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is it the black suv the odd business. for. five bucks hello my name's peter and i've been living in bushnell for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got soaked through in the time. list to me had bullshit who would be the first one you fulfilled which gave you will get you will see me as you. wouldn't believe it but this beside the area a place called should make you feel you might expect to see the bed maybe a mind. would definitely don't peek in the swimming.
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q would you like to go bug look at each of them look good would you begin to make. sure you get those character first every spring and thousands of people fill kid to speedo mounts and you'll go out. so just behind the star ok yeah. well. it's almost impossible to get any would still be the associates i use the leisure expects that all the kind of little. girl you see of me this is your business you will know that's not how i see does not mean that you are going. to do something because. it. so would just behind the stocks are so would just behind the stuff that's good about.
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what you're going to get yet but your money to do it with you yes that's. sure new link it's him you see i saw it doesn't know it yet must see yours not just. because to show you that that's just wrong there's still a duty of privacy that's why it's got to. start is not she's going to. do it yourself. i don't have a clue what they're on but just saying it's bush serious tricks plain anything out of the ordinary. with a like russia on this russia and that russia isn't bad either. frankly people are really very great yeah ok it was interesting but the president of the area. ok yeah i don't think. it's a theory and just have to leave in such claim and so used to a new story excellent well let's say the event starts english i want to start you thank you very much it's nice to me i'm a i'm good looking i see you back then. it
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turns out but always keep the bikini's and screenshots you should take yes for such a large scale event starts of thanks to crazy russian. he's going to meet a man but there's evidence that he has a salesman i want that will send me yet kenyan crucify him i used to like to be the chief theory here but. yes she says yes we're. losing that in the price us the yeah you. can make you noticed at the beginning stealin a bit of the the monotonously might. be a good time when this month you're on about the really cool as
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a little of you tube one number. but on. this huge surprise not the imagination it's a million to me on the bus yes and i'll make an hour of establishing a system of all of them and i'm crazy good to know and kids move carrillo. you like the teaching t.-z. local you know. when you cheated we should cheer or sing this song which i don't want you to see. but. this is hindsight this is my friends believe in angels. amazing i think winter is now my favorite time of year and whatever you do you. do to get yourself to stick to. teach yourself
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a stick i don't want to hurt. and the ok i'm going to stick but easy like a house as the feeling myself how you feel after that. really very happy that it was a part of me yeah. right no need of you to speak break it yeah i just. i thought it was cruel i was just very sad oh yes said that as of yet about thrashing about at your movie such as this to. be a real scare to me i was there. i wasn't doing that much about separate your next i was got really just. it got me what's in the e-mails of course they had that . yeah yeah i went through the and they said this is what i must work out but i mean. that's ok but. i got
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pretty tired of telling everyone that i can't skate so i decided to do something about. it i was wrong because i do refer to the facebook. you think i. don't suppose i will let. you off the phone what are you. but ok. fine you're saying that it. was wrong. but you have. to believe you. don't know. whenever you would you know get the snow up on your book and. you know the you don't need the stuff most will be more. movie watching plus you will see the full of. fish.
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so i finally learned to ski and now i birdie to do it in my swimming shorts i just need to get through this so my somehow. my summer kicks off with the bits of trucks are racing. it was pretty extreme but not to be in the. morning you know by was all over i thought well. then i decided to try something a bit small cultural turns out contemporary arts isn't for me either. oh well but you really. are just going to. bomb the sears rules which through this. coalition of those
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people are pure. ok that's enough culture for one day. that's better i sure did yell at the. both. of you can either water me in with what's in store me and. what's my usual natural rights now don't worry this isn't my neighbor's flats this is a room specially created to relieve stress. let's see if it works. gov patel informal and there's a large that. i must admit is not a bad way to relax mostly just. i'd recommend it
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you know what they say smashing the shelf a day keeps the psychiatry has to wait. i almost fell on my in that city. but i still missed the mountains so. i went to the ski resort in sort of. the google festival starts tomorrow it's basically the same school consistent with twisty there's only one a clue. this unfortunately isn't a ski boots it's a leg brace i need to wear off to breaking my uncle. who will take things to a different level the mountains a higher there are more people and that means one thing. you know sometimes i don't
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bust to sleep or you. sleep because there should i was more bikini's i was the only one with a broken leg by the looks of it so things could have been better to play the least likely boss of the little he started so. placeholders. so i joined some knowing me. oh. oh oh oh. oh. this is. a.
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good. thing. so obviously the dance floor is the best place for someone in my condition. it's actually pretty clear.
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it's the cradle of jazz. that colors america the america we. know all of this jazz feel are. a city of climatic contrast to fish alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least swell members of mob family close not heard of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans was often the best place in the world. i. applied for many
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clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money killian erroneous and spending shouldn't twenty million fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so what chance with. the face. the shooting can be a building. this is the this is. my about risk it was
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a premium charge idea wallace. storm which does not. act right. in the gut. to appreciate what time it is next you have to understand wish it yes consult on this four thousand kilometers apart and to put into someone here from this house to be eight. my dog owners are doing good to see so i was going to so he looked good to see a much better yes and it's possible for us because the area. ok yeah sure we've been i'm good how are you not true blood. you know amazin not amazin but yeah it's a bit embarrassing going on with this very yeah so how's the house treating you are
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you seeds very quiet here is boiling oil and well i just want to quit making yeah i was didn't recognize your so they were. so who you here with i'm just alone alone if. you basically just go everywhere to where anything you just live still being in your bikini yes what you did. think it was what up i am and i made me go and i also met yeah nice well i like you and i like your costume the dress was just so sorry the old woman a very old woman you don't look like an old woman although maybe would be if you do it like i am an old. well do you know who. did you think i'm with this like yeah that's robocop me that's maybe maybe a. man of steel when a still better. yeah robo cop robo cop as the idea.
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while i was talking to the bearded lady masha disappeared somewhere i went to look for on the slope. that started with us and that's all jimmy had a pretty. yellow who would just write. this in the. simplicity of the need to steer me could only a privileged few beach boys. with a touchdown. is the issue so she really isn't just a good place and his a know there are reasons why. duck this should be well. done. that yes he just should be ok to do it. those could be the echo of of such just. how do you really wish yes i thought because english i was a kid and i was just plus. in ohms it was like five years ago i have years ago
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oh my god no way i have been thinking it's not you yet well on a diet you do expect always good to see you it's good to see of you yeah i know you know what i mean well i mean i work in moscow five years now will work for russia today how does your passion my russian yup touched by your post is what i was going to face. before. getting started snoqualmie. but c.m. yes. because it was just due to the small bit by. oh i got days ago i was and i didn't quite. live monday. and i think that you know now i think oh yeah you do with the right be like the few that like the. people.
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who are. you yeah i. usually. work for a short fifteen golds you sure. even some go dude shot throughout the amount cool thanks to ya ya could go to the last story is a sweet gold out spring like he just not so bought a post yet. he got his yes me out of out of puzzle stuff you know it's. not just the food the dutch it's. not you. know this
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is the job i use to made sure what you michel the sports team recruit a. team to so what it should be enjoyable or paul. doesn't have usual could trust us trust. me my amps the my and. the losing you should. have been about. neil dutch sneaks snugly. in it in order with a snowball to. lose the you know a little simple which is. up. yeah. but the stuff. does it. gets you off to is i'm sure to be a lot of good no problem so it's. silly by its own suit whom i would
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submit the often just do. a google support believe i was going to hold them all i could have the offical. full custody i've been a model. for this joe mcquaid because i still should deal with most of what you know and you've used. to small to she would just give you the i wish to still among. this only a plus. it's just a shame i didn't find mushroom but. i'm no show about submission people but the only thing that stops me from getting a cold is the bunya. short cut to the bunny i discovered something else that's russians in ski resorts mostly like getting dressed but also like wearing
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some pretty weird clothes we're going to let you know i thought it was but i assume that i'm sorry. i thought you could all just. it was cool here are you do you know the chemo if you are healthy you. know a hard to argue with. him and. see things that are. thought up a little generous with mind that you will instead of or both always feel that you. are going to do it. i followed that fool and ended the put some sort of carnival on my leg brace just about as far though because.
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the dentist was trying to get to hans when the costume contest so i supported gandalf principle. i never did find out what this guy was in fancy dress or actually among the. fifty. he's going to be you know yes well and of course i won't let you what will be your . salary easy here how about my life to live up to. our place being picky and they've done. it with this man here who will. i. clearly see please you for the final this morning will you clear my point clear.
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i think this is what happens when you mix here we. now only going to drill bits of freezing books it cost you. i think i'll give this one just to. say i can. see just what. you. because you can all want justice you did sleep it. was all good wasn't argyll us this is your point a few. of us if you sent me
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a. hot schedule. yes. but just then a real sporting drama unfolded the brights before my eyes. just look to touch him and this guy is. i think that this lion has to stop the show. come on mate just a bit you can do it are strong. enough for me the only fool i was willing to jump in is a key to. this. jury. my life in russia so far has certainly been eventful if only i could see musher again before the final was absolutely.
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bhatia how's it going. if you go you quickly with your yeah. right and you base my. skis and the selfie stick wasn't exactly how i much. published. the quote i gave in denver and. so decided. to walk away to my equipment from settling down so you most part i spoke still. may be we may fix it so he will continue to. look at the overcrowding in the school make that only right for people . was this i don't just like your dog like a brit. why he's a cool. you must be pretty close calls. if i was
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going to say. i would be very. parents like what i think it will make you rethink things. on the. role marcia. stronger. no not all strong those two books all. because it's weird but i feel more uncomfortable now than i did in my shorts on a mountainside i'm sorry if you want to but these time for me to choose between filming and with russia. what a shame it's happened again looks like romance and filming don't go on it didn't. pick up i did. not know. about. it yet. i'm on a mates i almost forgot next year comes
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a boogie woogie will grill confessed on the find the next time i'm skiing if my swimming shows. altie we have a great team but we need to strengthen before the free world cold and have been a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waving spirit to the r.c.t. . recently i've had
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a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best since my last will call him that story. of an old joke it was only. left left left more or less ok stuff that's really good. in the hearts of the swiss alps this is a place probably most secretive than the pentagon small mysterious than the cia and best like god it didn't fold in all cases customs are here permanently all the science is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. to prosecute these forms all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like and modigliani i can't boards and soon the scientists warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet but also discreet because they concern fraud. some
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of those paintings are linked to dog secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets they kept inside the geneva free pool it's such a position that you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it's a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's like books of the art business.
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iran is rocked by. twenty one people killed with external pressure on the. line fueling. the u.s. north korean leader. ship over the power of nuclear buttons. for a possible deescalation of the crisis. for the first time in years. and. still sleeping rough on the streets of paris president promised to find a solution before the end of twenty seventeen here on the program we hear some of the stories. in the story is this the line.


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