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tv   Politicking  RT  January 12, 2018 1:30am-2:01am EST

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operations and such we have not received a reply and former m i five officer told my colleague nic you're and that she is not surprised the u.s. is seeking to develop such software. the most obvious interpretation would be that this is a pushback against the allegations that have been made consistently for the last eighteen months about so-called russian troll forms influencing elections across the west and it's interesting to see that the languages that they're advertising for are the blog which of iran and of course north korea and russia so that would be a bit of a sort of give away about which countries they want to be targeting having said that though the timing to me is interesting because for sure the west has been running these so-called troll farms against other countries as well for a long time so are they just trying to expand their operations by developing this new software or are they trying to disingenuously suggest to people that actually have done it before only the big bad russians the big bad chinese have run troll
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farms and they're beginning to develop this software that's a big mystery isn't it where there is such software would be a threat it's all whether it would be for snooping it's one to try and influence people's attitudes certain issues of course so that can't potentially be a threat i mean that's what america has been saying about the so-called russian hacking of the american election last year but yes it can be used for snooping too and interestingly it was only a couple weeks ago i think that we can leaks revealed a program. from d.c. h.q. which is the u.k. government communications headquarters are listening post which was actually doing the same sort of troubling and developing the same sort of software between the years two thousand and nine two thousand and ten so britain certainly has been doing exactly the same thing for almost a decade as well. u.s. president faces a friday deadline on whether to extend the sanctions relief for iran as part of u. two thousand and fifteen deal trouble is a vocal opponent of the nuclear agreement currently u.s.
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officials are suggesting new sanctions will be imposed. i am expecting new sanctions on iran we continue to look at them we've rolled them out and i think. you can expect there will be more sanctions coming the president still strongly believes this is one of the worst deals of all time the administration is continuing to work with congress and with our allies to address those flaws and will keep you guys post says a decision on that front is made the statements came on the same day that officials gathered in brussels to throw their backing behind the iran deal top diplomats called on the u.s. to stick to the agreement. a great value to the j c p a way the new deal we. deal is working we want to. protect just a few a white support for this deal to make sure that the lifting of nuclear related sanctions has a positive impact on trade iran is in compliance with this agreement of the only
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agreement which prevents us from the proliferation of nuclear weapons it's crucial for the security of the region but also for the security of the main target is really to press to pressure the american government. to stick to deal to do a nuclear deal with iran that is the main objective i believe from the e.u. side not just the e.u. as a whole but also from the france and germany as separate member states of the. u.n. security council what would happen if really the u.s. stepped out of this is not something like like like the climate the climate agreement this is something that would have much worse consequences. the iran nuclear deal was signed in two thousand and fifteen after nine years of talks with six other countries including the u.s. it was seen as a major breakthrough ending a long running confrontation but washington now insists the deal is allowing tehran
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to expand its nuclear capability we discussed the story with two middle east academics. what we see at the moment we see a historic drift between the united states. and the e.u. we never ever seen such a gap such distance between the e.u. and the u.s. at least over the last thirty or forty years so what's happened today in brussels was really interesting effectively every important player in the e.u. defied the verdicts of president trump i don't think trump has any problem in particular with the deal because i'm not even sure he's ever read the deal but one thing is clear and trump has a problem with anything that obama has done before him and we've seen that when it came to the paris accord on global warming health care or
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obamacare anything that obama has. considered to be a part of obama's legacy is something that trump wants to demolish the russian president has described the north korean leader as a shrewd politician that's one much more after a short break you're watching the international. this is an amazing story because that hour say religio political impact of bitcoin on a g. twenty country g seven countries japan actually the spending power of the culture the rise of big going in the millions of people have of buying it in japan multi billion dollars that they've appreciated in value is causing a genuine effect in their economy and this is going to be the year twenty eight where bitcoin cryptocurrency is have this geo political influence.
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seemed wrong. both just don't hold. anything if you get to shape out these days comes to educate and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and welcome back this is our team international and president putin believes the only way out of the north korean nuclear crisis is dialogue the russian leader gave his view on the standoff and some other key issues during a briefing with journalists here in moscow but i've got to have confidence. it
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seemed like a vicious unbreakable cycle the north launches ballistic missiles the united states and south korea respond with ever more frequent war games the north launches another ballistic missile or more war games but this cycle is now on pause and these competition between donald trump and kim jong un well vladimir putin says that there's a clear winner. has definitely won this round he's achieved his strategic goal he's got a nuclear payload a long range missile that can reach any place that he sees as an enemy now he wants to come the situation he's a world grounded and intelligent politician putin was of course also asked about the upcoming presidential elections in russia he was asked what he thought about the fact that there are so many people that want to run as candidates and he said well good the more the more choice that russians will have to express themselves so
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long as it all happens according to russian law and that there's no outside interference so long as russians decide who their next president will be he will also remark that specific countries certain countries love to lecture the world others on how to how to vote and who to vote for yet when the tables are turned and the same countries believe that their elections are being interfered with well they become very irritated which to me a putin says is somewhat of a two faced approach he also talked about resonant topic here in russia the drone attack in syria a drone attack on the russian airbase in the in the port in titus more than a dozen drones were launched from the syrian rebel held these drones carried small bombs and a number of them or shot down by the russians a number of them land. several detonated on impact but those that survived were
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examined they may have looked simple but that was largely camouflage the russian leader said because they're incredibly sophisticated advanced from using satellite guidance to get to their destination to the bomb release mechanisms to how the electronic engineering inside them worked obviously whoever made them had outside help help from someone very experienced and vladimir putin says this technology could now be extorted out of syria and there were provoke a target play the birds it wasn't the turks we know who they are as regard the attacks themselves we have no doubt they've been well prepared beforehand those drones were made to look makeshift but in actual fact they clearly contain high tech elements that couldn't possibly have been assembled on the ground in syria more details are expected as these drones are further examined and hopefully we'll
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hear about those behind them in the coming weeks. the head of the libyan national army has claimed the country is not yet ready for democracy or believes that the u.n. backed elections this year will not change anything libya is not ready for democracy the upcoming elections in the country must bring a solution to the current bloodshed but if the situation and the chaos continues after the election then we will say enough is enough and take action general haftar is not a new figure in the libyan politics in one thousand nine hundred nine he helped colonel gadhafi rise to power in one thousand nine hundred he was exiled and spent two decades in the u.s. in two thousand and eleven he returned to libya to lead the rebel forces fighting against gadhafi is army now khalifa haftar is the head of the libyan national army . of the two rival libyan governments of the one based into brooke his allies there are two forces the other based in tripoli is backed by the un and enjoys wide
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international support but the libyan national army led by huffed are now controls more than half of the country's territory and in an exclusive interview told r.t. that libyans won't tolerate any foreign intervention in their country. we conduct business transparently was states to take the initiative fronts did that to help rebuild and establish peace but efficiently took the initiative we would work with them we're not biased you know seeking to create problems instead we have conflict in our country and we look at just solve it we should also be able to decisively face aggression against us some may think that libya is weak and you can slice it peace self yes we're not strong but we won't give an inch of our national territory would rather die than live in humiliation on our land. we heard some contrasting views on the situation in libya from the keyway editor of the pan-african newswire and also all over miles former u.k.
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and bassett or two of libya. this was said some six years ago that this was some type of democratic rebellion inside of libya but what has actually happened over the last six years is chaos western coalition dropped ten thousand bombs or in libya the alternative would have been to allow gadhafi to commit an act of genocide against his own people in libya prior to two thousand and eleven was the most prosperous and affluent country on the african continent had a stream lehi standard of living it was a stable state it was involved in international affairs and i don't accept at all the description of libya under gadhafi as the most prosperous country in africa i think that's absurd. let's bear in mind apart from the question of prosperity that . gadhafi was responsible for across people i have no reason to doubt that they want something like a democratic state but they can only have one if they can persuade president
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leaders and there are many of them to compromise and that's the only way that libya will get out of the message and at the moment it is an open question whether or not libya is ready for what is perceived to be a multi-party democratic election if you look at the actual concrete conditions that are going on in the country there's huge disaffection displacement there at least three different regimes that are claiming to be the sole authority within the country. if you have surfaced online allegedly showing a u.s. soldier opening fire on a civilian truck in afghanistan the helmet camera footage shows a person firing from a military vehicle and as you can see the window shatters on the driver's side of the truck cabin as the bullet hits it is unclear whether anyone was injured the pentagon is investigating the video which is believed to have been filmed last year
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during an anti eisel operation in eastern afghanistan security expert charles shubert gave us his views on the case. of course you have to look at what the context of this is this isn't to defend what's happened here it appears indefensible but this is a nine second clip and we have to acknowledge that we don't know what happened before this video clip and we don't know what happened afterwards and maybe conceivably for example this truck perhaps even inadvertently went through a checkpoint for example and this is one way to bring that vehicle to a halt certainly on the face of it it appears to be just a very casual disregard of the failings and indeed the safety of people involved in countries such as afghanistan and from a technical perspective when you slow down the video here you can see that it's very likely that this was a shock and it was being used and it was being used to fire up quite probably non-lethal rounds that's to say. the pellets or plastic pellets something like that but nonetheless extremely dangerous and extremely foolhardy to undertake it would
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be useless if that against taliban or isis attacking or not suggests of course that this ammunition is being loaded into this weapon specifically to target vehicles and afghans in this way and that in turn might suggest that this is far more common occurrence than this one video would suggest for propaganda purposes this is a gift to isis the taliban and so on who which say that actually americans are there oppressive come close and occupies and don't have the interests of local population. and requested to in response to our request rather the u.s. central command confirmed an investigation is underway and is only in its early stages and they said that they are concerned by the video and it is not representative of the professionalism of u.s. soldiers. that does it for me this hour i'll be back on top of next hour with more news you're watching art international.
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it's been called an olympic truce after months of over the top rhetoric the two careers are talking again the first time in two years is this is serious diplomatic opening or merely a ploy south korea appears to welcome this opening as the same apply to washington . unfortunately it appears that once people learn that you've reported in a sexual assault or may have been involved in an incident that they become scared of you instead of being scared of the perpetrator. the two thousand and eight economic crisis turn some countries into paix these are the countries with weaker economies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation of flow bloat even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes millions of people very unhappy those
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who are unemployed see their which is declining almost a decade how good are the results she saw all of the new york city's will by the people gathered in which to watch her all good people with your daughter julie a choice a lady who traded beautiful blue she still plumbers i mean if a legal. challenge must be more than this she was always think they see something and not getting it while the same mission is still in place to one of the consequences to weaken leiber. will first be one of this is the truth they consider is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision making.
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readings little salutations well i think we can all agree or watchers that one of the most if not the first important pieces of properly functioning democracy a law or republic is an informed and active electorate once or bring today's information landscape in its news. suman denizens tragically one could easily easily make the case that as a whole properly informed her we are imposed definitely not probably even missing the score for example let's take a look at our good friends over at m s n b c who admits their tireless efforts chasing ad dollars while working to properly inform the cable news watching public appear to have misplaced one of the biggest stories of twenty seventeen the ongoing humanitarian crisis taking place in the war torn country of yemen it appears that after crunching the numbers journalist ben norton and fairness and accuracy in
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reporting have uncovered that m s n b c did not run a single segment devoted specifically to yemen in the entire second half of twenty seventeen and that in all of twenty seventeen m.s.m. b.c. only aired one broadcast on the us backed saudi air strikes that have killed thousands of yemenis civilians and it never mention the impoverished nations colossal cholera epidemic which infected more than one million yemenis in the largest outbreak in recorded history look i'm sorry and as a b. c but for a purported mainstream global news channel with a liberal bias one can easily argue that that is a pretty significant miss in your broadcast day especially considering the direct involvement of united's of the united states in the destruction of yemen through supplying weapons logistics and revealing capabilities to the saudi air force and
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their relentless bombing runs that are taking place inside the country even to this day. so let's do what m.s.n. b c m so many other news networks are afraid to do and actually start watching all this. one pretty. good looks like real that would be. the plot of. the day like you know i got. this. we. broke up one of the water parks like the robots are up and down south of the island so. it's sort of shocking to me because these are supposed to be especially m s n b c is sort of is the more liberal more
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progressive you know we're stance is to sort of be sort of supposed to be in the middle i feel like amazon is a place for us to be more progressive and i think with their hearts that's the idea of liberalism right lead with your whole right i mean that's how i do it but you know her it really shocks me that they have turned they turned a blind eye to things like and part of the m s n b c family they turn their y. on to the story on harvey weinstein and the beginnings of the me too movement they turned a blind eye to the story in yemen and i can't abide that as a journalist that it's an editorial decision i find that unsettling it's interesting because earlier in like january twenty seventh team you know fair pointed out that they did cover yemen but they covered it only one of the u.s. soldier got killed there and like the botched raid if you remember that like truck over you know one of his first decisions in office and then the american soldier got killed along with a bunch of our civilian right but then i mean i worry about how trump handled it was how about just answer the broader soldier right and then nothing about the civilian all that's kind of second where you know you see that kind of bias but
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instead of yemen tell about that can you get. s m s n b c instead of yemen what do you think dominated him is and b c air time for the most of last year the wasn't. could it is. russia you are exactly correct i believe russia russia yeah yeah break this down for me just just throw in the audience the numbers because this is truly and i want to tell you that there is no way that m.s.m. can be said it can be said that they did not cover the collusion story with russia completely. and effectively electively fact i mean i don't know all according to fare from july third to the end of december yemen was mentioned in fourteen segments but mostly in passing so as converse leave the terms russia russian or russians were mentioned in six hundred ninety three broadcasts given my
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them assembly c aired forty nine point five times more or four thousand one hundred fifty percent more segments that talked about russia than yemen and they also found that in the four days between december twenty sixth december twenty ninth and mehsud b.c. said russia russian or russians nearly four hundred times and twenty three separate broadcasts on all of the major news networks shows including hardball rachel maddow and meet the press daily. nearly you look at those numbers and i just have to understand i have a hard time understanding how that seems balanced. and how that helps the situation i mean i understand that the russia story is a major story and you're going to talk about i'm not saying no one should talk about it but the idea that a million people of color and yemen and that we played a part in most yeah but that's less really i did you really aren't aware that there are two word iraq and you're going to sit back because oh yeah nothing bad happened of iraqi is right and thus that's the biggest thing when you look at you know look
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like i say it's not because we're the green and black and are two years down in the corner of the television right now but like when you look at like the big when you look at news networks that like oh if you only focus on one thing if the set up you're only focused on one thing you know how many moves stories that we would miss that are important for the american people or the people of the world anyone watching the station that need to hear at least think about pleasure when you get like so total bijan all because of ratings and your hatred of donald and like you know on the right that you're missing out on so much more one of them is yemen i mean look at this like journalist been more than fair also discovered that in all of twenty some. somebody didn't acknowledge the color catastrophe number one now i don't want to die or was mentioned was going to get this the only time they mention cholera you know using like nexis and like there are some of these web sites and searching all those the only time they mention caller was in the context of haiti not yemen even though yemen has the biggest cholera outbreak and apparently
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recorded history maybe they could say yemen yemen the yemen all of that a lot more times and maybe people would pay a time because to me it's like look when you have you know according to the u.n. humanitarian aid office when in two thousand and fifteen over ten thousand civilians have died since twenty fifty thousand civilians have died forty thousand have been injured ten million are need of urgent assistance all due to this war that we are directly involved in even with not with our own jets that we are bombing al qaeda has it's our taxpayer dollars paying for gasoline to power that are murdering we're not going back when that's happening and you're not reporting about it that's a disservice on this are just a disservice as i don't know if you can you can wave the flag that you're a journalist at that point you know maybe not i mean maybe they're fighting there and somebody there say no don't talk about it i don't know but that's something that should be talked about i hope they do you know we will you know we. went can
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represent fifty one percent of the u.s. population and yet they only account for nineteen percent of congress and it's any wonder we struggle to elect female candidates when women are having their right to vote for the candidate of their choice threatened at every turn specifically with voter i.d. laws say thirty percent of the u.s. of u.s. women between the ages of nineteen and sixty four live in poverty while only ten percent of men do but if you compare the poverty rates in states with strict voter id laws like arkansas georgia indiana kansas mississippi texas or virginia something very interesting appears in the data it turns out and that in states with strict voter id laws women's poverty were. it's run five to seven percent higher than men's when you combine that with the fact that according to the national alliance for caregiving sixty six percent of family caregivers are women caring for elderly women there's a major obstruction to their right to vote and here's how thanks to the creation of the department of homeland security post nine eleven regulations regarding
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identification requirements have become increasingly stricter so when say a ninety year old widow has voted since one nine hundred forty eight tries to participate now watch and she will find she can't because of a ninety year old spelling error on her birth certificate or want to married woman is turned away because they haven't managed to spend the hundreds hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars it takes to legally change all of your personal documents reflect your married name whether it's a simple idea issue or the fact that domestic abuse disability responsibilities as a caregiver a low paying our early jobs whatever women are being disenfranchised for being women. you know every time you see any kind of you know people not being allowed to vote in this country and it breaks your heart in the us because we're you know we're we pride ourselves on hey everybody gets to have the vote with the most basic elements legal citizen exactly and we rightly call out other countries when do they don't you know it's completely up when they do fall into these lines
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of of not allowing or obstructing people's right to vote we rightly call them out but you we got to remember color so we got to call ourselves because that's one of the most cherished aspects of our history of this republic of all of that and at the end of the day when you would i still it blows my mind that we make it so hard for people to vote because it's like that should be the easiest thing that we should be allowed to do the easiest thing across the board if you're a citizen you can vote like that simple no not all these hoops it's a dream because one of the hoops that they put on people is tuesday right the voting on tuesday vote on tuesday you know it was originally put in place in eighteen forty five because there was it was basically of agricultural economy and voting required traveling to your county seat and it could mean the few who would let it interfere with church attendance or market days so they kind of said tuesdays were it. in twenty two women are still as their primary caregivers their caretakers for the elderly and they're more likely than men to work these low
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paying hourly jobs that don't allow time off for voting which makes it harder for them to vote on to deborah clearer vote dot org founder and c.e.o. told alternate tuesday is the least convenient day for people to vote that impacts working moms more than working dads they work on tuesday and they take care of the kids on tuesday it's even more impactful you got to skip at this point is that by design. you know to keep the republic from voting because the smaller the easier to control the you know that so we keep. a lot of times what you're seeing when you see voter registration laws they're being brought up by republicans who are it's vote it's an election strategy and you could tell me a million things from the republican party but that is exactly what they've done for the last ten fifteen twenty years here is gerrymandering laws and to keep certain people from voting or discourage certain people from voting and for them it is single women specifically which brings me to another part which is college students they don't like the idea they always make it really difficult for college
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students to vote obviously because they live in one place it's not that complicated but if you live in one place and you have to do this one of the things you should know about that though is the federal education administration what they had said is that fifty five percent of college students at this point are women and that number is rising incrementally so automatically more women will be impacted by voting single women single and the idea is all while they're in college they must be liberal get that but that's that's how you will you know that they want to keep liberal single women from voting or women in general because you that's where the name thing comes in about your married names who yeah that's a good point plus another big one is domestic violence to exactly so here's the one that i was think it's strange that gets left off the list is that victims of domestic violence violence it's not as if their abuser is sitting at home going do you have your idea did you make sure you guys voter registration chances are this woman probably is.


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