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well you should know revisit it you should know last year you said this is important is that something you believe your story. or not this is. why don't you i'm sort of question of my answer of course this is not how it works just one piece of the evidence of the alpha course. we're going to use cluster weapons in the end this is not the question did you stop beating your wife. yes or no yes. up and down the out of. the other the big stories we're keeping an eye on today the deadline looming for
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the u.s. president on whether or not to extend sanctions relief for iran this part of that big nuclear deal struck back in twenty fifty now trump of course a vocal opponent of that agreement and u.s. officials are suggesting new restrictions and de could now be imposed i am expecting new sanctions on iran we continue to look at them we've rolled them out and i think. you can expect there will be more sanctions coming ahead of america's decision the french president told trouble ready that they were in favor the europeans of keeping to the original agreement with tarana say that was a statement on thursday from the broader european community to. the great value of the j c p a way that you deal with iran the deal is working you want to. protect just if you were a white support for this deal make sure that the lifting of nuclear related sanctions has a positive impact on trade iran is in compliance with this of the only agreement
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which prevents us for the proliferation of nuclear weapons it's crucial for the security of the region but also for the security of the iran nuclear deal was signed back in twenty fifty there's a say after nine years of talks with six other countries including the u.s. it was seen as a major breakthrough there in ending a long running confrontation but washington now insisting that deal allows to run nonetheless to expand its nuclear capabilities with a lot not stake we've been hearing how the disagreements driving a big wedge between america and its allies. what we see at the moment we see a historic drift between the united states. and the e.u. we never ever seen such a gap such distance between the e.u. and the u.s. at least over the last thirty or forty years what happened in brussels was really interesting effectively every important player in the e.u. defied the verdicts of president trump the main target is really to pressure the
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american government to stick to the deal to do a nuclear deal with iran that is the main objective i believe from the e.u. side not just the e.u. as a whole but also for france and germany as separate member states of the u.n. security council what would happen if really the u.s. stepped out of the deal this is not something like like like the climate the climate agreement this is something that would have much worse consequences. the end in sight for months of political deadlock in germany after days of preemptive coalition talks have resulted in a breakthrough covering charlotte. the leaders say that they satisfied they've been able to put together this twenty eight page of printed document but we are still a long way away from any potential coalition being formed they also admitted that
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these were incredibly difficult and insensitive talks at the time they said that there was deep proving and that there was a need to maintain unity so what's in that blueprint well in the blueprint they've discussed some of the thorny issues between them including tax military refugees and indeed europe now this blueprint says that the parties have come together to agree that they would look at to limit the number of refugees who can come to germany between one hundred eighty and two hundred and twenty thousand refugees coming to germany annually they've also agreed that there would be a cap on the number of family members that those refugees could be able to bring to germany that would be kept at around a thousand people per month and on europe they say that the have agreed in this blueprint that they want to strengthen europe financially saying that they will give more money to the e.u. saying that that's the only way that it can better feel its tasks but this
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agreement is just the beginning of yet a long road to go the social democrats will need to take this agreement and present it to their party and their party will then vote on whether this equipment is something that they want to use as a basis for formal coalition talks that vote won't take place until january twenty first and there's also a question as to whether the german public have the appetite for yet another grand coalition a recent poll by one of the german public broadcasters actually found that fifty two percent of germans didn't want to see another one coalition what we do know is while angler merkel has been so much pressure to form a coalition since those elections more than three months ago is. still not out of the woods she will be breathing a sigh of relief that it looks that she is at least another step closer to forming a new government. the top girls' school in britain could be about to ban its pupils
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being called all referred to as girls in spite of new policy will look at it more detail after this break. was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. for new socks try to tell you that the because of the public but. as i'm telling you on the whole and by product. of the hawks that we all. know what. is being called an olympic truce after months of over the top rhetoric the two careers are talking again the first time in two years is this a serious diplomatic opening or merely. south korea appears to welcome this opening
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is the same apply to washington. unfortunately it appears that once people learn that you've reported in a sexual assault or me have been involved in that becomes scared of you instead of being scared of the perpetrator. or for the break one of britain's leading girls' schools as decided to stop referring to his pupils as girls no in a controversial move to adopt gender gender neutral language altering a grammar school for girls and defended the policy saying it's trying to break in great habits simply to help students with gender identity issues that we welcome and celebrate diversity or the move people wondering how this girl's school should not be described.
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for the record it. says it's got no plans to drop the word girls from his title at least we are some of the locals there what they thought of this new gender neutral policy. the majority would be happy to be called ridiculous i think girls are girls and boys are boys there's too many pressures on pupils too much attempt to move everything towards gender neutrality i think it actually leads to more confusion rather than clarification this is a girls' school and it's extraordinary that children are being encouraged to go
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along the path we're going to have more and more children with mental health problems who are confused and unhappy by all means support children who have a gender issue but don't do it at the expense of the majority do not rob them of their gender identity we only need to apply those basic principles of religions that we treat other people how we wish to be treated and we solve the problem we need to stop for sting pushing adult neuroses onto these young children. next before you're being ignored on twitter it would be done on the social network century and you without your knowledge an undercover investigation by the anti corruption campaign group project veritas as revealed there is a practice known as shadow banning. one. from one. because they. think that
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they want to. according to project veritas a shadow hides the content of a particular user without their knowing the user continues then to post on the platform to their followers but the tweets would appear anywhere else on twitter people in the video is said to be twitter employees claim that these measures target right leaning content d.c. smear a current picks up the story. paul the social media giant has presented itself as politically neutral but project veritas seems to revealed otherwise according to several employees who've been caught on camera twitter regulates its content by controlling what its users can see on their feet now one of twitter's policy managers says that the company is currently developing a system that down ranks controversial users and another employee says twitter is trying to ban a certain way of talking online so it's going to be simply the user the things that . we've seen and you know. it's good to see them in the mindset of the way you know if you twitter can also apparently dig into its users profiles and
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conversation history to figure out their political leanings and then determine whether or not they should be banned and another issue that came up was julian assange just twitter account and the fact that it was deleted without explanation a couple weeks ago but an employee was asked about it and he did hint at one possible reason. but. we can't verify if these are real twitter employees are not and if they are they definitely could be lying but regardless the whole issue is definitely something to investigate further today responded to the allegations saying it's committed to enforcing its own rules without bias and empowering everybody on the platform the group behind the revelations meantime got a mixed reputation with bearing in mind critics say project veritas failed to provide video of the bombshells it comes out with with some say the group's got a strong political agenda we spoke direct to russell verde the executive director
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of project veritas. it is true overstepping it well if they're sharing information with the federal government voluntarily i think i would think they would be overstepping however whenever you're ready as goes onto a website they agreed to the policies of that website and if you work through the part proxy policies of twitter it gives them the right to every bit of information you have opposed to you do we didn't know they have the right to sell that information given away so we're giving away our full what to these companies when they come out and publicly say they want to be the public forms of free speech yet they're censoring free speech and they're slanting what free speech can or can't be heard and then there's a problem we're talking a problem staying with a social media or facebook post has helped capture of japanese gangland boss from him in the run for the ten year.
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i mean for me today stan collymore show started catches up with the fellow former england football gary lineker huge and i remember some of the highlights of his international career. it's not really going to. come in did england underestimates. remember it was you know the obvious months of playing a world cup nobody knew exactly where all the walls he could play. little girls well the other thing few suspended as i remember the team mate who gave in but we wrote and said we should tell you this. scout report. i don't know that well
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he said i shouldn't tell you this scout because we go by. the truth they were good so i went to do a penalty about to start the penalty taking practice but we russell. well. i've been told that the color it's got spine the stadium watching the train the guy who comes in disco penalty thing i thought right ok go just hit the one you've practiced you know do you know how to do it just bob just do that do that do that and the soon is a stroke. it was perfect and even before a stroke i could see the keeper diving to his room. so we come a bloke up in the stands become a brilliant guy was there i'll never know but. after ninety minutes extra times two two so we go for the team till bobby bobby has. told you so.
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get it could total start of the both of you catch more of that it's on in an hour on this channel and that's the way the news is looking so far from our team to national mall for me kevin nolan in moscow and thirty minutes more great programs right after this quick break. here's what people have been saying about redacted the night it was actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to find you know a lot of the really packed a punch. bleep yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than the movies that i see people you've never heard of love redacted the night my president of the world bank paid to write to me it's like you sent us an email. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the
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pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy great so will more chance with. the piece it's going to. greetings and salutations well i think we can all agree are watchers that one of the most if not the most important pieces of properly functioning democracy and or republic is an informed and active electorate windsurfer bang today's information
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landscape in its news consuming denizens tragically one could easily easily make the case that as a whole properly informed who we are imposed definitely not probably even missing the score for example let's take a look at our good friends over at m s n b c who admits their tireless efforts chasing ad dollars while working to properly inform the cable news watching public appear to have misplaced one of the biggest stories of twenty seventeen the ongoing humanitarian crisis taking place in the war torn country of yemen it appears that after crunching the numbers journalist ben norton and fairness and accuracy in reporting have uncovered that m s m b c did not run a single segment the voted specifically to yemen in the entire second half of twenty seventeen and that in all of twenty seventeen m s n b c only aired one
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broadcast on the us backed saudi air strikes that have killed thousands of yemenis civilians and it never mention the impoverished nations colossal cholera epidemic which infected more than one million yemenis in the largest outbreak in recorded history. look i'm sorry i'm as a b c but for a purported mainstream global news channel with a liberal bias one can easily argue that that is a pretty significant miss in your broadcast day especially considering the direct involvement of united's of the united states in the destruction of yemen through supplying weapons logistics and revealing capabilities to the saudi air force and their relentless bombing runs that are taking place inside the country even to this day. so let's do what m.s.n. b.c. i'm so many other news networks are afraid to do and actually start watching all this. one the older you get the.
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real with this one. as you get to the bottom. of. what they like you know i got. this. week's. local one of all the water parks like the robots are up and down south of the island so. it's sort of shocking to me because these are supposed to be especially m s n b c is sort of is the more liberal more progressive you know we're stance is to sort of be sort of supposed to be in the middle i feel like amazon is a place for us to be more progressive and i think with their hearts that's the idea of liberalism right lead with your whole right i mean that's how i do it but you know her it really shocks me that they have turned they turned a blind eye to things like and part of the m s n b c family they turned their y.
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on to the story on harvey weinstein and the beginnings of the me too movement they turned a blind eye to the story in yemen and i can't abide that as a journalist that it's an editorial decision i find that unsettling it's interesting because earlier in january of twenty seven teen you know fair pointed out that they did cover yemen but they covered it only one of the u.s. soldier got killed there and like the botched raid if you remember that like truck over you know what was first decisions in office and then the american soldier got killed along with a bunch of of civilians but then i mean i worry about how trump handled it was how about this and there were other soldier right and then nothing about the stability all that's kind of secondary you know and you see that kind of bias but instead of yemen tell but can you get. instead of yemen you think dominating and listen the sea air time for the most of last year the wasn't. could it is. russia. jacqui correct i'm going to rush rush yeah
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yeah break this down for me just just throw it in the audience the numbers because this is truly and i will tell you this there is no way that m.s.m. can be said it can be said that they did not cover the pollution story with russia completely. and effectively. fact only i don't there are according to fare from july third to the end of december yemen was mentioned in fourteen segments but mostly in passing so as converse leave the terms russia russian or russians were mentioned in six hundred ninety three broadcasts keep in mind that assembly c. aired forty nine point five times more or four thousand one hundred fifty percent more segments that talked about russia than yemen and they also found that in the four days between december twenty sixth to december twenty ninth and mehsud b.c.
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said russia russian or russians nearly four hundred times in twenty three separate broadcasts on all of the major news networks shows including hardball rachel maddow and meet the press daily. airlie you look at those numbers and i just have to understand i have a hard time understanding how that seems balanced. and how that helps the situation i mean i understand that the russia story is a major story and you're going to talk about it not saying no one should talk about it but the idea that a million people of color and yemen and that we played a part in mouth yeah but that's less really going to drill your underwear. afterword iraq and you're going to sit back because all we have nothing bad happened to the iraqi is right and that's the biggest thing when you look at you know look like i say it's not because we're the green and black are two years down in the corner of the television right now but light. when you look at like the big when you look at news networks that like oh if you only focus on one thing of me in tab of the setup here and only focused on one thing you know how many news stories that we would miss that are important for the american people or the people of the
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world anyone watching this station that need to hear at least think about place you're when you get like so total vision all because of ratings and your hatred of donald and like you know on the right that you're missing out on so much more one of them is yemen i mean look at this like journalist ben norton fair also discovered that in all of twenty seventeen minute i'm assuming he didn't acknowledge the collar catastrophe number one it's not i don't want to iowa was mentioned was going to get this the only time they mention cholera you know using like nexis and like there are some of these web sites in searching all this the only time they mention cholera was in the context of haiti not yemen even though yemen has the biggest cholera outbreak and apparently recorded history maybe they could say yemen yemen the yemen all of that a lot more times and maybe people would pay a time because i had employees to me it's like look when you have you know according to the u.n. humanitarian aid office when in two thousand and fifteen over ten thousand civilians have died since two thousand and fifteen or ten thousand civilians have
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died forty thousand of the injured ten million are need of urgent assistance all due to this war that we are directly involved in even with not with our own jets that we are bombing al qaeda that has it's our taxpayer dollars paying for gasoline to power at a youth that are murdering we're not going back when that's happening and you're not reporting about it that's a disservice undesired as a dis service out and i don't know if you can you can wave the flag that you're a journalist at that point you know maybe not i mean maybe they're fighting there and somebody there say no don't talk about it i don't know but that's something that should be talked about i hope they do you know we will you know we will. when represent fifty one percent of the u.s. population and yet they only account for nineteen percent of congress and if anyone . we struggle to elect female candidates when women are having their right to vote for the candidate of their choice threatened at every turn specifically with voter id laws so you thirty percent of the u.s. of u.s.
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women between the ages of nineteen and sixty four live in poverty while only ten percent of men do but if you compare the poverty rates in states with strict voter id laws like arkansas georgia indiana kansas mississippi texas or virginia something very interesting appears in the data it turns out and that in states with strict voter id laws women's poverty rates run five to seven percent higher than men's when you combine that with the fact that according to the national alliance for caregiving sixty six percent of family caregivers are women caring for elderly women there's a major obstruction to their right to vote and here's how thanks to the creation of the department of homeland security post nine eleven regulations regarding identification requirements have become increasingly stricter so when say a ninety year old widow has voted since nineteen forty eight tries to participate in elections she will find she can't because of a ninety year old spelling error on her birth certificate or want to married woman is turned away because they haven't managed to spend the hundreds hundreds
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sometimes thousands of dollars it takes to legally change all of your personal documents to reflect your married name whether it's a simple idea issue or the fact that domestic abuse disability responsibilities as a caregiver or low paying our early jobs whatever women are being disenfranchised for being women. you know every time you see any kind of you know people not being allowed to vote in this country breaks your heart into us because we're you know we pride ourselves of hate everybody gets to have the vote with the most basic elements of the citizen exactly and we rightly call out other countries when they don't completely up when they do fall into these lines of of not allowing or obstructing people's right to vote we rightly call them out yes. but you we got to remember the color stuff we got to call ourselves because that's one of the most cherished aspects of our history of this republic of all of that and at the end of the day when you win i still it blows my mind that we make it so hard for people to
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vote because it's like that should be the easiest thing that we should be allowed to do the easiest thing across the board if you're a citizen you can vote like that simple no not all these hoops it's interesting because like one of the hoops that they put on people is tuesday right the voting on tuesday night vote on tuesday you know it was originally put in place in eighteen forty five because there was it was basically an agricultural economy and voting required traveling to your county seat and it could mean the few who would let it interfere with church attendance or market days so they kind of said tuesdays were it. in twenty two women are still as their primary caregivers their caretakers for the elderly and they're more likely than men to work these low paying hourly jobs that don't allow time off for voting which makes it harder for them to vote on tuesday deborah clear a vote dot org founder and c.e.o. told alternate tuesday is the least convenient day for people to vote that impacts working moms more than working dads they work on tuesday and they take care of the
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kids on tuesday it's even more impactful you got to skip at this point is that by design. you know to keep the republic from voting because the smaller the easier to control the you know that so we keep. a lot of times what you're seeing when you see voter registration laws they're being brought up by republicans who are it's vote it's an election strategy and you could tell me a million things from the republican party but that is exactly what they've done for the last ten fifteen twenty years there is gerrymandering laws and to keep certain people from voting or discourage certain people from voting and for them it is single women specifically which brings me to another part which is college students they don't like the idea they always make it really difficult for college students to vote obviously because they live in one place it's not that complicated but if you live in one place and you have to do this one of the things you should know about that though is the federal education administration what they had said is that fifty five percent of college students at this point are women and that
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number is rising incrementally so automatically more women will be impacted by voting single women single and the idea is all while they're in college they must be liberal get that but that's that's how you will you know that they want to keep liberal single women from voting or women in general because you that's where the name thing comes in about your married names who yeah that's a good point plus another big one is domestic violence to exactly so here's the one that i was think it's strange that gets left off the list is that victims of domestic violence violence it's not as if there are. abuser is sitting at home going are do you have your i.d. did you make sure your guy voter registration chances are this woman is probably not allowed to go where she wants to go and she is ultimately being kept from voting because she's in an abusive relationship when you take into account things like disability and the financial issues and everything else that is required even though there are laws saying you have to be able to go be allowed to vote that doesn't happen and when.


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