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long way to agreement on breaks it they suddenly replaced the planned news conference where they were supposed to announce a deal with a short message saying it is tough to negotiate it is understood that this happened after the democratic unionist party political party in northern ireland forced its strong objections to the deal its against a concession which could have seen northern ireland remain in the customs area effectively creating a border between the province and the rest of the u k. we are being very clear in northern ireland mostly the european union on the same terms as the rest of the united kingdom and we will not accept any form of regulatory divergence which separates northern ireland economically or politically from the rest of. the democratic unionist party made an agreement of confidence and support with may's conservative party in the summer it agreed to support the prime minister's party in key votes a member of the house of lords and former lord coombe thinks the problems there but
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the r.h. border could lead to another general election. there cannot be any border within the united kingdom any suggestion of that would mean that the unionists and all of the especially the g.o.p. which is the largest party and all about it would withdraw supporting the government and we'd have a general election in february in the united kingdom i don't belong to any party but i live on the border i'm a unionist and i do not want to be treated differently in foreign affairs from the rest you know to keep this is a form of parish matter not a devolved matter and all foreign affairs applied to united kingdom equally to all parts united kingdom and if the tories in any way are trying to weaken rescission within united kingdom and they've done for before don't always trust the tories i would say it's a little penned and there's a unionist i would say go for an election. in other news tonight the us democratic
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party is under fire in the city of detroit where some locals are accusing the party of double standards especially when it comes to race the outrage was triggered by allegations of sexual misconduct against the house of representatives longest serving member. i was. dozens of people gathered at a rally demanding prices. yes in the case of democrat john conyers saying that the rule of law should be the same for everybody protesters claim conyers is being treated unfairly in comparison with similar allegations against another party member john conyers is being accused of five cases of sexual misconduct and denies all of them it is believed some politicians are using his age and race to force his resignation meanwhile the democrats have apparently turned a blind eye to allegations against senator franken whose career is well supported
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by the party he's already admitted to one case of a soldier and has been accused of five more but isn't facing calls to step down i don't think that you can equate senator franken with with roy moore there it's two different things and also his accusers have to accept our party i pray for congressman conyers and his family and wish them well hell over congressman conyers should resign media commentator john griffin who says that the american people are more concerned about more serious crime not claims against politicians. political reality is becoming a lot like reality television to be quite honest so much focus has been paid to scandals cause it's so easy to distract people from what matters with accusations in many cases baseless and unproven this is really pandering to the lowest common denominator when we're talking about issues that clearly don't matter to the people
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that actually are pushing them like let's let's look at the people who are pushing the sexual harassment controversy with roy moore these are folks that can be heard on any other day defending actual rape us in actual kind of files ok so when we look at that then we really have we really can have a clear understanding that this is not really about that it's about the policies that these individuals want to prevent from becoming law let's talk about those policies let's talk about our policy disagreements and let's stop throwing mud because it's really a waste of the people's time. ok well let's turn to one of our top stories tonight the for much of what you present and ukraine opposition politician because saakashvili has caused chaos today in the ukrainian capital kiev in the span of a few hours he did manage to climb to the roof of a block of flats and then threatened to jump off the police. it was then removed and arrested by security services before being freed from custody by crime if his
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supporters. well here's what happened barely an hour earlier when he was removed by the security services a few days ago his political movement held a major rally in kiev demanding the impeachment of ukraine's president poroshenko correspondence between a question of who's been following events. the georgian politician made quite a scene. this tuesday morning in the center of the ukrainian capital. was. charges assisting criminals and concealing their criminal activities before that happened the politician confined himself to the roof of the building reported these threats ning to jump off a roof in protest low in forstmann to officials who broke the door of his apartment
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and thirst the flag for avid ends of course such a move attracted hundreds of his soup orders that gathered outside the building and calls out this really was seen shouting to the crowds while emergency services were arriving to the scene carrying a ladder and all that was even transmitted to life on ukrainian t.v. now police used tear gas against the protesters pretty interesting facts are taking place in ukraine these days when former best friend of the current president is really embroiled in the country's politics because our country is known for his quite a turbulent political career he was a georgian president for nine years till two thousand and thirteen back in two thousand and eight he was practically on the verge of a nervous breakdown when he was filmed for the b.b.c. news report chewing his own top i he left his native country of georgia he was
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charged with corruption and abuse of power as well as other multiple criminal charges in two thousand and fifteen saakashvili gave up his georgian citizenship as he accepted it all for to become the governor of the i desk region well that didn't last for a long and he resigned back in november twenty sixth scene and the following year the president of ukraine petro poroshenko personally removed his citizenship well that happened when. was not in ukraine so he tried to get back to the country and he tried to cross the border this september and his supporters practically carried him across the police line at the polish border so while he held saakashvili is appealing this decision in court right now he remains to be a politician with no valid citizenship. ok well we have
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breaking news here from the swiss city of luzon because the international olympic committee has just ruled waiting for this information that russian police will be able to compete in the next year's winter games but only under a neutral flag it was announced by the president of the international olympic committee thomas back and that means they will not be allowed to wear russian colors the country's anthem won't be played during the medal ceremony those who will be allowed to participate might have to undergo two additional doping tests and comply with specific requirements from the world anti-doping agency ahead of this vote this evening two special commissions presented their findings to the i.o.c. with one of them looking into individual cases of russian athletes doping and the other looking at alleged state an alleged state doping scheme so that's what's happened over the last few minutes is going to discuss this
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a bit further is in the studio has been closely following the story is that a few weeks harsh it seems doesn't it this decision from the i.o.c. against russia but expected to well first of all andrew are just one of the worst or expecting the press conference by the international olympic committee executive board where thomas barr the president of the i.o.c. is going to speak and also sam all smith whose job was to produce concrete findings on the claims that russia arranged a system of state sponsored dog being back in two thousand and fourteen for the olympic games. the press conference has been delayed but perhaps because a certain deadline for the announcement was said and that is of course seven thirty pm central european time the website of the international olympic committee already came up with a press release and that is where the decision was announced and i just have it right in front of me so let's let me let me just look through the main points of
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that decision first of all the russian national olympic committee will be suspended with immediate effect and that meetings. are actually up today because as you were speaking just looking at live pictures now from the press conference being held by the i.o.c. i think it's wise just a listen to what they're saying. and the former president of the swiss confederation. smit i'd first like to ask to say a few words about his findings and recommendations he will speak in german and then i will ask the president then after that we will go to questions and answers so if i could now purchase bit to make a few opening remarks present schmidt. it is your turn to find a dominant. big. piece c.p. not comment. to. beat in the insults.
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speculate and. cop. cannot. be called michelle not to long and there could also be a value shouldn't intro to. molt document because she has to. hold . all of taint technical expertise and her large number of witnesses. involved in these procedures were granted the right to be heard this and. those who were accused as well as of those who were witnesses we made sure that
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the there was due. process in all of the procedures that have been completed that is one of the differences compared with the situation immediately prior to the olympic games in rio two thousand and sixty or the other just difference is that the issue was that of the money of the and tito being a system of prior to and doing the games in sochi. due to the severity and the seriousness of this situation and the consequence is the disciplinary commission decided that its recommendations would only be based on material ever terms of impartial and objective nature i'd like to stress here that the result of this procedure. is not based
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only on the statements and declarations of mr tank of them but is based on all the documents and proof that our impartial and objective nature these are for example. scientific. testament is correspondence xchange of correspondence and are the indications and proofs in. our. recommendation we have only included testimony of witnesses that are corroborated by other types of proof and evidence having analyzed all of this information and prove the disciplinary commission. first of all took note of the facts and on the basis of these facts drew the
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appropriate conclusions now with regard to the fact the disciplinary commission concluded that there was a systemic many in russia of the anti doping rules and of the anti doping system that all. the money placed in of the anti doping grows and regulations and of the systems were also prevalent prevalent during the olympic games winter games in sochi in two thousand and fourteen from the legal point of view the disciplinary commission concluded that as far as this systemic many asian was concerned there were different levels of administrative and contractual responsibility is. she in evolved as a consequence we draw the following conclusion the operational antidoping
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. bayesian of the rules and implementation of the rules was under the authority of the russian sports to me. this arises from the structure of the russian sports system. that is why the then sports minister has a responsibility for the failure of this system call me even though the russian n.o.c. did not bear the operation. responsibility nor had any responsibility during the olympic winter games for the implementation practice mentation of these rooms. nonetheless the legal and contract will sponsibility. this also arises from the provisions of the
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olympic charter and the host city contract for the olympic winter games. consequently the discipline rate commission of the i c submitted the following recommendation to the executive board of the i.c. appropriate measures should be adopted on the one hand and to underpin that there was an existence of a. nation of the antidoping rules and organization and on the other hand the those who had responsibility needed to be sanctioned. such sanctions could include the uniform the flag and the anthem at the same time the rights of the individual russian clean athletes need to be protected but in addition to this the costs incurred.
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by the procedure is. should be integrated in these sanctions this is just a summary of the report that i presented to the e.p. today and the conclusions we do for you to get a full picture of our work i can only recommend to you. to read the full report as well as all the annexes and i would like to refer you here to the report on the. forensic and biological and. in conclusion let me just say. that. we have never seen any such many purely and. and this has caused unprecedented damage to them and to sports
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thank you for your attention thank you very much president schmidt i said to remind you that president smith's record is on the i.c. website as is the type you see just now i'd like to ask you i have to say if you were a suppressive i think you are trying to quit even inc please allow me first of all or to think mr schmidt all the team for the great work and of the great dedication to. commission here together with the commission members produced a comprehensive and. excellent report addressing this is my new palatial of the anti-doping system in no rush. the i.o.c. executive board has based its decision today on this report. the report clearly lays out and and president it take on the integrity of the
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olympic games and sports. the report includes in particular the money pull asian of the end dog laboratory of the olympic winter games in sochi two thousand and fourteen. is the executive board after following get you broach this. issue with your proportion of sanctions for these systemic money pull asian while protecting clean athletes up due process. to which every individual and every organisation he's entitled to. which was not ever a liberal to the i.o.c. prior to the olympic games a real two thousand and sixty. s. and house lead myself. i'm feeling very sorry for all the clean athletes from all in o.c.
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who are suffering from this money palatial. we have agreed with the i.o.c. else leads a commission. for the rear location of medals we will do our best to organize ceremonies for athletes during the olympic winter games two thousand and eighteen two were dry to dry to make up for the moments they have missed on the finish line or on the podium. the i.o.c. has proposed and has undertaken measures for a more robust anti-doping care system under the leadership of a wider so that something like this can hopefully not happen again. you have already received the decision of the i.o.c.
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executive board and you have received a full report of the commission presided by mr schmidt and this is exactly the report which the i.o.c. executive bought. these afternoon when taking decisions. so please allow me to summarize these decisions. the russian olympic committee is suspend it with immediate effect. individual clean russian else leads will be able to participate under strict conditions at the olympic winter games here in china two thousand and eighteen. these invited astley will participate between. individual or team competitions under the name olympic else lead from russia with the acronym a r.
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they will compete with a uniform bearing this name and under the olympic flag. the olympic anthem will be played in any ceremony. no official of the russian ministry of sport will be a great it it for the olympic winter games two thousand and eighteen. the then minister of sport mr bitterly would go and then deputy minister yuri not go on ik who will be excluded from any parties or from any participation in all future olympic games. dimitri journey schenkel former c.e.o. of the organizing committee sochi two thousand and fourteen will be withdrawn from the called a nation commission beijing two thousand and twenty two. the president
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of the russian olympic committee mr alexander shook of his suspended as an i.o.c. member given that his membership is linked to his position as president of the russian olympic committee. the i.o.c. reserves the right to take measures against and sanction other individuals implicated in the system. the russian olympic committee will reimburse the costs incurred by the i.o.c. on the investigations and contribute to the establishment of the independent testing has already ita in the total sum of fifteen million u.s. dollars to build the capacity and integrity of the global. hoping system.
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of. the olympic rings the games going to be trying things i was and a teen provided these decisions are fully respected and implemented by as a russian olympic committee and by the n.y.t. to athletes and officials. this decision should draw a line under these a damaging episode and serve as a catalyst for a more effective and more robust anti-doping system played by water. thank you very much and i ready to take any questions you may have ok thank you very much usual rules if you could indicate which organization representing wait
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for the mike and let's start with a to the down the front here in a moment slowly back. from around the reins it seems pretty clear that you have it out for the russian olympic committee here by suspending. the n o c as a result of these. of these violations. and also banning the sports minister deputy minute mr moto from all future olympic games are you assigning any blame to the russian olympic committee are you assigning any blame for the russian government over the. whole thing is there i can refer to. the report who clearly outlined the different levers software responsibilities for these the state make money pull asian and the u.c. who then the issue with the proportionate sanction for these different level of
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responsibility for these failure and for these many palatial. this eastham bit. more detail if you're interested in. i may refer to mr schmidt. yeah dan ryan from the b.b.c. that. thank you dan ronan b.b.c. mr president you described this option as the nuclear option last year before rio and you chose not to take that decision looking back now do you regret that could you have done like the i.p.c.c. did and secondly do you now expect russia to consider boycotting chan twenty eighteen and. telling its athletes you can go even as neutrals. i don't want to go into the details but it was not me who spoke about the nuclear option referred to
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comments by others but anyway. there. as mr schmidt explained very well and as we have said since a real at the time of real we had not to the opportunity here to follow due process there was no opportunity to hear the russian side to give them the right to which everybody is entitle to to defend. them selves and at the time of real it was furthermore about them mainly about the failure in the mosco laboratory now it's about the money pull ation of an olympic lever atory mainly in sochi so there are the conditions then and now. totally different and
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there are already as you know different from the situation in. f. i p c for different reasons again. if. these was about. corruptive cooperation between. then parts of the leadership of fighter and the russian has led to federation and i.p.c. has a very different structure from the sea so we have applied now with a proportionate. sanction after having had the opportunity to follow through process and to have all the allegations evidenced by different means as explained by mr schmidt. i. know first of all. an olympic boycott. never achieved
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anything secondly i don't see any reason. there for. the russian elsley because we allow. the clean russian fleets. to. participate. and. to show. there are clean athletes in russia and in this way. we think that these. clean russian athletes can be more about building a bridge into the future of clean for cleaner sport. erecting a new wall. between russia and the olympic.
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well. as usual i will ask my question seen in french so right. now. what do. you want. me to get. me ask you when you pick do you. direct responsibility of the russian government in these. decision by the i.o.c. executive board has been taken by consensus. decision by the. convention. regarding responsibility. that has to be.


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