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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 15, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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we can't show the video but he this is a guy who gets outrage for not taking his job seriously and then he does this daily caller video making fun of anybody who is fighting or being you know seven things that's too big you can still post selfies the medium's that he's there with a puppy dog and i have to say grow up honestly you know good point blank everybody on the hill it's serious there's a point where you just need to grow up you know because you have people the people who are really hurt by this are the people at the very bottom they're not the people with million dollar you tube channels they're the person with a small web site who is trying to sell a product and trying to make a living that's making less than fifty thousand dollars a year probably and those are the people that really get hurt and long term and we know the cable companies are going to do the internet provided cable companies are going to do this a benchley they're going to parcel out the internet for you know x. amount of low in dollars you get slow simple internet service and these websites but for high end dollars you get all the actual stuff you need right they do that now this point if you live
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a basic plan it doesn't work right now and so no sir i don't it's only going to hurt people who don't have access to money isn't going on plans who don't use that and at the end of the day the internet is a utility you can't get away on a public good it's a utility at this point we were too dependent on it without it i think we're ten years from a free internet home so. sexual abuse and harassment are no stranger to the wolves of wall street and while the brothers of finance are apparently way more into here crystals and groups than cocaine and export x. test scores it seems that women are still struggling to succeed and be safe in the workplace the government accountability office recently released a new report finding among other things that women influence make up only twenty nine percent of senior jobs at banks trusts insurance and securities firms and of the women who did rise to the top of the national bureau of economic research recently concluded that following an incidence of misconduct the male advisors are twenty percent. more likely to lose their jobs and thirty percent less likely to
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find new jobs relative to little advisers joni hersch a professor at vanderbilt law school told the intercept the problem with these industries is that the prize is so big of the top if you successfully compete and dance the payoff is huge and that keeps people motivated to keep putting out and complain about the working conditions there's a huge story that you told me about today and you've been following all day long. yeah it's if this thing of not understanding i keep being i guess this whole thing we've had the movement this year and it's hit really close to home for you because it's so many industries that i have worked in that i have seen sexual harassment abuse assaults i've seen it all and now it's sort of see this idea as if wall street has never had a problem as if wall street's never had an issue and it's amazing that no one like
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it is going to you see it when you're in a restaurant you see it in hollywood you see is. wall street's been eerily silent now and it does badly remind me of something yes please tell me that your mind my reminiscences of this is true taking it back to the night as we love to do. with our present. state of x. the ninety's and in the ninety's there were a number of lawsuits the biggest one was known as the boom boom room scam of the ninety as it was when smith barney as we know for the fabulous thailand party we do things the old fashioned way we earn it may take money the old fashioned way we earn it was sued by twenty five female cope workers and current brokers for sexual harassment and assault the actually the accusations that were in this just just to name one tiny one was branch managers asking female employees to take their shirts off for money and then that was the existence of the infamous boom boom room which is a room in their new york office of smith barney. that was strictly for escorts and
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strippers and if any were female workers were brought in there a number of them said they were assaulted they had time to shut down their throats not that in that case the arbitration process many people many women were saddled with was called out and in the in the lawsuit that ended up with smith barney they actually agreed after a lot of fighting to let the arbitration go and to settle for a fairly large was about one hundred fifty million dollars in rewards and they've even put a cap on it they were saying over twenty thousand women come forward so was a huge lawsuit it was a huge thing but even at that time they said look if we don't fix these things if we don't fix the arbitration process or these things it's not and i get in the arbitration process is a big problem here because you know we saw you know gretchen carlson thankfully got around her arbitration process by when she was suing roger ailes you know c.e.o. chairman of fox former c.e.o. and chairman of fox news you know anita hill said that you know yes that he did
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well but you know who now works as an anti-discrimination professor at brandeis university told time magazine last year mandatory arbitration clauses in the go shooting away the civil rights of an individual are just playing a bad idea what we're talking about here with harassment is a civil rights violation you know our policy is driven from the point of view of the people the men who are more powerful engaging in the abusive behavior women are skeptical skeptical coming forward because they don't trust the procedures and i think they are. absolutely right the better for seizures yes we need better procedures and i don't see how that sneaky feeling that wall street bubble is going to pop the bubble not the money bubble but the me too bubble that's going to pop and they're going to see more and i hope so i hope that's not the case but come on really at the end of the day you know. since mankind first. look to the heavens we've asked the most universal of question are we. the
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search for the answer to that question continues to this very day and now it's being asked of the mysterious quarter mile long cigar shaped interstellar object currently hurdling through our solar system at a speed of almost two hundred thousand miles per hour called the oh moment which is why i'm for a messenger or scout stephen hawking and other scientists have theorized that the object could raise something as gray and as an alien pro or just simply another spacecraft lucky enough to be on a very rare interstellar journey to find out scientists working on the breakthrough listen project point of the massive green bank telescope in west virginia to listen for any potential alien communications or signals being emitted from the four hundred metre long object as of thursday it's been the sound of silence but don't give up hope it's an awfully big sky ride it is this this is the four hundred year like a movie there's
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a lot to learn from it it's. as much as i wish it was an alien programming to take me back to my home planet well in the reason of the evil daughter was something possibly aliens or the didn't require like the amount of space dust and debris that most objects hurdling through the void it requires very good cause. but they're going to go together they're not done looking at it so there still is a true story about is that enough of the other show for you to and remember everyone in this world we are told are above the bumps or so while i love my own entire robot and i'm top of the wall if people are watching those talks of a great day. here's will people been saying about rejected in the sixties feel alone awesome the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yampa is the john oliver of r t americans do the same we are apparently
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better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank though they. were. seriously send us an e-mail. it would seem the more they antitrust first push to have the president removed from office the more we learn about the media in such places says the f.b.i. how they really work to date the investigation known as russia gate has revealed preciously little we're learning there was collusion elsewhere. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took a line the whole gist i came to god and that that the debts tie came and it was spiraling out of control. many lives have been broken like excessive debt the banks got you into trouble and all the big bankers got big prize to their new government
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the banks but i just didn't think of the ordinary men who lost money through the back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad face from happening you know you become ill you do to job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is death a life long trip or is there a way out of those actually come to a bit of an old reichl to ditch bill from so much for the family. it's all the politicians will make people afraid that's be a better relations with russia better relations with the united states already do enforce also from nationalism in brussels and the european union that is the real reason and that is something i don't subscribe.
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to. north korea face off on a special u.n.
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security council session on the nuclear crisis washington keeps up its pressure campaign. washington is to blame for the escalation. also coming up this hour the u.k. military officer suggests russia could try to. water cables disrupting global communications but no indication of where the claim comes from. further clashes between palestinians and israeli police in the west bank and jerusalem at this beautiful to the city just. just after ten pm this friday night here in moscow one welcome to our to
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international miss our my names only in complete contrast to a statement earlier this week concerning a need for talks with north korea over the nuclear crisis u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson just hours ago said. heard it's way back to negotiations that was a special session of the united nations security council let's cross live now. in new york who's been following developments high caliber it's not often we see top level diplomats of the u.s. and north korea in the same room for a start is it. well the presence of the two officials made it pretty clear that the stakes are getting higher as we watch the meeting in the u.n. security council chamber now we heard from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson he emphasized that the united states did not want to go to war with north korea but that they will be increasing their pressure on the country this is rex tillerson speaking to the fifteen member body that
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is intended to lead to diplomatic talks in the meantime the president's been very clear militarily we are going to be prepared should something go wrong and our military is prepared now under the united nations rules because the u.n. security council meeting related directly to the activities of north korea a representative from north korea was able to take the floor at the meeting now the representative from north korea said that it was the united states that was to blame for the crisis in the korean peninsula and that their development of nuclear weapons was only done to deter attack against their country this is the representative of north korea speaking in the u.n. security council chamber. produces to know when you clearly have phoned in to do stoop thirds with the prince even with the proof. and run. to the month from the us from the u.s.
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nuclear. and you on. the run must. come. from the session it seems to us also had some demands for china russia tell us about that. yes well one tillerson was speaking he emphasized that he felt russia and china were not doing enough regarding their neighbor north korea and not putting enough pressure on north korea regarding its nuclear program and its missile tests now they donald trump has called on russia to do more now russia's president vladimir putin has talked about the reason for the lack of cooperation between russia and the united states regarding north korea this is the russian president vladimir putin. do you think that cooperation on north korea
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could warm up u.s. russia relations. to the you of very interesting people have you noticed that your congressman sentences who will have nothing to loose that was shots you seem to be managing so they lump together with north korea and iran bus in the same time they finish with it rather than. the result of iran nuclear deal and the north korean crisis is what you want to you ok. now when russia took the floor at the u.n. security council meeting they emphasize that while they did not approve of north korea's actions it didn't seem like saber rattling and threats was really the answer we also heard from representatives of china and china emphasized its call for a double free they called on the usa to end its provocative military exercises in the.


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