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drew and who runs the blood business. breaking news this hour on international. terrorism in syria. made during a meeting with president bashar assad in the past twenty four hours. says she's ready for a. if needed for the collapse of coalition germany. and the political crisis in the country's modern history. google openly. making it harder for them to reach wide audience despite the fact that. no violations when the. popularity. of the
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international criminal court announces his intention of u.s. involvement in alleged war crimes. on tuesday here at moscow you are joining us you're an international thanks for doing so we do start this hour with breaking news the kremlin has revealed details of an unannounced meeting between the russian and syrian presidents on monday it took place in the black sea resort of sochi with talks last thing for. let's get the latest now. joining us live here on the program a surprise meeting and yet no surprise i suppose the situation in syria was the main focus of discussion well yes of course clearly not a surprising topic but out of those talks did come
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a rather significant announcement with the two leaders confirming that the military operations in the country really look to be on their last leg which would of course be a historical turning point in the conflict let's take a listen to what they had to say. at this stage especially after victories against terrorism we are of course interested in advancing the political process. because this initiative you just mentioned the conclusion of the military operations i think that the problem of terrorism is global we're far from defacing it globally when it comes to our operation against terrorists in syria it's a military operation is indeed concluding. now it's important to remember of course that just two years ago syria was overrun by eisel but at this point they've been ejected from all major towns and city cities and really their presence can only be found in a few smaller villages in the country and because of that the two leaders were able to begin discussions of what a political solution in the country will look like this was of course the second
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time that assad has visited russia to meet with putin in the course of the country six year civil war the first time happened back. when russia began its military operations in the country at the request of the government and now we have this second meeting coming as it looks like the military operations are coming to an end sort of book and russia's participation in military operations in the country assad also said that he is ready and willing to work with anyone who is who has a goal of peace and settlement in the country and of course the deescalation zones that were created in syria were again praised for what they mean for what they signify for being really the first steps to getting the opposition groups to come to the table and talk which is pivotal to finding a resolution to the crisis in the country putin also emphasized that russia does expect the u.n. to be an active participant in the settlement in the final stages of the settlement of the country and announce that he will be speaking today by phone with president
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trump and a number of regional leaders on the future of syria and of course it's also important to note that russia is hosting a syrian summit with officials from iran and turkey tomorrow also to take place in sochi and those three states have backed negotiations between representatives from the opposition groups and the government a number of times this year and those negotiations led to the creation of those very deescalation zones which of course have already produced a significant drop in violence in the country so now we're just going to have to wait and see what how. in this in the near future as things sort of seem to be wrapping up and more people are coming to the table you know. interesting jacket as you say president putin will be speaking with president trump on the phone today about her about possibly this resolution to resolve the conflict in syria jacqueline victor thank you very much. it has been an unsettled start for
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the week for germany after talks on forming a coalition government collapsed chancellor angela merkel was forced to seek advice from the country's president and while he advised parties to rethink their disagreements merkel herself says she's ready to head back to the polls if necessary if it isn't for time and all parties elected to the bundestag have a shared jussi to serve their country i expect from all parties their willingness to make possible the formation of a government in the foreseeable future if you elections come i should see that's not something i'm afraid of during the election campaign i fought for a four year mandate my point of view is that new elections would be the better path . the president will now try to persuade the members of the failed coalition to rethink their decision and return to talks. are all over now breaking down developments. the day after the bundestag election in september angela merkel said that she was confident that by christmas she would have
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a ruling coalition government in place or fast forward through weeks of torture a sit times negotiations with the green party and the pro-business free democrats while the wheels of that coalition health fell off well and truly with christie and lynn of the free democrats delivering the killer blow the other ones we will not abandon our voters for a policy with which we are not convinced it is better not to govern than to govern badly ingrained differences between the parties on key issues such as climate change refugees and the budget saw the so-called jamaica coalition break down.
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just hours after coalition talks with the free democrats and the greens collapsed under merkel was turned down by another coalition suitor this time the social democrats martin schulze saying there would be no return to a grand coalition. on september the twenty fourth the grand coalition lost fourteen percent so it's clear we were shown the red card in view of the election results we are not available to join a grand coalition. without off the table one other option available to angola merkel would be to rule over a minority government most likely with the green party. but a minority government would be unstable at best and would certainly require horse trading on gargantuan proportions with the other four parties in parliament if the
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government was to well pass anything more than just time in the chamber it's also worth noting that this would be a first in modern german history and wouldn't exactly fit the profile of the german voters who do love stabile a t. so where does this leave us the other option would be we go back to the polls for fresh elections. so back to the polls we go well step forward german president frank volta steinmeyer it's predominantly a ceremonial role but when it comes to installing a government that's where the german presidency has executive power it will be up to mr steinmeier whether he decides that he accepts angle or merkel as the head of a minority government or whether he dissolves parliament triggering elections and for the long serving leader mrs merkel that could well prove to be
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a storm she doesn't whether it's good if somebody has got to be responsible for that the federal chancellor created this situation she's been in power for what feels like a hundred years and now she should be asking herself maybe i have something to do with this situation. mrs merkel has failed it's time for now to take a step back. that night but the end of the merkel era began europe's biggest economy is heading into uncharted territory with current polling suggesting that a new ballot wouldn't return any results too different from what we had in september it does seem that there is no immediate solution to the current instability germany is facing and of course the implications that has for the why do european union peter all of a r.t. berlin. we talked to various political analysts about the uncertain future who is currently facing she's between a rock and a hard place anywhere she going to go her days are numbered and it's becoming more
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and more apparent to other observers that her days are numbered. she will probably if she if they have to go through another election i would guess hazard a number something like twenty nine to thirty percent is about all they will do in other words it's she's going to be in even a weaker position than she is right now i mean ideally before they go into election should have a new candidate and start it with a fresh face but they're not going to be able to do that very quickly i was surprised that she actually called for fresh elections because i think she will lose i mean i think she's lost a prime she should step aside she hasn't recognized the call of the time and some time now or later reality will hit and i think she should resign she's probably for you. this is a this is the receipt for it in the end the jamaica coalition agree the f.d.p. the c.s.u. the c.d.u. was a very very unlikely construct
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a very strange construct that of course cannot work and we could see that the country is in turmoil here and that this is indeed to the unprecedented situation we don't know if there's going to be new elections but it's going to be new elections i'm pretty certain be f.t.p. and probably also the ifi the opposition party that came into the parliament with thirteen point six percent of the votes will gain because this. is quite a silent significant part of the population that wants a change in the immigration policy so i would be surprised if we had fresh elections but apparently stated that we are going to have them. the executive chairman of google's parent company alphabet as valid to deal with right. in order to make it harder for the outlets to reach wider audience is his comments came at a security forum in canada when asked about his use of google's ad sense service.
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i had a subscription for google alerts in german language and getting them every day out of ten results between five and ten every day we have sputnik news which is a russian german program no outlet and when i clicked on them they wanted to rise to it since this is really necessary to monitor the rise russian propaganda outlets would google it and so we're well aware of this one and we are working on detecting this kind of scenario you're describing and again the ranking the ranking those kinds of sites it's basically our car the two and there's a whole bunch of coverage about what we're doing there but we're well aware of it we're trying to engineer the systems to prevent it we don't want to ban the sites. is the editor in chief has slammed the move saying google's own congressional report found no evidence that channel violated all manipulated their policies good
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to have google in very good as defined all logic and reason facts aren't allowed if they come from r.t. because of russia even though we have google on congressional record thing they found no manipulation of their platform on policy violations by. well under pressure from the u.s. authorities the tech giant launched an investigation into alleged russian meddling but it found no evidence of manipulated you tube in any way to get its status of the most viewed news network despite that google dropped us from its you to prime list in the united states without any immediate notice or explanation and that only came later at a congressional hearing where the firm was grilled on why it hadn't actually carried out the move sooner. mr sell gado why did gould google get preferred status to russia today a russian propaganda arm on you tube. there was a period of time where russia today qualified really because of algorithms to
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participate in a an advertising program why didn't you revert artie's preferred status after the i.c.a. came out in january two thousand and seventeen it took you to september of two thousand and seventeen to do it the removal of r t from the program was actually a result of the as as i understand it is a reason result of some of the drop in viewership not as a result of any action otherwise so there was there was nothing about our t.v. or its content that. meant that it stayed in or stayed out. again none of these explanations were initially given to our channel when we were dropped from new troops prime list in the united states as you heard the reason given by google's representative was a drop in viewership even though our channel remains the most viewed news network
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on you tube now the president of pressure on our channel began after the u.s. intelligence community measured also in its report on alleged russian meddling after that we faced attacks from both us are authorities on tech giants aside from google twitter has banned all of the votes on its platform thus despite earlier offering us the option of spending millions on political ads ahead of the presidential election last week america was forced by the u.s. justice department to register as a foreign agent we discussed the pressure on china was faced with a political commentator steve malzberg. there's been nothing found in the whole russian collusion investigation so far and there's really no meat here when it comes to our tea and nefarious doings in dealings but that doesn't stop them this is all about the fact that russia is right now the enemy russia has been made the enemy by the left the democrats and by definition the media the media has been
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nonstop for a year now about evil russia and they want to concentrate on the real problem they certainly have every opportunity to look at what i call propaganda from the leftist mainstream news media you can go to outlets in my opinion like c.n.n. and then miss n.b.c. and a.b.c. news and n.b.c. news and c.b.s. news and you could find what i consider to be fake news taking things out of context leaving out pertinent facts that misrepresent the stories happens all the time every day i see it russia is the court of quo bogeyman right now and this is all part of that deal story still coming your way on the program today on including opium production spiking in afghanistan and raising concerns the united nations with iraq and just.
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one else shows seem wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to see if he still comes after. and in detroit equals betrayal of the party we just at this rate they don't have to just push me. to investigate alleged war crimes committed during the war in afghanistan along the suspects is looking to prosecute all us military as well as employees of the cia but that could prove difficult as the us has cut the old timers with the international court so american investigations. the international criminal court is developing a case on a legit war crimes in afghanistan and seeks a formal investigation the reasonable basis to believe walk why arms against humanity been committed in connection with the conflict in afghanistan the main
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focus of the i.c.c. is cases the taliban the afghan government and the u.s. military as for the last of these the prosecutor's office has revealed dozens of instances of torture and ill treatment allegedly carried out by u.s. forces members of u.s. armed forces appeared to have subjected at least sixty one detained persons to torture cruel treatment outrages upon personal dignity one site notorious for abuse in afghanistan is the cia salt pit prison described by the media as a sadistic dungeon with barbaric conditions where torture reigns with little oversight while the evidence has been available to the public ever since secret cia documents were declassified by the u.s. government the cia actually referred to it as enhanced interrogation techniques which included sleep deprivation isolation cold showers and rough treatment but here's one case.
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so what are the chances the i.c.c. will eventually bring the u.s. military u.s. officials or the cia to justice actually zero the i.c.c. was created in one nine hundred ninety eight by the rome statute with the u.s. among signatories but in two thousand and two a year after the u.s.
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invaded afghanistan the bush administration with the true from the treaty senior diplomat john bolton who finalized the withdrawal later described the move as his happiest moment in government service i signed a letter that removed america's signature from the rome statute that described it in my book is my happiest moment of government service in my life i think the court is fundamentally illegitimate so no matter what comes out of the i.c.c. is prob the international criminal court just doesn't have the jurisdiction to bring those responsible to justice in fact the law goes so far as to say that the u.s. would use military action to forcibly take americans who were arrested out of the hague if they were arrested by the i.c.c. so i think we can certainly predict that any real. all imprisonment or any remediation against americans for crimes against
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humanity or war crimes is probably unlikely but i still think the process of going through an indictment of attempting to try americans for these types of crimes is a great advance. of the whole instability in afghanistan has led to a drastic increase in opium production this year that's according to a new united nations report areas and the poppy cultivation have increased by more than a hobson's twenty sixteen and expanded into new territory as opium production is nearly doubled over the same period angela met from the united nations office on drugs and crime outlined the possible consequences of this a lobbying record even after this huge increase in afghanistan we decided to pull the wool. from anybody in countries of afghanistan and we have huge amount of that we will be trafficked it's those in the situation in countries where probably the
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sweetie could own more you know every member not only it was a very. as we mentioned political instability is named by the u.n. as one of the main reasons for the alarming change among others are corruption and a lack of security and we asked angela me again why the afghan government's counter measures don't seem to be working. best done call them into this list of the attacks he still finds it the. terrorist groups all the other groups and did he really who let me have it so only areas where the hot implication that piece of it is clearly sources and warrants the president and those who supported him and yes opposed to the solomons in the sentence. president reduction noted north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism chong yang had been removed from the list by george w. bush almost a decade ago and i attempt to solve nuclear talks the change means one of the most
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sanctioned countries in the world when al face even more sanctions the day the united states is designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorists should have happened a long time ago should happened years ago. this designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on north korea and related persons and supports our maximum pressure campaign to isolate the murderous regime tomorrow the treasury department will be announcing an additional saying shit and a very large one on north korea and this will be going on over the next two weeks it will be the highest level of sanctions by the time it's finished over a two week period well the north korea joins iran sudan and syria on the u.s. black list of countries to claim to have repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism it means an immediate ban on defense exports to the country
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along with limited aid and other economic restrictions although many of these restrictions were already in place it does hand washington more power to now punish third party countries in engaging in trade with north korea the co-founder of lawyers for peace and the militarization in korea eric seraphic and believes new sanctions will be futile. they banter about the term terrorism a lot because it gets people afraid it is the buzzword since the cold war to justify certain military actions and other actions but frankly the designation violates the very law that it's set to be based upon the united states is frustrated that it can't affect shoei to change it wants to see a north korea without military action that military action isn't an option and so it wants to appear like it's taking further actions but this idea of additional
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sanctions is probably a bit hollow because there are so many sanctions now in place that i don't see it adding that much more to the debt to make a difference. almost a million dollars of taxpayers' money is being paid out in a harassment settlements by the u.s. congress this year that is the highest figure in a decade a report released by the office of compliance reveals complaints range from sexual harassment to racial discrimination. and reports for almost a month now the u.s. public has been facing an avalanche of allegations of sexual harassment leveled against men in the public eye on an almost daily basis well it turns out that members of congress are no exception the person basically offered me. an opportunity to flirt with him in order to to excel in my career this member asked a staffer to bring them over some materials to their residence. and the young
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staffer who is a young woman went there and was greeted with a member in a towel and this talk it sort of happened over and over and over and finally one day i said you know it knock it off this is just not appropriate it's not right and it's not cool now there's actually a special body on capitol hill set up to deal with the allegations but you might be surprised to learn that some people think this body is actually part of the problem we have a system in place that allows for the harasser to go unchecked doesn't pay for the settlement himself and is never identified so the office of compliance to which a victim must apply or complain is a place that has really been and then the abler of sexual harassment it's the american taxpayers who end up footing the bill it's already cost them over seventeen million dollars in awards and settlements since the office of compliance was established in the one nine hundred ninety s. on top of that the u.s. public doesn't even know what they're paying something the person behind the scheme
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has admitted needs to change is the taxpayer basically being charged for the activities of someone stuff a person or a member of congress it should be made available to the public so how does this scheme sit with the people who end up paying. greetings and salutation with the post thanksgiving breeding breeding frenzy that is black friday almost upon us here in the united states let us not forget to celebrate the pentagon's version of capitalism spadework friday with the yearly passing of the national defense authorization act. i got and celebrated their own
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version of the shopping holiday let's call it camouflage friday kemo friday as congress sent the twenty eight thousand edition of the n.b.a. the president trumps desk at the end of last week so just what holiday deals that the warmongering fear riddled republicans and democrats deliver down the pentagon's chimney this year well for starters they awarded the pentagon twenty six point one billion more dollars than even president donald trump asked for back in the spring bringing the sum total of our tax dollars being mainlined into the veins of the war department to a staggering seven hundred billion dollars so what that number sink in for a minute seven hundred billion dollars magine just how many schools could be built teachers hired homeless sped housed and saved how many and what student loan debt could be wiped out careers are made for that kind of money seven hundred billion but you know who needs peace or good health when you've got a hungry war machine to be so those things against government waste rights while
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