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tv   Documentary  RT  January 11, 2018 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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ecuador and asked for him. to sixteen for the country to provide citizenship to him up until that point she was protected by international laws for five years. she remained. on the in the premises on the premises of. doors. in london. she was granted citizenship emanuel in accordance with the constitution. article seventy eight. the citizenship law. according. to one geneva convention and international banks are all for citizenship. but the citizen.
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rights on the basis of all these rights and norms the government. door has the rights. that i want to provide. to grant citizenship that. people like us but i don't think we have it looks and assess. the opportunity to provide to grant citizenship to the citizen of australia. and to provide legal rights protection to him our embassy and our ministry through our embassy have asked. the british foreign ministry. in to. see sands and to interact with us as if he was part of our. diplomatic corps.
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and currently. we are looking at all of the alternatives including hilton a t.v. which presupposes dialogue dialogue that we've been having over the last few days. that we never. got back but up. on we've looked and the opportunity of finding mediation in some other third party agency. to discuss the situation and find other. better ways to resolve this issue any alternative and any way forward needs to correspond. to the. international law this is our position. we
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support this position we maintain good relations with all of the countries involved and the government of ecuador will continue to look for ways to resolve the listing situation together with all the interested parties. or ministry of foreign affairs acts in the interests of our country. to guarantee the rights of those who apply for asylum in our country. and respects. the. international agreements have concluded we hope and we believe that all these principles will help our foreign ministry. to be responsible in approaching and solving this issue i think you know what
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we are. ready to last answer your questions do you have any questions yes think you. got my life in the first question which is quite obvious what's the diplomatic status. on the diplomatic status that mr sands received in our embassy this is an issue that has been discussed for the last few days so this status will give him some kind of mobility i would like to ask maybe a different question. as a citizen of ecuador. and. having asylum in ecuador embassy. is there any discrepancy between these two status as. are the.
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compatible. divide your question into two into two separate questions. the first was about the status of mr sanders. and the second question. was. how it can be seen as a diplomatic as from the point of your diplomatic status. well first of all when we talk about citizenship we're talking about providing guarantees. and. in no way the state is gives any international guarantees to the person who granted the status so the second question was. the status right.
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his mobility work to be able to move. well evidently any. mobility of a person who's six asylum in an embassy is a question to be decided in dialogue with the u.k. which is something we're doing right now as we've seen and on numerous occasions we are having a bilateral dialogue with the u.k. . and whenever we have such a dialogue on the any such dialogue delicate topic any comments need to be very. selective we these comments need not interfere with the dialogue that we have right now. graters. good afternoon mr miss minister. but i don't think that
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a crank. the u.k. has denied the diplomatic status of mr sands. and the foreign ministry of the u.k. has said that. the only way for mr us to go out of that of the. embassy to actually. get out of it and face justice is the only way to go or are there any alternatives now i believe that. it is imperative to. maintain the legal. norms of regulating the situation. when a person six asylum in an embassy doesn't necessarily mean that he needs to face justice anywhere any person who is seeking. seeking
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asylum in an embassy is under risk of his rights being violated and this is the reason why he is granted asylum so in this case. we need to protect the life of the person who is threatened and the government who. asks is supposed to provide asylum to human and guarantee of human from save him from these threats. and yes i would like to support what has been said ecuador of the u.k. and other countries involved has. signed and maintain a number of documents international legal documents and we have to. abort and maintain these norms of international law we abide by these norms for
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example but the principle of. not. of known extradition is something that was support person is threatened if he is rights are threatened and he asks. the country to provide asylum to see him and this country is rick legally required to provide this asylum in accordance for example with our constitution article forty two. so any other questions. it would. be. could you please move forward i cannot see you.
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so if the application to receive diplomatic status and citizenship. is your so and. equality of rights is something that is. something that happens than when a person is granted citizenship so when a person is granted citizenship he. receives all the rights of a citizen of a country where they he is currently inside the country all outside said country. what i mean is. providing granting citizenship naturalization. when others news agency.
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you. mentioned. when talking about citizenship. you talked about granting citizenship and naturalization. naturalization is just a legal to our law. and as for the application to receive citizenship. you know you don't know how long. to provide additional. safety. security to mr. we looked at this alternative only in order to provide this security this legal security. and all of this is. accordance. with all of the requirements of our domestic law and international law. another
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question from a news agency. is you spoke. of alternatives or ways of moving forward and you. talked about. mediation about having a third party a country or agencies serving as this mediator other anyone who's interested in becoming such a mediator and providing support to ecuador. and if there. can be. held proceed by our country in this with this regard we can receive help from. well not very is that you know more than we human rights organizations what the questions we have with regards to the nature of this
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help the support there is a number of countries can influence the situation this is just one of the alternatives one of moving forward. looking at others as well. other questions. yes can you explain to us. the process of applying for citizenship of this naturalization did did mr sons apply with you've written application or how did it go. how was this isn't taken i do not believe it is very important to discuss the mechanism right now. i mean this isn't a. this is a question that is. not our priority our priority is to save guarding the rights of the person. and of course that location was.
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was provided. by mr sands yes. it was sold response. in september twenty. eighth seventeen we started. the procedure. and right now on the basis of this application we on the on our analysis of the supplication we have made a decision this is a legal procedure and on the twelfth of december twenty seven thousand we finalized this process and we are announcing its results right now. where like to announce that our press conference is over thank you. you know no. needs to be. additional law or any other legal instrument used in
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order to. grant citizenship to a person the executive power of the executive branch is not in any way engaged in this decision. nor. what it is going to lease big. this is a very difficult issue in just a moment but i completely pad deputy minister. it's plain to you. additional details about human rights yes thank you. point out that there is international law international law. international law first of all the.


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