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a legal. challenge this is not. this is something. while the same mission still in place to one of the consequences is to weaken labor . well first the one this is the truth they consider this is a consequence clicks but acceptable is a decision. welcome today's all it sound and show we told our attention to show business both east and
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west for still lollywood the thriving pakistani film and television industry will be focusing their first learn to holywood what i'll be interviewing mr brian cox it convinced support of the scottish independence who recently played one stone truck show the greatest briton of all it should be fascinating the first over to task for your tweets your messages and e-mails thank you alex we continue to receive a number of very interesting messages e-mails and facebook messages from you one from james he cried he says just so alex salmond's dressed in a kilt site edinburgh castle i have to see jeans i checked the date of your tricks i was consensual still walking around in that kilt that cleave gottman a suit a sweet. face that message just says it takes a brave man to imitate the late great ricky fulton wealth on alex. layers of scotland schemes also says. great memories of a great man and ricky fulton wasn't
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a bad either those of you who saw our christmas hope when issues will have seen alex achieve it to the late great ricky fulton and his piece the reverend former first minister reverend jolie that's going to particularly well in fact it's had over one hundred fifty thousand views on facebook which is probably why tom he says in a facebook message is like a fine wine his comedy skills mature with age so i think alex should keep practicing last week's show was a bite kind of europe and elizabeth reese again tweets excellent insight for sure emphasis on kind of europe really interesting this is followed up by mubarak who says i agree he was unaware that they can slip it was completely different to the e.u. with all it's not in the whole team he did alex i'm sure really pleased that it will to bring you interesting stories and details of all the different institutions that exist across the world and if there's anything else in particular you'd like is the
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highlight please don't hesitate to contact us by the email facebook or twitter. over twenty six thousand lollywood picture phones have been produced in pakistan since one nine hundred forty eight one of the highest grossing films made four point nine million dollars worldwide at the box office dramas play a huge part of pakistan's television industry and as bollywood is united in india for its films pakistan is very well known prince excellent television dramas a justice of infest a creation are regarded as two of the best and most respected actors in pakistani t.v. incentive ma ajaz is best known for playing the lead in many hit drama seals and as well as acting vessel is the host of one of pakistan's most popular morning shows. we're delighted to be joined today by two fantastic stars of screen both the small screen and the big screen from pakistan the heart throb of millions in face of grace you welcome to the alex salmond show thank you thank you very much for course the film industry faster than what you're devolved to you're
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a huge star admired by millions if not billions around the world has gone from strength to strength because many years ago it didn't have the investment that it needed but now very much a year on a part in batting you know i guess bollywood it's bollywood versus the lowly with it she's fantastic to see how do you find that it's a very difficult to compare with bollywood because they have a big market they have lot of santa mars in their country. it's way bigger country than pakistan the film industry of pakistan is booming and it's booming very quick very which is a very good thing and of course you've got a big audience in the u.k. i mean i myself of course was on our lovely wood serious advice and i buy him a few thousand on. the castle and then later i was fired by yourself i play the ghost. who was dubbed the lead but nonetheless i think people knew i was saying the i think you guys are familiar with my work and was an inspiration to. me
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drumgold you worked in a. neighbour's ghost and we shortened portlandia. when we getting good talent from you recently there have been like two when you want to. go broke on the very famous in pakistan they're struggling because they had an accent obviously when they speak in our language or do they have an accent like british accent so they did struggle or they worked hard on their accent or now they are the most popular stars pakistan they're doing movies they're doing t.v. series t.v. dramas everything so obviously in amongst that what you do for tail you've got a lot of things that you you do. your heart because you're in the living rooms of millions of people every single day of the week therefore you have a huge constituency. and we spoke briefly fessler but your interest in dealing with all sideways and the zing awareness about i think a problem is it pakistan and people knew about it they don't realize did don't know
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because you know when i present the script to the channel that i really want to work on this so he was like what is this i said this is a disease or a lot of women going through with this disease so it's a disease or is a short term memory thing i said no you know you we can't control it we just have to tell people how to educate people how to get to this thing alex recently interviewed in geneva jackie stewart to a very moving interview and jackie's. wife helen leone suffers from dementia. and jackie's launched the race against dementia of the failing to clear as a as a racing driver in the. forward with his usual gusto to go to raise awareness and to raise funds and to research into the conditions of the more wilderness the
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better on the politician who occasionally has doubled in the show business that are being show business people who more than doubled in politics one thinks of the reagan not only schwarzenegger or even here glenda jackson of course was an oscar winning actress who became a member of parliament my old pal sean connelly you know has an interest in politics is never run for election i want to say you you think you have any any entry into the political dimension i think politicians in pakistan are politicians are the better actor than us. all the time you know the drama is going on on news channels or that i would only if you're making news you know whatever so they're fighting all the time so they're by. directors that's that's a shame because i think politics is what is in there are there a viable reason difficulty to exist across the world but i think when creative people become embroiled in our unable to to do what they do best which is plea to
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the international audience is that that's really sad and i suppose i want to take you on to a question about how much you feel you you have a clear role of ambassadors for pakistan around the world i mean you obviously get recognized of course everywhere and that is a big responsibility here on earth if you people want to go up and say something to kill. me or her to be a campaign or not say most or who would be something political to me this is fantastic i mean muscle this is what the audiences at the oscars or other awards are waiting to hear i mean it's much much better when people are watching you. and likes bigger stars people a lot of people are following you so they expect they want to you know hear what this person this actor says for the people who are following so you know. we have a great responsibility and i was in a german youth had many awards and you realize you've never had to clear a scottish loving cup some of us just mean. to present you with the alexander
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mcqueen the idea is you put whiskey or a soft drink where we want him to quit and you pass out when your heart is in it. only your clothes and it's beautiful and i believe it's handmade and then finally i made it myself thank you thank you thank you thank you we're going to play so means cup of us now from east to west from a lowly wood holywood because i know joined by the star of stage and screen mr brian calls brian welcome to the alex salmond show nice to see yours in the week of the golden globes and i know you were nominated for golden globe your neighbor of yours was the. villain but the question over the worst is when you you when. be that these big awards do you actually know what you want know you don't know serious or you don't know who won and in this week's golden globe awards offices paintings up campaign the stars of hollywood making the protests but by all winning black women what do you feel about protests like that you think they have their
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place or do you think it's hopeless it's very strange because you know it's been a long time coming but actually historically it's been around for a much longer than one thanks and it's not new signs up filler gets near the turns up it's been going on in the time it's been up for a long time and finally i think you know. as this settlement showed the other night they've finally had enough and it's time to protest another political thinker happened according to the social media as oprah winfrey made a what's been described as a presidential nomination speech so who are oprah for president would she be galloping you're backing well she's a pretty bright woman she's done amazing things she's very very popular i don't know. quite honestly i don't know if she'd want to be president you know i think it's a tough job for yourself of in there. does that get any elected alarm bishan is ireland scotland or indeed that there is an american citizen all in america knows somebody
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once asked me of i would stand p. and done d. and i had to decline because. i too much work. so i know i made peace in the difficult you can affect it and i know that no you can't fix it because you would have to be in the lobby you have to vote you have to do it i was governor of california they did not know give you the no no i got for me i just follow my muscly calling the drama which is all off the politicians you've played in because you played a range of militant in most recently strongly performance in the film last year in the truck show film but you played a really played michael martin just because i said call him so if you've got a favorite my favorite character i played was knight bevan i did a film about my bevan which was written by a wonderful writer called trevor griffiths and with this was in the ninety's it was about his last days and it was a fantastic film and he was he was an extraordinary character because he was the guy who created the national health service and was it was he your political
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inspiration because of you you were very much a labor party supporter are you voice over of the fatah members in one thousand nine hundred seventy. election broca's it was all done to you you know i did it you know fighting with mr mandelson the boat being you know he wanted to be much more brutal to john major and i was very resistant of that because i thought john major was another good man his sell by date was well and truly up by ninety seven so it was it was going to be there was going to be a change but nobody expected such a landslide as it was but some fifteen years on something years later you know prominent support of the scottish independence really for you this was very much central actual conventional political convention you wouldn't describe yourself as a scottish nationalist no i wouldn't i was never. under to describe myself as a nationalist but i'm certainly an independent. i mean i know i think the nationalist party has done with it has done an amazing job and they did become the
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keepers of the flame of social democracy which was dying five or six years ago you know it was and it still is absent. don't you. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager killian erroneous and spending to twenty million. books it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game but great so what chance for. the base.
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in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better god than ford in all costs customs i hear opponents place all the science is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. opposite the possibilities for middle class the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like picasso and modigliani i can't boards unsold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet felt but also discreet because they concern fraud from some of those paintings and linked to dog secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets they kept inside the geneva free pool it's such a position that you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand
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it's a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. in two thousand and sixteen the panama papers show the world with a tax haven the secrets to trillion united states dollars passed through most. in the amount of time that we had that then in the panama papers exposure that's what it shows a lot of money it really is. journalism it's an act of journalism looking at things that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things secret. millions of most documents were examiners. they all the people we basically have tried to get an advantage out of this sort of newspaper.


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