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ok. team rushes fate twenty eighteen winter olympics continues to hang in the balance without struggling for in the face of a possible blanket ban we hear the latest verdict on the doping scandal from sports g. h h. m's it doesn't prove the want to. give them some time in. our germany could be on track for the same color government before september as elections talks with all the parties collapsed last week. and turkey makes it clear that they've expects washington to arming syria's kurds. are sure
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and says that the weapons supply. would be cut off. live from our international news center every hour of the day this is our international my names you know me welcome to the program their top story five more russian been stripped of their olympic medals and given lifetime bans from the games now brings the total number of the squad. to nineteen the decision was made after retesting doping samples from the twenty four thousand sortie games based on the findings of the maclaurin report. now it also accused russia of
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state sponsored doping and there's still the possibility that the entire russian team could be barred from competing in south korea next february but the head of the ethics company of a committee excuse me of another global sporting body doesn't believe there is sufficient evidence of state involvement to justify such a move but we have a mclaren report and we have in the mclaren part allegations. we need a real clear evidence. and only with an evidence i can make a decision banned or not banned but only for let's say very valid circumstances i never would ban anybody. i wouldn't do that. russia denies the allegations in the maclaurin report also investigations in two individuals are continuing the international olympic committee sees it will release the evidence against the
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elites in due course my colleague andrew farmer discussed with. all the problems really circle around the fact that ever since the mclaren report came out in two thousand and sixteen with allegations of state sponsored doping in russia different monitoring organizations have looked into that searching for some sort of evidence to back up those claims but all we've seen is a noticeable lack of proof to back them up and we spoke with the water president who says well it hasn't been found yet it's just a matter of time let's take a listen because keep saying because it was news to each phone should bill ping and the other most of the other evidence. teams it doesn't prove no one to. give them some time so there we have him conceding that it's just been hinted at the idea that a state sponsor scheme was in place and saying just give us time but the question is how much time do they need because just this month we've seen fourteen russian athletes banned for life from the olympic games and they weren't given any evidence
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as to why just the remark that they violated doping rules now the violation of doping rules could be anything from missing a test to being compliant in somebody else using doping to actually using doping yourself so there's a lot in compass there and there's just no transparency as what they're being accused of and those banned l. plates have actually voiced concerns that there's a possibility that a political motivation could be behind these decisions and again going back to the water present he conceded that it's impossible to divide the worlds of politics and sports politics seemed to me to be a sign of additional i've played golf from the start of the to me to be unlikely that politics should stop at one o'clock and start again i want to finish at five o'clock the politics. if group of these lives the vessel of the to be involved in some way in trying to clean everything we do in school just part of what we do so this point we're only three months out from the next winter olympics and it's important to remember that the whole russian team is under review at this point on
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the summer fit it will be announced whether or not they will be able to participate in next year's games in south korea and even if the team is clear there still the fact that over a dozen of the teammates have been banned for life at this point and will not be participating it's not just of police russian footballers are also getting caught up in the doping scandal just six months before their country hosts the world cup grigori rudd change he's the former russian doping official turned whistleblower and he says he has plenty of evidence of players doping but that's in contrast to a fifth investigation which has been ongoing since june this year the footballing body there's no evidence of any wrongdoing. or sports journalist alan moore thinks that the new allegations are an attempt to discredit the world cup finals in russia . i think that six months later it would be very very unlikely simply would turn up we probably will see more of this because this is making
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a lot of noise to take away from the russian world there is still a chance in their minds that the war could be stripped from russian there could of course be a chance that somebody will fail simply at this stage it looks very very unlikely russian football has been tested. in seville could we could see the players were taken from testing. random testing is taking place around the russian premier league of course can always be better we know that it's as good as it is anywhere else in the world better and in most cases so you know this is just time to sort of like you know take the air rushes sail shall we say before friday. when all thirty two nations who will protest to paid off the twenty first fifa world cup are known but who will be playing against him in the group stages that will be decided to up the draw in moscow this friday the first of december prior to that fee for president giani infantino shared his thoughts on sport's biggest showpiece event
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coming to the world's biggest country we are expecting smooth operations everything has been done for the fans to come to russia and to and to enjoy the world cup for instance a new concept with a fan ideas being put in place by the russian authorities or by the russian government fan idea which will allow visa free entry which will allow free transportation by train between the host cities and many other benefits for the fans we have already seen that the stadiums and stadiums and eleven host it is absolutely state of the art their own tears are very welcoming the country is welcoming the people want to see people from all over the world to come and discover that maybe they don't know and they will be very very positively surprised .
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ok to an ongoing story even german chancellor and her party's leaders have said they would be willing to return to the same correlation that govern the country before september's vote. we are ready to engage in talks with the social democrats in a serious dedicated manner and of course aiming for success. following that invitation from chancellor merkel schultz of the social democrats accepted and said that his party would take part in coalition talks with representatives of angle of merkel's christian union and the german president frank bowker steinmeyer in berlin on thursday for mr schultz though this announcement but it represents a real one hundred eighty degree turnaround on how he viewed the grand coalition
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just a week ago. we are not entering a grand coalition we said this clearly after the elections and we still stand by this. time for. the s.p.d. party has confirmed that i should accept the invitation from the german president to take part in took with the chairman of the c.d.u. c.s.u. passes next thursday somebody far more insightful than myself once said that a week was a long time in politics and it certainly does seem to be true for angola merkel as well seven days ago she was picking up the pieces after jamaica coalition talks broke down she said looking at the two options that would look like the only ones available to you were a minority rule or new elections that you would actually prefer new elections over ruling over a minority government well she has changed her mind on that somewhat saying that it wasn't a good idea right now to put the decision on who would govern germany back to the
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german people that they'd already made their minds up back in september and it was up to the politicians to try and hammer out a coalition so where are we right now two months on from the general election in germany lots of late nights lots of debates lots of of talks fail pork spend more talks on the horizon. and as it stands at the moment it looks like we could be going right back to the grand coalition that ruled germany before but you haven't people voted back in september those talks taking place in berlin on thursday i'll be back in the german capital then and bring you all of the latest as it emerges from those coalition talks here on r.t. . a former german intelligence officer reiner rip told me angler merkel has good reason to oppose the idea of snap elections in germany the criticism of. mrs america has tremendously increased all parties so it's quite clear why she
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doesn't want new elections because there are serious considerations if. you would be able to achieve even those refused to numbers which. chancellor merkel would run again so new elections are quite so that's sort of the only option for her is to try to force a force to a grand coalition. and moving on turkey has reiterated its call for the us to start arming kurdish y p g fighters in syria when i'm correct the use of terrorists and followers and apparent pledge from donald trump to stop supplying weapons to the militia which has played an instrumental role in driving back islamic state the we will not give weapons remarks from a us president for the first time is important but it will lose value if it's not
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implemented that would be deceiving the world. well if washington does stop supplying weapons to the kurds it is likely to go some way to easing the current tension between the u.s. and turkey has been highly critical of washington for arming what it sees as terrorists and using them to fight islamist extremist groups america for its part has sided with the various kurdish groups when it needs their help despite turkey's protest with more and all but similar echo kurds the largest stateless minority in the world the kurdish population is in turkey iraq and syria and it seems for the us it's more about where they are rather than who they are. let's start with turkey on one side and cora washington's regional and nato ally on the other and cars sworn enemy the rebellious kurdistan workers party fight against the
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dash terrorist organisation should not be left with another terror organization we want to believe that our allies would choose to stand beside us and not on the side of terrorist organizations well the choice is obvious and the us lists the p.k. k. as a terrorist group we support turkey in the first fight against terror and terror groups like isis and the p.k. k. . over in iraq the kurdish peshmerga were crucial when the us fight against the islamic state washington put up money and provided all the weapons they needed but with most of the fighting over so is america's benevolence iraqi kurds are losing the oil wells they fought out of terrorist control and the reserves are now going back under government control the us ability and baghdad. the kurdish push for independence has also received the cold shoulder with secretary thorsten stating that the referendum and its results lacked legitimacy and the u.s.
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supports a united iraq the disappointment is very good although we have a long negative experience with america and the wrong size the sand talk to our body so they have a strong. position against that if rondell encouraged by the bad i got out a man who will come saw strongly be on an opposition by that they think they can even cancer a lot of really mean it's status off of it that i was a man called the stop. off to neighboring syria where the kurdish y p g also got everything they needed from the u.s. in their fight against i saw money weapons training and praise we should be using recruiting we should be booming the kurdish region to be the biggest meters really proving to be the most real do it and we should be working with them much more
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suitable. but they managed to hang on to the oil fields that they liberated with no questions from their american pals washington claims that it seeks a unified and sovereign syria but it also wants a syria without assad i think the united states will continue to support the kurds we heard general mattis and secretary of defense say only a few days ago that the united states would remain in northern syria or in order to give traction to that you need of process and that means that the united states wants leverage they want leverage against us against russia and against iraq and of course the kurdish troops that the united states has been arming now own about twenty five percent of syria's territory in the north and somewhere around fifty percent of all the oil and gas in syria so this gives the kurds quite a bit of leverage well that's unless turkey gets its way with. mr trump clearly
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stated given clear instructions for not to provide the white e.g. with arms and that this nonsense should have ended long ago. now a hospital in western poland is under fire for installing a far from welcoming and provocative sign its entrance it say's that entry is forbidden to jews commies and traitors of poland the hospital is run by an ultra nationalist who was sentenced to three months house arrest earlier this year for burning an effigy of a jewish person during an anti migrant demonstration and local authorities are now looking into whether to charge him with incitement because of the banner. here's what some locals make of it all. that is it was then well this is his opinion some day he will be hung for things like this banner. it yo simply do not like you i oppose such banners as i'm not a racist i reject such propaganda anyone can place was over the ones on the fence
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but it's unethical and not the way for people to behave one can't do such things when the stuff that told us was a total joke of their lives i think we should be tolerant you cannot ban certain groups of people from entering and no one may come to our village the main thing is that they behave well and respect the law well the world jewish congress made it clear accusing polish authorities of failing to prosecute the hostile owner is really jewish judy's professor jeffrey wolf told us there's a worrying rise in of the semitism in poland. the jewish population is very very concerned they find it very worrying i spoke to a number represented a number of representatives of the community today but on the other hand they know how much good work that has been done and is ongoing between the jewish community in warsaw and and elsewhere in krakow and the jewish community and the and the
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general community for example the fact of the matter is that rabbis are now teaching about israel in judaism in the public schools not just informally so you're talking about a very mixed actuation but this is definitely a throwback and the rise of published nationalism appears to be going together with an increase over a rebirth of anti-semitic feelings and and actions. the northern french port city of cali witness to violent incidents involving people smugglers and migrants on saturday in one a car refused to halt on a police stop living to one officer being injured in another confrontation five migrants were wounded in a brawl with smugglers we asked the city's police for comment. solace one vehicle approaching the traffic by c.r.s. police went through the roadblock he then knock down a police officer who was trying to stop him my colleague shot. mine people were on
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the vehicle including one smuggler in another incident and also creation took place between migrants and smugglers smugglers opened fire on migrants injuring five people one seriously. ill during the migrant crisis cowley experienced a huge inflow of migrants hoping to then make their way to britain we also spoke with the deputy mayor of kelly about the weekend's events he thinks the government should provide more support in dealing with migrants and deport those who commit offenses. it is unbelievable after all the problems we've met in the past it's. the government is not taking more action against those people. and that is really only realistic it's a bit away from the city center but it could happen to the city center. is the government not acting more strongly against those people if somebody
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illegal in the country. young even if he's young if an offense is done a serious offense is done and most be sent back to his country. named jungle camp and cali became the center of the city's troubles after it was set up in twenty fifteen it was demolished last year here's a look at how the migrant crisis off thousands of people arriving in the north of france.
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i'm happy to say about keith best the former vice chair of the european council on refugees and exiles is joining us live on the program to give us his thoughts on those pictures we've just been witnessing hi kate yes the jungle we well know was demolished but we keep seeing incidents involving migrants particularly not area why is that. well first of all it's very easy to advance simple solutions to this but they're all unrealistic because it's a very very complicated situation i mean first of all i think any right minded person will have every sympathy with those truck drivers of many different
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nationalities who are having their windscreen smashed their tires slashed and who are being intimidated by these desperate people who want to get on board their trucks in order to stand a chance of getting to the u.k. and it is the u.k. which is the great draw that's why everybody congregates there but you've got to remember there also that migrant as asylum seeking population itself is very diverse when we saw only back in april the center that have been created just outside town clerk was bought or was burned down when the afghans decided to have a fight with the sudanese and we've got very many different nationalities the eritreans and the ethiopians they've had wars between them so many of them carry those enmities with them when they actually travel to northern france but all of our cities and all that keep has to be dealt with by the police do they have the
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resources to cope in cali it's not just the police i mean first of all if you go to cal a song and i go there regularly about once a month you will see that the whole place has been turned into what looks like a gulag or or a prison camp i mean the masses of barbed wire fencing most of which the british have paid for incidentally all around the place john dom's the local police are there permanently on stations throughout the night there's a limit to what can be done when you are going to see a natural draw for people coming to the calla area in order to try to stand their chance of getting to the u.k. and i'm afraid. destroying the jungle. taking away the original refugee camp which you may remember was there some years ago in. the run by the red cross those don't help they only exacerbate the situation it's
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a fact that lease was stopping many of those refugees getting to a hand out of food for example that just makes the situation worse it doesn't help it it's a tough one for london though isn't it because the questions are whether the u.k. should play a bigger part but it's of course not their country is it it's a no other sovereign state but you have the as you say trucks going. the truck drivers don't know they're carrying these refugees migrants into the country what should the u.k. do. well first of all i mean the u.k. as i say has put billions of euros into the french account to help build all these fences and that that hasn't worked people will know they won't know the details but they will know that britain is destined to come out from the you they're worried that that's going to make it even more difficult so that in a way it's a pull factor more and more people want to desperately try their chance of getting
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to the u.k. before the u.k. comes out from from the the other thing is of course if we do it you without having a single customs area with the rest of the e.u. then it's going to get even worse you're going to have truck pile ups all the way halfway to paris from kalai again more chances for people to get on board those trucks secrete themselves away so that the future's not looking pretty good with us leaving the you i'm afraid but but really it does rely i think very much on the french accepting the situation that there is going to be a constant congregation of people there and then making sure that they cooperate with the british authorities to process these people about their asylum claims and if they are not recognized as refugees then they should be moved on more should be
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sent back to their own country keep bears former vice chair of the european council and refugees in exile it's always great to get your take thanks keith. the church of sweden has been forced to respond to claims that it's ruled gold must only be referred to in gender neutral terms the story was spread by a number of international news outlets. of course the traditional expressions of christian faith remain in the new worship book however some gender neutral ways of addressing god have been added in some prayers in swedish there is nowadays an official gender neutral pronoun hen this word is not used at all in the worship book. what is in fact happening is this the beginning of services it will be deemed acceptable to use three different ways of describing god one of those will be gender neutral the holy spirit will also be referred to in the female grammatical gender here's the reaction that we got from a number of guests then reclusive languages for example when it says blessedness
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a man who was not in the counsel of the ungodly will understand the word and that means men and women when we talk about mankind it is just me to the exclusion of women all of us so i reject this divisiveness this setting men and women the future of real in real life we have to get on with each other of course churches should not in eyes of course all religious organization then indeed all organizations to continually seat to modernize and to promote greater equality between the sexes and also you know between different races and between people from all sorts of different backgrounds and different life experiences and you know what but the church has a very poor history on this it's not it's not a question of it catching up the times it's way behind the times it has a history of treating women pretty horrifically you know the best plan would be to get rid of it and frankly also to get rid of those people advocating for it and talking about the issues which are how do we present the christian phrase to people out there and i believe that we do that are being faithful to the scriptures faithful to the to the witness and the ministry of the lord jesus christ if we want
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to look at it like what the actual scripture says the scripture says all sorts of horrific things if you know you go back to the old testament and and this god of yours stephen is killing people left right and center and and if you look at the new testament the most perfect woman is presented as a virgin you had a baby it's not really an achievable life goal what we need to do is for the church needs to modernize this isn't a problem of churches that christmas is about the person of jesus christ that's what it's all about that maybe people are going to arrest me to forgive us our sins or did he not that's to us but it's a question we must all be asking ourselves why he didn't really there's not much evidence to suggest he did it seems pretty that clear that. i mean it was also also the discussion must be conducted in in a childish way like that of course of course there is there is overwhelming evidence of the life of course not least in the gospels and that's where i'm standing. the world very first and biggest crypto currency because new
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record highs picking at almost ten thousand dollars it's mine by computers which solve sophisticated algorithms to generate the digital coins but the process consumes more electricity in a year than the nation of arlin in october alone the power used to mine bitcoin went up by thirty percent if those rates continue it's predicted there could be a global power cut by twenty twenty artie's financial show host max keiser say it won't slow down any time soon as investors turn their hard cash digital. we're seeing the latter c.f. currencies are in a hyper inflationary collapse against bitcoin i think we'll see a major price correction somewhere at the twenty five thousand dollar per bit coin level up until that price is achieved it looks like we'll see a pretty strong upward move one interesting scenario that we have to consider
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is that bitcoin become something of a financial black hole and all cash that's currently invested in stocks and bonds is moved over incipit coin and we have a stock market or bond market crash or both as we see the price of bitcoin move into the twenty five thousand dollar range and that's something that no central bank or or country will be able to stop and it's becoming a real a real scenario a real threat the energy required to mine bitcoin is quite significant and that gives you the underlying value a bit going to cost about two thousand dollars to mine a bit going it has real intrinsic value that gives you an indication that we're not talking about something that has no intrinsic value it does at the energy cost being part of the intrinsic value scenario and as the demand for bitcoin rises the energy will be there to meet that demand that's the way capitalism works.


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