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morning. supporters of the iranian government to hold a fourth day of rallies to denounce the uprising that swept across the country and left at least twenty one people dead. however worrying the events of the last few days in iran may be they do not constitute per se but threat to international peace and security to the security council should not discuss the internal issues of any country or its human brunt issues the u.n. security council at america's request holds an emergency pleasing able situation in iran but some members think it's an internal issue for terror on. one person reportedly died on saturday as the saudi led coalition is a party continuing its bombing campaign in yemen despite a humanitarian outcry. on sunday is christmas for many orthodox
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christians around the world including russians these are pictures from christ the savior to see drove the santo also helps christianity in moscow. thank you for watching the headlines here at r.t. international broadcasting live from moscow. a full state of mass pro-government rallies has been held in iran tens of thousands of people have been on marches to show their support for the country's leaders these come in response to a seven day uprising triggered by poor living conditions that engulfed over eighty cities.
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that was. on friday night the united nations security council at washington's request held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in iran russia criticized the mayor saying that terror on should be left alone to deal with its own internal affairs well that sentiment was echoed by a number of other members of the security council in the past week what has happened on the ground throughout the nation of iran is something the world must take note. of the last few days in iran they do not constitute. a threat to international peace and security every u.n. member state. but member states cannot use sovereignty as a shield when they categorically deny their people human rights and fundamental freedoms. council should not discuss the issues of any country or its human rights
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issues if the founding principles of this institution mean anything we will not only hear their cry will finally answer. we are witnessing an attempt by some of the allegations to bring to the attention of the security council issues that do not fully correspond with the mission of this body. states stands unapologetically with those in iran who seek freedom for themselves change in iran will not come from outside it will come from the iranian people themselves nothing will stop america's standing in solidarity with. iran deal with its own internal problems since this is precisely what is taking place. in the end. security council. the iranian foreign minister shared his views on the meeting he called it a foreign policy blunder by the trumpet ministration meanwhile america's top diplomat rex tillerson has been quizzed about washington's support for the iranian
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anti-government protesters you've said that you want to support quote. elements in the country that will lead to a peaceful transition of government that sounds like regime change but i think to me iranian people have suffered under this regime we do not support the traditions of power but we do support peaceful transition of power we discuss the events in iran with political analyst shabbier house anally he says america helped to ferment long rust the reality is that many of the people who've been arrested off from. inspired groups and you've got these type of people who came in from the outside from places like kurdistan from afghanistan they were supported by the swathe of sort of tweets that were coming out of washington now this is america israel saudi
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arabia interfering at least from a distance within iran's internal affairs yes iran has got economic problems absolutely but a lot of those economic problems we mustn't forget because the commitments that america had with j.c. p.o. way have been flagrantly abused the day j c p o j c p oh it was signed america turned around and put some new sanctions on iran which is ridiculous. and inflammatory new book about donald trump has rocketed to the top of the bestsellers list this weekend fire and fury claims to reveal who the president really is and what it's like to be around him but it's been met with skepticism from the white house and with ridicule by trump himself. position is very clear that we think it is full of false and fake information we went to the best colleges for college i went to had a situation where i see a very excellent student came out and made billions and billions of dollars became
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one of the top business people went to television for ten years was a tremendous success as you probably have heard ran for president one time in one and then i hear this guy that does not know me doesn't know me at all by the way did not interview me for three city interviewed me for three hours in the white house that didn't exist ok it's in his imagination well the book quotes the president's former senior adviser steve bartman one of many people to exit via the revolving white house door last year and it's caused quite an uproar in the mainstream media buyer and we've got a book to talk about here it is and all of gossipy details trumps rambling and his alarming repetitions had significantly increase he was no more than seventy literate when he has to be in the white house they took him into bed at six thirty in the chair there is not mentally fit you cannot do this job running at adult daycare center moron and he should not be president he's not going to make it he
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said these last is stuff well here are just a few of the books claims apparently donald trump found the white house daunting and that his own behavior contributed to washington's dysfunction it also asserts that the us leader himself was behind leaks of personal data and alleges that trump enjoys eating cheeseburgers in bed we asked people in washington if the book was on their reading list if you're looking to confirm you're already in the bios this is the book you want to read i'm not a fan of the president at all i just want to find out what's in it and sort of satisfy my curiosity you know it's. tough for us booksellers to get a copy but a series i can. well media and legal analyst lionel told us why the book is a godsend for many media outlets. nobody cares except the people in the mainstream media who can now focus on it they don't have to do any research they
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don't have to do any heavy lifting all they have to do is pick out the particulars s'pore says that they like it's a rehash of the same story it's not substantive it doesn't deal with any of the problems that really affect the country or the world it's easy it's easy to digest law hanging fruit it's perfect for them what effect is it going to have absolutely nothing the people who hate drugs hate them the people who love dr love him now there's going to change. the rollercoaster ride for bitcoin seems to be on the up again after a recent slump of almost forty percent it's currently hovering at the seventeen thousand dollars mark after hitting highs of twenty thousand last year and here's a quick reminder of the journey so far. bitcoin has hit a financial milestone not reached in almost four centuries it's taken over the
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title of biggest bubble in history for what was known as mania in the netherlands. value has surged by around sixty times in the last three years that's considerably faster than sure it bogs in the seventeenth century which were at one point worth ten years of a skilled craftsman cerny back then prices were driven by greed or a fear of missing out but as more people bought into the bulbs for quick profits a flurry of sales collapsed the price left many with crippling debts is being called the digital of the twenty first century is the same pattern emerges that fear of missing out in new investors piling in critics say the perceived value of the currency like the church is being counted out of thin air with the ever growing army of bitcoin believers. sorry it's here to stay operational market in full flow around the clock and new places all over the world ready to accept the crypto currency as payment even
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a church in london is happy to accept donations of the virtual kind with the size of the bitcoin market already set passing some countries economies new zealand included influential banks are being left behind but as history shows us boom is usually followed by bust so we bitcoin about to wilt. well some people have struck it rich with the virtual currency internet entrepreneurs the winklevoss twins have amassed a billion dollar fortune while this teenager is now a millionaire after investing a small sum from his grandmother a few years ago and the man who said to have created the cyber current c forty holds around seventeen billion dollars worth but it's not been plain sailing for everybody one man accidentally threw away thousands of bitcoins when his hard drive broke in twenty thirteen and a hungry customer paid ten thousand bitcoins for two pizzas a few years ago which is worth one hundred sixty million dollars today or ten
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million a slice and this person was jailed for money laundering off to he sold his bitcoins to someone involved in illegal drugs well for more on the pros and cons we had from some financial commentators i am sure it is their level in fact is probably the biggest bubble i've ever seen in my career as an investor and i've seen quite a few bubbles and i'm familiar with the psychology that surrounds them you know big quiet it took a rocket ship up and it's going to come down even faster because it is not a bubble because it actually is the pin that's the pin that's part of popping the legacy financial systems bubble. over a printing of money. over valuation of a stock the beauty of it the supporters say stay centralized it's everything that. you know the big quite itself is not to take knology could be the reward but you don't need to have a block chain there are all these other cryptocurrency is that have block chains and they don't use big court and you can use block change for anything big what
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about the fight over the consensus the larger white sheet is the only one that large is the largest block sort of the only one that matters the one that does the most no it doesn't the most people the right of is the one that's most trustworthy you know the small if you've got a block in your pocket and not have a sense of what model or algorithm work meaning you don't have any minors or you don't have. consensus that doesn't mean a thing that's a really really slow data blood what and that's what it is but what is it what is the value what is the inherent value of a bit coy what it what can you do with the big quite to make it worth seventeen thousand dollars if i have one big point what can i use it for what can i do with it you could buy anything as a matter of fact i could buy gold out of this god i got a patch full dot com and i could buy gold out of this guy go buy gold at sixty percent off with the situation where now dangerous is that you know what people all remold getting and spending savings on but look it is very dangerous but what is it is that he terry you think they're going to get rich quick because right now the
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only reason that people are buying big quote is because the prices going up and what it turns around then they're going to be selling it for the same reason. the fresh air strike in yemen has left one person dead and several injured to tell you who's apparently behind the attack of the show. it's all to see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the free float world cold and your bets have been a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waving spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best
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form since my last will come on that story as well as three. thousand zero zero zero zero zero russian. rice drive. none of those left left left more or less ok stuff that's really good joining me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics school business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. welcome back one person has reportedly been killed and at least three more injured in a suspected saudi led air strikes in yemen it took place in the early hours of saturday morning hitting a busy market in the northern province of sada it's the second such attack in yemen already this year on january the first more than twenty people were killed in an
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air strike on the key port city of the data. if. you. want to. get a look at an average of the month. the u.n. has announced it's allocating an unprecedented fifty million dollars to yemen to try to alleviate the humanitarian crisis the organization says it's deeply concerned about the desperate situation in the country who broke out in yemen in twenty fifteen and has claimed the lives of more than ten thousand people twenty
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two million are said to be in need of urgent help are they coming from and it's not just human rights organizations who are trying to intervene to save lives in yemen and raise awareness of the plight of its people and italian journalist has become part of the drive co watering a graphic novel about the country. in. all book touches upon many aspects of life in traditional yemeni society it also looks at the civil war saudi arabia's intervention in the conflict and the problem of
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terrorism and lara sylvia battalion outlined to us imaginations for writing it the haim of the book the yemeni bride is sort tracked their audience and especially also young people too to yemen some of them they don't know exactly where yemen here is in the map some of them the heard about yemen all the buying news by yemen is a country you need to know from inside and what we decided to do with this book is also to tell good stories about cook system so people inside the country we wish had to tell something for example about the reason why terrorism and the car that spread around the country or why some part of al qaeda target into high seas for example in yemen and you can tell this is also an specially led the people seeing with the drawings what i so as a witness. living conditions in the beleaguered country are getting worse and all
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areas of the economy are suffering we heard from a number of fishermen about how their livelihoods have been affected by the war. you're. nothing i did not we are all suffering from this crisis only god knows how hard it is for us i used to have a boat that i used to make my living by it but from the moment the crisis broke out i think jobless for six months i sold the boat but i couldn't pay off my debts now i'm looking everywhere for my daily bread. this is the devastation and i've been a tag both on the islands and it seems they have shot up several boats and killed the crews and the gears sank and they died because of that tax and aggression against you and then. on.
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twenty seventeen wasn't an easy year for this channel r.t. was labeled a propaganda machine and foreign agents by the u.s. government and also accused of influencing the u.s. electorate to vote for donald trump but our reporter symmetric on they have found a silver lining let's be honest twenty seventeen was the year our team made the headlines as opposed to just reporting the headlines that all started about a year ago when the u.s. intelligence community concluded that russia interfered in the us presidential election while providing not a shred of evidence to substantiate any of these claims and nearly half of the report was dedicated to r.t.e. explaining how we supposedly sway the election in trump's favor artie's criticism of the us election was the latest facet of its broader and longer standing and to us messaging likely aimed to undermining viewers trust in us democratic. sieges and
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on the cuts in us criticism of russia's political system fast forward to march twenty seventh team senator shaheen introduces a bill to investigate the russian propaganda outlet r.t. news as a foreign agent the foreign agents registration act was passed back in the late one nine hundred thirty s. and response to concerns about nazi propaganda i think is absolutely appropriate today for us to take a look at what russia and other countries may be doing to our news and since then switch on any congressional hearing and you'll probably hear our team mention once or twice propaganda machine contributed to the influence campaign by serving as a platform for criminal messaging using russian government funded outlets russian propaganda media outlets like r t we should be concerned about this propaganda arm and sputnik i think it's a propaganda arm of nato to be looking in responding to some of the russian
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propaganda in a different way and then tech giants joined in starting with google who removed r t from you tube premium advertising service even though they didn't find proof of any violations going on to twitter who conducted their own investigation on russian meddling and then cited that to ban r t ads that's despite the fact that before the election twitter themselves sent us a multi-million dollar advertising proposal to propel our election coverage next thing you know r.t. america forced to register as a foreign agent or risk arrest and have all assets frozen in the united states it tells someone to register under a foreign agent requirement we don't see impacts or affects the ability of them to report. news and information we just have the register it's as simple as that but soon after that we were stripped of our congressional press credentials precisely because of the foreign agent status and of course the state department
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dodged my questions when i asked them about it when our t. was forced to register as a foreign agent and you said that it would inhibit our ability to report however just a couple weeks ago our press credentials were revoked so doesn't this contradict your earlier statement i think press credentials may have been revoked by congress and not necessarily the members of congress but rather the association of reporters that handles who gets to come in and cover congress and last but not least the a or this year's defense bill which contains a provision that will allow cable networks to cancel contracts with any network quote owned controlled or financed by the government of the russian federation prior to that federal law made it illegal for them to drop our teeth but now they will apparently be allowed to do so so seems the us government is closing in on us from every direction possible and as a result all eyes are on our team so thank you for all of the free advertising
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samir han r. t. washington d.c. . kids ations of russian interference in us politics seem to be old rage though this is the first time america has been gripped by anti russian hysteria. german jerry pournelle thomas of new jersey all forms of empire and the constable coming as penetration of a hollywood film industry to come in to your street and determine if red party members have reached the screen with the first or proper good.
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baro is the symbol the leader on the cover of the jackal. which is always found in the throes of anyone who dares to expose individual communists and try to get off at the evil energy of him during our look adept it's a different empire max and not very different to what a lot of our partners of a former k.g.b. man in europe plotting when i go and see. if a person defend the activities of communist nations while consistently attacking
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the domestic and foreign policy of the united states she may be a communist i will say if they object they are now carrying out the desires and ambitions of lattimer putin. a bloodless coup engineered by russia with at best the traitorous indifference of the republican party and donald john trump and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to stomach who are beholden to sky russian sky. oya back in just over half an hour with the latest news but for the meantime go to our speed up called. it's the cradle of jazz. is america is the america we have. the old this jazz feeling. a city of climatic contest trophies
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of alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least twelve members of my family close most. of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans supplement the best place in the work. week. sgt.
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mr. kaiser this is the kaiser report happy orthodox christmas you know a lot of people en masse are shopping over the holidays and apparently they're suffering a big debt hanging over oh. yes of course it's an orthodox christmas day and that's why you look like a christmas present there. if you take the hat off. because that is not a new shank and i want to bring that up because moscow today while we record this
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thirty six degrees raleigh where we are is twenty three degrees and this isn't fahrenheit and this should be the case we should not be having a polar vortex is or more to seas or whatever however you plural are sad yeah the vortex when we should have like is we don't have because here we're not allowed to show that big for the wear in moscow if there is warm yeah brain cogitating that's a great clipping the must go lotion should look good you know moscow has become a tropical new york's become in moscow and then it's freezing up there it's warm over there is part of this vortex in new age you mentioned flipping of course that is a term that has been used in the cryptocurrency community everybody is waiting for easter or a theory and the other currencies to overtake bitcoin over the christmas and new year holidays. did as a share of the percentage of the overall cryptocurrency market fall to an all time
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low and that was on the news that a theory was working on the crypto rubel so this was one of the things that drove a theory i'm quite high crypto rule is coming and there will be a flipping but it will probably be rep all ripple of the end type it coy in its. everything that point isn't it's ripped all it's the friend of jamie diamond coin it's a friend of big business coin it's centralization vs distance realization meanwhile over there in russia vladimir putin and his team at the kremlin are thinking about taking the syrian block going to hard for it and doing the ruble calling is this important of course it is because they're going to bypass sanctions and therefore all attempts by the centralization of the american government and the u.s. dollar is for naught if you get too much sun and little of it. anyway so of course over the christmas break everybody purchased a lot of goods for gifts that they actually couldn't afford so these headlines do
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together and it tells an interesting story for twenty eighteen paying down christmas debt how long will it take this is from michele bachmann he provides this chart consumer credit outstanding going back to one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the red line on the bottom is the revolving credit like credit card debt that hit a trillion dollars in the past year but the yellow line is non revolving debt which is things like student loans auto loans mortgages and you can see that a sword now the thing that he points out on this chart that's quite interesting is one nine hundred seventy one one hundred seventy one when nixon took us off the gold standard which allowed for a lot of the debt we're going to go deeper into that with another chart he provides in a moment but what do you say about all those debt that americans have they added an average of one thousand and fifty four dollars in debt over christmas to be in debt is to express your true self and.


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