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send us an e-mail. on the shores of the mississippi river new orleans louisiana. the city is known around the world for its jazz. the famous musician louis armstrong and sidney bishop born here. in treme an african-american neighborhood. the bethel church is packed this morning . if you're a. hero right on thirty five was shot and killed during what appears to be a revenge that. they're fairly common in the area. the mother of the victim has
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already lost a relative in a shoot out. shoot guns kill almost one person every day within the black community. leaving me. to remove the victim's brother his visit. here was murdered and. of course the no further restored our lives to sit in the united states but. you know that's all for it's always what in a better way to also tell. the good to caribbean tradition if you must be joyous. the funeral march turns into a celebration of. dances jazz and alcohol companies that the system is.
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in the world starts today. let this little boy take the sun like. life. and then spin the cotton three times in honor of the neighborhood of the deceased the third district. listed in the rate has increased by thirty percent this. new orleans is one of the most dangerous cities in the united states it's also the
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one considered as the most joyful. its nickname is the big easy. live. but hurricane katrina struck louisiana in august two thousand and five and it literally saw new orleans. winds over one hundred ninety mph floods over several feet. one thousand were killed. one hundred thousand were forced to leave new orleans falls into chaos and poverty . that. comes. in the neighborhoods hit by the floods criminality exploded. especially on the eastern part of the city where murders happen on a daily basis thank you miles.
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so simple citizens like brennan gear up to defend themselves. but keep a lot of stuff handy just in case again something crazy happens active shooter. a young millionaire sidney torres fights to increase security in the tourist. is what . those little connected electric. backyard said was happening and that you know i'm looking on the g.p.s. right now to see that the machine is. built on swamps new orleans is surrounded by alligators there are more alex they are everywhere. and. plagued by violence not the big easy as falling into chaos.
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in treme to reno welcomes us inside his father's home and the house where he grew up but his brother killed by gunfire. was i would love. to out the. dreams cuz it was also affected by violence. i'm sixty years though i lost a son down in the wall he was seventy he would be about thirty eight now he was shot he was shot emerge it's the second murder you're from the there is still room for a minute or could come about a lease over the years by the at least twelve members of my family close members and murdered. the reason behind those murders is drug trafficking. like many others trains brother was a drug dealer he made
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a lot of play. and this is all of that in putting lives life up in the. for the most part he's the clown and that was all i have a person now to talk about movies. even using you know close as one of the things that we. know when mayhem was in the. very early on the young man felt deep into criminality most criminals have weapons here. that he's got a lot of. black sheep in the car loans he wanted all the people. and i don't eat a lot of time. so that's something but i still check for. in the afternoon during those at the very fancy esplanade ever to go to st anna church
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. an entire wall is dedicated to the victims of crimes committed in this city. no. less a lot of men. on this one more than three hundred names for this year only. most of these men and women were shocked. and under thirty. who would have a commemoration so the people that lost their lives said. bill terry the priest came up with the idea to write those names on the walls of his church. and we decided that naming the names of murder victims in a public display would be helpful in reminding us all that these are human beings
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so. this morning you will add five new names to his memorial including tarim brother. there are so many victims that he no longer has time to have the name. grades were shot in september. america raised off a box it's not just by god it's one of the least look at the movies in america that are the stuff that goes on in this country so all of that equates to the it's as our it's. the last name that the priest and his terrains brothers. pray for the truckers. her. military began writing those names eight years ago you will soon run out of space to write the names of the new victims. at the same moment east of the city
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a young man was just killed another drug related act of revenge. the police has shut down the neighborhood the local t.v. stations are already there and it is very real who was hit by gunfire killed somebody else. a young cousin of the victim was shot in the arm also admitted to having gone well too heavily armed men fired on the young man as he was leaving his home. shell casings are all over the ground bullet holes. the neighborhood is in shock. and. the mother of the victim this devastation. this is last sunday. this is still yet but it's being seen it's all hands free and it. soon as that goes on is that that's not going kill you know was the sound of months of no love in the
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bullet in my birth the birth of the mayor in the n.h.l. my little baby nephew for you though in his own and some for the money going out in the world. in the. kind of a risk every day this is my brother. how can it. keep it it running. through. the effects. great. britain. the murderers could be from the same neighborhood. it's unbelievable so you can identify you know you're going to tell me yes oh my nieces and my son i'm not because from aleppo. jacob lives just across the road. he's also a drug dealer. what happened today doesn't surprise him. it wasn't
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that most people of my age look up to the street light i.e. handy so you can see when she was in the boat you know but what you do home is. like they say you. know. in the black neighborhoods like this for. forty percent of children the below the poverty line. unemployment is twice as high as in the rest of the city. these inequalities have created racial tensions. on the other side of the town in this upmarket area tarina stopped by one of. the door to the supposed. she's giving him grief for talking to a white journalist. he would. ask then. you have the right
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now but i mean eight. months in time to bring him are mounting. his. oh my ok i'm sure there were that. you helped him bring more white people in this place ok so this is a slight neighborhood it's not just book right now the whole center and we don't have that you know yeah one of those neighborhoods like this are now they may think there's a video saying this don't bring more of their writings are going to cause i have no use to discuss the black neighborhood right now so this this they go fast in this quest they think ok ok he's like you know people can you pass an address this is you and he brings that or if i was at one have met a gun in a plantation separation and our salvation is the best on the day we can get them to stop killing the devil. by god.
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this woman is part of the nation of islam. a radical muslim organization that promotes the superiority of the black race. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night was you know exactly just full on austin the only show i go out of my way to was you know what it is that really packs a punch. yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than booth. i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank so take your time to write me seriously send us an e-mail. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better god did than for knox swiss customs i hear opponents place well all the
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science is controlled by them and they imposed the opening time so it was it was a good piece from his op. the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like pecans oh and modigliani i can't boards and sold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers a deals with naturally discreet commercially discreet step but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business.
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in new orleans two centuries of slavery have left painful scars within the african-american community. that accounts for two thirds of the town's population moreover that african-americans feel that they were abandoned during hurricane katrina. in two thousand and five under the pressure of the water dozens of poorly maintained levees broke. mud flooded eighty percent of the town that was under sea level. today the town still bears the scars of the disaster especially in the poor neighborhoods. aka the dancing that is here one of the most devastated areas. he believes that nothing has been done to rehabilitate this
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neighborhood. i'd. just ask tough. tough tough team after its name. this is only one of about twenty thousand. that twenty thousand that's like. when you left. for air it was a bend in area so the reason for the increased crime rate. this is a. black neighborhood a high crime able to conduct crime in a weapon drugs wherever you got drugs are. african american people the flow speed with the situation of the country no job no food
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if you're not easy. if you now do. i land when a situation yeah yeah you know you will go to the extreme the hungry people of will to deed stream. since the hurricane criminality has increased by forty percent. on the other side of the city we encounter a different atmosphere. louisiana is a former french colony and the most touristy area really is the french. every tourist from all around the world gathered a. lot of. kinds of access.
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and of course here jazz is everywhere. bars with dance floors and every. day for the last two. his name is also played by violence last year one person was killed and nine were injured in a shoot out in the middle of the french quarter. and another night a man attempts to kidnap a drunk girl. tries to stop him. but the aggressor points into seattle. the man begs for mercy. dresser shoots him in the stomach then tries to kill him.
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luckily his weapon jams. the shooter takes flight. the men will survive this incident. the aggressor you're a cain twenty one has already been charged with rape and robbery. you'll be arrested two days later. by night these types of aggressions are multiplying especially in restaurants which have become new targets for the criminals. the pathway is a fancy restaurant. six months ago the only choosing and his team were the victims of an armed robbery. as lorenzo general manager. fellow for the back right should pop up front you know. how you do it it's a riot. yeah on that day the restaurant was packed like it is tonight. the security cameras have recorded the whole scene. there were three robbers.
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one guy came in and maybe a second attitudes and slater to guys came in behind it first and then the second guy came in sit very well let me go rounds the first day he wanted to hear the register hit right here in the drawer then for a second put a gun to his head made it go to the ground they got this is not a job now or what else. claim carries a gun but he chose not to use it on that night avoiding a bloodbath it's the threat of being shot or killed that's the it's not a wallet it's not a cellphone it's not money it's not stealing my car it's someone gets shot and there's no other option do you carry a gun to know it's a difficult issue though because i'm not for it but in
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a mill you like this worse there are so many dangerous people with guns it makes sense for people those guns to protect themselves. in the united states the gun issue is a sensitive subject. are they responsible for the increasing number. in new orleans more and more people chose to arm themselves. play. brennan forty years old former police officer. he doesn't leave the house without his arsenal have a main gun it just goes right here my waistband. although many as it is really very simple it just has what we call a combat dos this particular gauze has a static agent. and he in the not only saw they both have
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this wave opening feature which imagine my my pocket here but this little hook as i go to pull this out the pocket this little hook catches the inside of the pants and it opens it automatically has a hole it out so i can i could defend myself from either side maybe a push against a wall and this side i'm not a big get this knife so i can get to this one or vice versa. like most people in new orleans brennan was traumatized by katrina. at the time he was still a police officer get to face chaos. it's as if you are right there's the mississippi river this is all part of the levee system there was a breach in a levee where one of the oil tanker barges hit it in with that there was some oil so it was really nasty down here. disaster. when you have adversity at the level that katrina was that's when those true call the start coming out. of family members to dallas to evacuate and when i
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was coming back into the city in dallas texas i don't know p.t. units passing me leaving the city. many police officers never returned. and now we're you know we're very low in manpower dangerously low not only for the citizens but for the department themselves i mean these guys are you know we look we get more and more people shoot up police it's just it's never seen more that than i've ever seen before. obsessed with. safety. he transformed his car into a real armory. i keep a lot of this stuff handy just in case again something crazy happens active shooter as a you know so carry permit also keep a rifle it's actually technically a pistol but i keep something that's a little bit bigger and i keep additional ammunition as well as a body armor and medical equipment the stuff that i would simply need to see an active shooter at
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a school or something like that and then also just keep kind of general preparedness stuff vehicle maintenance stuff tools things for spare flat tires a water fluids for the vehicle general maintenance stuff that you know probably everybody should have in their vehicle. after quitting the police brennan chose to open a gun shop. you can find everything here from an automatic gun to an a k forty seven. but in the red is there going oh oh how far is the range zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero for letting us know a little bit with the growing insecurity about brennan says this is flourishing because like this especially considering that in louisiana arm sales are deregulator cool clothes you know if you anything all right you would say you have gone. and you carried with you you have it on you today and you're sure you're
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ok so you feel endangered really. even if. you know. in this town the number of firearms is booming. their sales doubled the last ten years. but in new orleans. a man has found another solution the weapons to fight criminality. it's in the heart of the french quarter that live city tour is a forty year old millionaire. he made a fortune in the garbage disposal service. i'm proud of you know rap today the only good quote on. earth by. a million in.
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his house had been burglarized several times so sydney decided to invest part of his fortune into the security of the french quarter. he created a unique and. it allows people to send real time information to the policeman of the neighborhood. you see something that says look suspicious prostitution drug dealing you see somebody getting rob you take the side and you can take a picture and send it and it goes directly here it's like having a police officer in your pocket. although once again this is a crime just came in over the radio and they say they sent a picture here you see suspicious person dolfin in governor nichols and they took a picture of him see him on the corner you see him on the ground they act like they're sleeping but they're they actually rob people when you walk. his idea was
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born after his conflict with the mayor of new orleans who he publicly accused of being in active in front of the rise of criminality i tried to get a meeting with the mayor and he wouldn't meet with me so i made a thirty second commercial and i started putting it all over the t.v. calling the mayor out on the crime in the cities the french quarter is under siege by criminals the problem can be it is only six blocks by thirteen. you may as well advised me to come in this clip from the millionaire office to you know the violence in the city and every sane way to deal with garbage like. we should hope for the misery for there was a real provocation. and so he didn't like it and he took offense to it he made millions and millions and millions of dollars off a garbage contract in the french quarter and maybe he should just to get some of that money and do it himself if he thinks it's so easy it's just not like they decided to follow his advice and invested several hundred thousand dollars to
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create the french quarter task force a unit that works directly with the task force you download it and you're able to connect police do exactly this was something that was launched just days ago in tonight's businessman city tour today the young millionaire has become a star in the american media. you know who as you can see a. lab gray white black and blue. this afternoon he has yet another t.v. interview. has become a reference in the fight against criminality. you know it's not just a lot of people in jail for arresting our way out it's that it has to we have to have programs the mayor the city the citizens work together.
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if we receive so much a ten. it's because is that there's a real success in this neighborhood criminality is down by forty five percent. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. on the. hot dog. on him. on the show. and then.
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the u.s. is criticized by members of the u.n. security council after washington called an emergency meeting and said government unrest in iran also to come this hour and say you know talian journalist publishes a graphic novel based on the time she spent in malta and yemen highlighting the daily life of ordinary people and the jewish community in france fears a rise in anti semitic attacks after trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel thus far in fury the latest book to expose the private life of donald trump and his time in the white house becomes an instant best set.


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