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tv   News  RT  November 22, 2017 9:00am-9:28am EST

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just getting. to a. large scale military operations in syria to push out terrorists are coming to an end says vladimir putin speaking at a summit attended by russia iran and turkey in sochi. lebanon's prime minister announces he's putting his surprise resignation on hold after the president asked him to reconsider the pm sparked a regional political crisis two weeks ago when he said he was stepping down from. the international olympic committee makes another ruling in the russian doping scandal and banning for russian skeleton athletes for life.
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it. was a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from moscow i'm neki arun good to have you with us and with the tide now turned against islamic state in syria there is renewed hope that a political solution could finally bring peace water on syria has now got over real chance to stop the six year long civil war in the country that's the message from vladimir putin speaking at a summit in sochi attended by russia iran turkey well our correspondent in trying to is there or is he joins us live from sochi ilya keeping us up to speed on the latest. good afternoon well i can tell you that the russian president vladimir putin. along with his counterparts from iran house on
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rouhani and turkey typer daughter are sitting at one big around table inside the building that you can see behind me here and saw chief so it's begun and they're accompanied by their foreign ministers and also ministers of defense so really a big group of negotiators from the three countries and there you have it we got to the point when i saw is on the brink of being completely thrown out of syria and then the two biggest regional neighbors of syria plus russia whose air force contributed greatly to getting rid of the terrorist in the syrian arab republic are there deciding what to do next how to move on with the peace process because of course the syrian government and the armed opposition are still at war but many things have already been done by the three countries whose presidents are
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already talking and that negotiating call at that negotiating table for example moscow ankara and tehran are for course the founding fathers of the astronaut process and it was thanks to the efforts by the leaders of these three countries that the for the escalation zones in syria were made possible the are significant because violence has been reduced on the ground and they made the delivery of humanitarian aid to areas where that kind of delivery could never have been imagined just a few years ago finally possible and a lot of improvement in his opening remarks said that the efforts by turkey russia and iran really made it possible that the syrian arab republic doesn't basically collapse here's what else he said on my show we used to be with you the last minutes of the activities against. militants and terrorists in syria are
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coming to an end. but usually. thanks to their utilities over. iran and turkey we. see prevent the dissolution of syria prevented being captured by international terrorists we have ordered a humanitarian catastrophe. so i guess it is even fair to say that saatchi is becoming a new platform for the dialogue on syria so we could find the name saatchi on the names of future agreements or even forms when it comes to the syria peace process vladimir putin has suggested the creation of the so-called congress of national dialogue in tsotsi and that is of course also about syria something else vladimir putin said here is that the countries the negotiators have come to
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a new stage which is make it possible that syria and the neighbors and whichever parties are involved in here are capable of moving on to the political settlement i also started listening to some of the opening remarks by the uranium president hassan rouhani couldn't hear everything he said but one of the important things that the radian president mentioned was that there is absolutely no reason for foreign forces and military stew be present in the syrian arab republic without the permission of the legitimate government in damascus so of course we'll be trying to digest what else the said by mr rouhani and president of turkey. and the three leaders will come out to talk to the press later after they hold these trilateral negotiations here and saw our chief so i'll be there for you to tell you what's going on. we appreciate that we'll be waiting for you for all the latest on
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the situation there in sochi as illustrated thank you very much. the lebanese prime minister has announced he's putting his surprise resignation on hold after the country's president asked him to reconsider. probably. i just just today my resignation with the president of the republic last week to greet the submit to get to put it on hold and to allow for me comes to take into the reasons behind. it was a surprise but a relief things time prime minister hariri has been speaking from beirut for the first time on the lebanese soil in the last twenty days that has been a very turbulent time for lebanon more than two weeks ago mr hariri left the country and he announced his resignation in his televised speech while speaking from the capital of saudi arabia and i draw a kind of crisis here at to lebanon and today it's picking up to the official part
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of the independence day celebrations you can see now they're still continue here in beirut mr henry has said that he agrees to put his decision on hauled off to be disgusted with the lebanese president and he stressed that the major goal right now is to get and keep leverage out away from any arab conflict he didn't give any further specific detail but adds here earlier mentioned the attempt by some iranian backed military and political forces to meddle into affairs here in lebanon and throughout the arab range and as the major reason behind his decision to resign his that today's speech was understood by many as the l.t. made to him that this iranian influence should be diminished i have been able to speak to people here on the ground and they have told me that given how influential iran bag forces are this could be a difficult thing to do but it is also clear and mr hariri made it clear that if it's not happening he might come back to discuss his resignation decision again
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so i guess this is the challenge that lebanon is now facing. west of the deeper into the situation now and bring in august jamal became. a professor of history and international relations at lebanese university in beirut zack good to have you on the program mr y. came now just two weeks ago we were reporting how harry had stepped down he didn't want to be the prime minister anymore now two weeks later he's put his resignation on the whole do you think with all these flip flopping going on do you think he remains a credible prime ministerial figure. well i believe that. in spite of the latest development and his that it bit of his that is ignition i believe that his figure got damaged a lot he had received as severe blow specially the lebanese public thinks the prime minister how do you he was humiliated in saudi arabia he was forced into this
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resignation had not been for. intervention to. say i love you and more than. saudi and transitions mr assad how do you think he would have remained in saudi arabia and would have stuck to his resignation because the saudis want to do iraq crisis in lebanon at a time when they were losing influence in values are you know as in the middle east whether in iraq syria yemen or as well so that's why this move was a desperate move by them and they thought that this could also encourage israel into attacking his blood and enough time to force his bill maher out of the city and how do you know so. to this i believe that the egyptians had their
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reservations also the french had their reservations because they don't want a crisis in lebanon especially that this crisis would mean the. that we will have like one million syrian refugees. going. to europe which would worsen the situation there specially after the latest wave of exordium that happened last year and caused political instability in european and the european union well if that is the case if it is like you say saudi arabia wanted to have every to resign because that of their own agenda now carries curtseys or resignation on hold what the next step going to be for saudi arabia. well i believe that saudi arabia got convinced by the egyptian leadership. that it's move was a wrong move and it backfired on saudi arabia itself and that's why we see that there was any consideration of saudi arabia as
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a decision to force prime minister friday to resign his position however i believe that. the march eighth coalition that consists of hezbollah and its allies was also conciliatory. the leader of hezbollah for example in all his speeches related to the crisis in lebanon was conciliatory and i believe that they will try to indorse r.t.d. in order to prevent other. radical figures from within the future movement who are backed by saudi arabia from getting into the forefront so i believe that their choice is to endorse a weak prime minister and try to support him would be better for them than having like a radical like three feet or a father said you were as prime minister but i believe that this will also backfire
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in the near future on march eighth coalition and on the president of republic specially in the upcoming legislative elections i cannot know tamala came professor of history and international relations at lebanese investing in beirut thank you for your time. the former bosnian serb army commander right no military has been handed a life sentence for his role that atrocities committed during the bosnian war was found guilty on ten out of eleven counts including war crimes genocide and crimes against humanity he was sentenced by a un court in the hague military was in command of the bosnian serb army at the height of the bosnian conflict between ninety ninety two and one thousand nine hundred six part in the siege of the bosnian capital sarajevo he was also found responsible for ordering a series of persecutions and exterminations across many other bosnian towns including seventy eight where over eight thousand muslims mostly men and young boys
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were slaughtered by his troops many of the victims have not been identified to this day and serbia while condemning the killings has never accepted the charge of genocide we discuss the verdict with political analyst john bosnich. this verdict was in to support it even before the court was formed there's no surprise about the way it was done what is surprising is that anybody anywhere expected even the slightest chance the general might be acquitted that i'm sure no normal rational person could have expected and not because he's guilty but because he was determined to be found guilty even before the first witness presented any evidence but i can tell you that here in downtown belgrade in the main central park in the city there are rows of stands for tourists to buy things and among the things they
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can buy are t. shirts with general blood of his face on them and generals hats that all of the type exactly worn by general and i can tell you that later today there's going to be a run on those stalls and you're going to see young children aged ten and twelve years old buying those t. shirts and buying those generals hats doesn't that tell us a little bit more about what the reality is here we'll be back with more news after this short break stay with us. with this manufactured consensus to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round lifts and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room stick. to the real news
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room with. the political crisis inflicted upon lebanon by saudi arabia appears to receive it at least for now is. a sign of things to come as the saudi royal family changes so to saudi arabia and the region is it time to buckle up for a stream. welcome back the u.s. intelligence community has struck a deal with amazon for the company to provide data storage the online giants developed a special project tailored exactly to the government's needs artie's juggling through the explains. the line between political business and commercial business
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is getting thinner by the day especially when it comes to internet and tech giants let's start with amazon which has just announced a new deal to provide a tailored cloud service to the u.s. intelligence community this secret region yes that's really its name comes on top of amazon's existing six hundred million dollar contract with the cia and other agencies and the cia's chief information officer couldn't be more excited about the partnership that we named commercial club services or c two s for a reason because we want to be like commercial would want to be like government we want to the best of breed us well we partner with amazon and they aren't alone just last month microsoft announced a similar partnership over a dedicated cloud for the u.s. government and their partners microsoft is partnering with the u.s. government in the journey to the cloud providing both infrastructure and platform offerings to digital transformation meanwhile a treasure trove of connections were uncovered between us politics and internet heavyweights after last year's presidential election in which some of them seem to
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have sided with hillary clinton now take google clinton's campaign chair john podesta had his emails hacked and published at the end of two thousand and sixteen they contained several references to eric schmidt the executive chairman of alphabet google's parent company and schmidt seemed eager to help with that which made tonight he's ready to fund it dries the recruitment etc clearly wants to be had outside advisor but didn't seem like he wanted to push others out one of clinton's digital advisors noted that schmidt had a team working on important products for the campaign and a memo which also mentioned that discrete conversations had been initiated with google facebook and apple to understand their priorities when it came to the election and their priorities were quickly made obvious especially when it comes to facebook there was a sense of deja vu when facebook's chief operating officer was also revealed to be in communication with protest expressing her hope and willingness to assist clinton
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in the race for the presidency i still want hillary clinton to win badly i'm still here to help us i can. look forward to working with you to elect the first woman president of the united states with such an intricate web of partnerships between internet giants politicians and the government perhaps it's time to worry about our online freedoms getting tangled up in them it should be mentioned that hillary clinton's former campaign chair suggested some of the leak to e-mails could have been doctored professor piers robinson gave us his take on the situation there's something to worry about. so notionally government and business is supposed to function in a way that independent of each other. i think the reality is that there are overlapping interests and influence is exercised and this is a problem it's a problem for democracy those platforms then become extremely useful tools for governments to try to exercise influence and power and it is
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a real danger this is not a new form collusion sense it has been there before historically with mainstream corporate media and government certainly knew in terms of the global reach and i think that you have these corporations are continued to be appear to be the behest of the u.s. government i don't know increasing drive people to leave them and go to our platforms which are under the same kind of influence. the upper house of the russian parliament has voted to adopt a law on foreign media operating in russia medina cotton of the has the details the upper house of the russian parliament to this wednesday approved a law on foreign media working in russia for this new status the status of a foreign agent use a special disclaimer n.-s. work and it will also be obliged to a fiery soon and this is exactly what we see at the moment. the international
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olympic committee has handed lifetime bans to four russian scholars and athletes two of the outer limits have also been stripped of their swords winter olympic medals the i.o.c. says it has disqualified the athletes for violating anti doping rules at the twenty fourteen games. antic purchased in a moscow market gave one french woman more than she bargained for it was only when she got hosed camera home that she made an interesting discovery. sixteen beautiful pictures black and white pictures which were all about a boy. which apparently an important moment of his life so i've got found it find him to to give is photos back to him.
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i was at the airport when my friend sent me a photo of a little boy who looked very it's going to be turned into a documentary of our our literary camera which is a key object in order story and use it as a character and belief in those of us of the camera and go back to the places where the picture was taken. i'm not looking for fame i just want to share this amazing story with other people so that others might realize that our life is not just about politics and death but includes room for small everyday pleasures. for to levy story if you like to to let us know by following goes on facebook and
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twitter and join me again at the top of the hour for all the latest headlines. but i don't. see the good capitalist american. in charge the gun owners don't be such
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a shy communist loving bootlicking shot insurance company's c.e.o. just take a bloody willy nilly for making people heroin addicts do something constructive impose got insurance and stop the bloodshed. everybody i'm steven both. hollywood gun suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i'm honest i'm going to run your windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american to.
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not mention recount here we're going on the ground of the day juries are made chancellor unveils the u.k. budgets just days up to the british medical journal published peer reviewed claims that economic mud could have killed one hundred two. two thousand coming up in the show the man who ran the u.k. defense intelligence admiral mold west tells us what he wants from for the balanced budget and what he thinks of you defense secretary you have been with him something to replace disgraced cabinet colleague michael fallon and three years to the day since the shooting of twelve year old timey rice we speak to black lives matter activist don that just broke as you came as police commissioner quest addict is accused of calling for more black boys to be locked up plus in the headlines call
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have small town on the british breck's of this begins goal is a more coming up in today's episode of going underground but first fifty years ago this month britain ceded power to the socialists of southern yemen and today when it isn't attacking the zimbabwean government u.k. mainstream media covers yemen as if britain has no role in the slaughter charities like unicef are required by law to be impartial so i can just produce videos like this in the past few days to educate nato nations about what is happening and. for the u.k. state mandated b.b.c.
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questions are raised with saudi arabia about the largest have a color outbreak of the twenty first century we are by far the largest provider of humanitarian assistance team no country or combination of countries in the world has provided mourning a.t.m. and saudi arabia but of course despite u.k. media avoiding british responsibility for the con it one u.k. politician has been vocal about our a.f. training and u.k. arms sales to saudi arabia to kill the people of yemen isn't it about time this government suspended its arms. to saudi arabia the u.k. prime minister responded almost exactly the same way as the saudi government that britain gives aid to yemen and this our cooperation that this cooperation with us has helped save lives in the u.k. but you can be sure that the issue of curbing arms sales to saudi arabia which killed civilians in yemen want to be in today's british autumn budget joining me now is britain's former u.k. chief of intelligence and u.k. security and counter-terror minister admiral lord west thanks so much for being on the program just before we get to the budget briefly on yemen is our security
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relationship with saudi arabia so important we can't really start talking about cholera epidemics in yemen well i'd put a different way i mean saudi arabia are clearly very very important to us and to the united states and to the region for stability and security in a way they're a counterweight against the iranians and so they're very very important i don't think that means we can't talk about things that are going wrong or if someone does something we don't think very clever really and i think what's happening in yemen is a terrible it's a sort of benighted country and i was fighting there in one thousand nine hundred seventy. you know and they have been sort of wars and things going on on and off ever since so it's unfortunate country in the as a perfect storm of things all going wrong at the moment but we both remember how the inquiry into the deals with saudi had to be shelved arguably over a threat from saudi arabia can really specially now tell you really we're in washington have such a good relationship say anything about the real i'd like to think the british
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foreign policy is not just driven by and if something is happening is wrong then i don't think we should do it so for example we didn't join the americans in the vietnam war because we thought it was wrong but americans are a hugely important ally to us and i think it's hugely important for the world that u.k. and america allies they've done some really good stuff they've done some things some people might not like but i think that's really important but if you have doesn't mean or are say if you are still the counter terribles in this country wouldn't you be cautioning actually the saudis could withdraw or something about a possible atrocity on a british street and we have to well i mean what i would say is that our linkage links with saudi arabia are hugely important as there are with a number of countries with very very important very important counter-terror. and they're important in military terms and in geostrategic terms those are important but if something is.


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