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tv   News  RT  November 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:21pm EST

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anything about the way consumers consumer news because consumers already know you know this is a site i can trust this is a site i don't trust this is a media source i trust this is a media source i don't trust and you've seen this illustrated by the failure of print media in the united states and also the dragging ratings of many of many of the networks the television networks that used to be very popular in the united states since so many of those things are failing it's proof that americans are very discerning about what they're going to consume and they're just going to be concerned discern the same amount of discerning right when some of these social media platforms are trying to sway them to say this person's telling the truth or this person is not if they know who's behind the funding they're not going to pay attention to that. sort of poor point you raise is that because trust in mainstream media in conventional media has gone down and people are questioning it more and more using social media to get their news and their opinions do you think people
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using social media will pay attention to these trust indicators i mean surely most people as you mention are just believe what they want to believe they have their opinions and they stick to. i don't think that the average person who's out there who knows that the media is against their politics like every conservative and every term supporter in the united states is not going to believe what anyone is going to tell them just because someone says it right they're always going to go check sources they're going to look for facts they're going to want proof that's the kind of discerning news consumer that has is the reason why so many newspapers in the united states are failing now because nobody trusts them media networks that used to be you know in the very top three are completely failing now and this is the reason why no i don't think i'll trust him or dr gene allowed i'm troubled by a media advisory board thanks for coming at all to great to have your insight on
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all the international thank you always a pleasure thanks. so broken out in athens on the anniversary of a military crackdown we'll have that story coming up for you right after this short break stay tuned. it's.
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all the security. people. don't want to be killed. because a woman decided it. is much more difficult to do it well you know. the forty fourth out of us so we have a brutal military at least two people were injured during the march. for the. i.
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pretty striking scenes there as you can see on your screen hundreds of writers attacked police they hauled rocks flares petrol bombs police with tear gas it was part of the annual march commemorating a student uprising in the one nine hundred seventy three during the final years of the greek military dictatorship demonstrators waved a blood stained greek flags and banners announcing fascism. arrogant and undemocratic that's at least how the french president's political movement has been described from the inside one hundred members of his centrist political group are quitting after publicly expressing contempt for its policies and actions short of doing skis across the story. it's only six months since emanuel much corn came to power in france on the back of a wave of his new movement all marched but already the shine of the young french
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president and his political revolution is fading one hundred members of what is now level public almost say they quitting the party because the party which promised democracy isn't they say democratic and they say it's iraq and the movement launched by emmanuel macron in april twenty sixth started with the slogan the french people should be at the heart of political life not its deck or. now the one hundred of us can't stay with a movement or party without a clear political line and that has failed to be based on the pillars of democracy denying with contempt the intelligence of the people the party leadership has dismissed these resignations which come as it prepares for its conference on saturday it points out that one hundred sixty six thousand have joined in the past six months saying some join some leave and that itself is democracy however while
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it's easy to dismiss one hundred resignations thousands of ordinary citizens keep voicing their anger on the streets of france again and again just on thursday there were major protests held by the trade unions in france who fewest with reforms of the working directive and the latest poll suggests just how unpopular mr khan has become meanwhile mr man who is being accused of being the president of the rich says he doesn't know what it means and says he is the president of all french citizens commission it is a difficult. thing for some forsaking the system but i don't give officers who are for civil war that only shot down with eight hundred people leaving his own party may just be a drop in the ocean the reality is that many people in france are becoming incredibly unhappy with the young jupiter who had promised so much when he came
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into office. r.t. . we spoke to human rights and civil liberties activist. should listen to the people. he's running his party in the same way he's running the country with arrogance and disdain for whoever doesn't agree with him we shouldn't forget and i repeat myself the said here are a few weeks ago mccord came out of nowhere he was elected what fifty one percent of the french people abstain from voting due in the parliamentary elections fifty seven percent of the french also abstain from voting so this person has only two assets he's age and the stock market and that's also his two biggest liabilities because he has no deep roots in the french political system and he's also perceived as the president of the rich is stuck in here in that seat but as it's on him to show more openness to was a french people and to listen to this street people want security but he's sending
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them the police what depriving them of jobs and you know and the financial security people want to are equal and fair access to job opportunities to. the u.n. security council has convened for a vote on whether to extend a joint probe into a chemical weapons attack in syria as a plan has submitted a new draft proposal after plans from both russia and the u.s. were blocked kaleb open is in new york with the latest. the usa had put forward a resolution it was blocked russia had put forward a resolution it was also blocked and there was quite a heated exchange of words inside the council chamber let's look at some of the highlights from yesterday's meeting russia has acted to obstruct these investigations public pressure is being blamed for everything as usual russia had hoped to bury the truth lidgerwood you know trying to disparage or come tree russia has played games with too many groceries not playing games you are trying to play games with those russia wants a mechanism but not an independent one with what it used to protest against these
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great and professionalism russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism. those who voted against russians draw for a solution are responsible for the find of the joint investigative mechanism to stop operating. the investigation was looking into. a coon in the city of concha coon back in april eighty people were killed in a chemical weapons attack now the united states their resolution will put forward essentially to just continue the investigation as normal now russia they put forward their resolution they called for reforms and changes in the manner in which the o.p.c. w. was investigating the attack they pointed out that the syrian government was being blamed by the o.p.c. w. officials yet they never actually visited the site of the attack and they were relying on samples from third parties and that there were a lot of problems with the way the o.p.c. w.
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investigation was being carried out now japan is putting forward a resolution that would extend the investigation for thirty days now we've heard from the russian foreign ministry they have said moscow sees no point in technical extension of the mandate of o.p.c. w on syria without correcting the existing shortcomings it's interesting also to note that yesterday nikki haley claimed that u.s. officials were trying to reach russian officials and that somehow. these calls were not being connected something was wrong with the phones now we've heard a response to those comments from russian's foreign minister sergey lavrov and. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has claimed that all the recent attempts to reach our representative vasoline happened to discuss a common text or a draft resolution that's a total lie i guess it means we have a new phenomenon in international relations not only do we have fake news we also now have fake diplomacy. so it's same as the other the voting will be taking place
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on japan's resolution we'll be keeping our eye on the u.n. security council chamber as it seems the whole world is wondering what's going to happen next with this chemical weapons investigation that seems to have so many leading countries divided. just then thursday's vote exposed deep divisions at the u.n. security council russia's transparent use of it security council status to block this investigation again shows that as a party to the conflict it cannot credibly play a leading role in the political process such as convening the syrian parties in such the british ambassador to the un revealed you will no place for russia in syria's political process but there it is this is the reason why this backhanded story goes on to question russia's role in the political process. there killers russia is a crucial player in this in syria in this war in syria and it is
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part is done in the sense that it supports the syrian government but then western governments including the british government parties are on the move those supporting the armed opposition so sorry that somebody cannot take part because they are supporting one side or the other is absurd we want people who are involved in the problem to be out the solution so all people should be there including russia and the united states. the french military says the international coalition syria had opposed the deal that allowed eisel terrorist safe passage from their former stronghold of rakha the coalition was not for this agreement which enabled islamic state terrorists to escape without being chased the convoy was monitored by drones but the terrorists were mixed in with the population which prevented strikes been carried out the city of rocket was liberated in late october that's when the u.s. back to syria democratic forces struck a deal with the terrorists the agreement allowed them to withdraw to eisele
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controlled territory at the time almost three hundred syrian militants along with their families left the city that's according to the s.p.f. spokesman and no foreign fighters were among them who have a recent media reports to suggest that foreign fighters comprised a large part of that convoy and some of them have already been smuggled into turkey meanwhile the united states has defended the deal and denied the information that many foreign militants might have fled the city we followed these buses as the departed biffen opportunities presented themselves to conduct strikes against any potential isis fighters that were had decided to flee then we would have we would have provided strikes there did not present itself and there were a lot many civilians a report of their convoy so that did not happen you can you say that no isis fighters leave the cities and go somewhere else can you say that we can say with the one hundred percent certainty that every single fighter was identified
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coming out of rocca and markov and director of the crisis research institute believes this latest divide in the coalition is down to the growing ambitions of the french leader. problems on the present is playing a more assertive role in the middle east it's trying to mediate the lebanon crisis with relations between saudi arabia and iran but of course that crisis is a reflection of the syrian crisis the the struggle for influence over syria in which iran is on one side and the saudis are very differently on the other and so the french don't particularly like the idea of radical isis fighters several hundred of whom may be from france and belgium escaping from syria and perhaps returning to western europe to wreak mayhem and the french also would like to be able to influence policy because they think they have expertise traditional role in the region in the levant and lebanon and syria in particular which gives them insights which perhaps they think the americans don't have. now investigators are
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trying to establish why a light aircraft across the eastern russia on wednesday killing six people however the incredible story of one girl just three years old he was the sole survivor as captured hearts around the world. we're. in the same fields acuity to shoulder the girl with the body she was far liner to get in the she nearly endless last in which is the biggest challenge whether it's.
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real lucky that the miracle happened. to the. soul from us for the sally you can check out any of the stories on our website on all social media as well i know you hawkins i'll be back with at the top of next hour for more global headlights see that. people here but don't see it as you. can.
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they call me a useful idiot i mean you called me a useful idiot a useful idiot useful idiots go expressing my opinions on t.v. there are thousands of us doing it behind his record is the same strategy we attack persons instead of talking about what's next why stop feel banned me from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group code pink why not ban the color pink one not scratch below the right i should be sent to the town one because i want to try to break me on the wheel but what a long time of this sort of nonsense you don't scare me and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out in good company i'm in good company you going with me you want to do this because we are free thinkers.
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it's the cradle of jazz. we have. this jazz feel. the city of climatic. alligators on the loose of poverty and crime by the. close. of street racing in the heat of the night. new orleans is. the best place in the world.
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alone and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered peter lavelle recent events coming out of saudi arabia are truly stunning crown prince mohammed bin solomon is said to be a reformer and on an anti-corruption drive others say differently saudi arabia is experiencing a life threatening crisis that could ignite a region wide complex and trumping ministration appears to be on board. talking saudi arabia i'm joined by my guest martin j. in beirut he is a freelance broadcast journalist also in beirut we have. he is a political analyst and in washington we have joe he is a policy analyst at the arab center washington d.c. all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime
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you want i always appreciate martin let me go to you first in beirut there are so many elements of. what's going on with this story domestically in saudi arabia and of course across the region particularly in lebanon which of course always includes iran. if you could for our audience because it's not getting a lot of air time because of domestic politics in the u.s. and the u.k. how would you sum up what's actually going on in saudi arabia and in the region go ahead martin. well the both there's a link between both of them i mean saudi arabia is basically getting ready for a new king to take the throne and of this mohamed bin some of the new crown prince who has been installed in the position by israel and america is very insecure about its position a very insecure about the future so he's created a sort of anti corruption purge which no one really believes and is basically wiping out all the opposition anybody who's rival to anybody who could question him or doubt him and give him problems in the future but concurrence of that what we've
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seen the last few weeks is. more attacks on the saudi capital from yemen which is linked to the whole hariri thing and basically a massive fuse blowing in riyadh where this this entourage of people around have been someone who basically said our man in lebanon mr hariri is not doing enough for us he really hasn't done anything for us in the last year in terms of real.


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