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tv   News  RT  November 17, 2017 11:00am-11:29am EST

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in america a college degree requires a great deal. of debt. study. to go through humiliation to enter society. and. sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the u.s. led. turkey polled its troops from a nato exercise after president urged on appears the enemy on the poster further driving away. on the military alliance. also ahead this hour to a news article removes its blue to convert for cation from a number of far right public figures in attempts to tackle extremism hate speech
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buts questions are raised over how the punitive measure is being applied to. rebellion in the ranks one hundred former allies of the french president launch a vitriolic attack against his centrist movement saying it has no respect for democracy. hello from moscow just gone seven in the evening here in the russian capital good to have your company. our top story this hour a number of twitter accounts belonging to a far right figures have been stripped off their verified status the network say it is changing its guidelines over concerns the blue budge is seen as a sign of endorsement but critics say the measure is not being consistently applied
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pauli boyko reports. up until this week verification illustrated by a blue tick on twitter was a symbol that a user's account is genuine so if you take the account air don't old trump the blue to carry to notes that yes these really are the words of the u.s. president it's a bit like a certificate of authenticity for a design a handbag or a hologram stick on the back of a box containing a computer game and high profile users like trump might have hundreds of fake and power in the accounts hence the blue tick but twitter says that somewhere along the line this verification became known as an endorsement verification has long been perceived as in the months this perception when we open the benefit for public submissions and people who we. the blue tick perch
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started off to twitter was criticized for verifying the account of this man jason kesler the organizer of the deadly white nationalist rally in charlottesville an organist eventually twenty came up with an extensive list of the new guidelines the reasons for removing the symbol include intentionally misleading people promoting violence inciting harassment and the list goes on nearly detect uses include tommy robinson the former leader of the u.k.'s english defense league and white supremacist richard spencer ordinary twitter users have expressed confusion over the new policy.
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what about accounts like these mohammed al a reef a conservative sunni muslim cleric from saudi arabia banned from the u.k. in twenty fourteen his blue tick remains intact twitter says it's conducting a sweeping review of its verified accounts and it's possible that accounts like this may not have come up for review yet but even before the rethink twitter had been criticized for refusing to verify certain accounts that of wiki leaks editor julian assange for example all project veritas found james o'keefe both journalists with anti establishment views twitter didn't answer artie's request for more information regarding its policy review in recent months twitter has faced
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mounting criticism for failing to combat it. and hate speech it's not clear how making itself the arbiter of right and wrong with a seal of approval is going to fix that problem boyko r t london the us republican party activist john griffin told us why he sees the move as problematic . so the idea of you know firing twitter accounts on the basis of hate is is more to me of a of a symbolic gesture towards preventing dialogue leads leads to more hateful discourse i think that what's being done is being done primarily because of top down political pressure to try to centrally silence some discussion but the the accounts that have been that have been blocked for hate speech frankly i don't think anyone has a problem with blocking them but the idea that this could creep into something
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where one side has an unfair advantage in most political discussions that's certainly a question that i think needs to be asked and looked at honestly well facebook has also ruled out a new two less part of its effort to root on fake news it's introduce what are called trust indicators they're supposed to help users distinguish between reliable publishers on those peddling misinformation on line for no it covers a small group of clips but is to be expounded in the future the feature details the organizations editorial policies checking abilities as well as ownership structure but it's actually up to them to provide their own information we heard from a political activist who believes the social networking giant has led its users to . facebook has the right to put whatever indicators it once but in doing so it's currently doing a major disservice to its clients it is essentially misleading them
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because it's basing its trust indicators on the completely flawed idea that what most of the us mainstream media is reporting is basically true so by putting these indicators it is essentially giving a in in correctly a high level of trust facebook is a sort of unscientifically assuming that the currently accepted mainstream media is also trustworthy it is not trustworthy and so allowing these people that they've assumed before even beginning any kind of real review or any kind of real experimentation that they are trustworthy and then deciding to let them show that they're trustworthy by basically saying so is completely backwards. a gaffe over a nato poster has led to a rather with a key alliance member turkey has ordered its troops out of a joint exercise in norway the poster reportedly listed president as an enemy
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party's policies leader joins me live now with the details hi paula i suppose you would imagine a poster representing the alliance would go through more than one check talk us through what we know about this story. well this is certainly an example of how small things and how they have the potential to contribute to deteriorating relations when it comes to a powerful military and alliance the president added on had this to say when he found his country listed as an enemy of nato motivated. they used and then him each chart in norway in that chart there was my name and as i took the picture they told me that they are withdrawing our thoughts our soldiers from there are so many similar i told them to do that immediately had left it there can be no alliance like that very getting jet. now turkey is the second largest nato military force it is also
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a key american ally in the middle east so it's not clear how this gaffe is actually going to affect relations the nato secretary general has apologized he said that the mistake was carried out by a civilian contractor and not a nato official he says that it certainly does not represent the view of nato and that investigation will be carried out but it is perhaps ironic that the secretary general stoltenberg who is himself norwegian is having to apologize for military drills and a mistake that happened in his own country the relationship between nato and turkey is already strained you have the turkish president at the one criticizing concerns that have been experienced by nato over a deal regarding its one hundred eight defense missile systems into russia at the same time they from nato side they have repeatedly expressed concerns over what they see as everyone's apparent autocratic tensions there's also been a lot of criticism and scrutiny as to whether or not he meets with climates
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regarding rule of law and democracy when it comes to nato membership and then when you look at the turkey american relationship this too is with out with it is not smooth sailing you have the americans who support the syrian kurds turkey regards them as being members of the p k.k. which it sees as a terrorist organization and then here too you have voices in washington who have expressed concern that and is supporting or at least turning a blind eye to islamic extremism. need or will be keeping a closer eye on its printing presses from warren paul as leader bring us right up to date on that story thank you. oregon on democratic votes how the french president's political movement has been described from the inside one hundred members of his centrist political group are resigning after publicly expressing contempt for its policies and actions show he has been following
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development it's only six months since emanuel much corn came to power in france on the back of a wave of his new movement or march but already the shine of the young french president and his political revolution is fading one hundred members of what is now la republica marsh say they quitting the party because the party which promised democracy isn't they say democratic and they say it's iraq and the movement launched by emmanuel macron in april twenty sixth started with the slogan the french people should be at the heart of political life not its deck or. now the one hundred of us can't stay with a movement or party without a clear political line and that has failed to be based on the pillars of democracy denying with contempt the intelligence of the people the party leadership has
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dismissed these resignations which come as it prepares for its conference on saturday it points out that one hundred sixty six thousand have joined in the past six months saying some join some leave and that itself is democracy however while it's easy to dismiss one hundred resignations thousands of ordinary citizens keep voicing their anger on the streets of france again and again just on thursday there were major protests held by the trade unions in france who fewest with forms of the working directive and the latest poll suggests just how unpopular mr conne has become meanwhile mr man who's being accused of being the president of the rich says he doesn't know what that means and says he is the president of all french citizens commission coming off it is a difficult. thing for some forsake the system but i don't have more forces here
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for saving lives over that other shots only that one hundred people leaving his own party may just be a drop in the ocean the reality is that many people in france are becoming incredibly unhappy with the young jupiter who had promised so much when he came into office. ski r.t. feel. the urgency services in the u.k. say quote a number of people have been killed in a midair collision between a helicopter on an earth craft in the english county of booking i'm sure the area in question around eighty kilometers west of london media reports suggest that three people lost their lives emergency services are now at the scene on the your. area has been cordoned off by police they are accidents investigation branch sent a team to and best the gates the cause of the crush is yet on your quote russia also suffered an air tragedy this way caloundra craft came
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down for reasons not yet known in the country's remote far east on wednesday six people were killed there was one survivor though a three year old girl here's a remarkable and moving story. we're. less same deal as it related to show to the girl the body she was far line of in the she under the endless clothes and was just a challenge this if.
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we're lucky that the miracle happened in the orleans. and just a remarkable act of bravery there as well more news coming your way in ninety seconds times they with us. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each of billionaire owners and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy was great so one more chance with. the base this
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minute. if leaving markets to wage war against country a country individual the individual and we saw in greece when goldman sachs of their buddies decided to tear down that country to rip it for going to dollars of the profits john paulson got goldman sachs and now it's spilling over into the crypto world and the jewish political world that's happening. your block with our team the u.n. security council has one more chance to extend a joint investigation into chemical weapons attacks in syria japan has submitted a new resolution for consideration and it is not i believe being discussed behind closed doors and that is off to russia and america stalled each other's attempts to
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extend the mandate of a group of researchers on thursday ok let's go to new york at the details now from . over the last twenty four hours or so a lot of to ing and fro ing between moscow and washington on this latest raft any a chance of it being adopted give us the story of what happened to need to stop to it all right well thursday at midnight the joint investigative mechanism its mandate for continuing to investigate allegations about chemical weapons in syria expired now previously during the day at the security council the usa had put forward a resolution it was blocked russia had put forward a resolution it was also blocked and there was quite a heated exchange of words inside the council chamber let's look at some of the highlights from yesterday's meeting. russia has acted to obstruct these investigations public pressure is being blamed for everything as usual russia had
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hoped to bury the truth legitimate trying to disparage our country russia has played games with the human grocery is not playing games you are trying to play games with russia wants a mechanism but not an independent one would produce protest against this blatant professionalism russia has killed the joint investigative like it is i'm here to prove also those who voted against russia's draft resolution are responsible for the fact that the joint investigative mechanism to stop operating. now at this point the investigation was looking into. the city of concho back in april eighty people were killed in a chemical weapons attack now the united states their resolution was put forward essentially to just continue the investigation as normal now russia they put forward their resolution they called for reforms and changes in the manner in which the o.p.c.
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w was investigating the attack they pointed out that the syrian government was being blamed by the o.p.c. w. officials yet they never actually visited the site of the attack and they were relying on samples from third parties with suspicious ties to terrorism and that there are a lot of problems with the way the o.p.c. w. investigation was being carried out now both of those resolutions were blocked now japan is putting forward a resolution that would extend the investigation for thirty days it would only extend it for thirty days in the hopes that during that thirty days something a compromise of some sorts could be reached and the investigation to then be extended now we've heard from the russian foreign ministry they have said moscow sees no point in technical extension of the mandate of o.p.c. w on syria without correcting the existing shortcomings or saying if we're not going to fix the problems with this o.p.c. debbie investigation that they're going to continue do the research in a sloppy manner we're not going to continue to extend their mandate to do it you know they better do it right if they're going to do it at all and now it's
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interesting also to note that in the meeting yesterday there were remarks by nikki haley she claimed that u.s. officials were trying to reach russian officials and that somehow these calls were not being connected something was wrong with the phones now we've heard a response to those comments from russians foreign minister sergei lavrov national relations not only to public and we'll be keeping our eye on a room with saudi arabia the remarks could further complicate not only i'm going still not between tehran and but also internal affairs in the kingdom picking up the story for us. over the past ten or fifteen years there's been a feeling amongst those in tel aviv and riyadh that they have a shared interest in pushing back iranian influence in the region but over the last year or two it's becoming more and more obvious and these latest comments by the israeli military's chief of staff essentially saying and admitting that israel and
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saudi arabia are ready to exchange information and share intelligence on iran and its allies in the region and it's thought that this is something which has been. perhaps to boo in the past something which saudi leaders haven't been able to make the case to their own populations but now it feel more comfortable to do so and it appears the rule of the middle east is that my enemy's enemy is my friend so those two countries increasing very cooperation in order to push back what they say is rainy and expansionism in the region now of course the situation here in lebanon has been somewhat more tense over the last couple of weeks we've seen that resignation by the lebanese prime minister saad hariri live on television from riyadh from saudi arabia he announced that resignation and many of the political
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actors in this country the hezbollah political party even the president michel aoun not accepting that resignation because they say according to the lebanese constitution it needs to be made in person and sad hariri hasn't returned to lebanon since he made that announcement leading to some speculation that he has perhaps not been returned against his own free will well over the last day or two we've seen an invitation being extended by french president emmanuel macron the french leader and he has said that assad hereis welcome to come and visit him there are many political analysts both inside lebanon and outside who say that that could be the first step to unraveling this political deadlock and seeing him return to the country and what other analysts say has been the failure of saudi arabia to try to divide the lebanese political establishment. riyadh has long been a supporter of former prime minister hariri whereas the lebanese president is
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a known a layer of hezbollah a political party with a military wing backed by iran political science professor colin campbell sees the israeli military chief statement as a move to form a new coalition against tehran this is the first open collaboration public collaboration and acknowledgement that there is a strong relationship between israel and saudi arabia and you can assure you that you know. this is. what this confirms is a growing alliance between israel saudi arabia. and have they remain among. iran. the world anti-doping agency president has admitted that it's almost impossible to separate sports and politics craig really is common followed claims by russian sports officials that while apel the suspension of the country's on to drug body on
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political grounds it's a sort of. impossible dream isn't it because of it to face reality to the law and sport is such an important part of people's lives on thursday russia's sports drug testing agency resigned i was denied reinstatement as it had feel to me two of the criteria points said i would buy water but russian officials are adamant those points have no relevance to the agency's work and that it's had met the other eighteen during a tight time frame here's what russia's sports minister had to say in the wake of want us decision these two demands are obviously of a political nature we want dialogue not addict at david larkin international anticorruption attorney thinks it's rebel that there is no procedure to guarantee a more level playing field. i think politics and sport is a bad thing i don't think there should ever be any political or geo political influences in sport unfortunately that's not reality there are some i mean sport is
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an enterprise with competing interests what we don't have right now is a procedural and legal framework that neutralizes those completely because of that it's still a factor in sport thanks for your company this hour and that's all from me more r t programs at head and then at the top of the hour with all the news headlines on. i. mean the sentence that comes from. that must be among the d.c. occasion people shot. anyone spend. that money top of
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all up. crown prince mohammed bin solomon is said to be a reformer and on an anti-corruption drive others say differently saudi arabia is experiencing a life threatening crisis that could ignite a region wide conflict and the trumping ministration appears to be on board. it's the cradle of jazz. is america still america we have. to close this jazz feeling. a city of climatic contest a phase of alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least twelve members of my family to close my murder of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans supplement the best place in the world.
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to. cut. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm bart chilton filling in and i'm bianca genie coming up the u.s. house of representatives passed a one point five trillion dollar tax reform bill by a vote of two twenty seven to two hundred five what's next protest group tax reform will last more than the term vague data gets thrown around a lot in the business and the financial world what is it and what does it mean for the future i'll ask one of the best data wranglers in the world plus if someone searches for you on the world wide web what do they see what is your online
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existence and what more is there lurking beyond what people can easily check out west cyber security expert morgan right before you get to that you want to give us some of the business of financial headlines today well after a failed bad last month emerson electric has sweetened its offer to buy a rockwell automation and worse it is now offering twenty nine billion dollars or two hundred twenty five dollars a share up from its initial bit of twenty seven point six billion dollars rockwell which is based in milwaukee is a six billion dollar company with over twenty thousand employees worldwide and emerson which is located in st louis has been trying since august to make a deal and a statement chief executive david far said we were main convinced there is a compelling strategic operational and financial merit to bring together our two companies however it's unclear when rockwell's board of directors will make a final decision. the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits
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jumped up last week to children forty nine thousand which is a ten thousand per cent increase from the previous week the poor week average also rose by sixty five hundred however the overall numbers are looking strong for the past two years the low.


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