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it it it. crushes therefore strikes the last remaining islamic state positions in eastern syria is the terror group self proclaimed color first is all but wiped out in the country meanwhile the leaders of iran turkey and russia take the chance to try and kick start the syrian peace process and bring to an end an almost seven year conflict also if you can miss out google admits tracking android smartphones even after uses of switched off the location setting. the as. cruel as. they come to you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international our top story this hour russia's defense ministry says its air force has successfully carried out a series of surgical strikes against islamic state positions in syria it does state
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that terrorist fighters i mean ition death pose and armored vehicles were destroyed in the attacks they are being carried out to support the syrian military in its push to liberate the remaining eyesore held villages in the east of the country and with the terror group self-proclaimed caliphate in tatters the leaders of russia iran and key have been meeting to lay the groundwork for syria's post-war future it has been following the talks in sochi. with syria becoming almost completely terrorist free or eyesore free i should say we were all curious what is going to be decided and what was going to be said when the key regional players the leaders of turkey and iran type word on the house and ronnie arrive and saw all three leaders looked quite determined and when the camera men were asked to press their off buttons and leave the room we heard the leaders confirm their assessment the syrian
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conflict has entered a new stage the era of active fighting is over and time has come for a new settlement opportunities when we. do not scale military actions against terrorist groups in syria are coming to an end i'd like to note that thanks to the efforts of russia iran and turkey we have managed to prevent the dissolution of syria stop it from being captured by international terrorists and avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. if you want our joint efforts over the last eleven months of help to prepare the ground for a political settlement of the syrian crisis and their meeting today symbolizes the start of a new stage in this process. the trilateral meeting today has uk most important is the final stage in putting an end to the bloodshed in syria we have achieved success thanks to the union of rand turkey and russia so after roughly one and
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a half hours of talks all along with the foreign ministers and the heads of militaries when the three presidents came out to say a few words to the journalist we finally heard about the number one decision for the new stage the creation of the syrian national dialogue congress it will be an unprecedented platform for inclusive of all syria talks and all kinds of political. ethnic religious groups are expected to be involved it is going to convene here and saw archie but the date and the specific list of participants hasn't been decided just yet the leaders say that it should pave the way for a new constitution in syria and new elections and it all looks good on paper i can tell you that ankara tehran and moscow are really genuinely looking forward for the plan to work on the ground on monday we heard the president of syria bashar assad
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telling vladimir putin that he is ready for new rounds of dialogue reforms and the new elections that i mentioned mr putin tried to convey this message to the leaders of iran and turkey and when it comes to the syrian opposition they are always in close contact with anchor up so the hope is definitely there. ok let's get the thoughts now aside and he said he's a middle east analyst and author too and he joins us good evening to you welcome to our say thanks for coming on just in your opinion then how crucial is this agreement that was reached by russia iran and. well i think it is highly crucial and it's extremely important because the three main forces which have. paved the way for and then to this dramatic war which has been ongoing for seventy
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as. the front at the forefront of pushing for russia iran and turkey these are the major players who tackled head on and that intervention what was absolutely crucial effective and efficient we've seen the russian force taking part and delivering devastating crucial. crucial support and backing to the syrian army we've seen also that throwing their weight behind the legitimate government i do have seen the turkish intervention to actually come down the opposition groups so that you saw the three major players we've seen that the russian intervention is truly a game changer in stark contrast to the american intervention which was the beginning simply aimed at containing and keeping still as a credible viable threat and we've seen that at the very and to american actually
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using foot soldiers shielding them sheltering them according to the b.b.c. and shifting them to fight another day will come out and that will basically enforces the tell if i still is fighting against russia iran and the syrian government they are actually be good if they all fight against the american allies that is saudi arabia and others than they are there and they need to be wiped out and that's why we are hearing about this that is the american defense and defense minister saying that the americans have to stay in order they have changed and they shifted the gold coast and this time it's not fighting still but simply to stabilize the. whole area that it's a political process and they want it similar to iraq that's their excuse same excuse they shifted it from live nation building to actually again so that the whole area and they slide very very mysterious no specifics how do you think the
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americans then will react to these trilateral talks that have been taking place in the movement to the next stage is the three countries involved have said it's time for a political settlement it's time for the syrian national dialogue congress where all inclusive talks for all political parties to try and find a solution how do you think america will will respond or think about what's been said in sochi. i do believe they will try their absolute best they won't leave a stone unturned in that efforts to actually. torpedo that initiative because it doesn't that empress and that's why they're talking about preserving military prisons shoring it up and building it up in both countries that is in iraq and also in syria under the excuse of stabilization when we can clearly see that it is in that interest to weaken the central government in both countries to stabilize
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the whole area and stalk and start up the sectarian and ethnic tension in iraq and also stalk and start up i mean night the ethnic tension between the syrian defense forces who are predominantly and the other majority in that country and that's why they are hell bent fastly determined to stay on under different excuses they do not want to stabilize the area they are the ones interested in actually we can central governments and creating the conditions and actually capital capitalizing on those conditions to ensure that they can use it to bolster and intents and consolidate that influence ok as says that i thought a generous towards our power in this vital area ok opinion on that but i have let's get back to the talks that took place today in this sort of political agreement they hope to put in place to find as a political settlement it all looks good on paper doesn't it but practically
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speaking how difficult will it be to get something like this to work. well definitely they need to get all the important and crucial parties on board that is they need to get everybody to agree to start talking everybody to give up relying and actively trying to push for more power and more territory and actually to agree thought that is no and to the left say is the military. there is no crucial end in sight there is no military will now but it has to be sorted out and settled through political dialogue and that all parties who do not accept the realities on the ground they still want to change them and those who are spearheading stopped actually drive us till the americans they're not convinced i was still there so i would use who come out as the major
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duces in the up let's not forget it wasn't as a matter of claims the authority vacuum that actually led to the existence of isis it was the enormous support and backing that is the financing arm english just tickled somewhat that the americans themselves that is by didn't have acknowledged and also clinton have also confirmed saying billions of dollars have been crumbs fed to create to us still enjoy about to know so we choose another affiliate of al qaida and i'm nuts those parties are convinced there is no military solution and they have to admit that they have been defeated in that fight and the it is up to the syrian people who actually determine who is that president and who is going to leave them and to confirm those parties are not really freedom fighters that is just and i still. streaming to adopt the same ideology
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exported and propagated by the white house has stopped mission went which is based in we out so. well that's all parties agreed to that and resort to taller i think and sitting down discussing their whole issue besides that we want to have a settlement and we're going to have to wrap it up there but appreciate you coming on to r.t. thanks for your thoughts i was side elisa middle east analyst and author to thank you. like google has been caught secretly collecting location data from android phone users even after they had turned off location settings and had no sim card in their devices and one insisting it has neither stored nor use the information it collected google has not unless agreed to stop in explains. now your cell phone will often ask you annoying questions like would you like to share your geo location data well if you answer the question no you would assume that your geo data is safe and well it turns out you're wrong cell phones operating on an android
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are sharing information with google even if you take the sim card out the android phone will start gathering the addresses in any new year by cell phone towers i'm standing not far from one right now. generally what you need is a few pieces of information you need the unique identity of the phone itself which every phone has and in this case they're using cell tower locations and so if you have a single cell tower then that will only tell you something about a radius around which the phone is somewhere but if you have what's a three cell towers that all have different distance locations then you can try and get late pretty coldly to where the actual phone is so you're only referring to the phones identity and the fact that it is on the
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a telephone network so what it's doing is it's pinging cell towers nearby and by the way all phones do that google admits that they've been keeping track of a mobile phone i.d.'s and their location for over a year now but they insist their intentions are good. in january of this year we began looking into using cell i.d. codes as an additional signal to further improve the speed and performance as message delivery google claims that it hasn't done anything particular with this data and now is going to turn it off. i don't find out entirely credible because some engineer or group of engineers had to spend time putting together this capability and they had to do it for a reason because someone told them to do it now google assures us that we have nothing to worry about that they never store or share our data with anyone well we've heard that song and dance before does the n.s.a. collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans
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no sir. it does not. not wittingly or. the technology really is moving faster than the regulatory apparatus so there's not any you were to suddenly come up with new rules that will create fear of these things. the political bodies are technologically. so i can barely even really understand what this stuff is doing some google says that android phones will start tracking the locations of users without their consent by the end of november that sounds like good news unlike the fact that they have been doing it without consent for many months. r.t. washington d.c. . meanwhile telecom giants in the u.s. is set for a major victory if washington goes ahead with its plan to repeal the so-called net neutrality rules and it's likely to have
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a direct impact to on internet speed in the united states so this is how it would work then currently internet providers to have to treat all online traffic equally at the moment and that means they can't block or slow down any particular web content the authority behind the push to end net neutrality the f.c.c. does say it could allow the trillions of dollars to be invested into the web services by the private sector so it could sound like good news but it might not be good news for the consumer that's because it could allow telecom companies to create fast lanes for traffic and prioritize certain sites over others and internet users may also be are still be forced to pay more to access content at the speeds they are currently used to welcome dot com the founder of mega upload has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the u.s. government's plan to overturn net neutrality the entrepreneur who's wanted in america for alleged widespread illegal file sharing has vowed to build an alternative internet to combat previously and freedom problems online we discussed
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the idea with dmitri kleiner he's a previously activist and software developer. more development in this area would certainly be good the more of the better platforms that consumers have that deliver privacy and anonymity the more we have the better the relationship between these giant internet monopolies like facebook and and google and the state department of the u.s. certainly makes it more difficult. you know for other voices to gain access and that's going to only become morse so obviously in that sense a more neutral and maybe internationally neutral internet that is less dependent on big central monopolies like amazon google facebook etc would be much better so i mean kim dotcom proposal a lot of things that sound pretty good about specially the idea of you know using mobile devices more actively if it is planning to use the kind of radio capabilities of mobile phones themselves in the bluetooth n.f.c.
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and wife by the creation of a mesh network you could have an advantage that it's much more difficult to block than then centralized things however there's a lot of questions need to be looked at there one is of course you know how user friendly and usable this kind of stuff is given the right support i definitely think that an alternative could be made and it could be very popular however it's not clear what where that support could come from you know short of public institutions because as a private entrepreneur kim dotcom only has you know can only spend money that he can earn back and it's not clear how he would earn money on such a thing given that given the advertising and surveillance would not be would not be used. now a picture book for children that's been published in sweden is stirring up controversy either transgender issue because it features a man who dresses as a woman whose pets believe c.d.'s adult the author says it's meant to teach children they can be whoever they want to be will know whether to say it's not
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appropriate we got some reaction from both sides of the debate. when your an adult when you're over eighteen you're in told to do what you want in the privacy of your own home and i don't think anyone would disagree with that but propagandizing this kind of thing to children who can damage them in their natural development as boys and girls in nature is binary nature creates male and female there are boys and girls and we hear as well as the book moves to try and ban the words boys and girls men and women mothers and fathers in primary education and this is a time when children really need to be in their identity is who they are and this is just something that's far too much too young is going to confuse people because part of the natural spectrum of life for all animal species human and non-human this book is not about promoting or encouraging transgenderism it's about trying to affirm young people who don't feel they fit neatly into the male female
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roles and trying to tackle bullying and prejudice you know children are imaginative they play they pretend to be all kinds of things they pretend to be footballers they pretend to be alien space mountain unicorns they they just maybe pretend to be men and women as well but you have to separate imagination and play from objective scientific facts and the fact is that your gender or your biological sex is defined by your anatomy and by your chromosomes and that's the science that we need to be making sure that children know and the science that we need to be teaching children and affirm the been growing up in well no one's going to change their mind just because they read a book it's something that comes from within and no amount of propaganda or proselytizing can make someone transgender i think our starting point has to be the welfare of the child and my concern is that we know in countries all across the
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world. pupils who don't fit the gender stereotypes who are trans or gender variant they suffer teasing namecalling threats and bullying and that is truly shameful that is not good for the child welfare so what we have to do is to create an atmosphere in understanding where it's ok to be different in britain it's in the last two years it's grown sixfold the number of children who have this gender confusion and it's because they're being exposed to these materials if they weren't they would just happily go on their own way being boys and girls yes there are differences in people who are boys and differences in girls and their temperaments and their behavior and their likes and dislikes but that doesn't mean that they're going to be transgender it doesn't mean the whole idea of separating sex from gender is a new social construct. argentinians navy says that the same detective need a last name like ation of one of its submarines was consistent with an explosion
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the best or went missing in the south atlantic over a week ago with tens of people on board numerous countries have been helping with the search russia is among them and the center is a ship equipped with deep sea submergence vehicles. the situation is critical and we are getting more worried today seventy days that submarine has an oxygen supply. we know that they will return and we have faith we waited. for those of well who
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continue fighting thinking it's excellent professionals they will come back at any moment because we hope that there is a sign that they come back to what they return and they come back to us alive in the snow our wishes that is why we are here. in other news tonight the political crisis in lebanon has taken an unexpected twist after the country's prime minister put on hold his surprise decision to quit. we and i and i got to live now i now it's my resignation from the post of prime minister that harlan i discussed my resignation with the president of the republic
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he wants me to wait before submitting it to put it on hold and to allow for more consultations and for the reasons behind it i complied. well after her daddy there and i've says resignation in saudi arabia he took a small detail before returning home to lebanon visiting leaders in france egypt and also cyprus here's a quick recap then of events over the last few days. saudia prime minister saad hariri was forced the resignation was not his desire nor decision a limb. and
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a hard look at where i am here in the kingdom as a as a free man. while on the lebanese prime minister's return an. his supporters were out on the streets in the capital beirut but while some of them believe that heady was kept against his will by the saudis they still can't predict what is next for their leader. i
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hope that all the other countries in the region will leave lebanon alone so the lebanese people can decide their future for themselves it's unprecedented that saudi arabia held the lebanese prime minister by force and pushed him to resign while he was outside his country and that is a lot that we have to tell ourselves we want our country to stay out of regional conflict when it comes to the saudis meddling i'm sure it will continue and it's not only riaz interference into lebanese affairs many other countries are doing it too i'm sure sarg wants to help his country lebannon i think that the way saudi arabia treated him is very wrong sociology professor side today explaining to us how lebanon has become ground zero for a political standoff in the region. there are two alliances emerging in the area saudi arabia some gulf states without. pushing
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a game is iran and again this has been law on the other hand you have syria. person not the prime minister and hezbollah and iran again is this alliance and so you have this polarization the saudis feel that one way. or on their mind the power of. hezbollah is to create a political crisis in this way you will be able to create havoc a storm inside the lebanese political system to clash with hezbollah or at least neutralize it for not intervening in syria again or doing anything and in this way you will be cutting the hand of iran. now from hollywood to westminster the flood of sexual assault allegations is seeing more and more victims feel they can finally speak point spread in peace but there are still big hurdles in the battle to be believed as samir account explains. defending women's rights is surely
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a noble cause and those who defend them are upheld as moral eakins yet recently some of these defenders have fallen from grace lena dunham a feminist icon is now being vilified as a hypocrite she's repeatedly argued that we should unconditionally believe women alleging harassment but when accusations were leveled against her co-author and friend she changed her tune while the first instinct is to listen to every woman's story this accusation is one of the three percent of assault cases that are misreported every year following a public backlash down of apologized but the damage had already been done someone else with a now damaged reputation is a los angeles attorney lisa bloom who made a name for herself advocating for women's rights but that didn't stop her from representing harvey weinstein when the storm of sexual harassment allegations broke i thought i had a chance to make a difference here on the other side he wanted to be respectful to women and he still wants to be respectful for two women bloom left weinstein in october amid
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widespread outrage saying it had been a colossal mistake and then there's new york times reporter glenn thrush a self-proclaimed advocate for female journalists when harassment claims were leveled against prominent political journalist mark hoper in thresh was vocal in his condemnation young people who come into a news room deserve to be taught our trade given our support and enlisted in our calling not betrayed by little men who believe they are bigger than the mission and now it turns out threshed himself stands accused of sexual misconduct so it seems that the higher your professed standards in public life are the further you risk falling in private all these celebrities are going to say what makes them popular and what makes them more progressive but in private and in their own life when their brothers get involved they're going to be like every other person on the ground here who realizes he wants matters in her case she said things women lie about their watch things women don't lie of oh wait i'm not and suddenly. if
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someone close to you they are accused of rape suddenly all that brahmanism goes out the window every single perfect cabin is to you seem to be the perfect progressive person you see no one there is no perfect hero all of these people are hypocrites. smear it comes reporting there are you watching i see that brings you up to date more nice and hot and. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is it actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch in the yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blues. you see people you've never heard of love or
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death to the next president of the world bank very. seriously if you send us an e-mail. api thanksgiving cranberry stuffing turkey farm the turkey don't part of the turkey or if the turkey i got a turkey i love turkey. yes i thought to put you in front of the white house well actually this is white house. from the way house and we should pardon the turkey here you know when that. credibly import of any recipe if you're considering for thanksgiving it's under and chestnut just outside the stuffing and capers capers in the stuffing under.


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