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or even. from some of the manipulation programs even respond. and try to manipulate the other person and so i mean all intelligence agencies have this is one of their objectives white papers are generally circulated among contractors who do business with the government so it is a little unusual to see these things out in the public as far as i know the most obvious interpretation would be that this is a pushback against the allegations that have been made consistently for the last eighteen months about so-called russian troll phone influencing elections across the west and it's interesting to see that the languages that they're advertising for are the language of iran and of course north korea and russia so that would be a bit of a sort of give away about which countries they want to be targeting another news this week donald trump condemnation worldwide when it was reported on friday that he launched into a foul mouth rant in the oval office about immigrants several democratic lawmakers
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here with their claim the president was deeply disparaging about people from central america and africa. this implicitly strong language itself salvador and the other countries with express our strong protests and then the jets acute those sorts of statements but i found this incredible declaration because those supremacist graces the freshest expressions like the ones that donald trump used people with nothing to. these shocking shameful comments from the president united states. sorry but
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there's no other work on can use for racists. to take to twitter surprise surprise the night that he used those actual words but it meant to the language he did use in the meeting was tough there was another shock to diplomacy on thursday when he announced he was canceling next month's visit to britain he was due to open the new us embassy in london but pulled out he says over the cost and location of the new building although it is thought there is perhaps more to it than that. reports. this is what all the who is about is the new u.s. embassy in the area of nine elms which is being regenerated into sort of an embassy quarters. of the public next week donald trump was supposed to arrive in february or was widely expected that you'd be cutting the ribbon then that's not happening any more clearly the old building of the u.s. embassy on that was on the sort of grand old square in the very heart of the city
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in the center of mayfair which many people know is the most expensive location on the monopoly board but the interesting thing about the president's tweets is that there was a slight error and he accused the obama administration of selling that old building for peanuts it was in fact the bush administration before him and there have been suggestions that this whole embassy rao is a way of saying attention away from the fact that perhaps the president didn't feel like he was going to be particularly welcome here in the u.k. almost two million people has signed a petition against him coming here claiming perhaps the most british reason of rule that it would embarrass the queen donald trump arriving here and the mare of london hasn't been too welcoming either take a listen to what susie khon has had to say about donald trump it appears that president trump got the message from the many londoners who love and admire america
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and americans but find his policies in action the polar opposite of. this just reinforces what a mistake it was for it's a reason to rush and extend an invitation of a state visit in the first place. to kind of a new embassy doesn't really sick enough doesn't it but it's actually works work here and it got a lot to you from construction workers in the old by the start she was from london's madame tussauds museum which couldn't resist the marketing opportunity we did speak to a senior local labor party official who says it's clear. because he's worried about facing protests. we know that it's because he was going to face you know huge protests when he came here he's a deeply unpopular man decided antic and there were going to be hundreds of thousands maybe a million people on the street this is the kind of pressure the donald trump would be facing if he came over here and he doesn't have the spine to take that you know he as soon as someone insults him he's straight on twitter i don't think it's going
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to alienate his support base you know there are a lot of angry people out there and trump has manipulated that anger into into a support base and he's been wholly disingenuous about it but he has managed to whip up a lot of just content about the the drawbacks of globalization how globalization is not working for everyone there are some left behind people and those left behind people who flocked around trump now a false alarm miss l. threats people in hawaii running for cover this weekend we'll tell you what happened just after the break.
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some animal rights activists are just upset that we eat meat period which makes no sense by the way because animals eat other animals and we're supposed to be equal with animals but suddenly they don't want to humans eating other animals so in a sense they're saying that animals of their race eat other animals but humans don't have a right to eat other animals even though they think we're all equal so some of there's a logical inconsistency there. welcome back to the weekly now there was widespread panic on the u.s. pacific islands of hawaii on saturday over an official of telling people to run for
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cover because of a ballistic missile threat although it did turn out to be a false alarm people were sent text messages and t.v. broadcasts were interrupted to raise the alarm within minutes though officials scramble to reassure people that in fact there was no threat to local congresswoman did tweet there is no incoming missile the message was sent out in adversity but locals were already rushing for cover and safety was some trying to take shelter in storm drains the governor of hawaii apologize for the incident and blamed it on an employee pushing a button by mistake. for the u.s. embassy in iraq announced on tuesday that one hundred fifty million dollars will be spent this year rebuilding cities left devastated by war on islamic state but that's only a fraction of what america has earmarked for its ongoing military operations there . as more what does this look like to you mad mad. resident evil no this is mosul or rather what's left of it quote
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a sea of thousands of air strikes we filmed this a few weeks ago and nothing's really changed from when we were there last this is what the aftermath of a classic strike in mosul look like neighborhoods that numbered in the thousands it's been reduced to a handful. the iraqi army and the u.s. led coalition seem to make sure to not leave a square meter on scorched earth it took of precision i haven't yet seen a single house in moonsault untouched by fighting the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there it's the same story wherever you look cities and towns that house medians a devastated hoss even now in mosul you are never far from the stench of rotting
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bodies or unexploded bombs help reconstruction no one seen any of that. i did they enter a little when it was two and it was. she says a little hundred yards get a lot of you know she be going to school in the citizen not. what else is there to do in mosul watch the symbols and distill it down the holocaust and that to mean that if she ever put it to you. as strange the u.s. had pledged to help and do what it's bombs did they're already helping fund reconstruction iraq says it needs one hundred billion dollars to rebuild and the united states has doubled its. to one hundred fifty million dollars or about
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zero point one percent of what iraq needs and no one seems to have seen any of that but a city in your city if you had mice if you. but you would. all die for. don't have surely. comedy not the shiny about i would die i should i hadn't this way now my god now one of the magical shot had it now after shiny. went up five as i had the start of a dallas market and if i thought five of us said it would rather than send a message back at the home the numbers are an entirely different leagues what the united states spent on burning isis out of iraq and what the u.s. has pledged to repair the damage it did or entirely in comparable numbers the average cost of a u.s. air strike in iraq at the beginning of the operation very roughly counting fuel fly
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time cost of bombs made in uncertain military pay was hard for a million dollars for one of their strike they carried out fourteen thousand strikes in iraq alone and after helping turn a rocky cities into these will be completed his one hundred fifty million dollars the equivalent of two mid-sized passenger jets that isn't going to change many lives in iraq. but a cast of reports now russia's defense ministry has announced on friday that it had killed the terrorists behind a mortar attack on russia's and base in syria it is you to video showing a strike on the militants positions. as
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these are new year's eve and left the russian officers dead days later the base was targeted for a second time by more than a dozen drones that attack the successful no casualties or damage. the pressure is mounting on the israeli prime minister after a controversial recording involving his son was leaked to the media on monday benjamin netanyahu lawyers reportedly tried to prevent the tape being broadcast on local television. god forgive me ok. well in that recording reportedly made in twenty fifteen can be heard chatting to
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the son of israeli gas tycoon koby my mom outside a strip club could be my mom is a shareholder at a gas company that allegedly benefited from a controversial twenty fifteen law on natural gas drilling rights legislation concern to the huge newly discovered gas fields off israel's coast it essentially gave corporations control over the development of the deposit with the government arguing it would stimulate investment however critics slam the proposal is corrupt giving too much power to corporations and demanded nationalization of the deposits following the release of the controversial video netanyahu denied any knowledge of the plan saying his conversation was nothing more than a drunken joke i regret the remarks and apologize if anyone was hurt by them in addition the things i said to my mom were a dumb joke and joking around with him as anyone could sell. oh prime minister netanyahu is already being investigated in two separate corruption cases the
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allegations include receiving bribes and negotiating favorable media coverage the prime minister strongly denies all the accusations but in the meantime he's pushing for especially means eagle which could allow him to avoid prosecution we discuss the latest controversy surrounding the netanyahu family with regional analysts looks really bad for the prime minister and it doesn't look like you know someone who wants to be a leader of a country to have his son running around in a government vehicle doing things you know don't look so complimentary and is not the kind of why the prime minister would want to do whether it's a danger to the prime minister or undermines no i mean it's a self undermining thing and the reason he did it is because it looks bad but you know we're in a democratic country and as long as. he's living in the prime minister's residence i may have to answer some questions to be much in a week here or not is just coming up to half past ten here in moscow i'm back with
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more at the top of the. we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone signed up to be friggin poisoned by our own people that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining
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about illnesses from their exposure from the burn pits would really literally send a v.a. broke and they don't want to pay it so the waiting in the decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay and. get the middle finger the movie is to model is. delayed and i hope you don't. max geysers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause report. global warming are selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. for new socks try to tell you that it's not because of the public by file for the most important day. about it doesn't mean you are not cool enough to fight their
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products. are the hawks that we along with are on the one. welcome to worlds apart indivisible security in europe has been a diplomatic talking point for decades but the lack of agreement on what it means
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or how to bring it about has contributed to a number of conflicts including the one in ukraine has the violence in effectively buried the idea of security for all or has it on the country and made it more viable to discuss that i'm now joined by thomas browning the new secretary general of the organization for security and cooperation in europe mr graham and your think you are very much for your time it's been roughly since month since month since you accepted the position pledging to reinvigorate the organization to specifically focus on dialogue and reviving trust. i wonder if the practical reality of the past six months has perhaps. i think. assumed this office i knew very valuable. expecting me. five familiar bits you know you see.
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one of my previous job so i was this permanent representative. to the u.n. here you know for five years i chaired the permanent council in two thousand and fourteen. i chaired it then we started the crisis in around ukraine so i'm very familiar of it this institution familiar with its processes you're familiar with the challenges. you often talk about the restoration of trust as the key to the effectiveness but what makes you believe that the organization stakeholders have reached a point when they valued that trust over their immediate policy objectives. look i think one of if not the key challenge in your atlantic in your asian security these days is this historic deficit of trust between stakeholders and basically be neat.
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form. for inclusive style the need to place very can gradually rebuild trust among the key stakeholders and i think this takes us innovate a bit back to your actions off to see you see the need was create to manage these very difficult east este relations story in the cold war now those are difficult relations deteriorated even further in ukraine and i know that you made your crane the first country that you visited in your official capacity this is also was the place where the trust or whatever had been left of it. broke down completely i think over the efforts to either preserve point. change ukraine's geo political standing do you think at this point of time four years into that conflict the sides have come to. their readiness just sort of harmonize the stances of
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the geopolitical ambitions not yet i mean issue look. total impasse in implementing. i'm not seeing political commitment. to get out of this current stalemate. on the positive side we have managed successfully and here. i think very. significantly to prevent or for address collation of the conflict but of course the wood wants to resolve this conflict and. i think we need. the political commitment to implement both sets of clauses the security related provisions and the political probations have to minsk agreement but with all due respect i think the whether or not the conflict escalates further depends not so much on the oist even though the mission is highly appreciated by the on the actual
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. parties or the international backers. i heard you stayed in one of your interviews that you regret the return of zero sum mentality into a european security and i've heard other experts suggest the conflict is in ukraine is actually unique in being a lose lose situation reach makes the parties compete not over how much they gain but actually how much they make the other side lose and when you look at that from that perspective the potential for hostility is actually hasn't been exhausted it goes far beyond ukraine and this is what i want to ask you about at this point do you think this conflict is contained to ukraine or its. southern part or do you think it can still go farther than that. well i think the conflict is typical of a situation that. got me into after. its.
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stability. security order in europe that is now more and more put into question and. the torch in conflict in two thousand and eight was a first indicator of fact and in of age a crisis in or around ukraine is is another symptom of this underlying fundamental problem that we face in european security well if i may be bringing back to the question that i just posed about whether you think the conflict can expand beyond the current war theater i think it's clear that. they are sort of two tracks to that conflict one is can i think on the battlefield and they the other one is by inflicting economic and diplomatic pressure and i'm sure you know that the united states is about to introduce another round of sanctions against russia which ukraine is highly supportive of though formally speaking it has nothing to do with ukraine do you think that kind of economic pressure that
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kind of remote. well i wouldn't call it war but still the efforts to apply pressure to each other do you think it could have a direct impact on the battlefield for me the relevant. sites. we have on the table are to mean agreements and i think. that the need to implement that very clear there are number of underlying issues. can only be addressed while the half implemented. we have sorted out the current crisis in or around your crane. i think there is absolutely no way. around doing doing that you often point out that you believe that there is no way around the agreement and yet i'm sure you know that many in your crane believe that that deal was reached under duress and therefore should not be implemented i know you met present
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pressure cooker recently i wonder if you have any ideas on how to incentivize him to publicly accept the validity of the minsk ignorance which he cannot afford to do or hasn't done publicly within the ukrainian environment or perhaps to incentivize them to look for other alternative solutions look i think this is a conflict that is extremely expensive. to all sides all sides would profit from implementing. grievance and i think the trick is. this is a complex set of security and politically related provisions and we need to. agree on a road map on how to proceed in implementing them. i think once of course the more progress we make in you stop issuing
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a sustainable cease fire. it's easier it is obviously for president bush and co to settle also with the political provisions i'm fully aware that this is not obvious now i know that you personally. valda negotiating this for the oil special monitoring mission of which as it has been suggested may need to be complemented by an arms u.n. mission and it seems that the disagreements over the scope of the u.n. mission have been narrowed down over the past month at least russia says that it no longer objects to the u.n. monitors having access to the entire worth theater but provided that if the breakaway republics agreed to that in direct talks how big of a hurdle you think that requirement with be do you think he could bring itself to engage directly with the breakaway republics on that specific point of the u.n.
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mission i think there is indeed a potential to come out of this impasse of implementing. it by. the u.n. operation. as you have alluded to there are still there is still quite a gap between the concept. i think of that in the context because what i see is russia actually changing its position on the scope of the use your mission and he is still sticking to its original points and moscow suspect that this is a way actually off not implementing another pretext for not implementing the minsk agreement because if you are interested in peace why is it such a problem to sit down with the breakaway regions again they did that for months so why not do it again. see the sights camping on initial positions.
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but i do see a potential of marrying pick up. and i do hope. eventually manage to. show it. will be very keen to be. associate to do any planning of such an operation from the very outset after all these been working in the area for years. also i think in a position to come to if you would all disability to such an operation in german foreign minister. just earlier this month that germany together with france would promote this idea the u.n. security council of which ukraine is not a member and i want to ask you as a former perhaps the current diplomat as well where do you think that deal on the u.n. mission should and would be hammered out is it among the ukrainian parties or principally
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among the international backers no i think the basically. is no buy in by decides. not needs to be a common understanding first by the side. of. that type of operation that. really clearly the need to. be part of that they need to. come out of this. exercise of narrating the current now to emphasize is that it does not want to see any russian c.s.d. or c.i.s. troops among the peacekeepers and i think even in russia i mean some people would fully understand their reluctance to see the russians but do you think the idea of excluding all or most of the neighboring countries is sensible and consecutively.
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you chair a pretty large organization the reach of the members could be perceived as neutral parties. i think we're not there yet and i think it's also we're not up to you always see it in two. good or include specific contributing can do you know for an advice. i mean of course. this is very sensitive. politically what contributing countries to believe and surely offer troops there is no doubt about it and. i think there has been a tradition in un peacekeeping that states that to have. in a given conflict. or not should not be part of the troop.


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