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tv   News  RT  November 23, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EST

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with islamic state essentially driven out of syria now the leaders of iran of turkey and russia move to help reconcile the remaining sides and try to bring an end to this six year long bring up to speed on the. elsewhere a short reversal in lebanon's political crisis says the country's prime minister on his resignation his surprise decision to step in came almost three weeks ago amid regional uncertainty of heightened tensions again. striking android smartphones even when users have switched off their location. there's
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a backlash over a new children's book in sweden about a horse who claims to be a dog reaction over identifying as transgender and its legal status to gauge reaction again to this controversial issue right now. about trying to. young people who don't feel they fit neatly into the male female role but you have to separate your imagination imply from objective scientific fact and the fact is that your gender or your biological sex is defined by your anatomy and by your program. good morning this is art so you say to moscow this twenty third of november. with you with this latest thirty minute live update we start with this the prospect of peace could be edging closer to syria the leaders of russia iran and turkey have been taking the initiative to bring the remaining parties in the conflict back to
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the negotiating table with islamic state now largely out of the picture now. follows the talks in russia's southern resort of sochi. with syria becoming almost completely terrorist free or eyesore free i should say we were all curious what is going to be decided and what was going to be said when the key regional players the leaders of turkey and iran type word on the house or on e arrive and saw archie we saw happy faces as they were meeting the russian president vladimir putin all three leaders looked quite determined and when the camera men were asked to press their off buttons and leave the room we heard the leaders confirm their assessment the syrian conflict has entered a new stage the era of active fighting is over and time has come for a new settlement opportunities much so we. do not scale military actions against
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terrorist groups in syria are coming to an end i'd like to note that thanks to the efforts of russia iran and turkey we have managed to prevent the dissolution of syria and stop it from being captured by international terrorists and avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. if you want our joint efforts over the last eleven months of how to prepare the ground for a political settlement of the syrian crisis has he in their meeting today symbolizes the start of a new stage in this process. the trilateral meeting today has not most importance to the final stage including in and to the bloodshed in syria and we have achieved success thanks to the union of ground turkey and russia so after roughly one and a half hours of talks along with the foreign ministers and the heads of militaries when the three presidents came out to say a few words to the journalist we finally heard about the number one decision for
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the new stage the creation of the syrian national dialogue congress it will be an unprecedented platform for. inclusive all syria talks and all kinds of political ethnic religious groups are expected to be involved it is going to convene here and saw it she but the date and the specific list of participants hasn't been decided just yet the leaders say that it should pave the way for a new constitution in syria and new elections and it all looks good on paper i can tell you that ankara tehran and moscow are really genuinely looking forward for the plan to work on the ground on monday we heard the president of syria bashar assad telling vladimir putin that he is ready for new rounds of dialogue reforms and the new elections that i mentioned mr putin tried to convey this message to the leaders
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of iran and turkey and when it comes to the syrian opposition they are always in close contact with and corrupt so the hope is definitely their political professor anomalies said mohammed has told us the idea of them of a syrian national congress would be a positive move going forward though many questions over how it actually functions still need to be. the very fact that for the first time. this process is being moved forward largely without the united states and its allies i think is one reason why it has achieved so much. as well as the current process and. push the powers that the process a great deal for the force things have shifted and changed enormously on the ground and hopefully these talks will help pave the way for. the conflict to come to an
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end but i think that it looks good on paper but it i'm sure it's going to be very complicated in the weeks and months ahead one of the difficulties is what about those groups that align themselves and continue to be allies of the world the united states pull out of syria the americans have occupied significant portions of syria without permission to. violate the sovereignty there is a lot to do and it's not clear that the americans and their allies are going to help this process move forward or whether they are going to improve impeded. the political crisis in lebanon has taken an unexpected twist after the country's prime minister put his surprise decision to quit on hold rif notion has got the latest. prime minister how deedes to club it on twice in three weeks be a night out and when i announce my resignation from the post of prime minister stay calm i discussed my resignation with the president of the republic he won't speak
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to wait before submitting it to put it on hold until allow for more consultations into the reasons behind it are complied had in his comeback was met both as a relief and confusion because his resignation proclaimed from another country and featuring threats to council from iran's arms in the region sounded a lot like saudi arabia iran is long term rival. i hope that all the other countries in the region will leave lebanon alone so the lebanese people can decide their future for themselves it's on president and that saudi arabia held the lebanese prime minister by force and pushed him to resign while he was outside his country and that is that we have to tell ourselves we want our country to stay out of regional conflicts when it comes to the saudis meddling i'm sure it will continue and it's not only riyadh's interference and still of unease affaires many other countries are doing it too i'm sure saad hariri wants to help his country and
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lebanon i think that the way saudi arabia treated him is very wrong prime minister hariri maybe back to lebanon but the question is his absence brought a stool to be uncertain. come.
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on come. back. what is clear already the twenty days have showed just how dangerous the vessel of the power of the tryst saudi arabia and iran could go and now this little middle eastern country has suffered a lot in wars and conflicts may be a losing face again regional she asked chief from beirut james lebanon a lebanon has become a battlefield for political standoff now in the region. there are two alliances emerging in the area saudi arabia some gulf states without qatar is.
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pushing a game is iran and again this has been law on the other hand you have syria. news person not the prime minister and hezbollah and iran again is this alliance and so you have this polarization the saudis feel that one way to manage popular or undermine the power of. hezbollah is to create a political crisis that would leave and push everybody inside don't to put a lot of pressure on hezbollah economically at least lebanon depends a lot on. you know the money coming from saudi arabia you have many thousands of lebanese living in the gulf and they depend on them so by creating a crisis of legitimacy that hezbollah is meddling and intervening in this way you will be able to. have a storm inside the lebanese political system to clash with hezbollah or at least
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neutralize it for not intervening in syria again or doing anything and in this way you will be cutting the hand of iran our sister channel arabic discussed the middle east crisis with the president of sudan who called on the region to settle his differences through dialogue. where i mean my view. i believe it is irrational and unwise this is not a good time for an arab iranian conflict any arab the iranian conflict would harm the whole region arab countries and iran itself neither iran nor the arabs would leave this region i suppose the best option is to co-exist and deal with the problems that we have through dialogue and negotiations it is better than using guns. clubs or coalition talks as players germany into a worse political quagmire in years now the leader of the free democratic party use
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warco derailed the negotiations has ruled out resuming talks again christian living there blames partner parties for betraying their principles to secure power if the door exactly threat is don't take it personally when conservatives enter into false compromises with socialist and don't stay true to their core beliefs now the greens are no socialist and the christian democrats are no longer a conservative party but you've got to watch out regardless. but there's some more optimism however from the party secretary general who says there is a chance of the talks mowbray but only if merkel's christian democrats and the greens change their stance those three parties would have formed what's described as a jamaica coalition based on their logos colors and it was seen as angela merkel's only viable chance to form a majority government now though germany is in limbo awaiting either a minority government or maybe another election here's how a former german ambassador to russia describes the current impasse.
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that is the parties of the which have been newly elected to the wooden stock of federal parliament in september they have somehow to sit down and hammer out a new government and that can only be a coalition government because there is no party which has an absolute majority. with the greens alone she couldn't do it and this is why it was a triangular negotiation period with the liberals in addition to that but as a matter of fact this has found it so now when has to look out for a new possibility and there are very serious discussions now going on in the is social democratic party and they will announce ritually immediately after the election result came out that they were not willing to continue in government but
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they wanted to go into opposition now there are strong voices within the social democratic party that they should reconsider and that is the option of the grand coalition is not off the table. presently the game is open to for every new way of negotiations between the christian democrats and the social democrats as clear i am convinced that in the end new talks between the social democrats and get america's party will at least be started what will come out of it one cannot say at. a children's picture book published in sweden that promotes transgenderism has been widely criticised and in fact called dangerous propaganda by now the story feature is a man who dresses as a woman and his horse who wants to be a dog it's meant to show that children can be whoever they want to be according to
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the author i guess took up the debate of identifying them as transgender. when your an adult when you're over eighteen you're in told to do what you want in the privacy of your own home and i don't think anyone would disagree with that but propagandizing this kind of thing to children who can damage them in their natural development as boys and girls in nature is binary nature creates male and female there are boys and girls and we hear you know as well as the book moves to try and ban the words boys and girls men and women mothers and fathers in primary education and this is a time when children really need to be in their identity as who they are and this is just something that's far too much too young is going to confuse people it is part of the natural spectrum of life for all animal species human and non-human this book is not about promoting or encouraging transgenderism it's about trying to affirm young people who don't feel they fit neatly into the male female
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roles and trying to tackle bullying and prejudice you know children are imaginative they play they pretend to be all kinds of things they pretend to be footballers they pretend to be aliens spacemen unicorns they may be pretend to be men and women as well but you have to separate imagination in play from objective scientific facts and the fact is that your gender or your biological sex is defined by your anatomy and by your chromosomes and that's the science that we need to be making sure that children know and the science that we need to be teaching children and affirm the been growing up in no one's going to change their mind just because they read a book it's something that comes from within and no amount of propaganda or proselytizing can make someone transgender i think our starting point has to be the welfare of the child and my concern is that we know in countries all across the world pupils
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who don't fit the gender stereotypes who are trying. gender variant they suffer teasing namecalling threats and bullying and that is truly shameful that is not good for the child welfare so what we have to do is to create an atmosphere in understanding where it's ok to be different in britain it's in the last two years it's grown sixfold the number of children who have this gender confusion and it's because they're being exposed to these materials if they weren't they would just happily go on their own way being boys and girls yes there are differences in people who are boys and differences in girls in their temperaments and their behavior in their likes and dislikes but that doesn't mean that they're going to be transgender it doesn't mean the whole idea of separating sex from gender is a new social construct. from hollywood to westminster the flood currently of sexual assault allegations in seeing more and more victims feel that
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they can finally speak out about widespread abuse but there are still big hurdles in the battle to be believed a smear a can explain. defending women's rights is surely a noble cause and those who defend them are upheld as moral eakins yet recently some of these defenders have fallen from grace lena dunham a feminist icon is now being vilified as a hypocrite she's repeatedly argued that we should unconditionally believe women alleging harassment but when accusations were leveled against her co-author and friend she changed her tune while the first instinct is to listen to every woman's story in this accusation is one of the three percent of assault cases that are misreported every year following a public backlash down of apologized but the damage had already been done someone else with the now damaged reputation is the los angeles attorney lisa bloom who made a name for herself advocating for women's rights but that didn't stop her from representing harvey weinstein when the storm of sexual harassment allegations broke i thought i
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had a chance to make a difference here on the other side he wanted to be respectful to women and he still wants to be respectful for two women blew left weinstein in october amid widespread outrage saying it had been a colossal mistake and then there's new york times reporter glenn thrush a self-proclaimed advocate for female journalists when harassment claims were leveled against prominent political journalist mark thrush was vocal in his condemnation young people who come into a news room deserve to be taught our trade given our support and enlisted in our calling not betrayed by little men who believe they are bigger than the mission but now it turns out thresh himself stands accused of sexual misconduct so it seems that the higher your professed standards in public life are the further you risk falling in private all these celebrities are going to say what makes them popular and what makes them more progressive but in private and in their own life when their brothers got involved they're going to be like every other person on the
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ground here who realizes he wants matters in her case she said things women lie about their watch things women don't lie of oh wait i'm not uncertainly. if someone close to you they are accused of rape suddenly all that promise and crap goes out the window every single perfect daven is to use the. perfect progressive for saying you see no there is no perfect hero all these people are hypocrites. usenix this morning that the u.s. is playing to repeal its net neutrality law which requires internet providers to give equal access to wall content online this could provide companies with the opportunity then to manipulate consumers web experience and daily access to certain sites let me tell you here's how it could happen and what could happen with you charge you try it if it's crap checked out the us federal communications commission said they're going to allow connection speeds and access to be dictated by tech companies the o.c.c. chairman also argues that prior to net neutrality the internet saw over trillion dollars invested into it from the private sector however the problem is that
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throughout that time there were numerous examples of broadband companies and telecom giants hardening access to the online services of their competitors we discussed this whole potential impact of the move with political activist george barda. under the current rules in the u.s. . internet access is framed as a public utility and i think most people given the huge significance of information travelling on the internet to most live to modern lives it is very very important that that is available to everybody freely you know just as much as all access to energy to heat homes etc this is very much a crucial part of modern life what this means in practice of course is if this moves ahead if you go to a web site there isn't favored that can't pay the huge fees to get faster access to the internet and then anyone who goes to a site and wants to watch a two minute video could end up sitting there for fifteen minutes and it's
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buffering and so they give up ascension they move to another site that has paid the huge fees so this does have enormous implications i think for the integrity of the political conversation going forward. and while we're talking about tech seems google has confirmed that it's been collecting location data from android phones even when users have disabled location services and removed the sim card the practice was discovered by the news web site quartz google insists it needs are stored nor use the information but it has agreed to stop cullom open explains i will the trucking work. now your cell phone will often ask you annoying questions like would you like to share your geo location data well if you answer the question no you would assume that your geo data is safe and well it turns out you're wrong cell phones operating on android are sharing information with google even if you take the sim card out the android phone will start gathering the addresses and any new year by cell phone towers i'm standing not far from one right now the unique
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identity of the phone itself which every phone has and in this case they're using cell tower locations and so if you have a single cell tower then that will only tell you something about a radius around which the phone is somewhere but if you have let's say three cell towers that all have different distance locations then you can try and get a late pretty call clue to where the actual phone is so you're only referring to the phones identity and the fact that it is on the a telephone network so what is doing is it's pinging cell towers nearby and by the way all phones do that google admits that they've been keeping track of mobile phone i.d.'s and their location for over a year now but they insist their intentions are good. in january of this year we
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began looking into using cell i.d. codes as an additional signal to further improve the speed and performance as message delivery google claims that it hasn't done anything particular with this data and now is going to turn it off. i don't find out entirely credible because some engineer or group of engineers had to spend time putting together this capability and they had to do it for a reason because someone told them to do it google says that android phones will stop tracking the locations of users without their consent by the end of november that sounds like good news unlike the fact that they have been doing it without consent for many months. r.t. washington d.c. scary thanks for watching r t dot com our you tube channel facebook twitter lots ways to say up to date with us here at our international ok with no one here in moscow this morning have a great day. welcome
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to mexico as are plentiful survival guide. looking forward to a year that's without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report. was it to. americans by. the. support of some. countries in the. for making. hey everybody i'm stephen ball task hollywood guy you know suspects every crowd american first of all i'm just started washing an r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru well he's a little bit different i've noticed. no one knows up with all the drama happening
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in our country i'm shooting the road have to find me every day americans. look for the start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. are. when
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