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lebanese prime minister saad hariri finally arrives home following his surprise resignation in riyadh over two weeks ago. president vladimir. putin excuse me. telephone conversation topics discussed included syria iran and north korea. google openly to do you rank. making it harder for them to reach a wider audience that despite previously admitting it found no violations when they did just to get into artie's popularity on you tube.
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broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is art international glad to have you with us lebanese prime minister saad hariri has arrived at the airport in beirut this is the first time he has been in the country since he resigned in a speech given in saudi arabia on november the fourth he will reportedly make his way to the presidential palace to deliver his official resignation as prime minister to the lebanese president. has details on the story for. this is a long awaited to return lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has returned to beirut after he spent more than two weeks outside the country i have to say that these were really hard and turbulent twenty days for lebanon it started as a normal official visit to saudi arabia but already next day mr hariri an expectedly announced about his resignation in a televised address while speaking from the saudi arabian capital he then explained
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that the major reason behind this distinction is the influence and the attempts by military and political forces backed by iran to meddle into the policy politics here in lebanon and throughout the region mr hariri also mentioned that he fears for his life and worries about t.'s family's safety it immediately sparked speculation that the mr harry was held in saudi arabia against his will and that he was poorest to resign that was the opinion shared by many politicians i have to say including here in lebanon including the country's president he did not accept this so-called remote resignation mr hariri in several days left saudi arabia going to france france's president and many will not call rita rated many times that he considers mr hariri prime minister of lebanon and this is exactly the status he's accepting and inviting mr harry. to france in after france mr
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hariri went to high road many there were some stops in between and now he's back to lebanon he is expecting to take part in the independence day celebrations that are going to take place here in beirut but of course everybody's waiting for explanations over he's resignation and he has promised that he will give more details and he will clarify everything while he is back home so let's let's wait and see what how it will be progressing. meanwhile the lebanese army says it is prepared to counter any possible act of israeli aggression that is according to an official statement by the army's chief comes as arab nations led by saudi arabia move to crack down on lebanon's hezbollah militia parties i sallied picks up the story for us this announcement by joseph he's the head of the lebanese
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military telling the army to be in full readiness along the border with israel saying that israel daily commits violations of lebanon's sovereignty and so the country must be ready to face any aggression from the southern neighbor and of course it all comes in the background of these increasing tensions in the region we've seen the head of the israeli defense force the chief of staff gul eyes and caught saying very openly actually that he's ready to have complete cooperation with saudi arabia and to share intelligence with them on what they both see as their common foe iran and by extension iran's allies in the region groups like hezbollah and of course we've seen all of this coming in the wake of the arab league meeting over the weekend convened by saudi arabia to condemn iran and of course again there are allies like hezbollah like the who sees and other groups
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which are fighting in resisting against saudi arabia in yemen as well so all of that coming together in that sense that meeting didn't go exactly to plan there were several arab countries which didn't vote for saudis motion poll country quite tense actually that's the atmosphere here as they all wait to see what will happen not just in the domestic politics of lebanon but also regionally. russian president vladimir putin has spoken over the phone with donald trump. versation that lasted almost an hour patrol reports on what was discussed. after quite a few reports some of them came from d.c. from across the atlantic some of them were from tsotsi we finally got the confirmation from kremlin which makes it official president putin and president trump have been on the phone the kremlin says that the two leaders were quite poppy
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about how it went although we don't find out that much from the statement on mr putin's website but here's a couple of things they did bring up north korea syria also iran and mr putin told his american counterpart that russia still the nuclear deal to hold and absolutely no surprise syria and every time i talk about some sort of communication between the presidents of america and russia i always mention these names but let me tell you why syria is most important at this point on monday a lot of our putin welcomed the syrian president bashar al assad here and sought she it was a surprise trip he doesn't leave the country that often and mr putin and mr assad agreed that the anti-terrorist mission in the middle east country was nearing the end after all indeed islamic state only controls
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a few villages and the country they've almost been completely thrown out but it still leaves damascus and the opposition at war the civil war in syria is still ongoing as sad though told putin that he is ready for reforms and compromises and mr putin must have tried to send this message across and make it more convincing during that phone call also mr putin and mr trump have previously said many times that they want the deescalation zones in syria to work so the two presidents could have talked about further. steps in that anyway as you can see there is loads going on and there was a chance that we will find out more very very soon tsotsi is hosting the. iran turkey summit on wednesday the three countries as you may remember are behind the syria peace talks and asked in uk and we are expecting vladimir putin to speak
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here in sochi just after the talks conclude. the white house has also issued an official statement on the call saying both presidents stressed the importance of ensuring a stable and united syria free of terrorism. executive chairman of google's parent company alphabet has a valid two dirang t. and the news agencies put nick in order to make it harder for the allens to reach a wider audience his comments came and he security form in canada when asked about r t's use of google's ad sense service. i had a subscription for google alerts in germany being rich and getting them every day out of ten results between five and ten every day we have sputnik news which is a russian german program note that and when i clicked on them they wanted to rise to it since this is really necessary to monitor the russian propaganda outlets with
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google it's and so we're well aware of this one and we are working on detecting this kind of scenario you're describing and again do you ranking the ranking those kinds of sites it's basically put net are the two and there's a whole bunch of coverage about what we're doing there but we're well aware of it we're trying to engineer the systems to prevent it we don't want to ban the sites eric schmidt who you just heard from there has long time ties with the leadership of the democratic party which lost last year's presidential election in the united states he was reportedly a donor and informal adviser to the obama campaign later becoming an advisor to the obama administration now according to documents revealed by wiki leaks schmidt also donated it to the clinton foundation and it is believed that he was the tech mastermind behind the campaign of defeated democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton he has not confirmed any of these allegations now and he's editor in chief has slammed the remarks made by schmidt saying google's own congressional
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report found no evidence that the channel had violated or manipulated its policies now under pressure from u.s. authorities google launched an investigation into alleged russian meddling but it found no evidence r t had manipulated youtube in any way to achieve its status as the most viewed it news network and despite that google dropped us from its you tube of prime ad list in the u.s. without any notice or explanation it only explained later at a congressional hearing where the firm was grilled on why it had not carried out the move before this or sell gado why did gould google get preferred status to russia today a russian propaganda arm on youtube. there was a period of time where russia today qualified really because of algorithms to participate in a an advertising program by didn't you revert artie's preferred status after the
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i.c.a. came out in january two thousand and seventeen it took you to september of two thousand and seventeen to do it the removal of r t from the program was actually a result of the as as i understand it is a are is a result of some of the drop in viewership not as a result of any action otherwise so there was there was nothing about r t or its content that. meant that it stayed in or stayed out. media consultant neil wallace is certain google's actions against r t are politically motivated. i don't think it censorship you don't have to like the stories that russia today covers you don't have to want to read the material coming from sputnik but i really do not believe it is in any way except simple that a bunch of politically correct. democratic party supporting people
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certainly in silicon valley should decide what i should or should not read i think it's the height of arrogance where does this start and where does it stop who decides that google today will attack r.t. but tomorrow the same sort of pressure may get may make them decide to attack the daily mail here in here in britain another political viewpoint they might not like this is suppression this is censorship i think that i am quite capable of watching r.t. reading sputnik and deciding what i do or do not want to take from it what i do or do not believe i think this is extremely sinister as i say. meanwhile eric schmidt remarks have been contradicted by a google representative who said no concrete plans to dram question media including r.t. were in place. the palestinian national authority is
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a freezing ties that within the us after it refused to renew the license of the palestine liberation organization zz office in washington the palestinian presidential spokesman slammed of the us decision this us measure is unprecedented in the history of us palestinian relations it could have serious consequences it's going to serve as a blow to peacemaking efforts and as a reward to israel. the palestine liberation organization was founded in one thousand nine hundred sixty four since then it has been recognized as the sole legitimate representative of the people of palestine by some hundred states and also enjoys observer status at the un we spoke to dimitri villany a photographer lucian arie council member who says the u.s. is backing israel's actions against palestine and by not renewing the license that is further assurance to the state of israel that the state of israel can continue to violate human rights laws the international laws. and get away with it and
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on top of that get even more support the united states is given a green light to the state of israel to keep on committing the atrocities and the war crimes that it's been committing since the first day of occupation that was supposed to be ending after all zero. five years and that did not happen and one of the reason why didn't happen because the united states' policies have been inconsistent with its own set of expressed believes about equality and human rights. a group of u.s. state department officials has accused the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson of breaching a u.s. law on child soldiers a confidential memo alleges tillerson violated the act in june when he removed iraq afghanistan and meehan maher from the list of countries that enroll child soldiers in their army's decision was taken despite the state department acknowledging those
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countries as users of children in their armed forces according to reuters taking the countries off the list allows the u.s. to provide them with military assistance to correspondent kelli arena has more. every year the u.s. state department publishes a list of countries that have violated their rules around child soldiers they're considered child soldier offenders well in twenty seventeen iraq man maher and afghanistan were removed from that list now we know according to a report from reuters that there were twelve different state department officials who signed a letter protesting that decision by rex tillerson so today at the u.s. state department the spokesperson was pressed on why this decision was made why is it that these three countries were removed from the list what changed their designation this is what happened when pressed on the issue its report is completely different. try if you can we.
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do. we treat shooters to the. institution to. create ability in this regard there are countries that use lots and lots of children there are countries where maybe one source might say that they heard a child had been a border guard i'm just making that up we can't back up that information if it is a report that only lists you know one or two of the belief was on the secretary's two parts and not put those types of countries on this list too many. so the question that's a fair question now at this point reports indicate that iraq still uses children and it's popular mobilization forces furthermore me and mars has laws on the books still that allow for the recruitment of children human rights watch spoke up about the changing of the designations voicing strong objections to this decision that
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was made by rex tillerson but at the moment it appears to be the fact that these three countries have been removed from the u.s. state depart. since the child soldiers offenders list and the reasons for that decision is really not clear as you just heard as the spokesperson for the u.s. state department was pressed on the issue and couldn't quite explain why this decision had been made. it has been an unsettling start to the week in germany after talks on forming a coalition government collapsed chancellor angela merkel sought advice from the country's president but if you're not to see eye to eye merkel has declared she is ready to head back to the polls if necessary or president has urged political parties to recommit to hammering out a coalition if you put it isn't but time zone parties elected to the bundestag have a shared jussi to serve their country i expect from all parties their willingness to make possible the formation of
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a government in the foreseeable future if you elections come i should see that's not something i'm afraid of during the election campaign i thought for a four year mandate my point of view is that new elections would be the better path with more goal now struggling to find a way out artie's peter oliver breaks down the recent developments. the day after the bundestag election in september angela merkel said that she was confident that by christmas she would have a ruling coalition government in place or fast forward through weeks of torture a sit times negotiations with the green party and the pro-business free democrats while the wheels of that coalition health fell off well and truly with christie and lynn of the free democrats delivering the killer blow we have the other one is that we will not abandon our voters for a policy with which we are not convinced it is better not to govern than to govern badly ingrained differences between the parties on key issues such as climate
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change refugees and the budget saw the so-called jamaica coalition break down. just hours after coalition talks with the free democrats and the greens collapsed under merkel was turned down by another coalition suitor this time the social democrats martin schultz saying there would be no return to a grand coalition if. on september the twenty fourth the grand coalition lost fourteen percent so it's clear we were shown the red card in view of the election
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results we are not available to join a grand coalition without off the table one other option available to angola merkel would be to rule over a minority government most likely with the green party. but a minority government. would be unstable at best and would certainly require horse trading on gargantuan proportions with the other four parties in parliament if the government was to well pass anything more than just time in the chamber it's also worth noting that this would be a first in modern german history and wouldn't exactly fit the profile of the german voters who do love stabilises so where does this leave us the other option would be we go back to the polls for fresh elections. so back to the polls we go well step forward german president frank voltage
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steinmeyer it's predominantly a ceremonial role but when it comes to installing a government that's where the german presidency has executive power it will be up to mr steinmeier whether he decides that he accepts angle or merkel as the head of a minority government or whether he dissolves parliament triggering elections and for the long serving leader mrs merkel that could well prove to be a storm she doesn't whether it's keep that's really fun for somebody has got to be responsible for that the federal chancellor created this situation she's been in power for what feels like a hundred years and now she should be asking herself maybe i have something to do with this situation. mrs merkel has failed it's time for her now to take a step back. that night the end of the merkel era began europe's biggest economy is heading into uncharted territory with current polling suggesting that a new ballot wouldn't return any results too different from what we had in
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september it does seem that there is no immediate solution to the current instability germany is facing and of course the implications that has for the why do european union peter all of a r.t. berlin we discussed the issue with hugh branson a member of the f.t. he says merkel's time at the helm is over with her migration policy having proved to be the last nail in the coffin. this is definitely the beginning of the end america knows that this is the last time she will be chancellor in the next period or the next four years there will be a point when she resigns and a new person would take over she has no policies at all she is a woman without principles she betrayed so many conservative core values. abolishing subscription making putting the end to nuclear power. abandoning the traditional schooling system she does all she can to stay in power it's not her
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lack of ability the it's not that she cannot compromise she has no principles the fault lies with the other parties who cannot agree on common grounds and it is no surprise the idea of open borders no borders no nation everything free to everybody for everyone and that without any cost it's ridiculous well that was the last nail in the coffin people were absolutely against it they're looking at another one million one point five million people to come to this country the next year people are strongly opposed to that she got the worst result she had ever since she was in power and her party also suffered heavy heavy blows this is because she did not listen to what people really wanted to do or wanted to be done and now she is paying the price for. the controversial measure in the u.k. budget expected to be unveiled wednesday has angered many in the british capital human rights associations and n.g.o.s have come out against
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a planned benefits scheme that could plunge over four hundred thousand vulnerable citizens into poverty if delivered tons of food bank donations outside downing street as a symbolic gesture or smith explains. this is a pretty rare sight we're in the heart of why all behind me you can see downing street and if we just had the other way you can see that tons of food has been delivered here to whitehall and it's all piled up. and it's part of a national day of action again by the people's assembly run by them and it's to highlight the fact that the rollout of a new benefit system will force thousands more people to rely on food banks this winter i spoke to some fat man from the people's assembly and he told me what it was all about he has no idea if this is because we feel that the government's policy driving people into poverty. meaning thousands and thousands of people that she million or more are now relying on food banks on a regular basis the rollout of things like universal credit has already been widely
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criticized. by campaign is politicians in areas that it's been rolled out they've seen a thirty percent increase already in food bank usage which just about hit the winter looks like food thank yous are going to be a lot higher and we think in one of the richest countries in the planet it's a disgrace that people are having to be forced to use the food to have to use food banks to feed their families decent that this protest is being organized on the day before the budget is to highlight several things first of all as mentioned the danger of universal credit which is this a system that aims to roll six benefits into one it means to make the system simpler but the reality of it is that there's often a six week delay before families can claim any money and that's why they need to bridge that gap by using food banks thirty percent increase in the use of food banks this winter is the figure that comes from the trussell trust to hold this
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food will be to live it once this demonstration it's finished this is calling for the tories to use the budget to scrap universal credit either that the people's assembly is saying or get out. and that doesn't for me this i'll be back in thirty three minutes with a look at your headlines you're watching international stay with us.
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everybody steven both. hollywood guys expect every american interests george bush and honored to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i'm. going to. go with those up with all the drama happening in our country and that's. every day americans. look to the store to bridge the gap this is the great american. greetings and salutation. politicians and their mouth pieces in the media are
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always asking us to trust them to believe in their values i just this to stop being so cynical lass it's about the opposing party but sometimes that blind faith that they are always asking us to have gets tested when we as a public see headlines that read like this she said a powerful congressman harassed her here's why you didn't hear her story house and senate are among the worst for harassment representatives says over the past twenty years congress has paid seventeen point two million in settlements. yes it would appear that our own united states congress is the next great reservoir of sexual harassment now quietly bursting in the aftermath of hurricane harvey weinstein and i say it's a bow tie for too low we've been told over and over again on the campaign trail about family values while jokes about new bile young in terms fresh off the bus were bandied about the bars and back rooms on capitol hill not only have we seen
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roy moore an outbreak and face accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment and some in recent weeks but now it's come to light that the longest serving member of the house of representatives michigan democrat john conyers seat really settled a sexual harassment claim by an aide. but should we really be surprised by this when according to the office of compliance since one thousand nine hundred ninety seven they have paid out more than seventeen million taxpayer dollars to bedroom boys for violations of various employment rules including sexual harassment seventeen million more reasons that we must always be watching the hawks. to. get the. real deal. as if he were to pull out of it. because of. what they like you know that i got.
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within three. weeks. welcome aboard the watch the hawks i am tyrrel but the turk and capitalists are your own shots and i'm mellow i mean well yes i am shocked in the sense that i'm shocked it's it's taken this long now because the look at her decided to sort of come out as a as a normal everyday and look it's a boys' club over there we all know it's a boy's quote i'm going to look at the look at the rows of old generally white waist and white male faces and you know every time the president gets up to say to the union yeah yeah and it's so it's not that shocking at the end of the day but it's had hurts.


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