall. usually individual terrorists we face in front. or about what do you think should happen to
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those training terrorist warrior should i says which carney's be locked up or sent to some kind of a rehab program what do you do with them you can just kill them right. well it is difficult to know what. happens of shoot you know. these people because if you take the experience of. a war you know. the war you're also a part of those when they come back to the trees. stop you know stop every so you know and you know that is a key zs fault of their life as memory but still. fight. for so let's imagine lives imagine let's imagine you are in charge of france's security right now and this is
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a problem that france among other hear a pin country is going to face the other how all the warriors who are back and don't want to keep this part of their life as a memory are going to be somehow fighting this war continue funding this well what would you do what measures would you undertake one of those friends was going to have say that all the war euro zone's of emily as a woman of the war you coming back two fronts. will be detained by police and judge a budget just is you know due to you know in order to control it if they are clear or if they are done sure or if they stop as we say i want to stop as we said before . the main problems series of those are children because it's a necessary to judge his own mind and it will be
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a very difficult he. is actually getting tough on line extremism in germany internet provides providers face very heavy fines if extremist content isn't removed within twenty four hours after being flat get here paid security commissioner julian king says while tens of thousands of pieces of extremist material being removed hundreds of thousands are being posted how can you make technology move faster than terrorism. water you know. before you know. the police in or old zero you open count continue until you are all in you are you your union. now working very very tightly against your ears and it seems to say we control a lot. much more than just peoples. we control stories and redone too for
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want of the real dungeness you know i know we we have information and we get information we want to do the same situation as five years ago ten years ago now we know very well what happens when we have information coming from this is from the system. no. problem is to adopt. a permanent devotion you know after the attacks in brussels to sit is former mayor told me that at penn's european f.b.i. type of structure is needed to effectively combat terrorism in the union do you think that's a possibility will you members give up that much seventy for the sake of security i mean after all they ask us to give up on liberties too for the sake of safety so. well first of all we have created as you know we have created. a level.
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an organization. and a commission in commission. i would say to. well to work to to push everybody to work together. in a more efficient ways and before and and we prove a system all the days you know. no falls if you chose a problem we'll be in some counties that you're right in some counties people maybe don't think don't don't react the same against terrorism then we and for no obvious reason they don't have they didn't face terrorism means zero rio for a long time therefore you know. if. you know terrorism as relation of treason sols of europe. in the center of a because. we know and we. terrorism act you know all the time.
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you know it's not the same after a recent terror attack in new york german or german interior minister has called for a tatter security cooperation between usa and europe but every time something terrible like that you know happens we hear leaders deciding the necessity to closer cooperation i mean is this just a regular cliche or is the level of international cooperation still insufficient after all this horrible incidents and if so then why. read tradition shared between or you know police and services in europe and also we tried to work. the best way you know wheezy american because the americans have a lot of information those. and you know insofar as they gain terrorism information in divisions is a key of the sexes. you know if you don't. a good
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a good level of intelligence you going to win against terrorism. forces for police to get disability is this is a reach to work old to get to a change. given that you know giving information. from one side for others or in order to build some seeing serious unable to help everybody to fight. so care let's say you don't want to join you're in told service with the german one and that's all good said mr french intelligence is good enough i like smaller countries and then you have a lot less capabilities how do you work around this week links. won't we we you know this is the police. again terrorism oh the service is so working together the police is working with zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero police you know he knows it count trees
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everybody's trying to find the best solution you know that to avoid problems in his own kountry but also to him ceo's account for his so it's very clear you know very own zones in this point your nose there is no no problem adorable. there is a real real fall. between everybody know some grown trees more of the goods on those as some country of mourning for more information than those you know because you know for for a lot of reasons. you know it is this is sort of to grow those of that does to a change that does but i just same times thinking do i go home that no one of the same level of efficiency but each one is doing his best you know if your boss corporation with russian intelligence services on counterterrorism is very limited it's limited to threat assessment there is no operational agreement between the two
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sides because of the ukraine crisis and sanctions against russia but the russians have quite a bit of intelligence that could be really helpful it had info on they it's hard not have brothers for instance and its central asian expertise eason eight scintillator the attackers were from there i mean russia and the you may not see eye to eye on a wide range of issues but one day you can better off teaming up with russia on this particular issue. you know our president president. explains that the is done because we. re on some points because russia that we have to go all the bridge with russia. for instance again terrorism we have to work together because it's a common interest and as i said before when you speak about intelligence some count trees by experience by sure or by you're going to zation much more information is
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on those as it just isn't for instance for centrally. centra you know the new also the middle east from the good guys you know really. more of a lot of information and it's interesting to a chinese who is. the same we can give them information also. so you know so the problem is the exchange is a reality between the two is a russian and ceo's also owns this is you you know you can only on political research political reason to. be you know fully fully fully and separate that's being said that exactly. why you know you have and that's exactly my question you don't have to be i to i on political issue but that doesn't exclude real cop aeration on terrorism and like you said what comes in a way. of our nation why isn't this exchange happening or you don't know.
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things you don't know me the same we don't know exactly what level of exchange you know between. you appearing gallantries. on my side i'm sure that if you change. in the cia war in spain and the barcelona attacks the f.b.i. knew about the boston bombers european intelligence the about those who attacked in brussels and paris get the attacks could have been prevented having the right intelligence is obviously not in now so what is missing sometimes we don't a lot of. before to be done and. never mention you know and know no one knows out from the police organization and just services organisation no one you know so the reality is
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a. law is. made and succeed is because. we have to be on this is quite impossible to stop favors. if if something is made for instance by someone we decide the means of morning. we say knife you know it's quite impossible to do to stop it the only thing we can do is to put. those in order to avoid you know during the act to make. drew all. who died to kill too much people we have to be realistic we it is necessary to be very realistic in simple in simple simple to avoid ever is clear but. it is necessary to have fired all the time in order to achieve this
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goal to stop terrorism. mr j. i thank you very much for this interview or talking with former head of intelligence that the french external security agency about the menace of terrorism and ways to contain it that's it for this edition of next. yes.
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kids are. going on in jeans only. does she don't consume don't gel you can and i can do is only joking dealing with the single and the will soon enough that equal bone isn't as muslims are what equals this tells me going on in jeans only because i don't believe then suddenly i'm doing it in the way that to those all would be ministers only as this is also dusted all to the sitting on.
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but it. is. it. is all it's own to feel. it's an. elf. yes well this is how the.
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eleven pm in the french quarters police station. the policemen using sydney's application are starting their shift. they should say. this franklin has already been working all day as a city police officer. but at night he chooses to extend his work day in the unit that uses sydney's application for. my regular shift was two twenty five to eleven o'clock pm and when i go from start twelve am to six and i walk a long day but it's worth it in the end. there's overtime is paid for by the millionaire.


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